Chapter 310 Own kingdom Zhao Hai one comes out from West King camp, since immediately received these Undead Creature, he feared that these people will misunderstand, but was waiting for Wales and Zhao Hai their Kony outside camp, immediately gets the army to overrun, has protected Zhao Hai Wales. Wales when enters camp with West King, said to present Kony, Jeance Kony prepares to aid them at any time, therefore Kony is paying attention to the situation in large camp these days very intensely, Milk Wine that even sends for delivering including West King has not drunk. He has not drunk was right, in these Milk Wine that because West King delivers to them, was intoxicated, if they drank, after Zhao Hai came out, must give them Detoxification. Naturally, this is also because Zhao Hai their has drunk the sheep soup Riga the fluid of life, having made their within the body have some anti- toxicity, otherwise, possibly cannot wait for Zhao Hai to come out, they were killed by poison. After present Kony they protected Wales, did not have immediately/on horseback advancing, moreover toward retreat section of road, from reorganized the lineup slightly newly. Zhao Hai horse carriage has also fallen back on finally, he knew although he with Undead Creature West King extinguishing, but Wales does not certainly want, their matters, Wales to hope like this one settled, therefore Zhao Hai has not participated in the attack, instead to has fallen back on behind. look at West King large camp that Wales two eyes cold light sparkles, deep voice said : my clansman, West King this ungrateful villain, betrayed us completely, they also colluded with together with Radiant Church, just must intoxicate to harm me, my clansman position, I announced now that the Bull clan was reduced to Slave Race starting today, on, has killed them!” Said that has taken up own big axe, proceeds to wield, Hercules Tauren Clan Cavalry, has taken up own big axe, cried out strangely to looking like West King camp. Previous time they and Bull Races, when encampment there starts, the place that because battles against is own encampment, therefore the tent in they many destruction camp, now is different, now they make war in West King camp, even if will destroy them not to be grieved all tents, therefore this time they charged simply not likely in encampment there, what had to have scruples, they were one has scruples in here not. This Zhao Hai also experiences the terrifying place that Hercules Tauren Clan has charged, no matter the person, is a car(riage), is a tent, so long as keeps off before them, was expelled by them completely broken, its impulse no less than tank. Zhao Hai has not worried, is only in behind static look at, this time he goes to battle, without bringing Laura they, but this did not express that Zhao Hai could not see Laura they, Zhao Hai kept encampment there Ghost Staff, if he wants to see Laura she, momentarily can returned to encampment there, Laura they also be able to pass Space appears in his side. Zhao Hai also knows that this time war, feared is he this year in the Prairie here experience last time fought, after this time war, they wanted returned to Human Race Continent to go, then left toward Rosen Empire. Zhao Hai knows that West King will certainly defeat, itself West King military strength originally is inferior to Wales to be many, in adding on their fighting strength is also inferior to Wales, now Wales they with the prestige of victory, morale is at its height, but West King under the hand/subordinate, itself, when sees Hercules Tauren Clan, somewhat is afraid, in this case, fighting strength simply of two sides are not proportional, West King must defeat without doubt.

Now what Zhao Hai wants to see, how Wales will treat these ordinary Beastman in West King tribe, in Zhao Hai waits and sees, in West King camp suddenly hears one to call out said : to kneel surrenders does not kill! Kneels surrenders does not kill!” Heard this sound, Zhao Hai also on complete feel relieved, this sound was not a person shouts, but was all Hercules Tauren Clan Cavalry shouts, as the matter stands some Bull clansman of being uninterested, should they not begin to Wales, they will certainly surrender. These that really such as Zhao Hai thinks, these ordinary Bull clansman do not want to make war with Hercules Tauren Clan, no matter how they West King think that they only know, before the Hercules Tauren Clan person helped them, they not should with Hercules Tauren Clan for the enemy. When adds on this Hercules Tauren Clan person to defeat, the matter that West King handles is really atypical, many West King under the hand/subordinate cannot tolerate, do not say these ordinary Bull clansman, therefore these people quick in large numbers surrendered. But West King also wants to run, finally actually simply cannot run, dies in the chaotic armed forces, but Bowman in dying in Zhao Hai Undead Creature under the hand/subordinate, his not Magic, not Battle Qi, Beast Soul Technique, besides intoxicating with plots and schemes, his almost anything, in this battlefield, naturally is not he who will most predecease. This fight has carried on a talent conclusion, this West King large camp Bull clansman has defeated completely, large camp about five hundred thousand people, died near hundred thousand person, remaining more than 400,000 people, but Wales they also lost twenty thousand multi- Hercules Tauren Clan Cavalry. It can be said that these time wins, compared with after now on Prairie does not have the Bull clan, they are only Hercules Tauren Clan Slave Race, was impossible to be called an independent clan. After the war ended, Zhao Hai they the recuperation in West King big tent three days, then started on a journey encampment, naturally, they in all thing West King large camp have also carried off. Zhao Hai wants to see, finally inquired knows that died in the chaotic armed forces, this made Zhao Hai also very sad, he has not thought that his acquaintance such died. After more than ten days of hurrying along, their returned to Hercules Tauren Clan encampment, Ox Wangying, returned to camp, Wales they all had the department to reduce to the slave the people of Bull clan finally, has all taken away their weapon, lets them with these Slave Race life in together. Because the present is the winter transmits information is not very convenient, therefore reduces to Slave Race this matter the Bull clan, now on Prairie knows also few, even if Tauren Clan, has plenty don’t know Hercules Tauren Clan once again has struck back encampment, this is the Beastman Prairie winter, arid, unenlightened. After returned to large camp, Zhao Hai they discussed with Laura, the preparation went back, Wales although does not give up, but also knows Zhao Hai they in here, therefore also agreed. However his these time cannot make Zhao Hai empty-handed go back, has given Zhao Hai two hundred thousand Argali, hundred thousand slave, now he, but is filthy rich, does not care about this thing. He knows that Zhao Hai likes some unusual animal, therefore made the person grasp Stoneskin Cow to give Zhao Hai specially, what was a pity, Zhao Hai Space these time just Level Up completed, only depended on Stoneskin Cow not to have means Level Up. However the level evaluation of this Stoneskin Cow is also very good, level of Space evaluation is three Level 10, moreover 24 hours of maturity, may produce the son eight times, produces son five each time, eats four grains of feeds each hour.

Generally speaking, tour of Zhao Hai to this time Prairie is very satisfied, but he does not have immediately/on horseback to give to his these slaves to bring returned to Iron Mountain Fort there Wales to go, Iron Mountain Fort there is impossible to install under these many slaves, when Zhao Hai preparation tomorrow beginning of the spring, after weather warm, he is leading these slave returned to Iron Mountain Fort, then expands entire Iron Mountain Fort. Wales to does not have what meaning, currently in their tribe the grain has the matter in any case, their simply does not need to be worried that the grain the issue, raises these person also no big deal, said it, Zhao Hai has given their many grain, raises these people not to be a problem. Zhao Hai these time has only carried off, two hundred thousand only Argali, now Beastman Prairie here is in the winter, itself feeds on very difficult in addition, cannot keep here to look for trouble to Wales these Argali. although decided that must walk, but the matter are also many, busy one about, Zhao Hai they will tidy up thing in ten days, prepared to start. Wales they have sent out ten li (0.5km) Zhao Hai, this loaths to part with Zhao Hai, has seen Zhao Hai their caravan, vanished in his line of sight, Wales did not give up. Follows slightly in Wales Mendez said : seven, goes back, all right, tomorrow spring can see Little Hai, he will come back, he is our Hercules Tauren Clan Crown Prince, he will certainly come back.” Wales sighed said : to be a pity that Little Hai was not true Beastman, otherwise, our Hercules Tauren Clan also with fearing anyone.” Said that revolution of Ox-head, is patting Mount, rushes toward encampment, Mendez they follows on the heels hastily, they do not give up Zhao Hai, although Zhao Hai are not long with the time that they contact, the matter that but Zhao Hai does for them are many, moreover each matter, considers for them, in this case, they had the one type of very special sentiment to Zhao Hai, has the benevolence, has the friendship, what are more is that sense of gratitude. The Beastman heavy sentiment, their sentimental expression directness of , who is good to them, they are good to whom, who is not good to them, they to opposite party good complexion, Zhao Hai not to have done that many for them, they naturally must be good to Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai in look at Wales they, had also seen that Wales they went back, Zhao Hai then long vented anger, received all thing, is leading Laura their returned to Iron Mountain Fort. These days because must go to war, must tidy up thing, therefore Zhao Hai they had for a long time not to have returned to Iron Mountain Fort, arrives at Iron Mountain Fort here, Zhao Hai they cannot help but stares, because they have not thought that Iron Mountain Fort here unexpectedly such warm. Zhao Hai has estimated that the Beastman Prairie there temperature, probably about 40 degrees below zero, but Iron Mountain Fort here temperature, actually more than ten degrees in zero, so long as the people put on the thick point to be OK. Zhao Hai and Laura they have not thought of between Iron Mountain Fort here really however such warm, Laura their immediately has replaced the thick soft clothes, this felt a point. Their appears in the position is the living room in Iron Mountain Fort main fort, now main fort here nobody, Zhao Hai looked at one, Green and Kun they probably not inside the castle, should exit. Four people come out from the living room in main fort, immediately saw many restored the commoner status slave, these people became accustomed to regarding Zhao Hai their appears ways of this mysteriously appearing and disappearing, but bows to several people of gave a salute, was busy at own matter.

Currently everyone has own work, crosses very fulfilling , can eat to the full, puts on also warm, the wages take, they felt that every day probably is having a dream to be the same, now such day, they had a dream before cannot think. Zhao Hai they went to that several factories to look first, each factory there in busy, all were very normal, the Milk Wine output was very high, everyday has been able to deliver about thousand jin (0.5 kg), thing that wool production factory there produced, with the Beastman there processing, even compared with Beastman there processing being better of. Before Beastman there process wool product, with some ancient ways, therefore the style was very unitary, now their in wool product Processing Factory, the has plenty Human Race woman in the work, these Human Race woman has plenty is also clever and deft, they have carried on the improvement in the Beastman processing method, thing that in their this wool production factories produced, produced compared with Beastman there looked like fine. Hits rice mill there everyday busy in keeping, in the oil pressing plant is also same, they have not stopped with the transaction of Purcell Duchy there now, but Cai'er said that the person of Stony Mountain there surveillance was few, because they also know that cannot hold Zhao Hai their shadow, person slowly withdrew. Zhao Hai they have arrived at outside of castle slowly, arrives at outside of castle, Zhao Hai they present, originally Black Wasteland here has also snowed, outside Heaven and Earth boundless piece of castle, the although can't compare with Beastman Prairie there snowscape, has turns Jing Zhi. look at all these, Zhao Hai cannot help but long vented anger said : why don’t know, I look at the here scenery, felt that probably is better than Beastman Prairie there?” Laura smiles said : here is we also own place, look at was certainly good, but I really very much admire the Cai'er ability now, how many did you look at the castle inside and outside temperature difference? I have not thought really that the Cai'er ability is so strong, it seems like after us, winter time, did not need to prepare the soft clothes.” Zhao Hai laughs said : „, had Cai'er, we later in did not need to prepare the soft clothes, but cannot, we one be like this many next year next year the hundred thousand person, thought of this my headache, this hundred thousand person we toward the there arrangement?” Laura smiles said : feel relieved to be good, Black Wasteland is so big, has is the place arranges, now my lord must be worried is protects to construct the material that Iron Mountain Fort here needs, mines Stone although, but is very slow, if the house of hundred thousand person all makes with Stone, the Stone quantity of needs was too big, we cannot that hundred thousand to live in Iron Mountain Fort here, I thought that we should execute our that to establish the plan of village.” Zhao Hai nodded, look at is vast at present the white plain, cannot help but heroic feelings big said : „, should implement our plans, our kingdoms, must establish.”