Chapter 298 It is not successful, then dies for a righteous cause! Several people of the tent, Buffon immediately lauching and joking said : Wales, your youngster was ungrateful, has such good liquor to take now, my father although likes drinking, however the common liquor he does not drink, he can say that liquor is good, that liquor could not certainly miss, was that liquor Little Hai ferments really?” Wales smiles said : naturally real, otherwise you think that he he, I remember just some people said I do deliver the liquor to him am cracking a joke? That a while we do not drink.” Buffon does immediately/on horseback play the fool said : to have? Who, who has said?” His appearance, is adding on that looks like the somewhat gruff dog head, is really the comedy that could not say. Wales several people laugh, but they were the immediately arrangement person have sent to the liquor to Buzeer, a big bag, 50 jin (0.5 kg) Milk Wine, then they arrived by Buzeer tent fully, there has built several piles of bonfires, in the fire has been roasting Argali. Zhao Hai can look, Wales in Mastiff Race here is very popular, these Mastiff Race people with a smile notified him, Wales also notified these people, but also once for a while cracking a joke. But these mastiff clansman regarding Buffon this five Prince, is an appearance of awe does not have, often teased with Buffon, but Zhao Hai actually looked, these mastiff clansman liked Buffon, can say that Buffon obtained the popular sentiment. Several people arrived by the bonfire, immediately had several drunkard mastiff clansman to encircle, depended is not willing to walk in there, obviously they were eat without paying, but Buffon do not catch up with their meanings, but has ridiculed several, then made them go home to take delicious some. That several drunkards to have not said anything, has run back in the home, has put before long out some Beastman Race characteristics food, like any skin on surface of boiled milk, cheese and so on. But Wales has actually installed one in a big way, takes much these vegetables that Zhao Hai brings, then may make these mastiff clansman each and every one two eyes take a broad view, must know that vegetables thing in Beastman Prairie here, may really be too rare. At this time the mutton also roasted, Milk Wine that Zhao Hai they brought also but actually got up, finally did not have, when the mutton carried the table, the vegetables that Zhao Hai they took were eliminated much, several drunkards drilled under the table, they drank was too quick, is drunk. But makes Zhao Hai be what is surprised is Buffon, this fellow simply is a cask, drinks most from the beginning, his face somewhat is red, extended including the tongue, however several cups got down, he restored unexpectedly, glasses of liquor poured into the belly, did not see him to have anything to respond. Moreover this fellow has not eaten mutton, instead to turned into herbivorous animal, toward mouth who these vegetables go all out, the air/Qi results in angrily rebukes he who Wales keeps, his response does not have, sticks to one's own way of doing things. Zhao Hai to somewhat envied Buffon, he also some understanding mastiff clansman, mastiff clansman most typical Beastman Race, they only likes Expert now, they placed the happy anger on outwardly, they stuck to one's own way of doing things, never cared about others' vision, such race, is worth a junction.

This meal Zhao Hai they eat is very happy, Mastiff Race is very warm, when Zhao Hai they finished eating, the tent that they rest has prepared to them, in the tent has selected the fiery pit to them, they can enter to the tent in can rest. Regarding the arrangement of Mastiff Race this placard heart, Zhao Hai and Laura are very grateful, but they entered in Space to rest, this Zhao Hai to help Wales, but has gotten down the initial capital, Argali in Space already not remaining many, moreover he has also put out many grain, vegetables and fruit oil. These thing are in Space produces fortunately, otherwise he could not have helped. Now the matter to this situation, Zhao Hai did not have any escape route, his investment is not small, if Wales cannot revenge successfully, the loss of that Zhao Hai may be big. However Zhao Hai has not thought these now, he is thinking must help Wales revenge, Zhao Hai don’t know, Beheading Blood Oath slowly has the influence to him, but this influence regarding Zhao Hai is not the misdemeanor. Next morning after getting up, had breakfast, Wales has seen Buzeer, Zhao Hai with, him has not known why Wales went, for the matter when to discuss counter-attacked. This Wales and Buzeer meet, it can be said that direct relationship to the future of Hercules Tauren Clan tribe, if mastiff clansman complies to help, Wales has seven points of assurance to take revenge successfully, otherwise had five points. He is not will certainly make Buzeer send the army to help him, but wants to ask Buzeer to send out the 9th level Expert help in clan, this was also Wales already reached an agreement with Buzeer, must look whether Buzeer will comply. No matter in Human Race there in Beastman here, asking 9th level Expert to act, was not that easy, therefore was Wales is very good with Buzeer relationship, does not dare to say one had the full assurance. Zhao Hai and Yale sitting of their calm in the Wales tent, they are waiting for final information, so long as the Mastiff Race here matter has determined, remaining sets a date of counter-attacking. Quickly to noon time, Wales came back finally, his face liked entering the tent, saw Zhao Hai they, laughed said : to comply, Uncle Buzeer complied, their Level 9 Elder also complied, information that Little Hai, you brought thank you, their Level 9 Elder possibly will not comply.” Zhao Hai and Yale their cheers, jumped, they know that this time they revenged hopefully, they left successfully, only missed last. Several people of happy, the Buffon sound conveys said : such happy, should drink several cups well.” Several people turn the head to look when Buffon don’t know has stood in their tent in front of the door, grinning look at they, Wales cry out strangely, threw, grasps Buffon to laugh said : to drink two cups of that to suffice, must drink two pots.” Buffon also laughs, yesterday he has not obtained in the evening well, finally was lifted the tent, but his really very happy, because that liquor was really too tasty.

Some little time Wales thorough calm gets down, his look at Buffon said : thanks Buffon, I know that this time matter you gave many strength, thank you.” Buffon he he chuckle said : this also considered for our Mastiff Race actually that you think, if your Hercules Tauren Clan ended, that Tauren Clan must exchange the Bull clan, when Royal Family, but these fellows of Bull clan did not cope with us, if lets them, when Tauren Clan Royal Family, to our Dog Clan, is not the good deed, I naturally must support you.” Wales shows a faint smile, he knows certainly that Buffon this is to comfort him, no matter Tauren Clan is that race, when Patriarch, does not dare to be really impolite to Dog Clan, if discussed the overall strength, Dog Clan compared with Tauren Clan in many. Had determined after this matter, Wales is not dull in mastiff clansman here, next day their early starting on a journey round trip walked, quick that this time they catch up with, that night time their returned to Hercules Tauren Clan camp. After Hercules Tauren Clan camp, Wales their immediately has been busy, is preparing counter-attacking fully time, they also had many Argali, but they all have killed, has made rations. although Zhao Hai can with them . Moreover the putting out grain momentarily comes to them, but makes Beastman Race not eat the meat is impossible, special going to war time, therefore rations they must prepare. But rations that this time they prepare was not quite same as before, before they prepared rations, must carry on the air seasoning, ate in taking to be boiling eating, but this time they actually did not use the air seasoning, did not have the time to let their air seasoning, after they the sheep massacred, the mutton boils thoroughly, has given then Zhao Hai, had Zhao Hai this big migration Warehouse, if they did not use that on are the fool. Zhao Hai to is simultaneously, simultaneously he also gives Ares them to order, making them manufacture some Milk Wine, he has even prepared, reorganized oneself all Fruit Wine of stock, if Wales their here lacks Milk Wine, is really not good to take Fruit Wine top. Regarding Beastman Race, does not make them drink in the winter, that is equal to wants their lives, but reason that this Wales such large-scale kills Argali to make rations, besides for eating, is for the sheepskin, the sheepskin is the rare maintaining warmth thing, but the Beastman Prairie here winter was really too cold, but their these time ran, did not have what commodity, the Zhao Hai there commodity was also insufficient, therefore they can only kill the sheep, maintained warmth with the sheepskin. Zhao Hai had not opposed that this method, Beastman Race has their life styles, he cannot Gan She, he now only be able they to provide some help in his area of competence to Wales willfully. Zhao Hai has even thought must they install Wales to Space, then transports to leaving the Bull clan tribe not far place, comes in suddenly release, has attack to the Bull clan, believes that to be able very suddenly. However finally he gave up, he knows like this invalid, such words his secret completely has exposed, he certainly will become on Continent target of all influences, this do not want to make an appearance on Continent for a lifetime. Green they such help Wales to not oppose to Zhao Hai that they instead arrive at completely support, because they think that this is their another escape route. Now they in Aksu Empire here, too have not dared to make an appearance, if one day made people present accidentally the Black Wasteland here situation, they must other find a place to take the escape route.

Carrion Swamp Flower City there although, but there is also a blind alley, if they went to there, can only live in there for a lifetime, if day of Zhao Hai had an accident, they possibly do not have the means to come out from there, finally feared that can only die in there, therefore there is not the most ideal escape route. But Beastman here is different, Beastman here is not good with Human Race relationship, even if were Zhao Hai has violated the huge crime in Human Race there, Beastman here can also accept him. However Beastman here is not that good dull, you must make Beastman accept you first to be good, but Zhao Hai helps Wales, is he integrates the start of Beastman Race, so long as he becomes the inseparable brothers with Wales, that Beastman Race can definitely accept Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai had the last escape route. In is a little, knows well Kun very clear of [say / way] of doing business, now Zhao Hai with doing business almost, him in carrying on a venture capital, has succeeded, he will obtain hundred times, even thousand times of repayments, were defeated, he loses thing that in some Space has produced, this loss is completely acceptable, in this case, why doesn't help Wales? After obtaining Green their support, Zhao Hai can also go all out independently, except for cannot make Wales they know Space secret, other, so long as can help Wales, Zhao Hai cannot stingy. During entire Hercules Tauren Clan camp fell into one piece to be busy, this time they in leaning the strength of entire clan, hit one time to counter-attack, if cannot succeed, that Hercules Tauren Clan must vanish on Beastman Prairie. In Zhao Hai look at camp busy people, he can feel that from the bodies of these people a vigor, is not successful the vigor that then dies for a righteous cause, these words Zhao Hai hear were many, few that but can achieve truly. However now Zhao Hai believes that these Hercules Tauren Clan people can achieve, because they do not have the escape route, they have killed all Argali, cut off all escape routes on equal to. Argali regarding Beastman Race, on the land of equivalent to Human Race farmer, Merchant shop, one, but lost Argali, Beastman Race has not had a thing in the world, but at this time Hercules Tauren Clan had killed all Argali, was the farmer has sold own land on equal to, does not succeed they not to have a thing in the world, turns into the slave, turned into the deceased person. Zhao Hai knows that a such race is fearful, China has good that words said that calling underdog must win, now Hercules Tauren Clan these people are one crowd of underdog, they lose the homeland that oneself lived for generations, lost own family member, lost own pride, almost loses own hope, now they have placed at oneself all strengths a matter, then on is revenges! Snatches to belong to their all, cannot snatch, only then dies! Laura also noted Hercules Tauren Clan person's response, she has not said anything, was only with Meg they, helped to handle something in one's power, no matter what, now they already with Wales continually in together, if they cannot help Wales win this war, after that they will not feel better in the Beastman Prairie day. In Wales they from mastiff clansman there returned to half a month later, the Prairie winter came, probably overnight, Prairie entered the winter, the piercing cold wind, let the green grass on Prairie, probably a night turned into yellow, Zhao Hai they were also first time knew the Prairie winter fierce place. Laura they have not dared to exit from the tent now, was too cold, Laura they felt themselves, so long as goes out, immediately will freeze to death in there. However Wales their responses are very normal, they changed the beast skin clothes, the cold wind did not have a point influence to them probably.