Chapter 316 Seeing through Zhao Hai sits in the living room in hotel room, Xu Wanying is looking like him to report said : Young Master, inquired clearly, because Ryan nearest/recent noisy too did not make sense, therefore Grand Duke Evan made her nearest/recent go to Rosen Empire Carson City to study, heard that this several days wanted, Ryan, because this matter was unhappy, heard in the Grand Duke palace many servants therefore to be implicated to suffer the whip.” Zhao Hai was shocked, he has not thought really that Ryan must go far, moreover with his same place, Rosen Empire Carson City. Laura actually smiled in one side got up said : this is really Heaven's Will, has not thought that this young lady will go the same way with us unexpectedly, if made her know that we also went to Carson City, that with us.” Zhao Hai forced smile said : other talk nonsense, my has such charm, said it, we must go according to the Kisa city, she must go to Carson City, this section of road does not go the same way, she should not be right with us.” Laura nodded said : hope so, if this young lady really with us, to is a very troublesome matter, right Elder Brother Hai, today the Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow status has exposed, my uncle definitely knows that what response he will have? Should we make the preparation ahead of time?” Zhao Hai nodded said : „the Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow status to expose that is the sooner or later matter, I already thought that initially we have grasped Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow time, many people have not known that this time we can say, Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow was seriously injured, finally had been rescued by us, he stems from the gratitude, has become my follower, this was good, Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow, you must remember, later some people asked that you said.” Xu Wanying complied with said : is, Young Master.” In this place, out of the door has been hearing the knock, the Zhao Hai knitting the brows head, now couldn't the weather early, who be also looks for him at this time? Xu Wanying has immediately/on horseback actually arrived at the front door, deep voice said : who?” Out of the door transmits sound speaking sounds: Wales mister hello, I am waiting on hotel should, these time comes tells mister, Grand Duke Evan sends for inviting mister the palace.” Zhao Hai they have gawked, they have not thought that Evan can ask them to cross the palace, Zhao Hai cannot help but pats head said : really to suffice to trouble, it seems like you also really said right, this big non- elder sister also was really a troublesome character, just contacted with her, the trouble came.” Laura has actually smiled, she knows that Zhao Hai is impossible to like Ryan, but invited Zhao Hai regarding this Evan the palace, Laura was very careful, he turned the head to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, this did Grand Duke Evan ask you to cross the palace because of what? Is only matter that because Ryan contacts with us?” The Zhao Hai knitting the brows head, after a Laura such saying, he also felt simplicity that matter he has not imagined, Evan impossible because of their contact with a Ryan, asked them to cross the palace, this was not the matter that Grand Duke can handle, not because of this because of what? Looks at the appearance that Zhao Hai frowns, Laura makes Xu Wanying hit the person who that notified, then arrives around Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, we accompany you to see Grand Duke Evan, Grand Duke Evan invited, if we do not go, that could not be justified.” Zhao Hai nodded said : to walk, sees my Uncle Evan, he he.” Said that leads several people to walk toward the room outside, Xu Wanying walked first one step, went to prepare the Zhao Hai car(riage).

Waits for Zhao Hai they to come out from hotel, Xu Wanying was also rushing for the car(riage) to in front of the door of hotel, Zhao Hai their bodies continually with a Grand Duke palace person, this person was Grand Duke palace small Steward, these time invited Zhao Hai specially. This small Steward rides Horse comes, follows by the Zhao Hai car(riage), he is feared very much obviously Zhao Hai does not recognize the Grand Duke palace the road. The ox cart arrived at Grand Duke palace in front of the door quickly, Xu Wanying has driven the ox cart to enter the Grand Duke palace, after the family arranged to the Grand Duke palace in the parking institute in outer court, Zhao Hai and Laura have the Meg three people by that small Steward to be led toward the Grand Duke palace two institutes to walk, to Evan study room. The Evan present status has consolidated compared with before, before the matter that but he must handle does not have, that many, he had just taken over the Purcell Family power center at that time, in the matter to Yu Clan clan wants many understanding, therefore a lot he must process personally, but now is different, now he complete control Purcell Family, in some important positions, has arranged own trusted subordinate, therefore the has plenty matter he has not needed to process personally. Zhao Hai these time is only bringing Laura and Meg comes, Xu Wanying, Blockhead and Ni'er were kept horse carriage there, is stopping horse carriage there to have small courtyard, there has several rooms, gives the place that the servant rests specially, is very obvious, the Zhao Hai present status, impossible to compare with Laura initially, therefore Xu Wanying they impossible to be arranged to rest to a better place. When Zhao Hai they arrived at outside Evan study room, that small Steward that gets them to come, immediately/on horseback arrives at study room in front of the door, to was standing servant said : outside study room please notify Grand Duke, Wales mister.” That servant looked at Wales one, first to a Wales ritual, said : asked mister to wait a bit.” He has had the special training obviously very much, has not displayed a failure in politeness place, Zhao Hai nod of gently, standing of calm in there. Until now, Zhao Hai has not thought why understand Evan must look for him, is only for the Ryan matter, a little owes to open, Evan should not because this minor matter found, because of anything, Zhao Hai actually somewhat is in doubt. That servant who at this time entered the room report walked out, he Wales mister invited to Zhao Hai ritual said :, Grand Duke inside wait for you.” Zhao Hai nodded, getting the Laura two females to walk. In Evan study room does not have what change, is the original appearance, Evan is sitting in rest area there is waiting for Zhao Hai they, the Zhao Hai three people under that servant's leadership, have arrived in front of Evan, three people salute said : to see Grand Duke to Evan your excellency.” Evan looked up Zhao Hai one, cannot help but knitting the brows head of gently, obviously his appearance not being have a liking for very to Zhao Hai, but he nodded said : Wales mister, please sit down.” After Zhao Hai has expressed gratitude, sat the Evan opposite, Laura and Meg stood in Zhao Hai, they also brought the veil, Evan to look at their one eyes, did not have to pay attention to them, but he impression to Zhao Hai has missed several points. Servants to Zhao Hai to one cup of sub, Evan then said : this taking the liberty asked mister to come, the matter wants to ask mister.” Zhao Hai quickly said: Grand Duke has the matter to say, said in certain knowledge all.” Evan shows a faint smile said : to hear that mister does have the friend in Beastman Prairie there?” Zhao Hai has gawked, then his immediately/on horseback has thought he truly has said that moreover to Ryan said that therefore he had not denied that is only said : „, was open about the facts Grand Duke saying that on some tribes with Beastman Prairie had some business dealings below , was the friend.”

Did Evan nod said : that don’t know mister nearest/recent to hear in Beastman Prairie there has Dark Magician information?” Zhao Hai and Laura stare, their immediately understand, Evan these time asked them to come simply not for the Ryan matter, but for his matter. They withdrew Casa City before time, buys the commodity that on many Beastman Prairie has needed, the discerning people know that they went to Beastman Prairie, therefore Evan heard that he currently this status has the friend in Beastman Prairie there, immediately invites him, wants to ask their information. However did Zhao Hai knit the brows said : Dark Magician? This to had not heard below that Grand Duke also knows, Beastman Prairie was too big, in region that below moves is only a flake, therefore had not heard has Dark Magician to move on Beastman Prairie.” Evan obvious somewhat disappointed, but he also nodded said : forget about it, but I want to ask mister to help, if later mister is going to Prairie, asking mister to help me pay attention next Dark Magician information, young lady who called Laura.” Zhao Hai nodded said : this not to have issue, is only matter on the way, below can take the liberty ask that Grand Duke, why can inquire information of these two people? If were these two people offended Grand Duke, can discuss with the friend of mine below, the investment issued a warrant for arrest these two people.” Zhao Hai said that intentionally, he is to have a look at Evan is anything responded. Evan has gawked, then smiles said : mister to misunderstand, that two have not offended me, conversely, he is the friend of mine, but before , because of something, they went to Beastman Prairie to do business, we also lost the contact, I want to know their information.” Zhao Hai is suddenly enlighted, embarrassed said : with a smile misunderstood Grand Duke below, originally was the Grand Duke friend, invited Grand Duke feel relieved, helped certainly Grand Duke pay attention below, asking Grand Duke to tell their names below.” Evan smiles said : well, Dark Magician called Zhao Hai, another was Laura, Laura originally was the Markey Family person, hoping mister can help me pay attention much.” Zhao Hai smiles said : Grand Duke to be too polite, this regarding me is only matter while convenient, I will ask my these Beastman friends to help , helping you pay attention.” Evan smiles said : that trouble mister, later mister to Purcell Duchy, must arrive at the Grand Duke palace, I very much appreciates to Master Yu young outstanding like this.” Zhao Hai he he chuckle said : Grand Duke overpraised, what does below is only the small-scale business, exempts gets by, when can not the Grand Duke outstanding name.” Then Zhao Hai pretended to turn the head to watch the weather, then to Evan said : weather early, did not say goodbye below, tomorrow must hurry along below, asking Grand Duke to excuse me.” Was saying while has stood. Evan shows a faint smile said : mister to invite, today was really exhausted mister.” Evan has also stood, prepares to deliver Zhao Hai to exit, but this stands, the vision fell the body of Laura and Meg, their although was bringing the veil, but they brought was the fine gauze, can faint saw their appearances, Evan saw their appearances is one dull. Then two eyes twinkling brightly, carefully looked at Laura one, has sized up Meg one carefully, Zhao Hai looks at the Evan appearance, does not feel well, Evan this look saw anything probably. His immediately/on horseback said : Grand Duke please please do not bother to see me off, asked to be excused below.” Said that Laura they are walking on the main point outward, but at this time Evan carefully was actually taking a look at him, one hear of he must say that Evan cannot help but stares, then immediately/on horseback said loudly: mister please please do not bother to see me off.”

Zhao Hai must stop, turns the head look at Evan, Evan careful is sizing up Zhao Hai, happy expression flashes in eye, then turns the head to standing you exits in nearby servant said : first, told that anybody can not approach my study room.” That servant complied with one, turn around went, simultaneously doorkeeper closed. Zhao Hai did not complain of hardship at heart by, he knows that Evan certainly was present anything. That servant exits, Evan immediately has arrived at in front of the door, careful looked at one outward, this turns the head to size up Zhao Hai with the one type of strange vision, Zhao Hai puzzled look at Evan said : does not know that what Grand Duke also does have to tell?” The Evan look at Zhao Hai appearance, sighed said : youngster, do not install, you think really didn't my these many years have not seen you, recognize you to come? Even if I do not recognize you to come, but also doesn't recognize Meg? You return don’t know, your father your portrait to me, your youngster present appearance, I already had recognized.” Zhao Hai stares, called the Meg name sound in Evan, he knows one have certainly revealed the secret, he was only has not thought that the Evan vision had toxin such. Evan then strange look at Zhao Hai said : my not understand, why Laura with you in together? Laura, this what's the matter?” Laura has also gawked, she has not thought that Evan has recognized unexpectedly also her, the matter arrives so, even if thinks that recognize is not good, Laura has taken off the veil, puzzled look at Evan said : „does Uncle Evan, how you recognize my?” Meg also took off the veil, Zhao Hai although did not have what movement, careful look at Evan, Evan has not answered the Laura issue, look at Zhao Hai said : that but decided Adam, you with Laura in together? This what's the matter?” Zhao Hai one hear of Evan said that this thorough has lost heart, it seems like he was recognized really by Evan, he must sigh said : little nephew to see Uncle Evan, the little nephew has now changed name, calling Zhao Hai Buda, normally to call Zhao Hai.” Evan two eyes stares, look at Zhao Hai said : Zhao Hai, you said that you did call Zhao Hai? That Dark Magician Zhao Hai?” Zhao Hai nodded said : is, the little nephew was past appears in Purcell Duchy Dark Magician Zhao Hai.” look at Zhao Hai said : that Evan cannot believe „is this possible? This is impossible! Don't you drink Water of Nothingness? How can also use Black Magic?” Zhao Hai looked at Evan said : Uncle Evan, I am drink Water of Nothingness, water of although nihility possibly let the person to study Magic and Battle Qi, but actually has no alternative but to use Divergent Technique, little nephew after drinking Water of Nothingness, obtained one type of Divergent Technique, can imitate Dark Magician.”