Chapter 308 So idiot look at at present Zhao Hai of this being all smiles, some West King dumbfounded, he impression to Zhao Hai is very deep, not because of other, because Zhao Hai complies to them the low price grain, he is only has not thought that in this case will see Zhao Hai. Flash West King on understand, who is saved the Wales sister and sister, he was only has not thought that Zhao Hai will really have such strength. However he is also the plans deep generation, his immediately/on horseback said : originally is Mr. Zhao Hai, has not thought that such quickly can see mister, can mister always be good?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : fortunately, Prince thanks a lot cared.” At this time the Wales sound conveyed said : Sich, Zhao Hai was our Hercules Tauren Clan Crown Prince, later called him Crown Prince Your Highness.” West King complexion is changing, he has not thought that can be this, Zhao Hai can be Hercules Tauren Clan Crown Prince unexpectedly, his puzzled look at Wales said : my king, you were said that Mr. Zhao Hai was Crown Prince?” Wales shows a faint smile said : Zhao Hai is my Brother Beheading Blood Oath, why cannot be Hercules Tauren Clan Crown Prince, Sich, do you want to make me stand in here?” West King immediately/on horseback bows to apologize, in their eyes the anger is flashes does not have, is very obvious, he by Wales this arrogant expression enraging. Wales only led 100 guards, is leading Zhao Hai, entered to enter West King large camp with West King, evidently probably was complete trust West King, to a West King vigilance no appearance. Before West King, with many that Wales contacts, before their relationship has been good, Wales has not had any discontented to the West King manner, therefore looks like in West King, he lowered the stance today, found such excuse, Wales does not have the vigilance to be also normal to him.

His simply has not actually thought that the reputation of Wales this Hercules Tauren Clan first smart person is not white, he already had very strong vigilance to West King, reason that today he will adopt such stance, must make the West King acrobatics develop, he was not worried about his security that Zhao Hai in hand is only the Undead Creature quantity has several hundred thousand, is adding on also 9th level Expert, has something to threaten his. West King nature don’t know these, he also thinks his plan success, he has succeeded deceived his tent Wales, but stayed with outside the Wales army, such Wales falls in his hand on equal to. The quick several people entered Wales big tent, Wales big tent that magnificently, his writing desk also remove, in the tent has suspended several small table, on the tent middle brazier, was cooking the mutton, Milk Wine has also been being placed in small table side, the women of several Bull clans stood in small table behind, it seems like gave to the liquor specially. West King they just sat down, woman immediately of that several Bull clans walked, arrives at the liquor to them, the liquor is warm, the temperature was just good. West King takes up wine glass, smiles said : to Wales my king, you can come West King here, my happy, please drink the good wine that this is full of the cordiality really very much.” Wales and Zhao Hai have also held up wine glass, has done the liquor in cup, West King has been paying attention to them in drinking, looked that they have done the liquor in cup, the happy expression in his eyes was thicker. Zhao Hai just raised one's wine cup to drink in belly, Space prompt sound immediately/on horseback transmits said : „the poisonous material to carry on Host within the body, the toxin threat is low, suggested that Host drinks Spatial Water Detoxification.” Zhao Hai stares, but his immediately understand, West King had intoxicated in the liquor, Zhao Hai cannot help but shows a faint smile, has Space, he now could be said as Hundred Poisons Immunity, intoxicated to him, interesting. His putting down wine glass slowly, shows a faint smile said : today to see the prince to West King, below is very happy, has prepared one bottle of Fruit Wine specially, asking the prince to taste.” The hand turns, one bottle of Fruit Wine appears in Zhao Hai in hand. West King does not doubt him, immediately/on horseback smiles said : well, Crown Prince Your Highness Fruit Wine, is west Qi Yi is honored.” Said that hints to be responsible for the Bull clan woman of liquor pouring the liquor to them but actually. West King paid attention specially, he this bottle of Fruit Wine leakproof are very presently good, has not opened trace, he also on feel relieved.

West King frequent contacts with Human Race Merchant, this Fruit Wine he has drunk much, therefore his eyes can look, this bottle of Fruit Wine had been opened, if this liquor had been opened, that represents the liquor in bottle possibly to have the issue, he does not dare to drink. Wales do not understand Zhao Hai is any meaning, he looked at Zhao Hai one puzzled, the Zhao Hai look at Wales appearance, shows a faint smile, then the eye looked toward wine glass, Wales immediately understand, anger flashes in his eyes does not have. In this bottle of liquor has certainly gotten down the fluid of life by Zhao Hai, he now was more skillful to the use of Space, so long as in the Space monitor range, he can poisonous direct under to any thing, but did not need to be worried that these impediments thing, because of Space itself can appears Space rift, the fluid of life also be certainly same. The after women of that Bull clan turned on the jar, first gave Wales to one cup, to Zhao Hai to one cup, has given finally West King to one cup, then three people held up wine glass to toss down. After Wales puts down wine glass, look at West King, shows a faint smile said : Sich, aren't you convinced very much? You in what? Why we came in such long time, hasn't begun?” West King stares, then complexion changes, look at Wales, deep voice said : my king, my don’t know what do you mean?” Wales shows a faint smile said : you not to be convinced, why I such young can become Hercules Tauren Clan Patriarch, can become Tauren Clan Royal Family Patriarch, moreover before you, saw runs away Bull clansman that from encampment there, you are enduring, in acting in a play, but wants to deceive in the tent me, stays with outside the army, like this my life and death in your grasped, you looked that I have developed according to the script that you wrote, I entered the tent, I did not even have the poisoned liquor that under polite drinking you have given me to prepare, but why you must then develop.? You also in what?” West King is listening to Wales these words, he has not thought that his thoughts Wales has guessed unexpectedly all correctly, look at Wales face contemptuous look at he, West King could not be bearing, face fierce look at Wales said : knows that these you also such do do? Weren't you too the idiot?” Does Wales laugh said : you also to have idiot the idea of such to the present? If I do not have confidence completely, I will come in you? If I did not confirm that this liquor has not threatened to me, I will drink? Sich Sich, it seems like my father in the past really high look at you, you were just is a conceited idiot, no wonder in obtaining our that many help, you could not fight Patriarch of Bull clan, finally made his capture opportunity hit our one to be caught off guard unexpectedly, but you were the idiot, thinks that hired oneself Bull clan Patriarch to be all right, you do not think that your initially rebelled and fled from the Bull clan, Bull clan Patriarch to your feel relieved? The person of your such idiot unexpectedly can live now, is makes me very surprised.” West King face fierce look at Wales, sneered said : is being you knew can be what kind , can you Detoxification? The truth told you, this toxin was kills by poison your father's toxin, HaHaHa, you have not thought that when you snatched encampment, I received information, a person had found me, HaHaHa, initially was his plan, therefore the Bull clan can snatch your encampment, now you are also doomed dead in in his hand, he was your Hercules Tauren Clan nemesis.” Wales two eyes flash of cold light said : „? That please come out to see.”

West King shows a faint smile, deep voice said : invited Bowman mister.” The voice just fell, a person walked from outside, Zhao Hai and Wales saw that this person stares, they think that the opposite party is Human Race, but they have not thought that the opposite party is not Human Race, but is really pure Beastman Race, a Hercules Tauren Clan person. Wales never expected, the opposite party can be a Hercules Tauren Clan person, his puzzled look at this person who called Bowman, he can affirm that he had not seen Bowman before, don’t know this Bowman was who. This Bowman although long is just the same as the Hercules Tauren Clan person, his stature general Hercules Tauren Clan person is not high, the body looks like not that strong, the body puts on white Magic Robe, does mild-mannered and cultivated of face, look like unexpectedly is Light Element Magician? Bowman look at Wales, shows a faint smile, bows said : Bowman to see Wales Patriarch to Wales, Wales can Patriarch always be good?” Wales look at Bowman, puzzled said : „are you a Hercules Tauren Clan person?” Bowman showed a faint smile said : preparation saying that I was one by the Hercules Tauren Clan orphan who Human Race raised, was Radiant God has given me all, I also offered the lifetime to Radiant God.” One hear of Bowman said that Zhao Hai cannot help but patted head said : is by the idiot of religious brainwashing, no wonder he will do such matter to come.” The Zhao Hai sound is not small, the institute person in tent had heard, the response of everyone/Great Clan was not quite just same, a Wales face shook look at Zhao Hai however, West King was face proud look at Zhao Hai, but Bowman was actually face indignation look at Zhao Hai. Bowman is staring Zhao Hai said : criminal, you dare so the preaching meeting, you will be punished by the god.” Zhao Hai he he chuckle said : „? Does that make your gods punish me? In the Human Race domain, he cannot be what kind of me, to Beastman Prairie here, he was unable to be what kind of me, does what? want to see your friend? He He.” Said that Zhao Hai wields, his appears two people, white Magic Robe Human Race, is Lindsey Becker, that was turned into Undead Creature White-clothes Bishop by Zhao Hai, his father is Red-clothes Archbishop. Another also puts on white Magic Robe, but he is actually red, by that 9th level Expert that Zhao Wen massacres, 9th level Fire element Magician that the Radiant Church Ultimate Weapon plan trains, the Seine heating power!