Chapter 309 The good and evil cannot idiot Bowman naturally recognizes the Seine heating power, in fact matter between this Bull clan and Hercules Tauren Clan, is responsible for with the Seine heating power by him. Bowman also knows that the Seine heating power these time has certainly defeated, but he has not thought that in one time will see the Seine heating power in this situation, but the present Seine heating power, is not his one teaches brother disciple, turned into Undead Creature. But regarding Lindsey Becker, Bowman is not ripe releases, but he looked that Lindsey Becker clothes know, this is Radiant Church White-clothes Bishop, Bowman understand, Zhao Hai possibly in vain does not put Bishop to turn into Undead Creature one? The Zhao Hai look at Bowman's appearance, shows a faint smile said : two, with greeting of Bowman mister, he with you are the same side, but I think that he will quickly become your companions.” All person understand Zhao Hai this saying in tent are any meaning, West King also know to the present that Zhao Hai unexpectedly is Dark Magician. Thinks that Zhao Hai is Dark Magician, West King felt one are fearful and apprehensive, thinks one just drank one cup of Dark Magician liquor, West King right has made in the life on the feeling a biggest mistake. The Seine heating power looked at Bowman one eyes, calm said : hello Bowman, has not thought that you have not walked.” The Seine heating power is Advanced level Undead Creature, he besides turning into non- life and death, dies loyally to Zhao Hai, he has his elaborative faculty. However Bowman actually does not think that he has not managed Bowman, but turned the head look at Zhao Hai said : not to install, his present simply does not have the ability of ponder, your this by devil control Evildoer of thought that you could not be deceived I.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : I to be possible not to have control his thought that he has his ponder to be able the ability, moreover he knows the words that between now you and him each dialog, do not believe you can ask him, I guaranteed, if before him, knows that you wear any color underpants, he also knows now.”

Wales could not be bearing, has laughed, Zhao Hai actually shows a faint smile, then this mister you knows to Bowman said :?” His refer to Lindsey Becker, Bowman shook the head said : who knew you to sort white Magic Robe from there, looks for Undead Creature to pretend to be White-clothes Bishop.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : this is not a fame does not have, he called Lindsey Becker, possibly this name you have not heard, his father's name you have certainly heard, his father called Lundi Becker, was Radiant Church Red-clothes Archbishop, but this was Lundi Becker son, White-clothes Bishop Lindsey Becker.” Bowman stayed, he knows certainly that who Lundi Becker is, in fact, whose person don’t know Lundi Becker in Radiant Church is are really not many, he besides Pontiff, in Radiant Church one of the most puissant Red-clothes Archbishop, if don’t know this person, you did not need to mix in Radiant Church. Does the appearance that Zhao Hai looks at Bowman, cannot help but show a faint smile said : what kind of? Has heard this name? He in Purcell Duchy, wants to carry on attack to me, but is embarrassed, he has not had successful, therefore turns into today this appearance, you think really your what Radiant God can cope with me? Ok, depends on you to use the poisonous these methods? He He, was too laughable, you is a Hercules Tauren Clan person, was said was the orphan you are the orphan? I could say that you by the Radiant Church person stealing away, you think, Beastman can enter to the Radiant Church core? Too the idiot, I said that you were given the brainwashing by the religion, praises you, your simply was the idiot who the good and evil did not divide.” Wales and West King also real don’t know Zhao Hai wanted in the Human Race domain to do with Radiant Church, especially Wales, Zhao Hai said that his status was also must not exposed to up in Human Race there, it seems like also really said right. Wiese and West King although cannot calculate completely does is the Beastman Race High level character, but calculates that will do is the intermediate level is will definitely not have the issue, therefore they will have certain finding regarding Radiant Church in the Human Race there strength, now looked that Zhao Hai turned into Undead Creature Radiant Church Red-clothes Archbishop son, why also he could not stay in Human Race there on understand. Zhao Hai actually look at complexion red Bowman, Bowman naturally is not because ashamed, he is the air/Qi, looked like Zhao Hai said that he had been brainwashed, even was in the situation that the good and evil has not divided, how possibly to believe that the Zhao Hai words, Zhao Hai on you will be a devil, the devil naturally will not say in his opinion the god was a good person. Zhao Hai look at Bowman said : said that your good and evil is not divided you certainly not to be convinced, I asked you, Radiant Church sent you to come Beastman Prairie here to cope with Hercules Tauren Clan, certainly made you have certain understanding to Hercules Tauren Clan? Moreover their immediately will not make you begin, after you arrived at Beastman Prairie here, definitely lived in Hercules Tauren Clan there some time, then begins slowly? You think that what wicked matter Hercules Tauren Clan has done? Do you think Hercules Tauren Clan cruelly to other Tauren Clan very? You think that Hercules Tauren Clan is that type wholeheartedly is only thinking race that Human Race kills off? Even if were you are brainwashed by Radiant Church, you should also have your elaborative faculty? Are you a puppet?” The Zhao Hai words look like a blade are the same, blade blade on Bowman's heart, Bowman arrived at Prairie in fact these days, he had certain suspicion to the view of Radiant Church there, however many years of brainwashing education, making him foster that type the style of taking orders from the conduct, these that therefore his although presently Beastman Race here all know with him were not quite same, but he was the value good church's order.

Now Zhao Hai says these, has brought back that restlessness of his bottom of the heart , because of this, therefore he indignant, his indignant besides Zhao Hai, he. He hates himself, why he hates himself to suspect all that the church said that he can have today all because of the church, but now he is actually listening to the words of enemy, suspects the church, he thinks that own this betrayed the church, therefore he will feel that indignant. However he actually cannot begin to revenge personally, because he was raised by Human Race, his not Beast Soul Technique, his not Battle Qi, his not Magic, thing of his meeting, only then uses the toxin, therefore he wants to look for Zhao Hai to revenge now is impossible, he can only intoxicate to Zhao Hai, but said honestly, level that he intoxicates, but also is really not much. What Zhao Hai has not actually managed him to think, he thinks that looks like Bowman this type completely by the fellow of religious brainwashing, simply is the dying insufficient rest, does not have quite pitifully what, therefore he turns the head look at West King said : West King, you think, no matter what these toxins can cope with me with Big Brother? Your too underestimated I? I not to you intoxicate politely to your, you play the toxin before me unexpectedly, was too laughable.” West King coldly look at Zhao Hai said : you think really I only do depend on these to cope with you? That was you is too laughable.” Wales cannot help but came the interest, his look at West King, face new and odd does said : „have other method to cope with us? You will not tell you, did you invite 9th level Expert make a move? If you can please 9th level Expert, your simply not need to intoxicate to us, can cope with us directly.” Does West King sneer said : to cope with you also to use 9th level Expert make a move? You also thought highly of yourselves.” Said that he has taken up wine glass, throws toward the ground. Zhao Hai patted head said : to fall the cup is the number, real his mother, how the matters of all dog blood bumped into together.” At this moment, tent outside war cry transmits. Zhao Hai looked at West King one, shook the head, sighs, then waved, rows of Bull clan Cavalry Undead Creature appears in the tent, before long unexpectedly pushing to collapse the tent, Zhao Hai Wales under the protections of these Undead Creature the tent, on Wales own Mount, on Zhao Hai own horse carriage, they under the protections about ten thousand Bull clan Undead Cavalry, has also flushed away toward camp outside. When Zhao Hai release these Undead Creature, West King was scared, Human Race Dark Magician he has also heard, but he has not seen Dark Magician to be able command(er) so many Undead Creature, this also was too scary.

When his dumbfounded, Zhao Hai and Wales left the tent, went toward camp outside, moreover opportunity that these people who he ambushes outside the tent, simply have not begun, by these Undead Creature repelling. West King in wants to organize the person to chase down Wales they already late, Wales they left camp, West King looked at Wales to leave camp, he knows one ended, by the strength of their tribe, is impossible to block Wales army, he knows that he died. However West King does not suffer to death willingly, he is not the hero character, words truly Patriarch of his Bull clan was inferior that he has the ambition, the unwilling area resides under the person, therefore he will cooperate with Hercules Tauren Clan, will betray Bull clan Patriarch. However he also covets life and fears death, the person who clings to the powerful official, otherwise he not after knowing Hercules Tauren Clan was defeated, first censured to work as the slave Hercules Tauren Clan Second princesses and Third Princess. These time copes with the plan of Wales, is Bowman wants to come out completely, he thinks the successful possibility, therefore he will agree that is adding on this is also his last opportunity, abundant that therefore he also wants to go all out. In his opinion, now in Tauren Clan, besides Hercules Tauren Clan, his strength most, before had pressed in his head Bull clan Patriarch, by Hercules Tauren Clan tidying up, if at this time, he can tidy up Hercules Tauren Clan, he may becomes the king who Tauren puts. Because of this greed, therefore he decides to take risks, decides to cope with Wales, but he has not calculated to have existence of Zhao Hai, therefore he is doomed to be defeated. Not only he has not calculated existence of Zhao Hai, Bowman has not calculated, Bowman copes with Hercules Tauren Clan most from the beginning time, Zhao Hai has not arrived at Prairie, when Zhao Hai to Prairie time, they began, Wales was unable to return to Hercules Tauren Clan encampment, therefore they have not received Zhao Hai information, when Wales comes back, they already the defeat, considered was only escaping, there will also note Zhao Hai, therefore their don’t know has had existence of Zhao Hai, now knew, but was also late.