Chapter 302 Revenging time to Zhao Hai that Wales their look at sleeps soundly, sighed, Wales turned the head to Mendez said : Sixth Brother, returned to Little Hai his tent, making Laura they take care of him well, today to disturb him.” Mendez said : „, but that breakfast what to do?” Wales sighed said : one to everyone/Great Clan, making everyone/Great Clan endure, Little Hai was too tired, these days most tired was he.” Mendez did not have to say anything, held Zhao Hai to walk outward, quick arrived at the Zhao Hai tent, has given Laura them Zhao Hai. Laura her looks at the Zhao Hai appearance, thinks Zhao Hai injured, has put the ground Zhao Hai hastily, then Laura immediately/on horseback in a soft voice said : Cai'er, Cai'er, quickly comes out.” Cai'er form appears in their front, Laura immediately/on horseback said : Cai'er, what's all this about? Elder Brother Hai What happened? Cai'er looked at Zhao Hai said : to be all right, has rested, this, drank water immediately in Space to be good.” Said that Zhao Hai mouth appears very tiny vine, has extended the mouth of Zhao Hai, Space the pipe in water smooth vine midheaven flowed in the mouth of Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai the mouth, slowly has then opened the eye, he looks at Laura she, cannot help but stares, then traces head said : I just to fall asleep?” Laura grieved look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, why do you go all out? Careful, what to do if you got sick have been possible.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : to be good, all right, feel relieved, on the two days, when finished was good, was right, a while must close the breakfast to them, the Hercules Tauren Clan person who you have not seen these captured, three hundred thousand people, died 100,000, now on remaining was less than two hundred thousand, all wore the unpadded garment, has not eaten has not drunk, Bull clan these fellows were really too excessive.” Speaking of afterward Zhao Hai complexion to sink, he has looked at Slave Race in West King there, Slave Race on Prairie were many, but treated Slave Race like, he first time saw that this must Hercules Tauren Clan to die obviously.

Laura they first time listen to explain this matter, before Zhao Hai, this matter has not told them, now one hear of Zhao Hai said that Laura they cannot help but surprised look at Zhao Hai. Laura they have seen the Beastman Race here slave, has seen the Human Race there slave, but treats the way of slave like the Bull clan, they are the first time see. Human Race was not good to slave although at that time, but will not make the slave die at will, after all the slave is also their properties, nobody is willing to waste own property at will is not. But the Beastman Race here slave, said strictly that also compared with be better, therefore they who the Human Race slave crosses have not thought that the people of Bull clan so will treat Hercules Tauren Clan these captives unexpectedly, this was also too vicious. Zhao Hai sighed said : I also to support Big Brother they to revenge now, the Bull clan they did went too far, ok, did not say that this, I must go to deliver the breakfast to them, waited to deliver the breakfast me in then to rest.” Laura they nodded, this is their first time knows that the brutality of Beastman Prairie here war, a race of defeat, is a dignity does not have, moreover might exterminate the clan. Wales they have not thought that Zhao Hai will also come out to give the everyone/Great Clan breakfast, after waiting the breakfasts of all people ended, how many person of returned to the Wales tent, Wales said : Little Hai, haven't you then rested a while? Today does not need to hurry along, does breakfast eat not to have relationship.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to consider as finished, I late rest a while, they can eat to the full, this did not have anything not to be good, has resulted, I did not say that I went back to rest, today do not call me.” Wales nodded, Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand returned to own tent, the Wales look at Zhao Hai back, muttered said : feel relieved Little Hai, Elder Brother my this certain success.” To day quick black time, Zhao Hai comes out from Space, this thinks he rests is very fragrant, but what Zhao Hai don’t know is, on this day in order to lets his sleeping well, entire camp becomes quiet. In the evening Zhao Hai in the person to camp the supper, then went to capture there with present Kony first, to all captives supper and hatchet, this was prepares for tomorrow, tomorrow they moved in the evening. Zhao Hai and Kony also told them information that tomorrow moved in the evening, let their tomorrow evening's time, must leave camp.

This evening's time pass through in minute food, after returned to camp, Zhao Hai gave the people in camp the breakfast, this rested. But what Kony their don’t know is, Zhao Hai when to these captive food, the ginseng in sheep soup fluid of life, this very much had the advantage to the restorations of these people. Because must move tonight, therefore Zhao Hai besides delivers food that the first night must eat to them, everyone were also many a piece mutton, remains today eats, when like this evening's Wales they move, these people will not have an empty stomach. This daytime time, in camp is quiet, wants to let Zhao Hai rest well besides them, but also feared that the too big sound, lets these person of present of Bull clan, fortunately, these person of not any responses of Bull clan. Perhaps entire Prairie, wants to revenge to think that except for Hercules Tauren Clan these insane person, will move the war in nobody in such weather. Weather getting dark of slowly, the people in entire camp moved, their static standing outside tent, their Mount in their sides, all person calm look at stand in camp middle Wales. The moon in Wales look at sky, some little time he turns the head look at his clansman said : my clansman, time of revenging.” Said that he in has not said anything, jumped up own Mount, revolution of Ox-head, walks in the Hercules Tauren Clan encampment direction. All Hercules Tauren Clan people jumped up their Mount, they have not made noise, their advancing is not quick, is feared that too big sound by the people of Bull clan present, in their each and every one eyes is dodging cold light, their hands tight grabs own weapon, their tooth tight biting in together, the expressions on their face, indifferent rock probably. Zhao Hai leads Laura they to sit in Alien within the body, Yale also sits in resting of Alien, on the although table is suspending sub, but Yale does not have the thoughts to drink now, he has been paying attention to the large camp there situation. The Hercules Tauren Clan person, too has understood this large camp, they know here each gully, because their race lived for several thousand years in here, they were born in here, dies in here, but they have not thought that some day will be expelled here, then in personal returning. army approached large camp of Bull clan slowly, because the ground has snow relationship, therefore he walks the too big sound, Wales walks in the forefront of team, follows side him, is youngster in clan, at their back is team comprised of some old person, is the woman, finally is some children. Zhao Hai Undead Creature army, in side of team, by his alone command(er), at matter Wales also command(er) Zhao Hai Undead Creature army.

To large camp getting closer and closer, Wales their motions have also been careful, when they to the camp also about 500 meters, Wales suddenly shout one, pats Mount, in direct large camp overran, follows in his Hercules Tauren Clan person, pats Mount, overran with Wales. Their is taking big axe, the flare that holds up just ignited, cries out strangely often in large camp to flush away, but the position that they choose, is in -line large camp center, to a golden big tent nearest/recent position, must speak of the understanding of large camp, the people of Bull clan also falls far short compared with their these Hercules Tauren Clan people. Bull clansman in camp obviously in was also alarmed, during entire camp fell into one piece to be scared, the people of Bull clan have not thought obviously that the Hercules Tauren Clan person will return in this time anti- attack, must know they just attacked and occupied Hercules Tauren Clan encampment less than two months of time, moreover they snatched Hercules Tauren Clan almost all commodities, wants to come in them, at this time, how Hercules Tauren Clan should for their pass through this cold winter worry that to counter-attack how possibly to come back, therefore their vigilance very low, this gave Wales them by to call opportunity. For this attack, Wales their preparations are very sufficient, they are bringing rope, the flare, weapon, two Hercules Tauren Clan people can knock it off a tent with rope, waits for the person in tent to run, waited for them is being the axe. The entire camp flame rises from all directions, that scene resembles the judgment day to be the same, Zhao Hai has not participated in the attack, he in one side look at, he will know at this time, Wales they do not want to make him meddle, their enmity only then they began the incoming telegram. In this time, in camp is transmitting two sharp roar, Zhao Hai complexion changes, because he can hear, this is the 9th level Expert sound. In this time, not far away outside camp has also been transmitting sharp roar, obviously, this is 9th level Expert, taking advantage of the flame, Zhao Hai sees from camp departs two personal appearance, these two forms, very tall and big, but another is relatively thinner and smaller. Personal appearance big that obviously is 9th level Expert of Bull clan, but thin and small that is Human Race 9th level Expert, Zhao Hai really has not actually thought that this Human Race 9th level Expert actually does not have the leave Bull clan, gives his information to contain errors according to Bell unexpectedly. However Zhao Hai does not have too to be worried that Hercules Tauren Clan these time must extinguish 9th level Expert of Bull clan, therefore they own Supreme Elder, but also invited Mastiff Race two 9th level Expert, wanted 9th level Expert of exterminate Bull clan. 3 : 2, were the Hercules Tauren Clan aspect profits evidently.