Chapter 300 Difficult hurrying along A enormous team, moving forward slowly on Prairie, in vast, was dyed on white Prairie by the snow, this team of people look like look like the bald person head louse same conspicuity. However at this time, on Prairie basic person nobody, winter Prairie was also fearful, the cold wind, the rainstorm, wolf pack, these become in the winter on Prairie most fearful thing. Beastman winter time little meets leave own camp, Beastman of squad is so, but this team of Beastman population actually really many, Prairie that 500,000, although has snowed is not very good walks, but these people have not stopped. If carefully looks presently, in this team of Beastman Race all will not be youngster, but also has plenty old person, the child with the woman, will look like a big tribe is moving to be the same. This team of person Hercules Tauren Clan tribes, these time go to battle, does not have the two hundred thousand Hercules Tauren Clan youngster soldier, but was all person come. Has had a few words on Prairie, has grown wheel high Beastman, so long as he has not breathed, he is dangerous, this fully explained Beastman fighting strength, some Beastman Race old person, even must be more difficult than to deal with some young man, because they have fought many battles, although their strength possible can't compare with young man, but do not forget, their experiences are actually these young man forever also can't compare with. But the Hercules Tauren Clan woman did not deal with easily, her although has not studied Beast Soul Technique, however her after is the Hercules Tauren Clan woman, they are also Innate Divine Strength, when the mature woman, their strengths do not compare the ordinary Human Race fourth level warrior difference, this is the Beastman most fearful place. This Hercules Tauren Clan has gone all out, now their in the tribe, does not have the too little child, does not have too old old person, because all children and old person cannot run from in hand of Bull clan, they now became the slaves. In this case, Wales decided that the entire clan sends out, this weaponry must win, otherwise Hercules Tauren Clan rather dies. Zhao Hai they follow in the team, but they in car(riage), but not riding like other people on Mount, their car(riage)s solid, this that the sheepskin covers is because Laura they were sensitive to cold. Actually enters in the car(riage), has closed the vehicle door, Zhao Hai and Laura they entered Space, has not suffered hardship outside, entered Space, Laura her was good, Meg immediately went into the kitchen in villa to make a heat to be possible sub to carry the living room. Laura her has drunk one cup of heat sub, this felt that Laura put down the cup to sigh said : in Space good, I think that I will freeze to death outside.” Does Zhao Hai smile said : to be so cold? I felt that also very well, is too not cold.”

Laura look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, weren't you before continuously the life imperial capital? Normally certainly compared with me also not anti- frozen, how do you look like probably not the cold appearance?” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : you to forget, you delivered my Magician, but was not sensitive to cold, he he.” Actually this is only a reason, Zhao Hai itself also compared with Laura anti- frozen, but Laura to has believed his words, she nodded said : that to be good, I also really feared that you were being frozen, your is not healthy, if has fallen ill , will be very troublesome.” Zhao Hai smiles said : feel relieved, my stature good very much, daily the fluid of life is drinking now, if I am falling ill, feared that did not have the good person.” Zhao Hai they chatted in Space, Space outside Wales they actually did not feel better, their bodies were wrapping the sheepskin, the body of Mount used the sheep handbag, the arms of all people were holding the liquor bag, the liquor bag came out in the neck there dew, so long as felt that was cold, lowered the head, can raise one's wine cup the liquor in bag to draw in the belly, the liquor was also having the body temperature, drank belly to make people feel nice and warm, like this they on can feel one point. Marches in the winter, is to the Beastman biggest test, this needs the formidable tolerance and tenacious incomparable nerve is good, full that very beforehand Wales they prepare fortunately, therefore to has not lived any matter. With Prairie here what is coldly different, Iron Mountain Fort there to has not felt too cold, the people even also wear the unpadded garment, Zhao Hai they, when Prairie since winter, already a returned to Iron Mountain Fort time, but the Iron Mountain Fort here simply successive did not have one to enter the beginning of winter meaning at that time, the grass is green, with Prairie there probably completely is two world. Reason that Zhao Hai knows Iron Mountain Fort here will turn into this appearance \; first, because of surrounding of ring-like Iron Mountain, therefore cold Space on Prairie has not arrived at Iron Mountain Fort here now, in because of Cai'er, has been able to unfold the quantity of heat Cai'er to the winter, therefore Iron Mountain Fort here temperature such warm. Iron Mountain Fort there does not need him to be worried that Zhao Hai can the attention as centralized as Prairie on, compares Iron Mountain Fort there, Wales needs to help. After day of difficult hurrying along, to day quick black time, Wales they stopped, all people start the tent, prepares to rest, but they to do not need to be worried for the supper, because they have the steaming hot mutton to eat in the evening. This is also the idea of Zhao Hai, he told Wales, has cooked if the mutton said that made him receive hotly, that took hot, even if were sheep meat soup is also same, so long as received in hot sheep meat soup Space, when took, was hot. Heard Zhao Hai saying that Wales they, when prepared rations, immediately changed the beforehand procedure, after they the mutton boiled thoroughly, immediately makes Zhao Hai even/including Rou bring the soup to receive, like this waited for Zhao Hai, when took, they can eat the chummy mutton, drank boiling hot sheep soup, in big in the winter, had anything to be able compared with this to make people feel happy. After camp constructs, Zhao Hai immediately gives all people to deliver to eat, this is not relaxed living, must know that entire camp has 500,000 people, depends on a Zhao Hai person to deliver, may suffice him to be busy.

However Zhao Hai has not sought vengeance anything, he knows that these Beastman have marched on a day of road, now they are cold and hungry, therefore Zhao Hai has not made them leave the tent, but makes them stay in the tent, then he eating in delivering tent. Now because is goes out to go to war, therefore cannot in as before, divide the person to come according to the family, but is divided into the men and women, in each tent must be occupied by 20 people, the men and women separates. In order to fear to have an accident, in the tent has not ignited, all people bind the sheepskin to go to sleep, in eating the chummy mutton, after having drunk sheep soup, they also felt that whole person is warmer. Zhao Hai when sends to mutton and sheep soup to these people, gave back to their Mount to send to the fodder, these were also Wales they ahead of time prepare, Zhao Hai put in Space. These Hercules Tauren Clan people to serious of Zhao Hai real liking, before they exited to go to war now, that has such allowance, so long as now has Zhao Hai, all logistics issues all were solved. Wales they have followed in the Zhao Hai side, often making noise asked that his clansman present situation, such performance lets these clansman very touched, can say that Wales really receives the hearts of all clansman now in in hand. Because daytime must hurry along, therefore their everyday can only have two meal now, in the morning an evening, a meal, daytime almost all time is used to hurry along in the evening, almost nobody carries on the back from own Mount. Such hurrying along way regarding Zhao Hai, is one type of suffers absolutely, if he hurries along like this, whether his don’t know can insist, this also made Zhao Hai experience Beastman tenacious side. Ended the supper to all Hercules Tauren Clan people, Zhao Hai they gathered in the Wales tent, they have not eaten meal, their dinners were similar to these Hercules Tauren Clan people, was the mutton adds sheep soup. Wales drank sheep soup, let out a long breath said : had Little Hai, we also were really very happy, before went to war that to be so relaxed.” present Kony smiles said : not, do not say in the winter, before was the summer exited to go to war , the present is not necessarily better than many.” At this time Yale knit the brows said : now our issue is, everyday hurried along were too few, in the morning got up to collect debts the awning, in the evening also wanted the tent, in adding on winter, darkness morning, in the morning dawn was also too late, like this leaves we hurried along are not many, now had snowed, the distance that our everyday hurried along was really too short.” Wales has also put down the sheep soup bowl, frowns, he does not have what good means now, if in the summer, they can not use the tent, a sheepskin can get up an evening in Prairie, but is not good in the winter, if in such doing, can only freeze to death in the winter finally.

The Zhao Hai look at Wales appearance, deep voice said : Big Brother, this, after tomorrow you get up in the morning, do not manage the tent, proceeds by all means that the tent I receive, I take in the tent Space, in the evening is taking, do you look what kind of?” Wales said : how do you remove the tent?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : cannot open does not open well, entire received Space, wasn't this OK?” Actually now the tent also thinks in Zhao Hai Space, but has rested to the evening time, Zhao Hai takes the tent, then Wales they start the tent. However now looks like this removes the tent and tent very much wastes the time, Zhao Hai can only entire take in Space the tent. Wales can said : entire receive?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : to return don’t know, if can entire receive that is best, such we can save a lot of time, our yesterday tries.” Wales nodded said : well, tries, if, that were really best, we can have more time to be used to hurry along.” Mendez said : illuminates now our, must catch up about can rush to encampment there for half a month, Little Hai, you made Blood Hawk look, the people of Bull clan in encampment there?” Zhao Hai nodded said : „, Sixth Brother feel relieved, they look like other tribes are now same, was almost not leaving camp to the winter.” said : that Wales two eyes cold light sparkles that is good, revenging opportunity came finally!”