Chapter 319 who? Good balls! The Ryan young lady smiles said : I to be curious, why can mister use this face? Specially.” What Zhao Hai calm does said : have to distinguish? What can a face represent? I am long in charming, if no strength, finally also anything is not.” The Ryan look at Zhao Hai serious appearance, cannot help but curled the lip said : mister, looks at your appearance should not be such serious person, why you now actually performance serious of such?” Zhao Hai stares, then complexion changes, he presently some lose self-control, what now he acts is playboys, if so serious likely is not playboys. The expression clear response on Zhao Hai face in the eye of Ryan, she was more curious to Zhao Hai, why don’t know Zhao Hai will turn hostile because of her a few words. This is also the Elf mask most mysterious place, brought really with trading a face on the face of person was the same, the expression, the change of complexion can respond clearly that average person simply presently not. However Zhao Hai immediately responded, his complexion also became normal, he looked at Ryan said : that to look to anyone, to person who I did not like, I will only put on a serious face.” Ryan thought that Zhao Hai this saying is fake, what if Zhao Hai said is real, he will just not turn hostile, now he said that certainly is concealing anything. Therefore Ryan has not been angry, is only curious look at Zhao Hai, she was really getting better and better is now wonderful to Zhao Hai. At this time Xu Wanying also walked, bowed to Zhao Hai said :Young Master, arranged, has arranged 20 low grade room to these guards, has arranged two high grade room to Young Master and Princess Ryan, I and Blockhead also had Jill mister, has arranged a medium grade room. Zhao Hai shook the head said : to change into the medium grade room to the rooms of these guards, you change a high grade room, by our rooms, like this has the words of any matter you immediately/on horseback to know that according to such arranges by the escape route on.” Xu Wanying complied with one, turn around has arrived at reception desk there of hotel, before long the room arranged, because today person are many, therefore they not only need arrange the room of person, but must arrange the meal, had Xu Wanying this old mercenary luckily, to these matters he was familiar and easy, therefore arrangement was also ready proper dāng dāng, did not have any mistake. Zhao Hai is now rich, he does not care about these money, like the hotel, arranges 100 individual food and lodging, a day dozens gold coins, do not have anything at the worst. although Zhao Hai has Space, to put on an act, Zhao Hai makes Xu Wanying tell Brown hotel here, gave them to prepare some dry rations, kept on their road to eat. After all arrange, Zhao Hai they returned to the room to rest, agreed that Xu Wanying also made the person in hotel prepare the meal, will meet Zhao Hai they to go to the dining room to dine. Zhao Hai also knew now, he now is playboys, playboys only younger brothers went to a place, possibly only hides in the room to eat meal? He will certainly go to the dining room to eat one well, keeping up appearances well, this can demonstrate his style, therefore Zhao Hai has not kept in the room to eat meal today, but went to the dining room.

However as the matter stands must put in great inconvenience Laura they, because on the custom according to Continent, Zhao Hai in eating meal, Laura they cannot on the table, now what because Laura they act is only his maidservant or concubine, is not his wife. Laura they to do not have what opinion, no matter what this Zhao Hai plays the role is such a playboy, if good to the person too, instead to could not be justified. Finally did not have the means that Zhao Hai makes Laura they return to Space eat meal first, when they ate to the full, Zhao Hai they then came out from in the room, to dining room. Dining room there already prepared the meal to them, a dish of table, is the Magic vegetables, although now is in the winter, but here but Magic Continent, must leave the vegetables in the winter neighborhood, that is also normal, naturally, the vegetable price will not go to that cheaply. Zhao Hai just sat down, Ryan arrived, impolite, took a seat directly the Zhao Hai opposite, Zhao Hai cannot help but knitting the brows head , was very at heart uncomfortable, Laura and Meg these two fiancees of name brands cannot eat meal with his together, can only stand in his side serves, but Ryan natural sitting to his opposite, this has let him to own present this status, some were unsatisfied. although is unsatisfied, but the play must develop, Zhao Hai can only sit on the table, a dish of look at table, actually somewhat cannot eat up. Zhao Hai turns the head to Meg said : „, goes the liquor that brings from Prairie to bring us, I want to drink that liquor today.” This is also Zhao Hai they reaches an agreement, Meg these time comes out, changed the name, asking, the name to call in turn, but the Laura name also changed, asking Julie, the Ni'er name to not to change. Meg one hear of Zhao Hai said that knows what Zhao Hai said is they ferments Milk Wine that her immediately/on horseback complied with one, turn around walked toward in the room, before long was taking liquor bag walked out. Human Race here installs the liquor generally with the beverage bottle or the wine pot, will be nobody will use the liquor bag, but Beastman there actually almost all uses the liquor packed in bags liquor, because of this convenient, they will be Cavalry, will use the liquor bag conveniently. Did the person in dining room no matter other Ryan people, the curious look at Laura in hand liquor bag, their do not understand Zhao Hai at this time suddenly remember to drink the Beastman Race liquor? Beastman Race is Milk Wine tastier than Human Race Fruit Wine? Beastman Race Milk Wine on Continent is also very famous, will be regarded by some Merchant frequently is rare product brings returned to Human Race Continent to come, what is a pity, in Human Race actually few can drink the Milk Wine flavor, is adding on has not undergone the distillation the preservation of Milk Wine not easy long time, therefore Milk Wine is not good because of the Human Race here sales volume. Zhao Hai has not actually managed these, he wine glass in really dumped, then put there wine glass, Meg takes the liquor bag to give Zhao Hai but actually one cup of Milk Wine. This liquor one comes out but actually, people stare, eats meal these people who in the dining room, has plenty has drunk Milk Wine, Milk Wine in their impressions is the white, but Zhao Hai the Milk Wine is colorless, looks like like the water same limpidity. Then they smelled wine fragrance, that wine fragrance adds on the milk fragrance, has had the one type of very unusual fragrance, making the person hear that had the one type of Xun Xun's feeling however. Zhao Hai has carried wine glass, sipped one lightly, nodded, has put down wine glass, has eaten a dish, looks at such, enjoyment that really could not say.

The Ryan look at Zhao Hai appearance, is the liquor in curious look at Zhao Hai Cup, to Zhao Hai said : mister, what liquor you?” Before Ryan, has drunk Milk Wine, but said, she does not like the Milk Wine flavor, therefore drank one in drinking, today Milk Wine in her look at Zhao Hai Cup feels very curious, Milk Wine that because Zhao Hai drank although she has drunk Milk Wine was different. Zhao Hai smiles said : naturally is Milk Wine, Beastman there can also make any liquor.” Ryan frowns said : „, but I have also drunk Beastman Race Milk Wine, that liquor probably is not this.” Zhao Hai smiles said : this is the Beastman specially-made liquor milk, even if are not many in Beastman there, this Milk Wine be tastier than Fruit Wine, to Princess Ryan also but actually one cup, making princess Your Highness also taste.” Meg has complied with one, took the liquor bag to walk, to Ryan also but actually one cup of Milk Wine, then returned to Zhao Hai. The liquor in Ryan curious look at Cup, her take deep breaths, then carried wine glass, was studying the Zhao Hai appearance, sipped one lightly, then her face cannot help but one red, but has not actually put down the cup, immediately/on horseback has drunk one, this put down wine glass, has eaten a dish, this to Zhao Hai said : really good, the flavor of this liquor was really good.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, has not said anything, but a liquor dish is eating and drinking, before long one glass of liquor drank, Zhao Hai took up the napkin to wipe the mouth gently, turned the head princess Your Highness to take your time to Ryan said :, said goodbye below.” The liquor half cups in Ryan Cup, although this Milk Wine is very fragrant, but, the vigor of this liquor also is very similarly big, therefore Ryan drinks is very slow. Now Ryan complexion is crimson, increases charmingly, but Zhao Hai has probably not actually seen to be the same, set out. Saw Zhao Hai to walk, the mood that Ryan has not drunk, stood up, went to the room to go, in the person actually all look at Ryan cup in entire dining room the remaining that half glass of liquor, believe how was not person too many words in dining room, feared that was already some people in the past that half glass of liquor drinking. After Zhao Hai returned to room, prepares to eat to select thing immediately to Space, just he had not eaten to the full in dining room simply, he does not like eating meal with Ryan together, but has to put on an act, therefore he has drunk one glass of liquor on returned to the room. Has not thought that he just entered Space, hears in Space to transmit prompt speaking sounds: Presently camouflages with the Magic thing, the thing type, the mask class, may cause the person fluctuation appearance, withdraws the ability, ability join to Ghost Staff, Host may use this function through the ghost method.” Zhao Hai stares, this thinks that own mask has not picked, but now he to is very curious, don’t know Magic Staff the mask function is what kind , after he picks the mask has gotten down, he puts out Ghost Staff to look, on Ghost Staff head Skull probably were presently many many mysterious symbol, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback said : use mask function.” His voice just fell, Ghost Staff head Skull suddenly flew, a lower hood in the head of Zhao Hai, closing one's eyes that Zhao Hai frightened, anything has not actually felt. Zhao Hai opens the eye to look that presently on him anything changes does not have, but in hand Ghost Staff becomes is similar to ordinary Magic Staff, but seems like dark green Crystal makes probably, attractive, originally the Magic Staff Bone shape also vanished. Before Zhao Hai has arrived at the mirror, looked at a present appearance, presently with having the appearance after mask did not have what difference, moreover what is most mysterious, now his on the face on the skin and neck skin there, does not have is different, probably simply has not undergone the camouflage to be the same, now he is Zhao Hai on Earth is probably same, just presently a color changed, the color of eye also changed. He could not bear touch his face, the skin on his face along with the movement of his hand in transformation, probably inborn, feared that now was the deity came, could not look that he brought the mask.

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, Space also is really very mysterious, can withdraw including the function of mask unexpectedly, Laura her is also expressing admiration, the Space magical thing they also looked a lot, therefore surprised, was not serious. After having eaten thing, Zhao Hai several people sit in the Space Villa living room, the situation in look at Brown hotel, they do not monitor anyone, but has formed this habit, they sleep in the evening, custom rests in Space, Xu Wanying and Blockhead now in Space. Zhao Hai look at Space outside situation, turns the head to Xu Wanying said : Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow, did the food and drinks of these guards arrange?” Xu Wanying nodded said : Young Master feel relieved, arranged, these guards did not have what request, I made in the hotel prepare some ordinary meals to them, they already very happy, but they were inspect in all around of hotel ten person clothes did not surrender.” Zhao Hai nodded said : not to need to manage them, that is their responsibility, they were us to be free from worry like this, but your three people must arrange, in the evening kept a person to pay attention to situation in the hotel, there is any matter immediately/on horseback called us.” The Xu Wanying three people have complied with one, they monitor in the evening, sits in the living room the situation on look at screen, nothing. The weather early, Zhao Hai they did not wash have rested, Space here very peaceful, the air returned very good, the person goes to sleep quick. Zhao Hai rests just fragrant, the sound of Space Stone head conveys said : Young Master, Young Master, comes, to have the situation quickly.” Zhao Hai stares, then immediately/on horseback sobered, half step went to the living room, looks toward the screen on, the Brown hotel there situation on the screen demonstrating, a hundred people of squad, had encircled the hotel at this time, is diving toward the hotel. The guard who Purcell Family that several been on night duty, had taken down, it seems like their these time has used Dead-soldier. Zhao Hai turns the head you to go to the room to Xu Wanying said : first, the appearance that pretends the in the room rest, after hearing my in the room sound, you are coming out.” Xu Wanying and Blockhead have complied with one, their personal appearance vanished from Space, returned to the room in own Brown hotel. Zhao Hai then deep voice said : Cai'er, you come out, after we exit, you pay attention to situation on the screen, these people must enter the room time, reminded my one, paid attention, had a look to meet the magic of making oneself invisible Dead-soldier.” Cai'er has complied with one, the situation that in look at hotel then two eyes shines, Zhao Hai several people of appears in in the room of hotel, have lain down on the bed, is waiting for these people's arrivals. although these people have not entered to the hotel in now, but Zhao Hai actually believes that these people actually come to them, otherwise was impossible they just to arrive at hotel here, in the evening the hotel received attack, looked at this Brown hotel, opened in Burranca in the city is not a day or two, if once for a while received attack, they also opened any vigor, feared that already was yellow. Was in this time, Cai'er suddenly said : Young Master, came, in out of the door, stealth Dead-soldier.” Zhao Hai selected, from bed, has put out Ghost Staff after transformation, then called out said : who? Good balls!”