Chapter 321 Apologizing The Blockhead words, making Zhao Hai they stare, at this time Blockhead then said : you looked, we from Prairie, we title that attains from Grand Duke Evan in hand, all these indicated probably that we have the relation with Grand Duke Evan and Prairie, but before can relate together with Grand Duke Evan and Prairie, only then Dark Magician Zhao Hai, therefore this duty person, is very likely wants through this time attack, comes to see Young Master you are Dark Magician, if they can be affirmative you are Dark Magician, that on can be affirmative your status, this. We were very disadvantageous.” Zhao Hai and Laura looked at one mutually, nodded, they also thought that the guess preparation of Blockhead, otherwise regarding this time attack, they really could not look well to explain. At this time should Zhao Hai also the vision image rotation Junichi, his look at Junichi said : you now guess correctly my status? Then, you are also willing to follow me? If you want, under Blood Oath, with Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow same loyal with me, I will not treat unjustly you, otherwise, should you also know my method?” The Zhao Hai method, Purcell Duchy here is known, the people know that he likes the person turning into Undead Creature with he is, lets these people when continuously his slave, most loyal slave. Naturally, this is also the method that Dark Magician habitually uses, is on Continent the average people have to like with Dark Magician makes to the reason, nobody likes after oneself died, the corpse must serve for others. Junichi kneels the ground, said : „, I want.” Said that breaking by biting handle, has gotten down Blood Oath, Zhao Hai, when his body felt when that Xu Wanying Blood Oath feeling, Zhao Hai has believed he has not deceived himself. Zhao Hai look at Junichi said : was good, later you with me, Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow, get him, speaks my here custom to him.” Xu Wanying has complied with one, leading Junichi to get down. Zhao Hai looked at one to stand in in front of the door Blockhead, smiles said : line Blockhead, your this fellow has straightened out unexpectedly, you who we have not thought of thought.” Blockhead „the matter that smiles said : Young Master to think were too many, therefore has not thought for a while that my head is simple, does not need to think that many matters, naturally thought.” Zhao Hai laughed said : your this fellow is really more and more interesting, has resulted, tonight also tosses about unbearably, I think that the opposite party does not dare, to get down the rest.” Blockhead complied with one, turn around walked.

Like the hotel, their Advanced level suite, among each suite in three to four rooms, Brown hotel here is suite of three rooms, Junichi, Xu Wanying, the Blockhead three people lives in one, Laura their three people lives in one, Zhao Hai lives in one, actually this is also suspends an appearance, Zhao Hai they likes going to Space to rest actually, but lived too many matters tonight, therefore Zhao Hai they decided that today does not go to Space, rests in the hotel an evening. Zhao Hai they to have rested honestly, but other people in hotel actually cannot be good to rest, first was boss Brown of hotel is rescued from own in the room, he has not received the too big injury, but was hit fainted, got up later to know that lived any matter, was more worried, how his don’t know must they explain tonight matter to Zhao Hai. Must say that this Brown is also a little background, he is the Burranca city City Lord wife's younger brother, therefore he can open this hotel, but City Lord of Burranca city is a viscount, but Zhao Hai also same was a viscount, Ryan with saying, on her horse carriage was hanging, but Purcell Family badge, can say that this was not Brown can offend, but on was they have been attacked, the heart that now Brown wants dead had. But Ryan calm, she has not thought at heart that Wales can be unexpectedly three is Magician, on Continent, Magic innate skill of average person is the odd series, can only study Magic of department, Magic attribute of double department, is the talent, three departments little heard on Continent, in many almost did not have. However is Magician of three departments, generally also by specialize one type of Magic give priority to, because study are many Magic to be easy to divert attention, but looks at the Zhao Hai appearance, he is Magician of three department, moreover probably three are demon magic studies good appearance, this on behalf of what? Is having very high Magic innate skill on behalf of him, is a talent. Original Ryan somewhat is proud, her age although is small, but is actually a Water element Magic talent, now is 6th level Water element Magician, this on Continent is the rare talent. However over the two days she actually somewhat received to attack, first did not say Zhao Hai that three are Magic abnormal attribute, said that Zhao Hai Meg, has is not weak in her strength, this lets her is is very disappointed. Ryan sits in own in the room, two maidservants stand greatly she, Jill and do Warrior stand in the Ryan opposite, Ryan look at their calm said : how you see today's matter?” That Warrior looked at Ryan one, deep voice said : that group of people went to Wales mister obviously, but I thought that group of people were not some influence probably, like that Eight-arms Demon Junichi, he was on Continent very famous Assassin, but drew cash the murder, never join any gang, was a very hard to deal with character, heard that he besides will put hidden weapon and picture makeup, with poisonous was also a skilled person, on his hidden weapon was the belt poisonous, this also explained that tonight surprise attack, is some mercenary Perhaps Assassin, they draw cash management.” Does Ryan frown said : Dead-soldier is also mercenary? How haven't I heard in mercenary also to have Dead-soldier?” That Warrior calm said : in mercenary who has, Dead-soldier that in some Clan rebels and flees, finds a wife to give birth outside, studies to teach itself an own institute son, this situation also has, and is nothing unusual.”

Ryan nodded, turns the head to Jill said : tonight you with Xu Wanying and a that Blockhead room, eavesdropped on that what comes?” Jill shook the head said : not to have, after having eaten meal, their returned to own room, a room pass/test, then did not have the sound, I called them, they said that must rest tired, is not willing to come out.” Ryan knit the brows said : now I to know that what the father said to them, why must to the title of their viscount, moreover agreed that I travel together with them, this matter is really somewhat strange, was right, our that Warrior of several going on night patrol were hit fainted, was killed?” That Warrior deep voice said : was killed, a living witness has not stayed behind, evidently is that Dead-soldier writing skill, their wounds only then one, in neck is, was sheared the throat by Rapier, is not the hand that Junichi moves, if Junichi, he will use poisonous hidden weapon.” Ryan nodded said : to cremate their corpses, sends for returning to the Grand Duke palace the bone ash, told the father one, gave in their families some pension.” That Warrior has complied with one. Ryan frowns to think said : this time attack comes was too strange, moreover Wales status too mysterious, no matter what, we later were also more careful, staff that later the evening goes on night patrol increases several.” That Warrior complied with one, Jill has also complied with one. Ryan looked at their said : to go back to rest, went on night patrol staff to send, Jill, I looked that Wales went to your room probably, you just rested tonight.” Jill has complied with one, just asked to be excused. look at Jill they walked, auspicious transferred mutters said : to be getting more and more interesting, he he, interesting.” Said a yawn, returned to own in the room to rest. Next day Zhao Hai they get up somewhat late, does not have the means that the body of Zhao Hai is not very good, needs to rest well, therefore gets up somewhat late. After their in the room washes, comes out to see that from in the room a fat form is standing outside their doors, saw them to come out, that fat person's shadow, immediately welcomed, Xu Wanying kept off in front of Zhao Hai, that Fatty must stop, the bow body said : young Brown, has been seeing viscount Sir, viscount Sir yesterday was frightened, small here Sir apologized to the viscount.” Zhao Hai look at this Fatty, this Fatty with that Fatty that Junichi plays the role of is almost long exactly the same, but in his present eye is bringing the blood thread, sweat of face, the expression on face died the biological mother to be the same probably.

Zhao Hai calm said : anything, this has not blamed you, these people come to me, I have not said to Brown mister sorry, yesterday destroyed in your shop many thing.” Brown's body curved was lower, viscount big criticism to Zhao Hai calm said : crossed, you are not strange are young, small very happy, small has prepared table of helping get over a shock liquor, invited viscount Sir the step dining room.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, walks toward the dining room, entered the dining room to see Ryan, Ryan was sitting in dinner table there is drinking sub, looked at Zhao Hai to come, she was busy at putting down Ke the sub Cup, stood got up said : mister to come, does not know mister rest can be good?” Zhao Hai calm said : fortunately, Your Highness please sit down.” Said that also sat. Fat boss Brown stands, bows to Zhao Hai and Ryan said : princess Your Highness, viscount Sir, small has prepared one table of food and wine specially , helping get over a shock to two, hopes that two can accept this invite.” Ryan has not spoken, is only look at Zhao Hai, clarified is calculation that Zhao Hai said that Zhao Hai not polite, calm was good to Brown said :, Mr. Brown did not use such politely, making them serve food, we finished eating must also hurry along, I have said that that matter did not blame you, you did not use in here were wordy, got down, the room charge must have your.” As soon as Brown listened to Zhao Hai saying that quickly said: Does not dare, the room charge is small apologized, my immediately/on horseback makes the person serve food, invites princess Your Highness, viscount Sir takes your time.” The bow the body was drawing back.