Chapter 304 Ultimate Weapon Regarding Beastman, War flag incomparable important, War flag is the pride of Beastman Race, is their lives, can say that Beastman Race will rather discard the life not to discard own War flag. Now links they most important War flag, had been cut down, optional losing to the ground, these Bull clansman felt that the instantaneous sky collapsed, they lost for target that it strove, the people of many Bull clan almost gave up the resistance instantaneously, they or dull standing were hacked to death by a Hercules Tauren Clan axe in there, or had run into boundless Prairie by turn around, but in such weather, their anything has not brought, ran into Prairie solitarily, was courts death on equal to. Wales has not thought that the big rout of Bull clan can come is so quick, they have almost not carried on anything to the type fight, won, remaining took weapon to chase down to the people of these Bull clans on the line. although is this, but fights is continuing, the people of Bull clan were too many, their many person also don’t know Patriarch runs, many people are resisting, but has not actually organized any effective resistance, now they are carrying on struggling of futile effort. The fight has projected on the dawn from dark sky/Hei Tian, at this time the resistance of Bull clan was very slight, most Bull clansman ran away, their Slave Race people have not actually run, these Slave Race person very clear, they ran did not have the means of livelihood, might as well remained, keeps Hercules Tauren Clan not to kill them, they are the slave, the Hercules Tauren Clan person not massacring slave easily, they have just changed a lord. Such that really such as these slaves think, Hercules Tauren Clan person simply has not managed them, but is chasing down the people of these Bull clans, now they have forgotten, any wheel high Bull clan men and so on, so long as sees the person of Bull clan, no matter the male woman whole families, come up are an axe, all people kill to get angry. But those who make Wales they not think, the Hercules Tauren Clan people of these captured, when they start attack large camp, started the motion, they stop up Bull clansman that wishes of these small stocks escaped, then throws directly the in hand flying axe, hacks to death these people, then immediately/on horseback runs, receives the flying axe, in receives Bull clansman weapon, then in looking for another, this evening's time, they eliminated the military deserters of big size Little San ten many Bull clans unexpectedly, total number of people in ten thousand people about, this stemmed from the anticipation of Wales. He thinks that these captives were suffered these many days, simply will not have any fighting strength, has not actually thought that these old person and woman have the child, can achieve such success unexpectedly, was too great. Wales there knows, reason that these people will have such fighting strength, because of the Zhao Hai reason, Zhao Hai in the sheep soup Riga that they drank the fluid of life, this let quick that they restored, many old person fighting strength even compared with before captured must. Zhao Hai has not participated to chase down, he found the Bull clan to store up the commodity the place, has protected there, he feared that had the people of Bull clan to act out of desperation, coming here these commodities burning. Because of the decision of Zhao Hai, therefore these suck blood mosquitos have not gone to other attack Bull clansman, but defends in side of commodity storehouse, simultaneously Zhao Hai also puts out a fire in command(er) his these Undead Creature, all Bull clansman in camp turns into Undead Creature. Zhao Hai turns into Undead Creature the people of these Bull clans while is calculating the quantity, this evening's time, he already present 300,000 Bull clansman corpses.

The Bull clan altogether 800,000 people, this is takes care of the children to be counted including old person, now he already present 300,000 corpses, but in these corpses, majority are also some grown men and grown woman, because these people will take up weapon to resist, so long as they have resisted, runs into the Hercules Tauren Clan person, only then dies. Because of this, it can be imagined the frigidity of tactical situation, the entire camp ground was dyed the red by the blood, looks sits in Laura of Alien within the body her complexion is pale. But does not leave Zhao Hai to expect, commodity Warehouse that this evening's time, Zhao Hai defends, received dozen times attack, is the military deserters of Bull clan, they want to burn all commodities, but has not actually succeeded. Yale was really admires now to Zhao Hai, in all people when chasing down these military deserters of Bull clan, Zhao Hai has actually defended most important the commodity storehouse regarding Hercules Tauren Clan, so long as there is a commodity storehouse, even if were encampment is destroyed also it doesn't matter, they can from constructing. Dawn, the fight of encampment here almost stopped, here cannot be seeing one living Bull clansman, no matter old person or the child, does not have, but Undead Creature that Zhao Hai receives now, crosses four hundred thousand, can say that is these people who the people of Bull clan escape, could not be popular any storm to come. Zhao Hai has not walked away, he turns into Undead Creature the encampment here Bull clan, has stayed in encampment here is waiting for Wales they, he believes that Wales they will come back quickly. He has not thought that kills Wales that starts they, has chased down these military deserter three days of Bull clan, in these three days of time they have not eaten thing, depends entirely on Milk Wine top, has drunk up to Milk Wine, the people sobered, immediately/on horseback hurried back to encampment. But Zhao Hai actually uses these three days, has carried on the reconstruction to encampment here, now encampment here before Zhao Hai Undead Creature, only then capturing of that two hundred thousand, these captives, because does not have Mount, therefore has not gone to chase down. These captives have received food from Zhao Hai in hand, therefore they know Zhao Hai, they have carried on the reconstruction under Zhao Hai command(er) to entire Lao Lao, and has concentrated the corpse of Hercules Tauren Clan person these died in battle, prepares the group burial. The encampment ground turned into blood red, because is in the winter, these blood have frozen, simply does not have means complete cleaning up, but is very obvious, the Hercules Tauren Clan person has not thought must clean up these bloodstains, they dumping the tent has built, cleaned up the corpse in camp cleanly. When Wales their returned to camp time, camp in this had been cleaned up cleanly, stops Hercules Tauren Clan person the smell of blood of corpse and full camp in camp except for these, almost could not look that here lived anything. In camp has built large pan, the mutton, sheep soup, Milk Wine has prepared, Wales their returned to camp, immediately can drink warming up Milk Wine, eats the steaming hot mutton, drinks boiling hot old sheep soup. Wales they were exhausted, after returned to camp, has drunk Milk Wine sheep soup, ate mutton immediately to rest, this rested is a day a night, when they when waking up, Zhao Wen returned to camp, Zhao Wen not only came back, he has also brought back to that Human Race 9th level Expert corpse.

After Zhao Hai that person turned into Undead Creature, from that person of mouth knew that this truly is the Radiant Church person, he is Ultimate Weapon that Radiant Church trains since childhood. Radiant Church already in secret carries on Ultimate Weapon to plan, this plan in the Continent child of age, selects some innate skill well carries on key training, moreover death training, these children's sole target were becomes Expert, 8th level Expert, 9th level Expert, could not achieve target, will be executed. However 9th level Expert is not good to train, this level weapon plan, these years also trained three 9th level Expert finally, but 8th level Expert had several hundred, this was also the Radiant Church formidable reason. But this time helps the 9th level Expert of Bull clan, is 9th level Expert that in the level weapon plan trains finally, he is Fire element Magician, but was turned into Undead Creature by Zhao Hai now, but in Zhao Hai Magic Staff were also many Fire element Magic application method. Now in Zhao Hai Ghost Staff, had light, dark, the earth, the fire, four Magic, have only missed Water element and Wind element Magician, so long as he in learn Water element Magic and Wind element Magic, he can pretend to be big Magician of entire department. However Zhao Hai from this person of mouth has not actually known that Radiant Church too many matters, this person regarding Radiant Church, is weapon, will you too be many with your weapon explanation? weapon does not need to know too, so long as they can kill people on the line. But reason that this time he meets appears in Bull clan here, is the coincidence, they truly evacuated before, this time he comes back, but wants to tell person one of the Bull clan, the Hercules Tauren Clan person ran away to Mastiff Race there went, making them look like Mastiff Race to exert pressure, making the Mastiff Race person not manage the Hercules Tauren Clan person, but has not actually thought that has been meeting the counter-attack of Hercules Tauren Clan, finally was struck to kill by Zhao Wen. But from Zhao Wen there, Zhao Hai also knew, that Supreme Elder of Bull clan, struck to kill by Hercules Tauren Clan and Mastiff Race that three Supreme Elder with joint forces, could not have been inescapable, Wales they can feel relieved. although Zhao Hai knows are not many, but were also many, most at least he knows that Radiant Church feared now had minimum five 9th level Expert, they were placed in outwardly on had three, was carrying secretly still on the plan of this Ultimate Weapon, god knows they presently in hand altogether many 9th level Expert. What most important is their 8th level Expert quantity, several hundred, even if on Prairie, about 1 million people of the big tribes like the Bull clan, 8th level Expert is not extremely numerous, in eliminated Bull clan Patriarch that only thousand people of convoy guards, although has 8th level Expert, actually only then dozens, remaining is some 6th level 7th level Expert, but Radiant Church is only 8th level Expert that this Undead Creature knows has several hundred, obviously the fearful place of their strength. Had asked after these matters, Wales they also awoke, Zhao Hai immediately to the Wales tent, Wales they were chatting with Mendez while is eating the mutton. Saw Zhao Hai to come, Wales immediately/on horseback welcomed, laughed said : Little Hai, came quickly, HaHaHa, this time we won, the Bull clan cannot be turning any storm to come.” Some Zhao Hai look at Wales that proud unconventional faces, cannot help but sink at heart, quickly said: Big Brother, I was having matter to you tell.”

Wales looked that the Zhao Hai appearance knows certainly is the important matter, his quickly said: What matter? Sat down eats while said.” Zhao Hai nodded, sat, some immediately people have delivered Milk Wine to him, sheep soup and mutton, Zhao Hai have not moved these food, but is said : if first said one to Big Brother, that two 9th level Expert of Bull clan were killed, the threat of Bull clan is not anything.” Wales they are happy, because Supreme Elder has not come back, therefore they had not obtained this information, but they know from Yale there that Zhao Hai sent 9th level Expert to enter the war, these that Zhao Hai said should not make a mistake. Zhao Hai looks at their happy appearance, then said : helped Bull clan the status of that 9th level Expert determine, was Human Race Radiant Church 9th level Expert, was Fire element Magician, this time he was only delivers a letter, happen to caught up with us to counter-attack, information that we obtained before not wrong.” Wales they nodded, Zhao Hai then said : „the Radiant Church strength left my imagination, their present minimum have five 9th level Expert, 8th level Expert also minimum has several hundred, Big Brother must add carefully is good.” Wales one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but complexion changes, look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, what you said is real?” Zhao Hai nodded said : not to be wrong, I turned into Undead Creature that 9th level Expert, he told me personally, Radiant Church started to carry on Ultimate Weapon to plan dozens years ago, they selected the a batch innate skill good child, started to carry on the strictest training to these children since childhood, must turn into 9th level Expert them, even if were changes inadequate 9th level Expert, must turn into 8th level Expert, the children who all could not bear this training died, therefore they so many Expert.” Wales has put down wine glass, deep voice said : good Radiant Church, is really farsighted, great.” Zhao Hai nodded said : Radiant Church not to dare these people to send Prairie to come up, otherwise only then dies, now I must say matter about Bull clan, now I cleaned up the more than 400,000 Bull clansman corpse in camp, if were dying on Prairie in addition, this figure will also increase, was adding on their 9th level Expert dead, can say that the threat of Bull clan was not big.” Nod of Wales smiles, this digit in his expected, this time their simply do not capture, Bull clansman that meets all kills. Zhao Hai look at Wales appearance said : Big Brother do not treat it lightly, the sister sister was rescued, West King there certainly careful, but now Bull clan Patriarch had been killed, his these under the hand/subordinate may hire oneself very much West King, as the matter stands the West King strength will increase, he knows that Bull clan the person of Hercules Tauren Clan returned, perhaps will escape, if they all ran, after that perhaps also will have comeback opportunity, therefore my meaning is Big Brother must resort to arms to West King as soon as possible, tidied up West King is the correct principle.”