Chapter 313 Ryan Purcell is going on stage Xu Wanying naturally knows that the Laura status, his dares to make Laura do these matters, his immediately/on horseback has arrived at counter there, takes over matter that Laura must handle, arranges the room to them. Laura looks at Xu Wanying to come, not polite, but prepares one best room to Xu Wanying said : to Young Master, you also live in a high grade room with Blockhead, Young Master said that his servant cannot be looked down upon.” Xu Wanying knows that Laura is any meaning, Zhao Hai does not want to treat unjustly them, therefore found such an excuse, Xu Wanying immediately/on horseback bows to be, was not saying anything. Before long two rooms prepared, at this time that their horse carriage attendant also came back to to settle down Zhao Hai, Xu Wanying has paid a that person of silver coins tip, hit that person. Zhao Hai led Laura their several to go to the hotel to the room that they arranged, that in the room had three bedrooms, a living room, a dining room, was in the hotel one of the best rooms. Zhao Hai they look like these ordinary expensive Young Master journeys are the same, after room, all give Laura them to deal with, he hides in the room not to come out, eating meal time, has ordered a good dish of table, wanted one bottle of nice wines, seems like different from these expensive Young Master. But they just arrived at hotel not long after in Zhao Hai, a servant fast ran in the Grand Duke palace, after the Grand Duke palace in courtyard of dwelling runs. This courtyard has a very refined name, called element Lan Yuan, before this courtyard, was planting many orchids, therefore acquired fame. However now on this courtyard although also calls element Lan Yuan, but in did not have the orchid, but got up many red color wood by the race spring the flower. The wooden spring flower is very attractive, the flower that blooms is the red, but flowering season very short, moreover in the general Noble family few this plants flowers, because this plants flowers some monsters of beautiful, extremely Yu Yanli, colorful somewhat uncouth, therefore has the taste Noble family generally, little this plants flowers. However in the Grand Duke palace some people like this planting flowers, therefore usually Lan Yuan here everywhere is planting the wooden spring flower now, but the original element orchid had actually been pulled out up. Person although in palace thinks that has been a pity, but actually nobody dares to say anything, the Purcell Grand Duke daughter who because in this courtyard is occupied by, Ryan Purcell , before is , that Adam that fiancee, afterward broke an engagement. Before Ryan scenery of very in the Grand Duke palace, naturally not because of Grand Duke Evan, because beforehand Grand Duke Evan had no right, therefore Ryan could not have a liking for Evan very much, although Evan was her father, but she always to the Evan sarcastic comments, has not actually given Evan complexion. At that time what Ryan depended upon is her grandfather, Evan Clan Foreign Elder, at that time that Foreign Elder was Great Elder Caesar's hardcore supporters, therefore doting on very in Clan, but he to Ryan also love, this also made Ryan foster that type arrogant impolite, eye exceed the top of the head problem.

Because of this, therefore Ryan heard that Buda Family lost power, immediately makes must renounce the engagement, but his grandfather also vigorously wants to touch this matter, but Great Elder Caesar because of the point of honor, had not stated clearly, but exerts pressure to Buda Family, has not actually thought that finally Buda Family such as their hoping, initiative has renounced the engagement, but they are quick lost power. Great Elder loses power, the Ryan grandfather naturally cannot obtain well, did not have the authority, has become an elder at ease, after not having that type shouted the scenery of commission. But with it just the opposite is Grand Duke Evan suddenly is actually in power, Grand Duke Evan suddenly is in power, control entire Purcell Family, then cooperated with Laura, has made a lot of money, in then, Laura they annoyed Southern King, has given Purcell Family the industry of entire Magic Lily Store, making the Purcell Family power and influence more abundant, now status of Grand Duke Evan in Clan has not been possible to shake. Ryan regretted at this time, but is not useful, she manner to Evan was too bad before, has been adding on the Buda Family matter, Evan is impossible to forgive her. However how to say that Ryan is also the Evan daughter, although Evan dislikes she, is not what kind of her, the food and clothing with are equally many, she is becoming her young lady, but all people in Grand Duke palace know now that this young lady's status in palace has been not as before. But before this Ryan , the arrogant temper of fostering, cannot change, in adding on now is not satisfactory, the servant in palace has become her undeserved target of anger, hits to these servant rights and wrongs already scolds, a most important point is, this Ryan is also not a safe lord, in several playboys of becoming famous with Casa City has many peach-color news, makes discredited oneself. Grand Duke Evan does not want to manage her, but now Ryan is so noisy, loses was actually the face of Purcell Family, Evan has no alternative but to manage, therefore Evan sent for warning Clan of that several playboys, making them do not approach Ryan, prepared to make Ryan go to Rosen Empire imperial capital Carson City to study. Because of this information, therefore Ryan these days very worried, she does not think leave Purcell Duchy, in Purcell Duchy here, she is a princess, although is not in good graces now, but she still has princess's status, she still wants the wind to result in the wind in here, wants the rain to result in the rain. However goes to Rosen Empire not to be different, where was Rosen Empire that? That is the Ark Continent Human Race first powerful nation, let alone a she small Purcell Duchy princess, even if the Aksu Empire princess, to there also honestly, went to there her anything is not, that can look like in Purcell Duchy here is so sight. Because she is sad, therefore she orders her servant, must find an amusing matter to make her happy, otherwise she must give that servant to be attractive. Now the servant in Grand Duke palace, had feared this young lady, this young lady's present Fire Qi is very big, often hits the servant whip, but those who make these servants worried is, this young lady grows up in Casa City since childhood, said that the sentence is not of pleasant to hear, this Casa City several Old Mouse she almost knows that to be discovering how possibly any new and odd gadget to make her play. In these servants worry, Zhao Hai small caravan entered Casa City, this Casa City has caused a stir, is growing such steep cow, their there has seen, servant immediately that worried ran up to Grand Duke palace element Lan Yuanli, wants to tell Ryan this information. Ryan now truly is very bothersome, she knows that over the two days she wanted leave Purcell Duchy, thinks that here Ryan cannot help but bothersomer, said loudly: Comes the person, Jill that fellow not to come back? If he, made him forever do not come back.” In this time, a pleasantly surprised sound is conveying said : from outside princess, Princess, in the city has the matter that is good to play.” Ryan has gawked, then knit the brows said : to come.”

The gate was opened, Jill walked from out of the door, the appearance that this Jill long small nose aperture, is not long, he is the Ryan servant, is the Purcell Family children of domestic slave Magistrate, he is impossible to betray Purcell Family, simultaneously he is officials, otherwise Evan is impossible to make him the Ryan servant. Jill enters room immediately to kneel next step to Ryan: Princess, small had an amusing matter to you tell.” What amusing matter did Ryan stare Jill said : to have? What amusing place princess this does Casa City have not to go? If you dare to deceive me, be careful your skin.” On Gillma greets with a smile said : not to dare, princess Your Highness, these time has the amusing matter, just had come from outside the city a car(riage), this vehicles do with the Saint light wood, the person of going by car has the status appearance probably very much......” He has not said that Ryan has taken up a gold thread whip on table, a whip hit on the shoulder of Jill, attractively what scolded said : Saint light wooden car(riage) to have, in my family also had, person who had the status can be what kind , the person of this princess what status has not seen, was this on is good to play the matter that you said? I thought that you want to taste the taste of this princess whip.” Jill quickly said: Your Highness, small does not dare to deceive you, slightly said that the amusing matter did not mean the person in car(riage), was said Magic Beast that pulled a cart, Magic Beast of Narac car(riage) was not the horse, but was a cow, that cow looked like probably is raging bull, but that cow was growing two specially big angles, the first corner/horn about two meters were long, about half meter thickness, small long in a big way was really has not thought so has been being long such steep cow.” Ryan had raised the whip, now one hear of Jill said that she has cannot help but gawked, has put down the whip, look at Jill said : your Jill, aren't you are deceiving me? In this world does that have the length that steep cow? I thought that you were could not find to play, talk nonsense eight teased happily my?” On Gillma said : Your Highness, small does not dare to deceive you, what slightly said is real, that cow now in the backyard of hotel, what is small is personally has seen, that is ox horn so really thick?” Said that he used the hand to compare a size. Ryan these time to came the interest, she does not believe really Jill dares to deceive him, therefore his immediately/on horseback said : really? Haven't you deceived me?” Jill again and again nod said : „, even if makes a balls taking advantage of the day, small does not dare to deceive Your Highness you.” Ryan nodded said : to prepare the car(riage), my this goes to hotel to have a look, if no cow that you said that looked how I tidy up you.” Said that stands up beyond the communication to walk. Stands in the in front of the door two maidservants follow gingerly in Ryan, these two maidservants little have not suffered the Ryan whip, therefore fears, but Jill also follows in Ryan, appearance that but he now contorting one's face in agony, on his shoulder by the place also burning pain of whip, but he cannot make Ryan see, can only in Ryan behind grins. Three people quick had element Lan Yuan, Jill immediately have given Ryan to prepare horse carriage, Ryan in hand were also taking her gold thread whip. This is also a Ryan special place, Ryan is Magician, properly speaking she should take Magic Staff to be right, but she actually does not like with Magic Staff, likes with a whip, looked that who is not pleasing to the eyes is a whip, this matter has become in Purcell Duchy the joke. Ryan sat by flame Ramallah's magnificent horse carriage, hurried to toward hotel, her two maidservants sat with him in the car(riage), but Jill was rushing for the car(riage), around them not with the Warrior protection, because on their vehicles had Purcell Family rushed to the good badge, in Purcell Duchy, but also nobody dares to move them.

horse carriage Haste, toward hotel, regarding hotel, Jill in familiar, hotel, not only has this in Purcell Duchy here, they are very famous on Continent, is the symbolic industry of Shelly Family, is on Continent the biggest chain-like hotel. Shelly Family, was called plate snake Clan, because of their Clan badge coiled-up snake, their family entered the millenniums after the hotel industry, is on Continent the representative in high-end hotel, almost on Continent each big city city, has the Shelly Family hotel. Hotel besides providing lodging, dining room, but can also generation of mercenary duty, but his here is some high level mercenary duty, duty that these small mercenary could not meet. Before Ryan had also come to hotel, has eaten meal in here, therefore to here Jill is very familiar, quick immediately to in front of the door of hotel. attendant in hotel also recognizes Ryan horse carriage, saw that was Ryan came, attendant immediately welcomed, before arriving at the car(riage), to horse carriage said loudly: Small welcome princess Your Highness.” Ryan driving gate walked out, looked at that attendant said : is you health/guard forest, heard in your hotel Magic Beast that came one to feel strange? Real?” Wei Lin listened to Ryan saying that why immediately understand she came, protected forest very clear, this princess Your Highness, was a tyrant in Casa City, he may unable to offend, therefore immediately/on horseback respectful sound said : was princess Your Highness, came such Magic Beast, to be honest, the small length was so big, has not seen such big raging bull of angular length.” Ryan said : also, quickly leads me to have a look.” Said that from the vehicle, walked toward the hotel, Wei Lin and Jill have that two maidservants hastily in behind. Ryan regarding hotel here really in familiar, she not only comes here to eat meal, but also before her these friends, coming here to handle the matter that liked handling, therefore hotel here person regarding this princess that was in the understanding, but hotel here had regulation, cannot reveal secret of guest absolutely, all knows that the person of this matter were not many. Because of this, therefore back door of Ryan behind regarding hotel and so on very familiar with, oneself pass the back door of hotel lobby directly, to the backyard of hotel. The backyard of hotel, is not a cowshed, but was divided into several small courtyard, these small courtyard specially give these Great Noble to prepare, if some Great Noble stop over to their here, does not want to be disturbed, will wrap next small courtyard, but the hotel is used to raise the Magic Beast place, the rear in hotel, there has the special person to look after the car(riage) and Magic Beast of guest, carnivorous Magic Beast and herbivorous Magic Beast is also separates.