Chapter 305 Irrigates the cold water The Zhao Hai words look like trough cold water, made in happy Wales they one calm, Wales has put down in hand wine glass, has closed the eye, some little time he opened eye look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, Elder Brother I must really thank you, these won, making some of our proud unconventional, you reminded us fortunately, right that you reminded, now our also has plenty matter must be done, we should not such proud.” Zhao Hai one hear of Wales said that reason that also cannot help but let out a long breath, this time said these to Wales \; first, wants to urge Wales, two want to take a look at the Wales manner, if Wales listened to his urging, that is representing Wales not successfully to the corona brains, he is one is the person of important matter, that Zhao Hai as before will also help him. But if Wales does not listen to his urging, that Zhao Hai not before you such helped him, that represented Wales is not being does the person of important matter. Fortunately, Wales listened to his urging, his following words can then say, he looked at Wales said : Big Brother, we must tidy up West King as soon as possible, was copes with these to escape Bull clansman, I want to listen to Big Brother your opinion, do you want to do? To let the Bull clan henceforth never turning over, wants to keep life force to them?” Wales coldly snorted does said : keep life force? Why can I keep life force to them? You had not seen they treat my these clansman? These are only some old person and children, they actually think living freezes to death them, I give back to them to keep any life force!” Zhao Hai one hear of he said that nodded said : well, has Big Brother these words I to know how must do, Big Brother can as soon as possible tidies up West King, then big War Clan reported the matter that likely they and Radiant Church collude with, the Ultimate Weapon plan also told these big War Clan, simultaneously you must look like Prairie cloth one minute to consider, any race, so long as took head of Bull clan to come Hercules Tauren Clan encampment, can receive in exchange for 1000 jin (0.5 kg) grain, the child and woman can cut in half, trades 500 jin (0.5 kg) grain!” Wales and Yale their bodies cannot bear shakes, these that Zhao Hai front said fortunately, is limited to the attack of Bull clan, even if the people of Bull clan cooperate with Radiant Church, regarding the Bull clan that these flee from calamity, does not have anything at the worst, they can say that is the decision of their Patriarch, with their it doesn't matter, but traded grain this move with head is really too ruthless.

The grain regarding Beastman Race was really too important, especially these small tribes, if made these small tribes meet Bull clansman, they will certainly not let off this to trade the grain opportunity, can say that this announced one, feared that was the Bull clan must wipe out an entire race by the perishing clan. Wales and Yale look at Zhao Hai, cannot bear swallow the saliva, Zhao Hai this move was too ruthless, they have not seen. Zhao Hai look at their said : What happened? Big Brother, do not forget, now our in hand grain has is, one in commodity, except for your original these commodities, the commodity that Bull puts, can say that your present commodities were more than a generation before, is adding on my here also so many grain, why don't we need these grain to do a matter?” Bang! Wales makes an effort pats table said : well, right that Little Hai you said that does, I must make the Bull clan disappear from Prairie, but I want to reduce to the slave the people of these Bull clans, then gives to you, as the matter stands is not good.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : you to be able the West King there person to give to me, what kind of?” Wales smiles said : well, that such has managed, the Sixth Brother, transmitted orders, three days of rear guard support West King camps, I to am want to take a look at this ungrateful West King, resists my Hercules Tauren Clan army with anything!” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, was not speaking, to be honest, he has not thought actually must be ruthless to the Bull clan, but saw that the Bull clan treated the method of Hercules Tauren Clan captive, Zhao Hai changed the idea, was adding on the Bull clan to cooperate with Radiant Church, but Radiant Church was the Zhao Hai mortal enemy, Zhao Hai naturally cannot to own enemy person of any some pities. Arrives at Ark Continent such long time, passed through that many matters slowly, the heart of Zhao Hai also has suppressed, he knows that is too polite to the enemy, that cannot pass with oneself, treats the enemy to stamp out the source of trouble.

Zhao Hai look at Wales said : Big Brother, this loss statistics? Our clan also how many people, how many commodities, how many Argali, these must know now that you have calculated?” Wales has not waited to make noise, Yale these I have counted on said :, our clan before has not received attack, altogether has the population more than 1.329 million people, but now our clansman mouth total in eight hundred thousand people about, in, this digit said that now now encampment here population, I believe that also many Hercules Tauren Clan people ran away Prairie other places, so long as we seized encampment information to pass on again, they should be able to come back, expected in me that the total population of our clan, should in 1 million about, altogether lose 300,000 people, this time attacking., We to have not died too many people, only lost did not arrive at ten thousand people , many were some women and old person, now the Argali quantity is unable to count temporarily, because our tribe original Argali total has not counted, now are also many Argali of Bull clan, the total were more, the commodity was good to count, our clan original commodity, was adding on these commodities of Bull clan, enough 1 million people used for ten years not to need to worry, grain also enough five years edible . Moreover the this time Bull clan gave back to us to leave behind about five hundred thousand Slave Race, now the total population of our tribe. The number is at 100 three hundred thousand about.” Wales they nodded, no wonder they cannot count their in hand has many Argali, must know Beastman raise sheep, simply not looks up, they hive off generally, this troop Argali has many, they will not go to count generally, but with Human Race carries out the Great Sect transaction time, they will not look up many only Argali, but is the wheel clashes! What is clashes? Was Human Race has brought some commodities, then Beastman Race was bringing Human Race to flock of sheep there, to a Human Race horse, making them clash toward the flock of sheep, you overran from the flock of sheep, separated the flock of sheep, what left side was your, right was Beastman, this crowd looked at the technology of person, the sheep that if technical of person, you obtained were many, your technology was not strong, that on not being able to complain about others. Such trading mode only suits the big tribe, like the small tribe is incorrect, they have many only Argali, that knows how things stand, one is only one, each is only their properties, they are the impossible wheel to clash the transaction. Human Race is willing with the big Beastman Race transaction also to be for this reason, some riding skill good Human Race, often can obtain compared with trades many several times of quantities normally Argali. Reason that Beastman Race such treatment Slave Race, too will be many because of the Argali quantity of big race, they need these slaves to look after Argali, therefore the common large clan plants, some of their many only Argali, they do not record clearly, they only know one have many crowd of Argali, but what we definitely know is that the Argali quantity of each big race takes calculates as the unit surely. But now Hercules Tauren Clan in hand Argali, is actually their this clans original, is adding on the Bull clan to have, equal to about Argali of two large clans in the together quantity, this quantity is very astonishing.

Zhao Hai also nodded said : currently my in hand also to have many mutton and sheep soup, can regard is this food of going to battle, but Big Brother, I just joked with you, I am impossible to want the Bull clan taking responsibility slave, the Bull clan in Tauren Clan is also force War Clan, such person gives me, when the slave has been a pity, if you want to give to my slave, delivers me some ordinary Slave Race on the line, you can Bull clan completely control in own in hand, become your in hand only force corps by them, that isn't it better? Wales knit the brows said : that as the matter stands, we did that grain trade the plan of head also to carry on before?” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : naturally to carry on, this time you can receive West King under the hand/subordinate these people not, became your captives, you even can reduce to Slave Race them, but these escaped, that simply did not use politely, in I want some people not to run up to Hercules Tauren Clan encampment to raise kill your slaves, was using their head to trade the grain?” Wales they have laughed, to be honest, now Wales already completely calm, he also knows that all gives Zhao Hai to be the slave the people of Bull clan not to be inappropriate, person fighting strength of Bull clan was formidable, has given Zhao Hai, looked for one on equal to to Zhao Hai greatly troublesome, Wales regarded to annoy the blood brother Zhao Hai, he does not certainly want to annoy to trouble to Zhao Hai. In adding on like Zhao Hai said that the Bull clan is in Tauren Clan, that knows how things stand fights the race, if such extinguished, the fighting strength effect on entire Tauren Clan is very big, therefore one hear of Zhao Hai said that does not want the slaves of these Bull clans, the Wales also opposition, conversely, he to thought that the Zhao Hai account heart, almost all matters thought for him. Several people also chatted matter in the Hercules Tauren Clan, Zhao Hai on returned to own tent, Hercules Tauren Clan just had reconstructed now, in their clan original the death that is in the management staff is dying, missing missing, they must appointment again manage staff now, but this was the Hercules Tauren Clan internal matter, although Zhao Hai was their Crown Prince, but he after all was Human Race, he does not want the tube to be too many matter like this, this will give Hercules Tauren Clan person one type of him to carry the graciousness to snatch the power the meaning, Zhao Hai may not want like this. Zhao Hai returned to he in the Hercules Tauren Clan tent, this tent in the Hercules Tauren Clan camp center, was very big, inside ignites the brazier, in the tent very warm, Laura they did not use in the tent finally wear the thick clothes.