Chapter 299 Snowstorm In the eye look at tribe has prepared, Zhao Hai also knows that the time of attack soon arrived, his slightly somewhat is at heart excited, this is his first time saw several hundred thousand people collects the war greatly, can not be excited. Zhao Hai they are also preparing, they know that feared is the day of revenging is not far, in Zhao Hai they , in tent busy, the suddenly tent curtain raises, Wales walked, has taken also to bring in a cold wind, thick, but Laura that although puts on their cannot bear shrank neck. Wales sees Laura their appearance, cannot help but laughs said : Laura, you must adaptation this temperature as soon as possible, to know, on Prairie coldest time has not arrived.” Laura complexion one white, shook the head said : I to fear that cannot adapt, if to the coldest time, I thought that I will freeze to death directly.” Wales cannot help but laughs, this turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Zhao Hai, follows me, Supreme Elder must see you.” Zhao Hai has gawked, he has not thought really that Hercules Tauren Clan Supreme Elder must see him unexpectedly, Supreme Elder, that is 9th level Expert, 9th level Expert is not casual who can see. However Zhao Hai immediately responded, nodded said : well, we walk quickly, do not let Supreme Elder become impatient.” Wales nodded, walks with Zhao Hai outward. The although Zhao Hai physique is not good, but he is actually not sensitive to cold, this possibly before him the north of China lives has relationship, the north of China in the winter is also very cold, Zhao Hai adapted to this temperature. They arrived at outside the Wales tent quickly, Wales not polite, raised the curtain to enter the tent, Zhao Hai. Mendez, Yale sits in the tent, but they lower the eyebrow to be suitable for the item now, an appearance of little darling, simultaneously Zhao Hai also noted a person in tent. In the tent sits old person, wear simple old person, this old person stature very tall and big, moreover extremely majestic, sits in there firm as a mountain, although he closes one's eyes, but Zhao Hai can actually feel that every action and every movement in tent cannot hide the truth from him.

Enters to the tent, Wales has also been careful, he relaxed the footsteps, slowly has arrived around that old person, said : elder, Zhao Hai came in a soft voice.” Zhao Hai goes forward, Zhao Hai has seen Supreme Elder to old person ritual said :.” old person has opened the eye slowly, has sized up Zhao Hai one carefully, then shows a faint smile said : to get up, young man, I must give my medicine thank you.” Zhao Hai quickly said: Elder was polite, can help is being honored of Zhao Hai.” old person shows a faint smile said : to Zhao Hai you with Wales is the Beheading Blood Oath brothers, that was also our Hercules Tauren Clan person, I was impolite with you, young man, you have remembered, since you are the Hercules Tauren Clan person, that must forever remember that Hercules Tauren Clan had own pride, this type proud rather died, cannot discard absolutely, to let Hercules Tauren Clan War flag did not flee the capital, you must protect him with your life, can you achieve?” Zhao Hai has gawked, why his don’t know old person such asked that but he is serious said : I can, I can achieve.” old person nodded, turns the head to look at Wales one, Wales has bowed to old person, has arrived at side, took up one already to prepare good War flag, has put Zhao Hai hand next step: Zhao Hai, this War flag is Tauren King's Flag, has War flag that in Tauren Clan Royal Family can use, now can use this flag, only then our Hercules Tauren Clan Patriarch and Crown Prince, starting today, you were our Hercules Tauren Clan Crown Prince.” Zhao Hai has gawked, he has not thought that really today Wales they found him, must to this king´s flag, this king´s flag, not only represented him to obtain the approval of Hercules Tauren Clan, similarly, represented him to have an explicit status in Prairie here, Hercules Tauren Clan Crown Prince. When this special, this own king´s flag, has represented the one type of responsibility, Hercules Tauren Clan immediately must counter-attack, gave Zhao Hai this flag at this time, represented Hercules Tauren Clan the confidence to win victories and to the Zhao Hai absolute trust. Zhao Hai received War flag seriously, look at Wales said : invited Big Brother feel relieved, I will not lose face to Hercules Tauren Clan.” Wales has patted Zhao Hai shoulder said : Little Hai, I want to wait for us to recapture all, is giving you this flag, but Supreme Elder believes that such words are unfair to you, you for our Hercules Tauren Clan have made that many, can say that we can counter-attack, is your merit, this flag should in pre-war give you, making all Hercules Tauren Clan people remember your merit, Little Hai, you must treasure this flag!” Zhao Hai serious nod said : Big Brother feel relieved, I like treasuring own life cherishing he.”

At this time Supreme Elder said : was good, Little Hai you remembered your words be good, we will move after the First Stage snow counter-attack, you prepared well.” Said that personal appearance flashes disappears. Set date of counter-attacking, Wales immediately/on horseback has also sent for giving Mastiff Race there to deliver the letter, then they silently waited. The weather on Prairie is changeable, Beastman Race that on Prairie but lives all the year round, there is method of own one set of forecast weather, in Zhao Hai received the day of Hercules Tauren Clan own king´s flag, Wales told Zhao Hai, old person in tribe forecast that the Prairie First Stage snow will arrive ten days later, moreover this will be the big storm that one ten years did not encounter. The big storm that Zhao Hai don’t know does not encounter in the ten years is representing anything, but he also knows that this will bring not the small trouble to their counter-attacking, advantageous, on the one hand is, nobody thinks that some people will march to go to war in such weather. Ten days are not long, but regarding the people of waiting, these ten days, actually like are ten years long, for this time war, the Hercules Tauren Clan person bet all, before not having, their must do, sharpens their axe, looked after own Mount, at the same time Wales even under prohibited alcohol to make, all people can not drink. Does not make Beastman drink in the winter, that is almost equal to wants their lives, but this nobody opposed, all person calm accepted this order, does not let drink, that only then has exercised, all people when feel cold, comes out from own tent, is practicing Martial Skill outside. Zhao Hai was also first time saw Beastman Race used Beast Soul Technique, they when used Beast Soul Technique, suddenly in their suddenly appears Magic Beast phantom, then this phantom integration slowly to in within the body of this person, then his strength will increase, looks at a Zhao Hai chill, how he felt that this was the soul takes possession probably, to person one type of gloomy feeling. Those who disappoint all people are, ten days passed by, but the sky although overcast sky, does not have snowflakes to fall, this made Wales they at heart more anxious. However at this time, old person of that forecast weather in one time had found Wales, he told Wales, the weather lived the change, this time they met was not the big storm that ten years did not encounter, but was the big storm that 50 years did not encounter, camp best immediately/on horseback to concentrate, will otherwise possibly collapse by pressure all tents by this storm. The although old person beforehand predict that however the dark clouds of space had not explained all, Wales decides to believe old person, he makes all people start to concentrate the tent, then carries on to the tent solidly, but also has constructed several tents, making all people rush to the tent their Mount. The forecast of old person not wrong, in Wales they also when reinforces the tent, the snowflake, under moving of strong winds, is similar to knife same fell. The good Hercules Tauren Clan people greatly are famous for the strength, they set out the complete manpower, is braving the wind and snow, finally has completed the tent reinforcement, they have concentrated simultaneously all tents, this can maintain warmth.

Naturally, Wales and Zhao Hai their tents in camp most, they will not receive like this direct devastation of cold wind, now they to were instead warmer than before. When the snowstorm comes, Zhao Hai and Laura they are also know that what was the snowstorm that 50 years did not encounter, this snowstorm came was too fierce, entire ten days of time, day and night below, the Hercules Tauren Clan person has to sending for clean up the snow on tent, the people of all tents, must on their waist be on rope, will otherwise be whirled away by the storm possibly, so long as after by storm volume, that consequence can only be dies. Laura their look at these busy Beastman, suddenly sighed said : in front of such wind and snow, the manpower was really too small and weak.” Yes, in front of such wind and snow, the manpower was really too small and weak, even if by strength greatly famous Hercules Tauren Clan, has to look like Force of Nature to lower the head, natural Might was very big. After ten days, sky cleared finally, Sun came out, although is still very cold on Prairie, but that makes people feel that the fearful and apprehensive snowstorm actually finally stopped, entire camp cannot bear left one to cheer. Laura they could not bear cheer, this was a person and natural contest, fortunately, what finally won was the person, but they were not the price have not paid, finally statistics time, Hercules Tauren Clan in these snowstorms, 123 people by the frozen hard, what such loss was not calculated regarding a 500,000 people of big tribe, but was felt very sad. The although snowstorm stopped, but Wales they cannot the immediately/on horseback attack, because their camp all around was accumulated the thunder to surround, the snows of some places, even tall Guo the tent, they have had to clean up the snow, then can leave. However the people violent in camp the unprecedented enthusiasm, the snow quickly had actually been cleaned up, although has not cleaned all up cleanly, actually can also advocate, this was enough.