Chapter 307 Dark war The Prairie wolf, is universally recognized as a evil on Prairie, especially in the winter, winter time Beastman was not exiting to herd, the Prairie wolf can obtain food the method to be short, therefore they will get up by many wolf pack alliance, some surprise attack Beastman Race small tribes, harmed very big. wolf pack that this Zhao Hai they meet, quantity extremely numerous, 100,000, these wolf each and every one look like probably is very fully thin, two eyes braves green light, understood at a glance that hungrily for a long time, the greedy person is most dangerous, in order to goes on living by oneself, they dare surprise attack any life form. Saw this group of greedy people, Wales immediately has been careful, their moving forward cautiously, to the evening has slept, he wants to send for standing night watch, but Zhao Hai actually sent out Undead Creature to stand night watch. In fact Zhao Hai, not only stands night watch that simply, he wants this flock of Prairie wolves extinguishing, Zhao Hai present, in this flock of wolves, the has plenty type, Zhao Hai wants to catch in Space these wolves probably, whether has a look at Ranch Level Up, now Ranch Level Up is satisfies him very. In the evening after Wales they have rested, Zhao Hai immediately makes Cai'er come out, clan in camp some toxic gas, these toxic gas very slight, will only make these Beastman Race unconscious in the past, right they not cause the too big damage, then got down copes with these Prairie wolves. This Zhao Hai all Undead Creature let out that he obtains, has carried on the encirclement to these Prairie wolves, these Prairie wolf although very strong, however their can be six hundred thousand Undead Creature matches, is adding on is encircled, opportunity that they run does not have, all was eliminated, has plenty was also captured not very much alive. But all these have also used three hours of time, after all knots, Zhao Hai immediately brought in these Prairie wolves Space, then went to Ranch Space directly. One to Ranch Space, Space prompt sound immediately/on horseback transmits said : variation wolf shape animal, level, two ten 5th level, the mature time 20 hours, may produce son five times, produce son five each time, consume two grains of feeds each hour, animal digitization, may purchase in Spatial Shop.” variation wolf shape animal, level, two ten 5th level, the mature time 20 hours, may produce son five times, produce son five each time, consume two grains of feeds each hour, animal digitization, may purchase in Spatial Shop.” ...... The first successive five exactly the same prompt sounds made that Zhao Hai fainted, his understand, his immediately/on horseback did not look at the page of store, in page were many five wolf shape animal pictures. Zhao Hai then understand, although these wolves are with being the Prairie wolf, but the Prairie wolf is also divided into many types, looked that Space the Prairie wolf of same type class does not calculate did is one type of new animal, this regarding him absolutely was the good deed. In this time, the Space prompt sound in one time is transmitting said : wolf shape life form, attack strength, decides as harmful life form, Space increases harmful life form discharge, may discharge harmful life form to destroy the enemy.” Space meets the Level Up requirements, climbs to 8th level , looks at the Host many efforts!”

Zhao Hai in one time was shocked, Space Level Up he has not felt strange, what thing but this harmful life form discharge is? He a little did not listen to understand. His immediately/on horseback asked Cai'er, originally this is with breeds the function of wild animal to come according to Space original one, originally in Space can breed some wild animal toward Space of own good friend, destroys the crops growth of good friend, oneself can be experienced, but now Zhao Hai has become Space Host, moreover does not have any good friend in here, therefore function of this discharge wild animal this discharge harmful life form function, but the Prairie wolf was decided as harmful life form, therefore this function on was started. Zhao Hai this happy, this function was too formidable, his in hand were also many a good sign, moreover Space rose 8th level , he really hopes now earlier saw Ranch Space can rise Level 10, he wants to have a look at the Space liter Level 10, can be any appearance. What most important is, this time he not only let Space Level Up, moreover obtained the wolf meat and wolf skin of near hundred thousand only wolf, the wolf bone, these may be good thing. Zhao Hai face happy has drawn back from Space, he has not thought that this harvest is so big, the harmful life form discharge function, HaHaHa, this is Magical Treasure of cloudy person, Zhao Hai presently the Space really very abdomen is also black, naturally, this conforms to his disposition. Next morning, Wales they got up, they felt own this evening rests is not very good, after getting up, feels somewhat tired. However they after having the Zhao Hai breakfast immediately were energetic, Zhao Hai knows that they felt tired is because was poisoned, although very light, but played certain doing to use, therefore he was giving Wales their sheep soup Riga fluid of life, this not only can Detoxification, but can also make them restore as soon as possible. However waits for them to start off, Wales on present incorrect place, by them in a pasture, has the trace that the battle passes obviously, moreover had vanished with their wolf pack, Wales knows that this is Zhao Hai does, Zhao Hai certainly is use evening's time, these wild wolves tidying up. Regarding the Zhao Hai procedure, Wales is very grateful, because of the fierce places of Wales very clear these wild wolves, do not look that Hercules Tauren Clan fighting strength is very strong, but they, if has met in hundred thousand wild wolf attack, even if were finally the wild wolf repelling, that loss was also inevitable. In has not made war before West King, they first had the loss, this obviously is not Wales they desired, this effect on morale was too big, but Zhao Hai not making a sound was helping them relieve this crisis. The Hercules Tauren Clan person started off again, these Slave Race people look at the Zhao Hai look now, with seeing Beast God is the same, the respect to Zhao Hai even crosses Wales. Then motion of several days, they to coming across any special matter, but they also on road present some Bull clansman corpses, but is very obvious, these corpses by the Prairie wolf eating, besides some minority big Bone, some small Bone by the Prairie wolf chewing, obviously the fierce places of these Prairie wolves. Only remains several Bone like, Zhao Hai does not have the means to turn into Undead Creature them, Magic is not multipurpose, to turn into Undead Creature also to need many conditions, condition that the corpse maintains basic complete is wanting. Zhao Hai they have not managed these corpses, now Wales they hate the people of Bull clan unable to hate that can manage these corpses. Also in five days, West King large camp was near, Wales they also slowed down, their careful look at West King large camp, large camp there calm, lives without any matter very much.

Wales they watched the weather, now soon the darkness, Wales they stopped, prepares tomorrow to go to West King large camp. A night does not have the words, this lets be worried that West King somewhat will be accidental to Zhao Hai of their night assault, he thinks that West King should know now Hercules Tauren Clan has struck back encampment information, in this case, they should prepare to be right, now they are not far from West King large camp, the West King strength is weaker than them, to defeat them, should carry on the night assault to be right to their large camp, only then they have opportunity to defeat Hercules Tauren Clan like this. But now West King there does not have any sound, probably simply don’t know has this to be the same by a matter, this makes Zhao Hai very puzzled. Zhao Hai had found Wales, discussed with Wales this matter, some Wales also do not understand, now they can only suspect that these have not run away by Bull clansman that they scatter to West King here, West King and don’t know their information. Next morning, ate the breakfast, Zhao Hai had received the tent, they hurried to toward West King large camp, when they to the West King large camp also five li (0.5km) about, West King large camp there probably finally present they, in entire large camp piece of soldiers mutiny and troops rebel, before long, Cavalry flushed from large camp. Wales they have not stopped, but then advancing, but all people prepared their big axe, before long, two Cavalry have met together. Wales looks at person one eyes that the opposite party came, is West King, West King wears his iron armor, but in the iron armor puts on is actually the soft clothes. West King sees Wales, has probably gawked, then he was looking at a Wales behind army, wrinkled that the brow micro cannot be observed, then went forward to hide said : Sich to see Wales Prince to Wales.” Wales look at West King coldly snorted said : Sich, I now am Hercules Tauren Clan Patriarch, simultaneously I also want to tell you good information, we have defeated the Bull clan, returned to encampment from new snatching, the Bull clan failed now, what do you want to say?” West King look at Wales face calm look at Wales said : has seen my king, how western Qi Yi is preparing to help my king, has not thought that my king useless Sich helped to defeat Bull clan Patriarch that thief, Sich happy extremely.” Wales they look at West King, they have not thought that West King unexpectedly such shameless, said the hypothesis face to face, added also righteous. Wales was mad to laugh, said : you were said that you have wanted to help me? HaHaHa? Helps me? Reduces to the slave to help me my Elder Sister? I also really must thank you.” West King complexion invariable said : my king, if at that time I did not do, that Bull clan Patriarch will certainly not let off me, I for must live in this strength for my Wang Baocun, therefore did, invited my Wang Cizui.” Wales suddenly does not smile, his calm look at West King said : really?” West King quickly said: Sich does not dare to lie.”

Wales nodded right that said : Sich you make, it seems like it was I am unfair to you, was right, this did several days have the people of Bull clan to run away to your here comes?” West King shook the head said : not to have, we have not seen the military deserter of any Bull clan , because of this, therefore don’t know encampment there fresh matter, if knows, I will certainly lead a cheer, my Wang Qing rests to the account.” Wales has believed probably the West King words, nodded, beckoned with the hand said : well, goes to your account.” Zhao Hai has not come out in the car(riage), he somewhat strange look at Wales and West King, he just presently, West King, when sees Wales to agree that with his income, in the eye has flashed through a happy expression, but in the Wales eye is actually gloomy, has Zhao Hai very clear of certain understanding to Wales, that gloomy in Wales eye, absolutely is not calm, he is the anger hides can have that gloomy when bottom of the heart. The Zhao Hai present matter was getting more and more interesting, he knows that West King definitely already knows lived any matter, that all stances that just he made are install, how counter-attack he is certainly thinking. But Wales already had thought obviously of this point, therefore they were also pretend probably deceiving by West King, actually he was carrying on his plan. Interesting, was too interesting, this is dark wars between two people, this dark war, when they have not met started, Zhao Hai even can imagine, in the West King camp that flurried appearance is also installs, for confuses them. Now Zhao Hai to wants to have a look at them then to do, the quick Battalion troops arrived at outside West King large camp, at this time Zhao Hai presently West King large camp here differences, West King large camp here tent probably row was crowded, simply does not have the place that the Battalion troops rest, Zhao Hai to remember previous time he comes West King here time, isn't camp probably this appearance? Why however his immediately understand West King must such do, sees a West King face embarrassment to Wales said : my king, first several days because of snowstorm, therefore our camp rows secret, has moved into army without the means that or this, asked the army's of my king each clan to rest to my camp.” Wales showed a faint smile said : Sich you to be too polite, did not need to be so troublesome, first let them in the camp external rest.” Said that he waved, calls the side with Kony that he came, whispered in the ear of present Kony several, Kony nodded, waved said : same place rest.” Hercules Tauren Clan these Cavalry although do not understand Wales are any meanings, but they stopped, at this time, Wales to Zhao Hai horse carriage said : Little Hai, come, I goes to Sich's large camp rest under with Elder Brother well.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, opens the vehicle door, walked out from the car(riage), is bowing said : Zhao Hai to see West King to West King.” West King sees Zhao Hai, complexion changes, he has not seen Zhao Hai horse carriage, therefore in that car(riage) is not Zhao Hai special-purpose, but he actually saw on that vehicle is inserting own king´s flag, he thinks is not Mendez who in that car(riage) sits is Yale, actually in ten thousand never expected that car(riage)s sits can be Zhao Hai unexpectedly.