Chapter 318 Ryan colleague Zhao Hai faints dizzy comes out from Evan study room, to fear others gets suspicious, they have not kept long time too in Evan there, Evan have not come out to deliver them, but Ryan went to the Rosen Empire matter actually to decide with their together. Zhao Hai although does not want, does not have the means that to be honest, he does not want to contact with Ryan, but looks like does not contact now is not good. Laura stands in the Zhao Hai side, her also don’t know must say any good, to be honest, most does not want with the Ryan colleague was she, but did not have other means that looks like such that Evan said that this was their status best the shield to Zhao Hai. A their study room gate, immediately had a servant to walk, bowed said : mister to invite to Zhao Hai, your horse carriage stopped in front of the door.” Zhao Hai nodded, left two along with that servant, two Zhao Hai and Laura they stare, two outside are stopping horse carriage, this horse carriage also his, but what is strange, this horse carriage Shangdi is hanging a badge. Zhao Hai has gawked, carefully looked that badge today Evan gives his badge of that viscount title, has not thought that the Evan movement is so quick. His there knows that these badge Evan already prepared, to let that servant in his palace, official after becoming the viscount, uses, now is just right, with gave Zhao Hai to use. Like Zhao Hai this by the Grand Duke title, is now different from the King title, the King direct title, the badge you can formulate a design, but Grand Duke the badge, although can also manufacture the design, however in the corner/horn of badge, must you badge mini version of that Grand Duke Clan badge, in other words, must get the mark of that Grand Duke Clan. Evan gives Zhao Hai the status is this, because the Zhao Hai viscount position is Evan, therefore the corner/horn of this badge, Evan Clan Ben Niuhui design.

Zhao Hai carefully looked at this badge one, this badge does good, what badge above draws is long spear, the back is the a piece shield, has mini version Ben Niuhui in the top left-hand corner of badge. Zhao Hai looked at that badge one, boarded leave on turn around the Grand Duke palace, he has reached an agreement with Evan, his tomorrow leave Casa City, therefore Ryan, if wants with him, tomorrow to come out to look for them on earlier, otherwise they will not wait for Ryan. Evan to had not opposed that although he said makes Ryan cover for Zhao Hai, but has not wanted to reconcile the meaning, the time that although contacts today is not long, but before do not forget Zhao Hai, by the Dark Magician status, in Purcell Duchy here stayed that progressed, that time Zhao Hai, is adding on present Zhao Hai, two contrasted, Evan knows that Zhao Hai currently has is outstanding. In adding on Evan with Zhao Hai father's relationship, how he to give up to give up this son-in-law, although Zhao Hai broke an engagement now, but forgot Zhao Hai to break an engagement should not be he is in power, although cannot change now, but he also hopes that Zhao Hai can many be together with Ryan, had a look at them whether to like on the opposite party, if can like on the opposite party, that all issues were easily solved. However Evan also knows that Zhao Hai cannot have a liking for Ryan, initially Ryan makes must break an engagement, the Buda Family person is also knows that Green they must tell Zhao Hai this matter, previous Green breaks an engagement, explained the issue. Therefore now Evan can only be uses him to help Zhao Hai, gratitude of Zhao Hai to his, fills the Zhao Hai side Ryan, how later they must unfold, looked at their good fortunes, he can do has done. Evan very clear, he does not help Zhao Hai now, Zhao Hai also had own strength, simply in fearing them, especially, when Zhao Hai to Rosen Empire, Aksu Empire here matter scene could not make a sound he time, that Zhao Hai did not need to care about him, therefore he must use this opportunity now, many manufactured being together some opportunity to Ryan and Zhao Hai, otherwise Ryan was not having opportunity with Zhao Hai compound. information that however luckily, Evan obtains is, impression of Ryan now this status to Zhao Hai probably also good, although lives in hotel there today slightly has conflicted, but this was makes Ryan be careful to Zhao Hai probably. Evan to this daughter is also headache, his very clear, her daughter by her mother becoming hardened in bad habits, has fostered these Miss Noble these problems, although said that beforehand Ryan to his sarcastic comments, he really is always angry, but no matter what that is also his daughter, he cannot real look at not manage. Zhao Hai they have guessed actually also correctly the idea of Evan, but just as is such that Evan thinks, Evan just had helped them, they are not good to reject Evan, therefore can only be complies. The returned to hotel weather early, Zhao Hai they did not discuss tomorrow matter, early has rested, they must hurry along next day.

Their actually don’t know, they today come out from the Grand Duke palace, has caused the stir in Casa City, their horse carriage enter the Grand Duke palace time, did not have the badge of that viscount, but comes out from the Grand Duke palace, were many badge of that viscount, this makes in Casa City all people feel puzzled. Next morning, Zhao Hai their getting up early, have had the breakfast on preparation leave Casa City, their small caravan just Casa City, saw had caravan in there , etc. they. This caravan comprised of five car(riage)s, on the vehicle is hanging Purcell Family rushes to the good badge, but also led 100 guards, what forefront is a very luxurious boxcar, it seems like sits the person, the following several car(riage)s install thing evidently. Zhao Hai looked that this caravan appearance knows this certainly is Ryan caravan, this young lady's spectrum does not suspend real big, the forced smile that Zhao Hai not bears, having made Xu Wanying overtake the car(riage). The vehicle just arrived by that luxurious boxcar, the glass of boxcar opened, Ryan that flower same face appears in the glass, has shown a faint smile said : to Zhao Hai Wales mister, you came late.” Zhao Hai has not taken Evan now to his mask, now just now leaves Casa City, yesterday sees the person of person to be too many in Casa City here, he does not want to let these person of present, after he slept, suddenly changed an appearance, that does not wait to annoy the person to suspect that therefore he now or appearance of yesterday. Zhao Hai nodded said : to Ryan report crop failure, making Princess Ryan wait for a long time, we can leave.” Said that closes the glass, kept off the window curtains, making Xu Wanying rush for the car(riage) to proceed. He such does is disrespectful actually very much, if changes into others, Ryan was already angry, but is extraordinary, when facing Zhao Hai, Ryan has the feeling that one type of cannot be angry, she unexpectedly smiles, muttered said : also is really a stubbornness, Jill, followed.” Driving a cart Jill has complied with one hastily, followed the Zhao Hai car(riage). Jill feels grateful to Zhao Hai actually, because of other, because of the Ryan present manner, the first several days Ryan mood is not very good, their these servants are also bad luck, often must suffer the whip, since Ryan contacts after Zhao Hai, temperament suddenly one improved, they in have not endured the whip, no matter because of any reason, in any case Jill is thanks Zhao Hai. A morning time, they in hurrying along silently, Ryan have not looked for anything to trouble, original noon time, Zhao Hai is the preparation eats thing on the vehicle, then hurries along, but Ryan actually must stop to eat thing, Zhao Hai has not actually managed her, making the car(riage) still hurry along, you must eat itself to stop to eat, we will not stop in any case.

Ryan does not have the means that has to let Jill, Jill they are near, may not have the preparation dry rations, now also can only be hungry. Them this arrives regarding Jill does not have anything, these with the Ryan guard are also same, they are the servants, the matter of this enduring hardship is very normal, suddenly that such if today is not coming out, these Cavalry will prepare the dry rations, these Knight very clear, if there are the urgent matter hurries along, does not have that time to make you stop eating meal well, only while can be walks on the horseback eats. Some Ryan actually vitalities, but she does not have is caring, in her horse carriage designs with Zhao Hai horse carriage is similar, inside has cold Xiang, has the Magic furnace, moreover in the car(riage) is also bringing the dessert, even if noon keeps eating thing, she can also eat the dessert, will not be hungry. Evening's time, Zhao Hai they arrived at known as Burranca's small town, this small town population are not many, about also the hundred thousand person, because on key communication line, to very lively, in the city can see the hotel and restaurant everywhere. Zhao Hai they looked for one to call Brown the medium hotel rest of hotel at will, scale although of this Brown hotel was not big, but the grade of service was actually good, Zhao Hai their car(riage)s just stopped to hotel in front of the door, in the hotel immediately came out two to wait on should, bowing stood by the Zhao Hai car(riage), after waiting for Zhao Hai their next, immediately had one to wait on to lead Zhao Hai they to enter the hotel, helping them arrange the room, another waited on should their car(riage)s to rush to behind hotel parking lot Riaan to govern. Zhao Hai they arrived in the rest area of hotel to sit the rest, Xu Wanying arrive at reception desk there to reserve the room, at this time Ryan had also arrived at side Zhao Hai, no matter also Zhao Hai complexion, sat the Zhao Hai opposite, curious was sizing up the face of Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai has taken the Elf mask now, the whole person changed a type, the face that now Zhao Hai changes, is he face on Earth, ordinary to cannot in the ordinary face, the general words, simply does not remember. However now Zhao Hai is that rampant appearance, this arrived has awarded marks for him much, Ryan because of this, therefore curious look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai knit the brows said : Princess Ryan, you did not think that your this was disrespectful?”