Chapter 303 Patriarch ran However the fight between 9th level Expert, is not the population can decide that previous Hercules Tauren Clan two 9th level Expert facing the Bull clan and Human Race two 9th level Expert, the result die wounded, this don’t know can be any situation. Actually generally speaking, if 9th level Expert does not want the dying war, is two 9th level Expert besieges, he can also be wounded to draw back, but if three 9th level Expert besieges, that can only wait for death. Also for this reason, therefore this Mastiff Race sent out two 9th level Expert to help Hercules Tauren Clan, must make opportunity that 9th level Expert of Bull clan ran continually not have. However they have not thought that at this time that helped 9th level Expert of Bull clan run, this regarding the Hercules Tauren Clan person, absolutely was a variable, if made these two 9th level Expert run, regarding the Hercules Tauren Clan person, was not the good deed, especially 9th level Expert of that Bull clan, if made him run, the Bull clan may resurge very much. Therefore Yale and Zhao Hai see that two 9th level Expert, is complexion changes, their very clear this is representing anything Hercules Tauren Clan, if Hercules Tauren Clan cannot, in this fights, but completely entire merit, after that will also be very troublesome. Yale does complexion change said : Human Race 9th level Expert also in here? Then troubled.” Zhao Hai complexion also very ugly said : looks like is really very troublesome, but I believe information that my initially obtains real, it seems like that this Human Race Expert is nearest/recent returned to Bull clan here, snort|hum, happen, he also keeps here.” Yale sighed said : that not to be easy, that Supreme Elder level of Bull clan was ordinary, before has not broken through the Hercules Tauren Clan Supreme Elder level was equally matched, but that Human Race 9th level Expert was very strong, compared with Hercules Tauren Clan Supreme Elder in many, otherwise previous time will not strike the type Hercules Tauren Clan Supreme Elder.” Zhao Hai coldly snorted said : I do not want to begin, Human Race meddles the Beastman Race matter, will leave behind the words to redicule about to Big Brother, but now looks like, does not begin not to be good.” Said that his hand wields, release Zhao Wen, has then referred to that Human Race 9th level Expert. The Zhao Wen personal appearance moved, vanishes in Alien within the body.

Then Zhao Hai starts the massive release suck blood mosquito, this is Zhao Hai second time uses the suck blood mosquito, the previous time is sneak attack West King these Cavalry, doing of this suck blood mosquito with is very big, they must deal with the people of these Bull clans directly. Did not want underestimated these small suck blood mosquitos, when their quantities as many as certain degree, becomes on this Continent the most fearful disaster. But nighttime, this volume not big suck blood mosquito is more like some level of Assassin, will be affected in the line of sight of dark night people, was virtually impossible to guard against to these mosquito that. Yale also saw certainly the Zhao Hai movement, but he is only puzzled look at Zhao Hai, after Zhao Hai has let off the suck blood mosquito, this turns the head look at Yale said : Yale mister, feel relieved was good, I made Little Wen help Big Brother, Little Wen was also 9th level Expert, moreover was 9th level Expert of Magic Beast shape, believes that can help.” Yale stares, then shocking look at Zhao Hai said : you were said that your in hand did have 9th level Expert? Does he listen to your command(er)?” If who Yale now also don’t know that 9th level Expert is, he was an idiot, that 9th level Expert that his understand, Zhao Hai said that certainly was just that Crystal same insect shape Magic Beast, but this was his surprised place, because he looked at just the Zhao Hai movement, simply likely was not to 9th level Expert, but like was faces own under the hand/subordinate. Zhao Hai one hear of Yale such asked that cannot help but shows a faint smile said : you such to understand, Zhao Wen truly is listens my, but he is not my under the hand/subordinate, is my family member.” Yale shocking look at Zhao Hai, his too understand 9th level Expert was representing anything, entire Hercules Tauren Clan, even if were when was sightest, had three 9th level Expert, general time, only then two, but now fell into most trough, only then 9th level Expert assumed personal command, but this 9th level Expert authority or the ice built above Patriarch, the 9th level Expert words, Patriarch must listen. However Zhao Hai in hand actually 9th level Expert, completely listens to his words 9th level Expert, this on behalf of what? This on behalf of Zhao Hai can at any time invited this 9th level Expert make a move, dealt with own enemy, but did not use like them, the mouth can arrive at the crucial moment time, can ask 9th level Expert to act. At this time Wales they have crashed in camp, but these people of Bull clan obviously are simply not any preparation, they were running flurriedly, some people wanted to escape, some people actually wanted to fight, the person who wants to fight could not find Mount, the person who wants to escape could not find own family member, an entire camp confusion. In this case these people of Bull clan are impossible to organize anything to have counter-attack, but Wales they have not actually stayed, their target are golden big tent, although there increases after is the pride of Hercules Tauren Clan, but regarding present their there, there is enemy most important all, is the heart of enemy, only then has broken through there, the enemy ended.

The chaotic Bull clan looks like in a state of disunity, but Hercules Tauren Clan looks like a pointed knife, the sand cannot block the blade, Wales they kill toward golden big tent. Quick golden big tent has been in sight, Wales saw own enemy, Patriarch of Bull clan, now his side with more than a thousand people of guard, is wanting the organization the effective resistance. The personal enemies meet, particularly is jealous, Wales guesses that roars, kills toward Patriarch there of Bull clan, Patriarch of Bull clan also saw Wales, on his face flashes through one to fear intent, then is actually a ruthless color, as soon as he wields in hand Scimitar, starts to charge to Wales with his person. Follows in these guards of his side, is in the Bull clan most Elite soldier, their in hand is causing is pure metal Mace that the Bull clan flower [gold/metal] builds, the lethality is stronger, only then Patriarch in hand of Bull clan is taking Scimitar. Cavalry of two hedges, looked like the flood peaks from two different directions has hit instantaneously together, with a bang sound, the water splash four gradually, what here gradually came out was the blood splash and stump residual limb breaks the arm. Two teams of people are the enmity of not being able to untie, however one team of present morale are looking, another team is resistance at risk of life, excited degree that this fights distant left the imagination of Wales. The original 1000 people want to block Wales they are impossible, but Bull clan Patriarch these guard strengths were really too strong, they worst was 6th level Expert, strongest had the 8th level strength fully, such Thousand-Man Team, their fighting strength were astonishing. When Wales their attack suffers setbacks, suddenly their two wings actually chaotic, is stealing a glance in Wales that in the chaotic armed forces rushes ahead looked at one, Cavalry of present two Bull clans has actually attacked just as the Bull clan Patriarch direction, from these two teams of moving lines, they are Zhao Hai Undead Creature Cavalry, two teams of Bull clan Cavalry, altogether about 7000 people. Reason that Undead Creature Cavalry is difficult to keep off , because they do not fear death, does not fear injured, they attack by all means that will not defend, such enemy is more fearful than the duty people. Patriarch of Bull clan obviously by this time attack being perplexed, his understand, why Cavalry of Bull clan will not come attack he, moreover these Cavalry each and every one simply do not fear death, will not die, he witnessed to have Cavalry to be hit from Mount by Mace, Bone of chest has all broken to pieces, actually can also crawl, such enemy was too scary.

Patriarch of Bull clan is a smart person, his strength is not strong, only then 7th level Warrior strength, therefore he to will not fight in the first line, but this time matter makes him feel the fear, he felt that own possible immediately dead in these monsters in hand, therefore his sycophancy turn around ran. His running made around him protect his these guards to stare, in Beastman, escaping was the one type of very ignominious behavior, was because of this, therefore Hercules Tauren Clan after was defeated by the Bull clan escaped, these Hercules Tauren Clan people appear the mood so will be low, because in their opinion, them was the coward, was the ignominious turntail. However also because of this, therefore they, when heard Wales saying that must revenge, going all out such, they must wash off their shame. initially they escape are because does not have unified command(er), now they had unified command(er), they pay the life also original intention. But escaping of Bull clan Patriarch is different, he is Leader of a Clan, can say that all people can run, only then he, initially does not remain in large camp here Paul, is the Wales Second Brother, finally was died in battle, he when by Cavalry surrounding of Bull clan, but also brought the Personal Guard team to have the charge, even if only remained his time finally, he was charging, he died in the group of charge, Beastman like this was worth the respect of person, but escaping of Bull clan Patriarch, was actually ignominious, not only a he shame, rather. The shame of entire Bull clan. These guards looked at Patriarch to run, has gawked, the direction that look at Patriarch that then a face cannot believe escaped, how all person don’t know handled. When their this dumbfounded, Undead Creature Cavalry flushed, instantaneously Cavalry of this squad submerging. Wales looked that Bull clan Patriarch ran, his quickly said: Bull clan Patriarch ran, do not make him run, pursues!” These guards of his side also shouted: Patriarch of Bull clan ran, do not make him run, pursues, kills!” These words were too essential, Bull clansman that these resisted hears this saying, has gawked, look at gold big tent direction that then they cannot believe that actually anything not presently their Patriarch shadow, but the flag of Bull clan, had been cut down in the place.