Chapter 320 Eight-arms Demon Drinks up this, Zhao Hai in hand Magic Staff wields, diameter one meter big Fireball, pounds toward big gate of hotel, Boom!, the entire hotel vibrated probably, then outside the Zhao Hai door, has transmitted a pitiful yell, is very obvious, Dead-soldier of that stealth had been given the account by Zhao Hai Fireball Spell. At this time the door of Zhao Hai nearby room was also opened, Blockhead and Xu Wanying also took weapon to run, to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, What happened? Zhao Hai said loudly: Some Dead-soldier want to come attack I, has killed them.” Zhao Hai this sound is so big, the people in entire hotel have alarmed, Ryan these guards, grabbed weapon to run, their simply did not have the time to put on full body armor. Jill actually ran up to Ryan room in front of the door at this time, in hand don’t know were when many Rapier, it seems like that this Jill is not only the servant so is also simple. At this time Ryan also blurry from in the room walked out, looked to stand in in front of the door Jill, puzzled said : „did Jill, what matter live? Why noisy?” On Gillma said : Your Highness, just some people wanted attack Wales mister, finally by Wales mister present, we send to patrol the late these people, feared that was more unfortunate than fortunate.” Ryan one smart, sobered, turned the head to look at one Zhao Hai that leaf by the door of Fireball scrap, complexion was uglier, immediately/on horseback said : immediately/on horseback sent for looking up, had a look is the who such big courage.” At this time the Ryan two maidservants had also arrived by Ryan, in hand of maidservant was taking clothes, to Ryan said : Your Highness, wore the clothes in a low voice first.” Now what Ryan puts on is night clothes, moreover that type of very sexy night clothes, now in the hotel so are chaotic, if who runs over, saw that is not good. Ryan nodded, returned the room, fast wore the clothes, in a time going out room, Wales mister there situation to Jill said : how?”

Jill said : is all right, mister in the room has not exited, Xu Wanying exited to deal with, but these came the surprise attack person to underestimate mister very much obviously, mister was Fire element Magician.” Ryan stares, then nodded said : such looks like mister Expert also really many, mister is in itself Fire element Magician, his maidservant is Wind element Magician, to the servant who he drives a cart is Person Becomes a Thousand Xu Wanying, what strength don’t know another to the servant who he drives a cart is.” At this time outside had also heard a war cry, before long the sound vanished, then Xu Wanying walked from outside, half step entered the Zhao Hai room, to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, solved.” Zhao Hai nodded, went out of the room, at this time he has worn the clothes, Laura they follow in Zhao Hai, the group walk toward courtyard of hotel, Ryan also hastily follows on the heels, her these guards are taking weapon, around face vigilant look at. Quick Zhao Hai their appears in courtyard of hotel, a here fat person has been standing in courtyard, saw that Zhao Hai they came out, this fat person immediately/on horseback runs toward Zhao Hai, Xu Wanying actually kept off in his front. This Fatty immediately stopped, to Zhao Hai said loudly: Respect mister, I am the boss in Brown hotel, mister, regarding living such matter I feels extremely sorry, but asked mister to believe me, this matter did not have with our hotel relationship.” Zhao Hai is sizing up this Fatty, this Fatty wears very very magnificent clothes, the ten points reorganization of combing, on a big and fat face, hidden sees the sweat, but on the face does not have what expression, this makes him look like somewhat strange. Zhao Hai felt that the matter a little does not suit, but there did not suit him also unable saying that in this time, his side is hearing a sound of footsteps, Zhao Hai turned the head to look, presently is Ryan, the head of Ryan was somewhat chaotic, clothing also some not entire, this arrived is makes Zhao Hai stare, but then he knows that there did not suit. Does he turn the head look at that Fatty said : „you are the boss in this shop?” That Fatty immediately/on horseback nodded said : is mister, I am this board old-established shop, Brown!” Zhao Hai nodded, when that Fatty just relaxed, Zhao Hai suddenly has killed him to Xu Wanying said :!” Xu Wanying stares, but his immediately responded, an axe strikes off toward the head of that fat boss on. That fat boss actually demonstrated that with flexible Body-maneuvering Technique that his build did not tally completely, the personal appearance moved, one made way the Xu Wanying axe, but he had actually forgotten a Xu Wanying nickname, Person Becomes a Thousand, that person of body opened just moved, his all around suddenly appears a troop person, standing of these person densely packed in there, in hand was taking the axe, eying covetously look at this Fatty.

Felt one had no place to go Fatty, suddenly cries out strangely, the personal appearance moved, clothes suddenly fell off from his body, when the attention of people was captured by that clothes, thin and small personal appearance suddenly by one type of naked eye difficult threw toward Zhao Hai, simultaneously his hand kept raised, selected point cold light to fly toward Zhao Hai along with his both hands. Xu Wanying looked that this situation cannot help but calls out in alarm sound said : Eight-arms Demon, Young Master is careful.” His voice just fell, Zhao Hai all around suddenly evening comes out four huge Stone Man, four sides these four Stone Man look like the wall keeps off Zhao Hai in the middle equally, these cold shooting light to these Stone Man on, leave Dingding dāng dāng sound, then two big hands of Stone Man fierce wields, capture that thin and small personal appearance. That thin and small form called out pitifully to stop, then immediately/on horseback yelled that said : surrender, I have surrendered, under I wanted Blood Oath to follow you, do not kill me!” Zhao Hai stares, then he waved, that Stone Giant vanished, but that thin and small person's shadow actually cannot move, around his personal appearance was given by an invisible chains probably locked, simply did not move. The discerning people can look, this is Wind element Magic, now all people have been shocked, Zhao Hai this while skill put forth two is Magic, if were adding on that Fireball that his in the room put, he has used Magic of three departments 1. Zhao Hai look at that thin and small personal appearance, turns the head to Xu Wanying said : Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow, who is this fellow?” Ryan they are also sizing up this thin and small personal appearance, this person of figure is not tall, only then 1.5m more than ten, very thin is small, is less than 100 jin (0.5 kg) evidently, black clothes, the head uses the black cloth wrapper, on the face is also keeping off with the black cloth, only reveals two eyes, carries very short Rapier, that simply cannot call the sword, can only be a quite long dagger. The person's shadow of Xu Wanying look at that thin person was captured, this relaxed, turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, this person was very famous free Assassin, the nickname calls Eight-arms Demon, the name to call Junichi, his not Divergent Technique, his meeting was a move of technique of Dead-soldier, but his actually unique skill, hidden weapon, no person knows that his hidden weapon hid in there, but he can actually keep toward lending out hidden weapon, his hidden weapon forever could not be throwing to be the same probably, moreover his very proficient face-painting, can play the role in a short time becomes anybody, therefore was one has been very difficult to deal with. Assassin, because he puts hidden weapon is quick, the strength is also very big, hidden weapon time, probably eight arms were steadily same, therefore is called Eight-arms Demon!” At this time that Junichi actually said loudly: Good, I am Eight-arms Demon Junichi, this mister, can I know that my dressing up is there had problems, why will be seen through by mister?” Zhao Hai look at Junichi, shows a faint smile said : your changing costume to be very proper, but you think that a boss in hotel, in knowing own shop had an accident, the time reorganization that the clothes put on, combing meticulous?” Stares along one by one, sighing that then not bears, he has not thought of these, Zhao Hai look at his appearance said : „the boss in this shop?” Junichi breath is present but vigor is absent said : in his in the room, fainted.” Zhao Hai nodded, has not cared, turns the head to take him to Xu Wanying said :, goes to the room with me.”

Zhao Hai nodded to Ryan, turn around walks toward own in the room, his room door broke, luckily but Xu Wanying they live is also the higher guest room, the gate of door is complete, Zhao Hai they directly enter that room that Xu Wanying they lived, Xu Wanying in hand are raising Junichi, Blockhead doorkeeper Guan Hao, stood the entrance. Zhao Hai sits in the living room in room, curious look at thin and small Junichi said : who sends you to come?” Junichi shook the head said : my don’t know, I in mercenary duty that restaurant meets, had not said that who the duty cloth person is.” Is duty that Zhao Hai look at Junichi said : you meet what? Has killed me?” Junichi shook the head said : not saying that has killed you, only said attack you, regardless, so long as can live going back, can obtain ten gold coins commissions, but they are send for monitoring us probably, if some people dared not to come, they were the non- dues.” Zhao Hai stares, meets to begin to move, huge projection appears before his body, Zhao Hai carefully looked at projection one, deep voice said : Cai'er, has person who present monitors?” Cai'er appears on the shoulder of Zhao Hai, shook the head said : not presently, all around nobody in hotel, the person of surveillance possibly is the resident in hotel, now simply does not have the means to determine.” Zhao Hai nodded, receives projection, then pays no attention to dumbfounded Junichi, turns the head to Laura said : Laura, you said that they send for attack I, regardless of life, why this is?” Laura knit the brows said : from this duty, they to do not want to kill you, but thinks that is probing, what is don’t know is probing?” Who did Zhao Hai knit the brows said : „to be? We now this status, has not had the enmity with whom, how can some suddenly people come attack we?” At this time has stood in Blockhead that has not spoken, suddenly said : „can Young Master, some people want to try, look at you are Dark Magician!”