Chapter 317 Mask, status Divergent Technique? Unexpectedly is Divergent Technique! No wonder.” Evan look at Zhao Hai, facial expression complex said : good, Divergent Technique was good, had this Divergent Technique, I did not need that to be worried about you, right Little Hai, do you stay in there now? Why your in hand so many grain?” Zhao Hai awkward said : this, is unfair to Uncle Evan, this I cannot tell you.” Evan looked at Zhao Hai one, sighed said : to consider as finished, you did not say that I did not ask, but you this appearance exits now is incorrect, had the words of acquaintance, can recognize, ok, you sit in this first, my a while came.” Said that turn around left study room. Zhao Hai and Laura looked at one mutually, sighed, Zhao Hai shaking the head said : of gently looked like we too overestimates our picture makeup ability, such was recognized unexpectedly.” Laura forced smile said : has not thought really that Grand Duke Evan eyes unexpectedly toxin such, Elder Brother Hai, you do look at the meaning of Grand Duke Evan are?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : to consider as finished, has a look saying that looked the appearance that Uncle Evan probably should not be what kind of us, we have a look at him to do.” Laura nodded, in this time, the study room gate in time shoving open, Evan was being walked from outside, his in hand is taking boxes and several papers. Evan arrives around Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, before uncle I did not have the ability to help you, now uncle I had this ability, but for entire Clan, I cannot too help you visibly, these were the uncle I can for you did, in this box thought of three Elf Magic masks, has used this thing, you can not need to worry that picture makeup issue, what on this paper wrote was a status, although was only an ordinary viscount, but you walked outside are enough, the status of this viscount itself on was I gives in Clan. A servant prepares, making him use this status to handle matters to me, so long as now I slightly changed the age to be OK, you later used this status, did not need to look up shyly.” Said that has put on in hand several types of thing desktop/tabletop, that box was also opened, inside is putting the mask of three Bo Rucan wing, on each mask is drawing some mysterious symbol.

That several papers are Evan preparation the status of that viscount, is also putting a badge on the paper, this naturally was the Clan badge that this viscount status used. Evan is Purcell Duchy Grand Duke, under the Empire law, he can put the title, but cannot let off the title of count, the title of count he cannot put, most can only presently the viscount and baron, the title of Lord. Zhao Hai has not thought really that Evan will give them these thing unexpectedly, these thing are they need, especially that Elf mask. The Elf mask, Gu Mingsi intent, is the Magic mask that a Elf clan makes to make, this mask also don’t know Elven Race manufactures with any thing, after bringing to the face of person on, probably is long is the same on the face, no matter washes the face or does, does not need to take the mask, moreover this mask also has the ability of fluctuation, can transform five different faces, moreover what does not need energy to start, so long as you belt on face on line. Naturally, this thing did not see very much long, on Continent generally only then some Great Clan have . Moreover the quantity is not many, Purcell Family is also because before a fortuitous encounter, obtained these three Elf masks. But the title of that viscount, regarding Zhao Hai they same important, now the Zhao Hai their Buda Family status is also unusable, Laura Markey results in Clan status to be also unusable, status that they can use only then Magician, this status, because does not have the official title, a little does not take make a move. Has the title of this viscount not to be different, title although of viscount in Noble was a low grade title, because of this, will therefore not be suspected, some Merchant of various countries, for walked conveniently on Continent, will get so far as a low grade title resourcefully, likely was the viscount, the baron and so on, although was very low in level of these title, but obtains entire Continent recognize, walked Continent also very convenient regarding them. Evan looked that Zhao Hai must walk on Continent by the Merchant status, therefore he has put out the title of this viscount to Zhao Hai, this title looks like he said that is gives him in the palace a loyal servant preparation, all status backs have it all, was the age has missed a point, so long as changed to be OK. Is very common on Continent like this matter, all Great Noble in own family will live in the servant to select some ability , the loyal person, will give them a title, will then make them help the Clan management, not only increased the strength to own Clan, can try to win people over. These title Evan will prepare several every year, now he takes this, was the past prepares, just he already improved the name and age, Zhao Hai can use with the past, the name was Wales, the age 20 years old.

thing on Zhao Hai look at table, cannot help but a gratitude, just as was Evan said at heart, now he can help Zhao Hai, only then these, although Evan is Purcell Family Patriarch, had great power, but he must consider for his Clan that he wanted to help Zhao Hai, must decide in accordance with the situation, after all his had a everyone/Great Clan person. Zhao Hai affected look at Evan said : thank you Uncle Evan, these thing for me were really too important, you also know that my present situation, I was impossible to have any show in Aksu Empire, therefore I want to go to Rosen Empire, had a look to there, had any show.” Evan thinks that said : good, goes to Rosen Empire there to be also good, the Rosen Empire there although situation is also very complex, however the there opportunity same is also very big . Moreover the there trade reach compared with Aksu Empire, you sell in there have characteristics thing, will not bring to the attention of people, what a pity, I do not have what friend in Carson City there, cannot help you any be busy.” Zhao Hai smiles said : you to help me be many, right Uncle Evan, I also give you same thing.” Said that turns the hand, Space Bag appears in in his hand, he has given Evan said : Space Bag Uncle Evan, this is Space Bag, inside has ten cubic meters Space, gives to you.” Evan has gawked, he knows that Buda Family does not have Space equipment, now Zhao Hai actually puts out Space equipment to see somebody off, if he cannot definitely sit in front of himself is Adam, he also really thinks own admitting mistakes person. However Evan not polite, did he nod, receives Space Bag said : you to go to the Ikisa Family territory really? Goes to there to do?” Zhao Hai smiles said : „, when Beastman Prairie there does business, met has depended on Bell, talked to him a business, these time went to this business determine.” Did Evan knit the brows said : according to Bell? Will you cooperate with this person? This person is not good to deal with, Laura, what's the matter? Adam, no, Little Hai his don’t know, your also don’t know this is according to Bell who?” Laura smiles said : Uncle Evan your feel relieved, this I knows certainly according to Bell is who, but we sold to him thing with his cooperation, does not have other, you do not need to be worried.” Evan then nodded said : in brief you to be careful that a point depends on Bell, was right, this time you made the Xu Wanying status expose, can this bring troublesome to you? How do you prepare to solve?”

Zhao Hai said his solution with a smile, Evan nodded said : well, that let's do it according to your advice, this, tomorrow my release information, said that you are Magician, does business in Beastman Prairie there, Xu Wanying was injured, runs up to Beastman Prairie to be given to rescue by you, your time comes to want from my in hand to obtain the title, do you look what kind of?” Zhao Hai thinks that said : this can be doubtable I the status? After all the beforehand Zhao Hai status has worked with you, if at this time, I worked with you in suddenly, can these to suspect?” Evan smiles said : not, feel relieved was good, every year lives many like matter don’t know, some people will not suspect that said it, your time must go to Rosen Empire Carson City, happen to Ryan must go to there, made her go with you, you also helped me consider her.” Speaking of on the face of here Evan to show a sly smiling face. Zhao Hai and Laura were shocked, Zhao Hai worried has patted head said : Uncle Evan, I have to remind you, I became engaged now, moreover there are two fiancees, one is Laura, another is Meg, moreover before me, broke an engagement with Ryan.” Evan has smiled bitterly next step: I know certainly that I have not thought makes you marry Ryan, I also know that now Ryan simply cannot be joined to you, but Little Hai, this time I let Ryan with you, is actually to the one type of shield of your status, this will make these people think that you and between Ryan have any matter, therefore I to your this title, like this your this title will obtain was more justifiable.” Evan does not have the means that what person Ryan is, now entire Purcell Duchy knows that Laura stayed that long time in Purcell Duchy, naturally is impossible don’t know, but by the present Zhao Hai strength, day after day lovable girl Laura has become his fiancee, Ryan also has any qualifications to marry Zhao Hai. Thinks that here Evan cannot help but sighed, beforehand Zhao Hai was a playboy, but from the present performance, he grew completely, becomes talented person who has been able to assume sole responsibility for an important task, but Ryan turned into that appearance now, this made him feel sad. Zhao Hai looked that Evan such insisted, is not good to oppose that must nod said : that well, but tomorrow we take the mask, Ryan feared that didn't know me?” Evan smiles said : feel relieved, I will say with Ryan.”