Chapter 301 Captives Zhao Hai they sit in camp are drinking sheep soup, is eating the mutton, but they are were not hurrying along now, they prepare rest well, because they arrived at Hercules Tauren Clan encampment not far away. Wales has drunk one bowl of sheep soup, has eaten the a piece mutton, this felt one have the strength to speak, does he turn the head look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, the people of Bull clan really not presently we?” Zhao Hai nodded said : feel relieved Big Brother, they presently, the people of Bull clan not have not come out from camp really now, definitely cannot see, but matter Big Brother you must be mentally prepared, the people of Bull clan treat your clansman ways.” Speaking of here Zhao Hai to stop. Wales look at Zhao Hai said : said Little Hai, is what kind of?” Zhao Hai sighed said : they not to your clansman any tent, has not given your clansman any soft clothes, ate was also several days gives one time, by three hundred thousand Hercules Tauren Clan people who they captured, now remaining two hundred thousand do not only arrive.” The Wales eye almost stares from the eyesocket, he puffs, head blood vessel collapses high, Zhao Hai quickly said: Big Brother, should not be angry, our immediately can save others.” Wales take deep breaths, has closed the eye, some little time let out a long breath, turns the head calm to Zhao Hai said : right, our immediately can revenge, Elder Brother Hai, I must thank you, thank you for all these that we make.” What with me Zhao Hai smiles said : Big Brother to be polite, I am Hercules Tauren Clan Crown Prince, makes these should not be? Big Brother, your clansman, encircle now in together, old person stands outside, the child and woman stand in inside, all people in keeping is taking a walk warming up, but the people of Bull clan have not sent for look at they, Big Brother, I look, or this, I dive first ahead of time, delivers a point to eat to them, if there is weapon, in giving some of their weapon, when we move attack time, they can also be able to help.” Wales shook the head gives, weapon that said : eats, them should not be suffered such long time, the body already had owed, if making them fight, that can only be bringing death in vain, I look or consider as finished.” At this time Mendez actually shook the head said : slightly seven, I agreed that the Little Hai words, weapon should, this weapon not only can be used to kill the enemy, but can also be used to protect oneself, if we at the war, what to do the people of Bull clan did kill them? We should give them weapon.” Yale also nodded said : „, I also agreed that should to them weapon, but cannot to them too big weapon, I look that is good to their some hatchet, this will be inconspicuous, right Wales, had Supreme Elder said when begins?” Wales deep voice said : the day after tomorrow, cannot drag too long time, more drags easily by them presently.” Did Yale nod said : in the evening?” Wales nodded said : right, in the evening, attacks.”

Did Yale nod said : „the Mastiff Race elder to come? Came several?” Wales said : came, came two, I have not thought really that Mastiff Race will really have three Supreme Elder, this time to help us, one set out two unexpectedly.” Yale said : that good, tomorrow lets everyone/Great Clan rest one day well, the day after tomorrow on preparation evening's attack.” Their this attacks want is a suddenly nature, therefore their this moves, what tribe no matter meets, all has gone round, strives not to give a Bull clan point presently their opportunity. Their such procedures is also right, but the motions of five hundred thousand people, are not good to hide, but is good, when Beastman Race will not move on Prairie in the winter, they will only stay in camp, Zhao Hai gave Wales hawk time is adds on busy, these hawks ahead of time present the tents of these tribes, then they on can go round. This tip, all, by all Hercules Tauren Clan people at heart, now them were known, without Zhao Hai, they are impossible to have counter-attacking opportunity, all these are Zhao Hai give them, therefore now Hercules Tauren Clan these people to Zhao Hai very respectful. In present Hercules Tauren Clan, Zhao Hai although is not the Hercules Tauren Clan person, however his status Beese Kony such elder is not bad, because Zhao Hai has achieved, now each Zhao Hai gives these Hercules Tauren Clan people deliver food the time, no matter they the old and young, will salute to Zhao Hai, this politeness from innermost feelings. Zhao Hai to Wales said : Big Brother, you should better send in the clan a person of speech to go with my together, otherwise these people in your clan do not know me, if they leave the too big sound, will alarm these Bull clansman.” Wales understand Zhao Hai must give these to be delivered to eat by clansman of Bull clan captive, he nodded said : well, Uncle Kony, you goes with Little Hai together, I make them prepare the axe now.” present Kony to had not opposed that he nodded said : well, must say in familiar degree of person to the clan, you are inferior to me, making me go just right.” Mendez exited to collect axe at this time, each of them is bringing several flying axes, a person took one to suffice these people to use, these flying axe although were not big, however used in the Hercules Tauren Clan person, was very fearful weapon. Before long the axe collected, placed the camp middle, Zhao Hai looked at Wales one, has selected to said : that well, Big Brother, I now.” Said that pulling Kony has arrived at the camp middle, first received these axes, then one group of Dark mist wrap up two, waits for Dark mist to vanish, they also disappear in camp. Two when appears , was not far from camp of Bull clan, that is piece of vast large camp, exactly said here is not the Bull clan widely, should be Hercules Tauren Clan encampment, but now by the people of Bull clan occupying. present Kony can see outside situation finally, he presently were not far from camp, large camp of look at distant place, Kony two eyes cold light sparkles, but he has not said anything, Zhao Hai has not said the meeting, he wraps up them with Dark mist, waits for Dark mist, when divergence, Kony present, own side is standing innumerable clansman in rags, these person of each and every one expressions wooden in own body of migration there keeps, they are almost tight pushing in together, not a slit. After Zhao Hai has also used Earth element Magic, pushes, position that he is at now, is the sites of these Hercules Tauren Clan captives. These Hercules Tauren Clan captives have not made what maintaining warmth thing, in order to pass through this winter, all of them push in together warm up . Moreover the migration, looks like the penguin that winters is the same, outside taking a walk, outside person can always want to stay the last small little while, then enters to the crowd , this person quick freezing will not die.

although their methods are correct, but does not have the means that the weather was too cold, has been adding on the snowstorm, 300,000 people of captive groups, only remaining two hundred thousand do not arrive now. Many of dying were some old person, these old person in order to made these Hercules Tauren Clan children go on living, they encircled the child in the middle, they stood outside have blocked the cold wind, the Bull clan, if sent to eat, first gave these children to eat, because was cold and hungry, will therefore die that many people. present Kony sees own clansman appearance, the tooth has almost bitten, he patted his side face to be wooden with tears, has probably not seen their same old person deep voice said : „the card to subdue|grams, the card to subdue|grams, I was Kony, can you recognize me to come?” That Hercules Tauren Clan person one woke probably, his eyeball started to rotate, he looked at Kony, then has probably not seen clearly, he has closed the eye, shaking the head of gently, opened the eye, finally saw clearly, his eye showed the shocking facial expression, has sized up all around one, was lowering said : elder, you in here? Were you caught by them?” Their here sound, quick has brought to the attention of surrounding person, but here is standing is some Hercules Tauren Clan old person, some are when Nens Kony drafts Zhan Tian next under the hand/subordinate, therefore they see Kony appears in here, stares, but is experienced they not loud shouting, but also migration as before, but they encircled Zhao Hai and Kony among. present Kony look at card to subdue|grams shook the head, two eyes said : with tears old partner/shop assistant, you suffered hardships, your misery immediately must pass, Seventh Prince Wales returned to in the clan, became new Patriarch, he led us to kill, you in enduring for two days, two days later, we must carry on the general attack to the Bull clan, this was Wales Patriarch Brother Blood Oath Zhao Hai, was Crown Prince in our clan, he was formidable Magician, today we comes is gives you to deliver some eating and weapon, you must in enduring for two days.” The card to subdue|grams their one face excited look at Kony, their tears flowed, reason that they such difficult was living, for the day, they finally waited till. At this time the sky is already completely dark got down, Bull clan camp there also quiet, looked like Bull clansman has slept, in such weather, even if most liked moving the polar bear clan and great Tiger Race of war in the winter, will not march to go to war, therefore they rested was very relieved. They did not fear that Hercules Tauren Clan these people ran, in such weather, without the Hercules Tauren Clan person of any maintaining warmth clothing, if dares to run, that will certainly freeze to death on Prairie, therefore they have not sent for look at Hercules Tauren Clan these captives, but sent for favoring own Argali and grain. However the card to subdue|grams they were old person, moreover each and every one had fought many battles, although they were now old, by capture, however their calm skill, but compared with these young man in don’t know many, therefore the people quickly restored calm, probably any matter has not lived has been same. present Kony looked at their calm, this turned the head to card to subdue|grams said : information that we came back, passing around of each and every one, making them do not disclose, do not have any change.” The card to subdue|grams nodded, immediately/on horseback starts to convey a message with his all around person, information that they pass on is very simple, was Kony elder came back, the people in clan returned. This information like by the wave that Stone arouses, in these people rapid has spread, afterward Zhao Hai they start to give these people to eat, sheep soup, mutton, but he has not given many, everyone a piece about half jin (0.5 kg) heavy mutton, is adding on one bowl of sheep soup. They do not dare to leave the too big sound, feared that by these person of present of Bull clan, the card to subdue|grams they were not being followed to encircle clansman, they follow in Zhao Hai and Kony side, to these clansman thing. Zhao Hai they start from these old person first, these old person have some soon the support not to live, they most need these food now.

The card to subdue|grams they were also knew now the Zhao Hai magical thing, look at Zhao Hai in hand appears one bowl of one bowl of heat hot sheep soup, pieces braved the steam the mutton, they looked at the Zhao Hai look, looked like saw Beast God. Zhao Hai today to these old person weapon, he had not feared that by the people of Bull clan present, they only gave these old person to eat, then in the card to subdue|grams their shields, entered the center that the captive has piled, must eat thing in the there also has plenty woman and child. Zhao Hai these time delivers to eat, the difficulty be bigger than in camp there, in camp there , he so long as delivered to the tent to be good thing, in here, he actually almost must hand over in hand of everyone. Is about to have shone to the sky, Zhao Hai they finish, although now is in the winter, but Zhao Hai and Kony is actually is busy at one is the perspiration, when day quick bright time, all people have drunk sheep soup, ate the mutton, Kony then with the card to subdue|grams their explain/transfer, then vanished with Zhao Hai in the crowd. The although card to subdue|grams they must endure devastation of cold wind in here, but their at heart, actually fire of the hope is burning now. The cold winter came, spring also? When Zhao Hai and Kony returned to camp time, Wales they have not rested, has been waiting for them, looks at their complexion ugly coming, look at that Wales they decide they. Zhao Hai already tired does not want to say the words, he beckoned with the hand, one lies down toward side, was motionless, Kony to compared with Zhao Hai much better, after all he is Beastman, the physical quality is stronger than Zhao Hai, in adding on him does not use like Zhao Hai, must hand over under the hand/subordinate of these people thing, he is much more relaxed than Zhao Hai, he nodded to deliver to Wales, but Little Hai that said : eats has not given them weapon, feared that by them presently, he prepares tomorrow to deliver to eat in the evening in giving, I also think like this feasible.” Did Wales nod said : clansman to be now what kind of?” present Kony deep voice said : also remaining is less than the two hundred thousand person, including the fighting strength old fogy and woman, should have ten fifty thousand about, was the strength that cannot be estimated lightly, the remaining people froze to death to starve to death, now also lies down on Prairie.” Wales coldly snorted said : „the Bull clan, I wanted you for generations to become a slave.” This snoring sound transmits, Wales they go along the prestige, was Zhao Hai has actually fallen asleep.