Chapter 314 The first fiancee visits Ryan dull standing outside the Giant-horn raging bull cowshed, Giant-horn raging bull that in look at is grazing leisurely and carefree, Giant-horn raging bull originally is one type of very docile Magic Beast, under the gaze of Ryan, simply does not have what response, but often swinging ear. On Ryan look at Giant-horn Ox-head that two huge ox horn, some little time has not said the words to come, then her two eyes one bright, half step arrives around Giant-horn raging bull, puts out a hand to touch toward Giant-horn raging bull Giant-horn on. These may horse Jill and Wei Lin scaring, although this cow continuously performance docility of , but you know when he will stick out suddenly offends somebody, they go forward to prevent hastily, but late one step, Ryan has actually traced Giant-horn raging bull ox horn. However Giant-horn raging bull does not have what to indicate that has probably not felt to be the same, still in there leisurely and carefree is chewing the fodder of mouth. Saw this situation, Wei Lin and Jill then feel relieved a point, but they have also produced to this only Magic Beast curiously, could not bear trace Giant-horn raging bull ox horn. Giant-horn raging bull simply does not have what response, gathered round by these many people, does not have the restless meaning, leisurely and carefree is eating own grass. Ryan look at docile Giant-horn raging bull, more looks more likes, he turns the head to health/guard forest said : Wei Lin, whose is this cow? Told me that I bought.” Wei Lin has smiled bitterly next step: Princess Your Highness, you also know that the custom of our hotel, the status of guest we cannot disclose casually, moreover you told that sentence truth, I think spectrum of that guest, he likely cannot sell out this good appearance.” Ryan snort|hum said : has been short to me said that these useless, I also had not asked that your opposite party is who, so long as you told me the opposite party to live in there were good, other did not need you to manage.” Wei Lin has smiled bitterly, he knows that this young lady cannot offend, this is the person who a barbarian cannot manage, said it, their hotel is impossible to disclose the information of guest, but if some people visit that guest, they will comply. Wei Lin told Ryan the Zhao Hai room number, one to Ryan of Hotel here understanding listens to know very that is in the hotel one of the topest guest rooms, except for the following yard, was the there guest room is best.

However she also feel relieved, Ryan although very rampant, but she is not a fool, wants to come in her, the Zhao Hai status is also general, otherwise already under package following yard. Actually her idea is also right, the Zhao Hai status truly is general, now he cannot use Buda Family this status, Laura cannot disclose her identity, as the matter stands, their equal to did not have the Noble status, only then the Zhao Hai that Magician status is protecting, this will not be paid attention to by these Great Noble obviously. Jill obviously in understands this young lady compared with Wei Lingeng, therefore his simply has not urged Ryan, but walks toward the hotel in Ryan. Hotel is divided into six layers, Sixth Layer is the best room, five layers must almost, four layers will be poorer, three layers is the dining room, two layers is some conference rooms and some amusement places, but one layer is some reception halls and ordinary guest rooms. Zhao Hai their guest rooms in six layers, but Xu Wanying and Blockhead lived in five layers, although said that Xu Wanying the status in outside displaying is probably higher than Blockhead, but Xu Wanying knows, in Zhao Hai, he was at heart impossible to compare favorably with Blockhead and Stone, Blockhead and Stone grew up with Zhao Hai from small together, they can pay own life for Zhao Hai at any time, Zhao Hai also them regards, if own brothers, therefore Xu Wanying although displayed in the front of hotel person probably was higher than the Blockhead status, but one entered the room, low key that very he actually displayed. Zhao Hai they to do not have what saying that they want to come Casa City here to look, and through going according to Sack Clan territory, not to have prepared to be dull in here, therefore they want as far as possible to maintain the low keys. However Zhao Hai has not thought that he wants to maintain the low key, some people actually do not want to make him maintain the low keys, has, calling the person that well words said to sit in home, the calamity from the space, possibly is Zhao Hai this that said. Laura they also nothing, are standing outside now in the room look at the busy people, to be honest, stands in high place look at outside scenery, this feeling is really very good. Zhao Hai presently in hand takes one glass of red wines, Laura they are standing in his side, several people penetrate outside glass window look at the Casa City scenery, suddenly Zhao Hai sigh said : sooner or later one day, I must build up a tall building in Iron Mountain Fort there, enabling us to see clearly the entire Black Wasteland scenery.” Laura smiles said : that we to need to construct a big tall building, he he.” Was saying, the knock transmits, Laura their immediately has taken the veil, then Ni'er sweet and delicate voice said : that?” The Xu Wanying sound conveys said : Young Master, just the person in hotel looked for me, said that some people think is visiting you.”

Ni'er one is Xu Wanying, this doorkeeper opens, did Xu Wanying to a Ni'er ritual, this enter the room, Zhao Hai has carried wine glass look at his said : to visit me? I should this status not have the acquaintance to be right in Casa City here now? How will some people visit me?” Xu Wanying looked at Laura their eyes, then facial expression strange said : visits the Young Master person status to be quite special, is Purcell Duchy princess Your Highness, Ryan Purcell .” One hear of Xu Wanying said this name, Zhao Hai their several was shocked, these people on the scene were know that the Zhao Hai status, naturally also knows dispute between Ryan Purcell and Zhao Hai, they have not thought really that at this time Ryan can visit them. Does Zhao Hai frown said : she to visit me? How did the person in hotel say?” Xu Wanying said : in hotel said that Princess Ryan is waiting for you in the third floor dining room, because this time we register, what use is Wales this name, therefore nobody knows that our status, the person in hotel also said that Princess Ryan visits Wales mister.” What Zhao Hai these time comes out to use is the Wales name, Wales this name also few personally knows in Continent here in any case that happen to Zhao Hai needs a name, therefore he brought with. Zhao Hai nodded said : looks like she is don’t know my status, what does she visit?” Does before Laura show a faint smile said : what? does not see your , the fiancee? She is beautiful woman who in Casa City became famous, moreover she most likes the distinguished persons, by Elder Brother Hai your present appearance, he will certainly like.” Meg they have smiled, the Zhao Hai present appearance, truly very much looks like distinguished persons. Forced smile that Zhao Hai not bears, turned the head said : to be good, did not say that this, to Purcell Duchy here, their princesses visited us very not to see, I to have a look at this Ryan Princess Purcell Your Highness to do.” Said that leads several people to walk toward downstairs. Blockhead is also waiting for Zhao Hai below, looked that Zhao Hai they came out, follows on the heels hastily, group together to hotel dining room. The third floor dining room in hotel is the opening to the outside world . Moreover the here chef has the ability very much, is very famous in Casa City here, person who Casa City here has the status, if treats, will arrive at hotel here. Now in the hall in hotel many people are also eating meal, in these people have some are the Purcell Duchy honored and popular character, some were the resident in hotel, the status simply, exactly did not say that can be admitted to the person in hotel, the status was not simple, most at least was also a rich merchant, otherwise was only the house rent of this hotel sufficiently makes their meat painful.

Ryan entered the dining room a moment ago time, in the dining room all knew that her person, gets up to salute to her, these people know that Ryan is likes suspending this spectrum, they are also glad to coordinate. Ryan sits in there is drinking sub, her becomes famous with the long gold thread whip places on the table, Jill and her maidservant stand in her, but the person in dining room secretly is actually paying attention to Ryan, whose don’t know Ryan is coming with appointment today. The Ryan love matters in Casa City are not secret, have been adding on her to break an engagement by Buda Family, although everyone/Great Clan knows that she broke an engagement, is Purcell Family to the result that Buda Family exerts pressure, but many people believe that reason that Buda Family breaks an engagement , because Ryan these love matters. Noble person life sometimes is also very bored, they also want to look for a pleasure, when likely this love matters, will become among Noble will chat, best subject. In this time, in front of the door of dining room is walking several people, these Noble look, is actually at present one bright, what making them at present one bright is Laura their three, these Noble are the flowering shrubs experts, the appearance that they do not need to look at a woman, can look at these three women to be what kind of the personal appearance of this woman. Without a doubt, Laura their three are the rare beautiful women, what most important is, these Noble can look from Laura their personal appearance, their three people without the young girl of human affairs, this make these person of two eyes shine. But another person who makes their two eyes shine is Zhao Hai, a Zhao Hai low key the magnificent appearance, demonstrated that his taste, his eyeglasses and small beard, demonstrated his loose various nature, these people could look, young of Zhao Hai, young, is having the small beard, but also is bringing the pink eye, that must demonstrate his status, therefore these people think that the Zhao Hai status is not simple, moreover distinguished persons. But the person in dining room almost knows that Ryan most likes the distinguished persons, has these people of rumor with her, is some distinguished persons of becoming famous, probably Ryan likes associating to be the same with these people. Now the person in dining room almost can affirm, Ryan the person at present this is certainly bringing the eyeglasses, a face rampant fellow, but they dress up to be possible not to have no dislike to Zhao Hai now, they are waiting for seeing a play. Ryan also saw Zhao Hai, but she does not have what saying that type that the appearance of although Zhao Hai is very good, displays temperament that is also she likes, but Zhao Hai actually shortcoming, insufficient handsome! Ryan looks does not glance.