Chapter 306 Plan Saw Zhao Hai to come back, Laura immediately/on horseback said : What happened? Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : Big Brother saying that three days later marched West King large camp, he wants to give me the people of Bull clan, came, when our slaves, but I have not wanted, I wanted some temperament to be temperate, fighting strength was not that strong race works as the slave, the Bull clan was inappropriate.” Laura nodded said : I also to think is this, the Bull clan is the temperament of becoming famous is not good in Beastman Race, even if has given us, is a troublesome matter, it seems like Big Brother very much looks after to us.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : Big Brother already to think, after he wants to wait to extinguish the Bull clan, gave us to work as the slave all Bull clansman, he he, he also really had a mind.” Laura smiles said : to fear that is in entire Human Race, only then we are sightest on Prairie, our payouts are really also sufficient.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : feel relieved, our repayments certainly were also many, were good, did not say that this, two days we must go to battle with the West King work, I must with, these time possibly not live the fight of too big custom, no matter what, West King camp there available youngster was few, they should not dare to be right with the Big Brother positive proceed boldly, but I suspected that West King possibly will not wait for death, feared that will have the counter-attack, what on was a don’t know this counter-attack can be.” Laura smiles said : I to visit you, Big Brother does not use the belt army completely, how many you presently in hand does Undead Creature have? more than 400,000? Such number intent, you established a tribe to be good on Prairie, even if were looks like Big Brother their this to produce the population over 1 million people of big tribes, their available Battle Soldier quantities did not have you to be many, but must add on the slave clan, but your in hand these Undead Creature, fighting strength compared with general Beastman army much better.” Reason that Laura such happy, not because of other, because had these Undead Creature, the Iron Mountain Fort there security can definitely have to protect, Zhao Hai can definitely put Iron Mountain there to go these Undead Creature now, four hundred thousand Undead Creature army comprised of equivalent to 7th level Warrior, if hits, swept away Aksu Empire to be OK. Naturally, Zhao Hai has not wanted to do, if he dares to do, he becomes on Continent all races enemies, when the time comes he really did not have location of taking shelter. Zhao Hai smiled, then sighs said : I now also real don’t know, after I go to the West King camp, what appearance there is to see they.”

Laura also sighed, although they did not cope with West King, but they have to recognize, they with also be the friends, in this case, they met with, truly very much made them feel embarrassed. Meg at this time suddenly said : Young Master, if the here matter has been solved, we returned to Iron Mountain Fort to winter, here I cannot cross.” Zhao Hai thinks that nodded said : „to go back, Prairie here in the winter is not short, three months, after our returned to Iron Mountain Fort there, happen to can use these days, goes to Rosen Empire there, best to establish there Transmission Point, like this after waiting till next year our returned to Prairie, can slowly set up own business net in Rosen Empire there, turned into money in Rosen Empire there our in hand thing, moreover Prairie here needed any commodity, we can also first in the Rosen Empire there purchase, Rowson be the Continent first powerful nation, the commodity should the versatile person be very right.” Laura nodded said : „the Rosen Empire there commodity naturally entire, their imperial capital Carson City, are on Continent the biggest commodity collection and distribution center, some rumors said that wants is on Continent some thing, can buy in there.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, said : that isn't it better? when the time comes we took any thing to go to there to sell, some people will not pay attention, but our time must change some procedures, we best in the person cooperation of position high weight with Rosen Empire, this people do not dare to move us, will not be living the Purcell Duchy there fresh matter.” Laura nodded said : I to agree that the Elder Brother Hai words, Rosen Empire there we can not need to be worried about the Radiant Church matter, person but who their domestic these have the power and influence, has to guard, they are capable of also making us unable to stay in Rosen Empire, therefore we must look for a puissant person cooperation, this not appears Purcell Duchy there fresh that.” Zhao Hai nodded said : we to arrive at Rosen Empire Carson City there first, first observes the situation, understanding Rosen Empire well has influence that was deciding that works with whom.” Laura smiles said : Elder Brother Hai, I thought and other next time sees according to Bell time, can ask him, what relationship having a look at him to have in Rosen Empire there, if there is relationship, we to can use, do you look?” Zhao Hai two eyes bright said : I have not thought of this point, right, we can with asking according to Bell, now I was also the person in Dark Magician Alliance, the Dark Magician Alliance strength was not small, perhaps will have any relationship in Carson City there.” Several people also discussed that but then on returned to Iron Mountain Fort there, they also said to Green their decision, Green they also agree with Zhao Hai their plan, but the Black Wasteland here winter also arrived now, the weather outside castle was very cold, fortunately, in the castle has Cai'er, to is not too cold, several factories in castle are still bustling about, now their Milk Wine has saved much, the wool production factory also started product, rations factory there rations, all had also been on the track. Zhao Hai they can also feel relieved, but they want to carry on to expand to Iron Mountain Fort here, later their person will be getting more and more, the factory will be also getting more and more, the scale also meets getting bigger and bigger, at the Iron Mountain Fort present scale, quick could not install.

However what is a pity, now their in hand specialized mason, otherwise has not arrived can mine Stone, expands the castle. Iron Mountain Fort following Iron Mountain there, almost by Dwarf hollowing out, there was unable to mine many Stone, will otherwise possibly have the danger, therefore they , to mine Stone to expand Iron Mountain Fort, can only go to other places to mine, the mining place to has, after all ring-like Iron Mountain is not small, but they lack the qualified mason now, not having the means to carry on mining of large-scale. However now does not expand Iron Mountain Fort obviously time, now is the winter, outside was too calm, meaning of Zhao Hai, when next year was saying. Three days of in the blink of an eye on the past, after Wales gets down has dispatched troops to the order of West King large camp, all Hercules Tauren Clan people moved, this their preparation be fuller than before, before they did not have the commodity, this time they had the commodity, their preparations were also naturally fuller. Tent anything, Zhao Hai there has, does not need them to be worried, therefore they give oneself have prepared some weapon and so on thing. This Wales entire clan will certainly not leave, he has left behind the fifty thousand garrison troops in encampment here, has put weapon to encampment old person and women, when fears to want, they must enter the war. These time leaves with Wales together, is ten fifty thousand Hercules Tauren Clan soldiers, hundred thousand Slave Race soldier. Hercules Tauren Clan Slave Race, is mainly some half Beastman Race and some Human Race slaves, the race like Hercules Tauren Clan, is impossible to have own special-purpose Slave Race, they are unqualified. These time follows Wales they to go to battle, many are some half Beastman slaves, they were the children who Human Race and Beastman Race unified to give birth, these children were not growing a big animal head like Beastman Race, but they incomplete looks like person, their head some tribe, looked like Beastman Race, for example rabbit Human Race half Beastman, they were growing the rabbit same nose, or the long ear, besides this tribe, other's place was the same with Human Race. Half Beastman Race physical condition be better than Human Race, is worse than Beastman Race, they are also Slave Race that on Prairie recognizes, a birth was a slave. Hercules Tauren Clan these soldiers looked that Zhao Hai accompanies the armed forces to go to battle, is cheering, they like going to battle with Zhao Hai together, logistics all matters do not need them to worry, they hurried along to hit to bend down on the line by all means.

These these half Beastman don’t know these, their puzzled look at Hercules Tauren Clan person cheers to Zhao Hai obviously, don’t know is any meaning. However they quickly on understand, Hercules Tauren Clan encampment to West King camp, so long as about seven days, naturally, the present are in the winter, just experienced snowstorm, their advancing on slow many. Therefore this time marching, probably although about ten days, but they also experienced one time to march in Zhao Hai well like this, they are very experienced, advancing line routinely, without any accident. In this all the way, Zhao Hai they also often will run into the person of Bull clan was massacred or frozen to death, can look, the loss that this Bull puts was extremely serious. Zhao Hai release the hawk, in Hercules Tauren Clan encampment is the center, all around rotates is looking for the corpse of Bull clan, finally he had suddenly found 100,000 corpses, in these corpses mostly was killed, few parts froze to death, he has counted, now he was only the Bull clansman corpse that saw has about six hundred thousand, but the population of Bull clan entire clan 800,000, this under on most. Regarding such result, Zhao Hai also is really very helpless, if in the winter, the loss of that Bull clan cannot be so heavy, they lose about five hundred thousand people at most, but can also have the hundred thousand person to live, in this about six hundred thousand people who because he accepts, near hundred thousand people freeze to death. Does not have the means regarding this situation Zhao Hai, this is the war, they march fifth day later, Wales they have been careful, not because of other, because they have met Prairie wolf pack.