Chapter 312 Keeping up appearances To the Casa City street on, strange caravan moving forward slowly, was saying that this caravan is only strange , because in this only caravan, only then two car(riage)s, a front car(riage) looks is the Advanced level goods, on very rare the Saint light with Continent wooden becomes, the appearance of car(riage) is succinct, with that car(riage) that Radiant Church uses completely different, but can also look, comes an old Noble Clan writing skill. What most important is, this car(riage) is also having the flavor of a little bit foreign land, the style of that car(riage), not completely is the Human Race craftsmanship, probably also some Beastman Race craftsmanship in inside. The Beastman Race craft is different from Human Race, the Human Race here commodity is rich, when manufactures horse carriage, will use the parts of some nails or metals massively. But Beastman Race is not good, Beastman Race there that many commodities, they have not lacked the iron, therefore their horse carriage, mostly linking craft between Blockhead and Blockhead of use, the metal part is few, person eyes that so long as knows the business can look. But this in road upward horse carriage, on the automobile body massively has been using the linking craft between Beastman Race this Blockhead, the person who if understanding, can look, this car(riage) has very big difference with the Human Race car(riage). Pulling a cart Magic Beast is makes person unable to understand, Magic Beast that this pulls a cart looks like probably is raging bull, but has not seen that raging bull long such big corner/horn, corner/horn at the same time has about two meters, that raging bull lowers the head to proceed, has occupied a about four meters wide road surface. On this vehicle besides Saint light wood, the use of even more larger quantity Beastman Race felt blanket, that type of pure white felt, if makes the person go to Beastman Prairie, knows that this type of felt is Beastman is used for the system to use the important raw material of tent. What to this emperor car(riage) is Warrior, this Warrior puts on ordinary warrior cloth, the back at the back of a both sides blade edge big axe, sitting of face calm is rushing for the car(riage) in there. But follows that car(riage) behind this car(riage), is a very ordinary raging bull car(riage), the car(riage) is very big, above thinks of many thing, on the vehicle sits a servant to drive a cart. The pedestrians on road often are sizing up this car(riage), regarding this shape unusual car(riage), they feel very curious, light looked that appearance knows what in sits person who is one has the status, therefore nobody disturbs. This car(riage) naturally is Zhao Hai, this car(riage) changes with that car(riage) that original Lindsey Becker they ride, because allows many Giant-horn Ox Clan person to be involved, will therefore have that many Beastman Artisan traces, because is the winter must maintain warmth, therefore has caused many felts.

To Xu Wanying that Zhao Hai drives a cart, Xu Wanying basically has clarified the Iron Mountain situation, he also used this several days time to tell Green the Iron Mountain there situation them, Zhao Hai looked at Xu Wanying in Iron Mountain Fort there also nothing, happen to made to work as a cart driver him to him. Xu Wanying to had not opposed that he did not suspect to this Young Master ability that now, his happy extremely received the manual labor of this cart driver. But in behind to that Zhao Hai drives a cart, is actually Blockhead, Blockhead and Stone now were 6th level Warrior, soon broke through to 7th level, was the practice is not useful in this time light, should come out to gain experience one, therefore Zhao Hai gave them to arrange one to live, rushed for the following that commodity car(riage). They because of long exactly the same, therefore Zhao Hai makes their one come out to drive a cart, another is waiting in Space, momentarily replace. They to are also very happy, they are not staying in Space these days in Iron Mountain Fort there, opportunity that simply does not have, their young, are the good lively time, is not certainly familiar with regarding this situation, does not have the means that now had such good opportunity, they will certainly not let off. On vehicle that Blockhead rushes, is some ordinary commodities, inside has to eat, looked that some thing that looks like person who makes a long journey to use, is the person who allows to pass through feels very curious. Zhao Hai their this car(riage)s not from Black Wasteland toward Casa City that road on, but from Beastman Prairie toward Casa City that road on, as the matter stands, thing in these decoration and following car(riage) in their this, made the person have many associations. In the car(riage) sits naturally is Zhao Hai, Laura, Meg and Ni'er, this car(riage) was more spacious than original Laura there, the design in car(riage) is similar to Laura that car(riage), the around both sides of carriage have a gate respectively, the left and right have a glass respectively, the middle is a cabinet, above is suspending a Magic furnace, can use Magic Crystal, can use the charcoal, can warm up, can boil water, in upper layer of cabinet is putting application some thing, the lower level is the refrigerator, the left and right of vehicle has two rows to act as the chair sub- cabinet, is putting some applications. The thing, in the entire carriage very wide opens. On the wall of carriage is sewing the thick felt, spread the felt on the base of additional carriage, although outside has been snowing, the weather was very cold, but in the carriage was actually as warm as in spring. Naturally, Zhao Hai will not have let Xu Wanying and Blockhead they are freezing, two people of clothes maintaining warmth measures are very both good, what most important is, they drive a cart in front of the carriage, the position that they sit by modified, had also striven for not to make the cold wind blow them directly. But on this horse carriage the major characteristics, were on the vehicles they have also used the glass, this glass wanted on Continent to calculate that did is the one type of luxury goods, now they are installed on the carriage by Zhao Hai unexpectedly, it seems like that this Zhao Hai must carry through to the end really the playboy. Glass window look at outside white plain of Laura on through carriage, with a smile to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, you said these saw the people of our car(riage) can think what in the car(riage) sits is Beastman?”

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, look at Laura dyed the brown head, smiles said : not, I had not heard that Beastman was so luxurious, made the glass with the glass.” Does Laura smile said : what kind of „? Is my this proposition good?” Meg look at Zhao Hai was dyed the golden head, how sees irritably, one hear of Laura said that Meg also smiles said : is very good, simply compared with before Young Master also wants the playboy in the imperial capital, certainly some people will not think of the Young Master status.” Two of tracing coherence Zhao Hai puts on airs cast aside the small beard, he to these two casts aside the small beard to is very some feelings, always felt one turned into Master Gu Dragon probably four eyebrow 6 Xiao Feng of writing, has traced two small beards, has selected eyebrow said : „? I before really that playboy?” On his face is also bringing near gold thread the pink color Crystal eyeglasses, is joined to that golden head, selects the movement of eyebrow, this makes him seem like more like frivolous Noble Young Master. Looked at the Zhao Hai appearance, Laura they have cannot help but smiled, they first time saw Zhao Hai this appearance, Laura was curious to Meg said : Meg, told quickly me that what Elder Brother Hai in the imperial capital was? Does he look like hearsay playboy in that really?” Meg smiles said : to be natural, wants the playboy compared with the hearsay, you are don’t know, he......” Zhao Hai not bears has tapped own head, now he is really the headache, but he cannot say anything, before although these matters are, Adam does, now but he uses is the body of Adam, these matters have to calculate in his head. The look at three girls in there chirp chat, Zhao Hai mood suddenly calm, his suddenly had the one type of happy feeling, this feeling is very warm , is very moving. Zhao Hai their appears position is not far from Casa City, therefore was almost black to the day time, they arrived at outside Casa City. Because their bodies do not have the badge, therefore they were blocked in city gate there, but Xu Wanying took out a Magician badge to give City Defense Force to look at one from the bosom at this time, City Defense Force has allowed to pass, Magician has on Continent enters the authority of city tax-free. However the City Defense Force person regarding Zhao Hai their this small caravan is very curious, their although is the Purcell Duchy person, is not far from Beastman Prairie, but these people have not seen Giant-horn raging bull, Giant-horn raging bull is Giant-horn Ox Clan beast relative, does not go, therefore on Continent cannot see.

Zhao Hai they entered a city, immediately has brought in surrounding of countless person, these Casa City people, but also has not seen the corner/horn such big cow, curious is directing to the Zhao Hai car(riage). Zhao Hai they have not cared, car(riage) steady stopping to in front of the door of Casa City biggest hotel hotel, liquor in the city person looked at Zhao Hai their this postures, knows certainly is influential figure, therefore walked out of attendant immediately from the hotel, stands before the car(riage) to carriage said loudly: Hotel welcome you, honored guest.” Xu Wanying stared that attendant one, from own seat, has put the hanging ladder on carriage, this hides said : Young Master.” The carriage gate by pull of car(riage) car(riage), walked out of two slender forms from the carriage, got out first, then standing one on the left and other on the right in the two sides of hanging ladder, at this time Zhao Hai walked out from car(riage), but Laura is holding his hand, when Zhao Hai arrives at hanging ladder there time, he loosened Laura, Meg immediately/on horseback was holding his hand in the past, he then slowly has gone down the car(riage) from the hanging ladder, the principle did not have principle that attendant, walked toward the hotel in directly. That attendant has not been angry, scores even bigger compared with Zhao Hai, his don’t know has seen many, that because of Zhao Hai this matter vitality, he will be only standing of bowing in there, has not entered the hotel with Zhao Hai together. At this time Xu Wanying turned the head to look after our car(riage)s to that attendant said :, Magic Beast also well fed, if any mistake, I could not forgive you.” That attendant immediately/on horseback said : invited guest feel relieved, our hotel ensure cannot have any mistake, the guest invites, here gave me to be good.” Xu Wanying nodded, greeted Blockhead one, walks toward the hotel. Just entered the hotel to see a hall, hall both sides has the rest place, Zhao Hai is sitting in there, but Laura was saying anything in counter there to reception staff of hotel.