Chapter 311 Must play the role of the playboy Laura look at that vast land, deep voice said : „, our kingdoms, our kingdoms.” This thought is only thinks to make people feel excited. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „, our kingdoms, waited a while Grandpa Green they to come back, we well discussed that secure of that hundred thousand person governed the issue, after waiting beginning of the spring, that hundred thousand person must come, these person of although were half Beastman, but they have lived on Prairie, how regarding the farm their possibly don’t know, it seems like we must the quick point go to Rosen Empire there, bought some Human Race slaves.” Laura nodded said : „should, but before that we should see according to Bell, decides with him the Milk Wine matter, then we in taking an action, do you look?” Zhao Hai nodded said : „should, we can exit from Stony Mountain there, then goes to Casa City there to have a look, is going from Casa City according to Sack Clan territory, found according to Bell, sets the Milk Wine matter, simultaneously asked that he has any relationship in Carson City there, this is important regarding our later motions, but this time we exit, cannot in according to Dark Magician status, that not quite be obviously appropriate.” Laura nodded said : naturally not to be inappropriate, if you in according to Dark Magician status appears , immediately will be suspected, we first go back, after Grandpa Green they came back, with them discussed that is deciding.” Zhao Hai nodded, turns the head to look at a outside snowy area, was leading three female returned to the main fort, four people just sat down not long after, Green they came back from outside, this going besides Green, Merine, outside Kun, Xu Wanying. Xu Wanying in the castle, he had not investigated the terrain on nearby Iron Mountain in the past, this is Green gives his duty. Xu Wanying carry out reconnaissance on the surrounding mountain, Green they want to know all on this mountain these days, on this mountain has anything, there suits mines Stone, there suits the logging. Green on them wears the cloak of rabbit skin, obviously is outside temperature does not have the means to compare with the castle, because castle here too has gathered warm, so long as they wore the cloak that this convenience took off to be OK.

Green they looked that Zhao Hai they came back to stare, but then how many person of very much happy, Green was smiles said : Young Master, today what's the matter was so early? Did the Prairie there matter process?” Zhao Hai nodded, the Prairie there matter with their allow, told them Radiant Church trains Ultimate Weapon and trains the Beastman child then to send returned to Prairie to cope with the scarecrow matter them, these matters can be secret. Green they first time know these matters, when Zhao Hai said that Green cannot help but frowns said : not to think really that Radiant Church really also had a such plan, Young Master, I think that this plan should tell the Dark Magician Alliance person, having a look at them to know this information, if they knew, did not have the fault to us, if their don’t know, we told them this information, they will also prepare, what most important was, they can also cope with Radiant Church, this will reduce a lot of pressures to us.” Zhao Hai nodded said : I just to say this matter, this returned to, I , after beginning of the spring, can in going to Prairie, I thinks whether we can use these days, processes the matter that we must handle, I want to go to Casa City there to have a look first, then looks in Ikisa Family territory there according to Bell, found after Bell, we not only can determine the Milk Wine business, but can also him tell these information that we obtain, what then in asking under him has acquaintance in Rosen Empire Carson City there, like this we on wanting on to have facilitated at the there show., What most important is, what we can also as soon as possible is these Prairie commodities opens the sale.” Kun nodded said : well, Carson City there is called on Continent the biggest commodity collection and distribution center, truly is a good place, our these thing, lose to select the spray to the there successive unable to turn, our Milk Wine cannot digest now according to a Bell person, can sell in Carson City there, but Carson City there lives is some Rosen Empire influential figure, these fellow each and every one greedily become second nature, if we cannot find a powerful backer, that feared that cannot escape the Purcell Duchy here destiny, according to Bell is the Dark Magician Alliance person, perhaps in hand also really will have own. The relationship net, I heard that Rosen Empire there currently also has many Dark Magician to serve in their armies, this showed that Rosen Empire there to Dark Magician is not such dislike, Dark Magician Alliance are possibly many in the there influence, we to can use this point.” Zhao Hai nodded right that said : Grandfather Kun said that we can use this point, but the issue, I want to look according to Bell now, but actually cannot go by the Dark Magician status, can only trade a status, I am thinking that what status we do want by to go?” Green their chuckle, this arrived is really an issue, now in Aksu Empire here, Dark Magician is looked up a bottom to fall, therefore Zhao Hai, if in according to Dark Magician status appears , who is tells others on equal to him is same. Green look at Zhao Hai said : Young Master, what status appears do you want by?” Zhao Hai thinks that said : Merchant feared is not good, I think me by Magician status appears , but cannot be Dark Magician, now Space can use Fire element Magic and Earth element Magic, I think me to might as well be a pair am Magician status appears , moreover best is rampant, will make widely known, like this others possibly instead to will not suspect me.” Green nodded said : high-sounding talk not to have anything, whom did not need to fear by our present strengths, even if were they knew our status can be what kind, they feared that was what kind of us, coped with us with 9th level Expert, we can also make them come but not return, with the army was so, therefore a high-sounding talk point was also good.”

Zhao Hai smiles said : I not to think now on release my status, if made these fellows know my status, although we did not need to fear, but to our later exhibitions was very disadvantageous, the false status can expose, exposes has traded one and that's the end, genuine identity cannot expose absolutely.” Kun smiled said : that to be also good, Magician of pair of department, if too low-key to is not instead good, must know on Continent, double is Magician is not many, these people generally are the talents, wants insolent a little, but we must make Little Hai prepare, most at least must carry on the simple picture makeup.” Zhao Hai has flexure scratched the head said : how this to draw?” Kun looked at Zhao Hai, turns the head to Laura said : this must look at Laura, Laura, draws playboys Little Hai.” Several people he he the chuckle, Laura looked at Zhao Hai said : „the head of Elder Brother Hai to dye, happen to my there also had dyes the powder, can dye the golden color, was gluing on the small beard on the lip, like this looks like the age will be bigger, was bringing pink color Crystal eyeglasses to be similar.” Zhao Hai forehead black line said : you determine to dye, but must stick the beard, brings to want the eye pink color eyeglasses? Trades one other color can?” Laura smiles said : pink color good, now on Continent popular pink color, I see Young Master of has plenty Noble, brings the pink color Crystal eyeglasses, is very attractive, feel relieved, I have pink color gold thread eyeglasses, a while takes to you.” Zhao Hai shook the head, decided that was not managing, they went along with Laura, but did he turn the head to Laura said : that you? You exit like this, not conspicuous? I think that on Continent knew your person, certainly knowing my person are more than?” Laura showed a faint smile said : I to be simple, dyed, took a veil to be good, must know that now Noble pampered son of a wealthy family female companion, generally was the belt veils, they do not want to be appreciated by others by their female companion.” Zhao Hai can only smile bitterly now, his real don’t know must say that any was good, the man with the difference of woman in here, the man generally has Dark Magician to bring the veil, but the woman can actually the casual belt veil.

Green nodded said : this to be also good, but one day, you go on a journey use a vehicle, the common car(riage) is not good, but also magnificent, the Laura car(riage) is unusable, has seen the person are too many, can recognize, Radiant Church that car(riage) is also unusable, others eyes can look, you have thought not, what can use car(riage)?” The Zhao Hai knitting the brows head, to be honest, he has not thought really this, thinks is playing the role of a playboy, does not have a good car(riage) is incorrect, it seems like that this truth, no matter in Earth in Ark Continent here, a good car(riage) to raise a sale price of man. However the issue is, he good car(riage), this has not arrived now is makes Zhao Hai somewhat feel embarrassed, big Ark Continent here, the good car(riage) to be made of the good material generally, now Zhao Hai in hand not good material, does not have the good car(riage). Zhao Hai shook the head said : „on a short time that to make a good car(riage), this arrives is makes people very awkward.” Laura knit the brows said : to also to have the means that we can the original that car(riage) Radiant Church Saint light wooden horse car(riage) removing, have used these Saints light wooden in manufacturing horse carriage, now on Continent the use Saint light wood manufactures many of horse carriage, so long as we do not manufacture Radiant Church that appearance on line.” Kun nodded said : well, my immediately arranges, we have brought some Artisan, but in these Beastman , some Artisan can manufacture horse carriage, I think that the several days time can do well, but you think that what Magic Beast with has pulled a cart?” Zhao Hai thinks that said : does use Giant-horn raging bull to be what kind of? This Magic Beast is ordinary, the endurance is very good, what most important is, this Magic Beast is Beastman Race unique, if we pull a cart with this Magic Beast, can these to know that we are good with Beastman Race relationship, like this we buy thing that Beastman Race produces, they will not suspect.” Kun they think, nodded assent.