Chapter 315 Thorough was speechless Ryan likes some distinguished persons, because these distinguished persons long is very charming, moreover they understood how to ask for the girl favor, knows that said anything can let girl happy, this regarding the person of Ryan this vanity, is very important. No matter Ryan your anything connotation and so on thing, so long as the semblance is attractive, understood that asked for her favor to be good, she looked like a queen, has been playing with the man. However Zhao Hai cannot enter her discernment obviously, because Zhao Hai long although is charming, but also not being able to achieve lets the situation that she moves. Zhao Hai also look at Ryan, he before this fiancee that was well-known to be long, but today is official sight, undeniably, Ryan was a beautiful woman, a brown long color, fair skin, clothes color very bright, sat looks like a beautiful fresh flower in there. However Zhao Hai actually does not like such woman, has made widely known, was too arrogant, although she is very attractive, but always gives people one type of to be arrogant , the frivolous feeling, such woman, Zhao Hai cannot have a liking. Laura her look at Ryan, but before Laura and Ni'er, has seen Ryan, Ryan in Casa City here is also the man of the hour, they have some occurring together, their dispositions do not gather, therefore not any deeper contact. Zhao Hai driving going has not greeted with Ryan, but turned the head to look at Xu Wanying, Xu Wanying immediately understand the meaning of Zhao Hai, has arrived at Zhao Hai nearby said : Young Master, just the person in hotel said that Princess Ryan visited you, but disturbs you, therefore wait for you in the dining room, this was Princess Ryan.” Said that he refers to Ryan. This saying listens not to have anything probably, but actually understand has to raise the meaning of Zhao Hai, because he said that Ryan visits Zhao Hai, fears to disturb Zhao Hai, therefore in dining room here , etc., but did not say that Ryan must see Zhao Hai, making Zhao Hai come to the dining room to see her such words. A Xu Wanying this saying exit / to speak, in dining room has transmitted one humming sound the sound, these people in dining room know that Ryan is any good, she most settles on the face, now was said by Xu Wanying, probably is he asks to see Zhao Hai to be the same, how this she can bear. Really, heard Xu Wanying saying that Ryan complexion one became very difficult looks, her coldly snorted, the in hand Ke sub Cup toward table on numerous put, instantaneous, dining room Riaan calmed down, all people with looking at good play vision look at Zhao Hai one line. They they have regarded Zhao Hai now are small Noble that unknown place comes out to keep up appearances, when Noble with the ordinary person meets, they themselves will always put in the superior, demonstrates own superiority feeling, but this method to Ryan obviously is inappropriate. In here Purcell Duchy, Ryan is the Purcell Duchy princess, in their domains, such falls the Ryan face, is really the behavior of non- wisdom.

However Zhao Hai has not cared about these, he to thought Xu Wanying said is very good, he may not have the mood to pay attention to the feeling of Ryan in here, his present status, is playboys of not knowing the immensity of heaven and earth, if were too normal, that annoyed the person to suspect. Zhao Hai nodded, turns the head look at Ryan said : not to know that what matter princess Your Highness does look below has?” Ryan looks at the Zhao Hai impolite appearance, complexion pale said : „are you Wales?” Zhao Hai nodded said : „I am Wales.” Ryan Bang pats table said : impolitely, do you dare to be so impolite to me?” Does Zhao Hai pretend curious look at Ryan said : this is impolite? First, I am not person of Purcell by country's, second, I am Magician, has this authority, what matter Princess don’t know Your Highness my?” The face of Ryan was mad white, she was staring Zhao Hai said : good impolite Magician, do not forget, you still on the Purcell Duchy land, you dare now to me so impolite, don't you want to live?” Zhao Hai knit the brows said : princess Your Highness, if nothing, I went back.” Obviously he is simply has not placed the eye the threat of Ryan. Person dull look at Zhao Hai of entire dining room, their simply has not thought that will meet such scene, in their opinion, the courage of Zhao Hai was too big, in Purcell Duchy, is so impolite to Ryan, that is courting death. Ryan has been mad unable to speak, Zhao Hai look at Ryan appearance, calm said : princess Your Highness, if nothing, I said goodbye, my tomorrow must hurry along.” Ryan cannot be bearing Zhao Hai was unreasonable, she works on her whip, toward Zhao Hai draw off, but suddenly together Wind Blade appears , one striking to fly her in hand whip. What make a move is Meg, Meg is Wind element 6th level Magician, although has to seal|confer Motie to curl in her in hand, but Merine makes her always do not use to seal|confer Motie to curl, must multipurpose use own Magic, this can promote own strength as soon as possible, to seal|confer Motie curls after is foreign object, just by foreign object is incorrect. Simultaneously Xu Wanying also moved, another Xu Wanying appears in the Ryan side, capture Ryan neck.

In this stayed at an inn the people to stare, then clamoring, they have not thought that Zhao Hai dares to begin to Ryan unexpectedly, this courage was also too big, was too wild. Meanwhile they also present Xu Wanying status, they have not thought that follows in Zhao Hai side that respectful Warrior, can be Xu Wanying unexpectedly. Regarding the Xu Wanying matter, many Noble are found that they know Xu Wanying does not have what favorable impression regarding Noble, has not actually thought that now Xu Wanying actually appears in the Zhao Hai side. Zhao Hai coughed said : to be good, Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow, let loose princess Your Highness.” Xu Wanying has complied with one, that Doppelganger also vanished in the Ryan side. Ryan was actually scared, she just really thinks that Xu Wanying will kill her, must know that Xu Wanying has killed many people, person like him, body killing aura, but Ryan although is Magician, but she actually grows up in the greenhouse, except for practice time has used several times Magic, other times, simply has not used Magic, when Xu Wanying capture she, a she response not. After Xu Wanying has let loose Ryan, Zhao Hai look at Ryan said : is unfair to princess Your Highness, please forgive the impoliteness of my under the hand/subordinate, but princess Your Highness , if not want attack I, he will not begin, what matter Princess don’t know does Your Highness ask me to have? If you in did not say, I really must ask to be excused.” Ryan then responded, her response makes all people feel strange, Ryan mister invited wait a moment with one type of very complex look look at Zhao Hai said :, I want just fresh to misunderstand, my these time came to ask, the cow that mister drove whether is willing to sell.” The response of Ryan made all people in dining room lose the ability of speech, they dull look at Ryan, was not saying how Ryan can be such response. Zhao Hai one hear of Ryan said that actually understand she today looks for herself to do, he cannot help but stares, then shows a faint smile said : to be unfair to princess Your Highness, that cow is my Beastman friend gives to me, I cannot sell to you him, please forgive.” Ryan suddenly becomes speaks well, her quickly said: mister was too polite, since that Magic Beast is so important to Master Yu, I was not raising the matter that sold, does not know that what mister these time did come Purcell Duchy to come is makes? What has me to help?” The manner of Zhao Hai to Ryan transforms also feels unable to feel the brains, but Ryan is so polite, he was not good to be always cold the face to her, he was shaking the head said : princess Your Highness to be too polite, this time I passed by from Casa City, tomorrow must start on a journey to go to the Ikisa Family territory, anything does not need to help, if princess Your Highness nothing, then asked to be excused below.” The Ryan look at Zhao Hai appearance, nodded said : mister to do as you please.” Zhao Hai was then leading Laura their several people of returned to own room. Ryan look at Zhao Hai leave the dining room, she also turned the head we also to go back to Jill said :.” Said that turn around walks outward, never leaves the gold thread whip of hand not to go to take including her.

Ryan such performance is really unusual, this may vary not like her normally manner, all person puzzled look at slowly leave Ryan, don’t know Ryan is thinking anything, but all people affirmed that Ryan is goes certainly back to think how the idea coped with Zhao Hai to go, they know that Ryan was not the person who ate owes does not make noise. Zhao Hai and Laura their returned to room, Zhao Hai has frowned, puzzled said : „did you say just Ryan such performance what's the matter? She should not be angry, then copes with us? calm that why she displays?” Laura look at Zhao Hai, coldly snorted said : „can also because of what, you look at Ryan to look at your look, probably must torch, Elder Brother Hai, do you want to make a bet with me? Ryan will certainly go to the Ikisa Family territory in tomorrow with our together.” Zhao Hai stares, shook the head said : few talk nonsense, just I had almost killed her, after I think she goes back, finds the person to cope with us also almost, how possibly to come with us to travel together.” Laura coldly snorted said : you late are pure, the words that does not believe you asked Meg, was Ryan looked that your look did not suit very much.” Zhao Hai turns the head look at Meg, Meg nodded said : Young Master, Ryan looked that your look does not suit really very much, I looked right that Laura Elder Sister said that perhaps her tomorrow really will travel together with us.” Zhao Hai was shocked, he has not thought that Meg also said that his puzzled said : so is really obvious? Haven't why I looked? Moreover I just did not give her the face, Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow has almost killed her, doesn't she bear a grudge?” Perhaps Laura snort|hum said : who knew, she inborn has owed is repaired, but we inquired, had a look at this young lady is nearest/recent must go out, if her nearest/recent must go out, she may really with us.” Zhao Hai has tapped own head, thorough was speechless!