Chapter 322 Junichi family After they have had the breakfast, returned a house, naturally, Zhao Hai has paid the house rent, this is a determination of playboys, the house rent must pay, this is the status issue, does not pay the house rent is not this status person can do, this is spectrum of playboy. After several people boarded their car(riage), vehicle leave slowly the Burranca city, Junichi sat with Xu Wanying outside the Zhao Hai car(riage) outside drives a cart to Zhao Hai. Today appearance of Junichi is more normal, he puts on ordinary warrior cloth, sits in Xu Wanying side, very honest. Xu Wanying yesterday told him in the evening the Zhao Hai magical thing, told him, if he really if dares to betray Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai will certainly turn into Undead Creature him. Junichi does not want to be turned into Undead Creature, therefore very honest, but also asked Zhao Hai does not like any thing, therefore he today is only an ordinary Warrior appearance. Must say that the Junichi appearance to is not ugly, a childish face, is adding on not the tall figure, this makes him look like the solid discipline was younger. Zhao Hai also asked Junichi strength, Junichi meets the Dead-soldier magic of making oneself invisible, will put poisonous hidden weapon, can draw the makeup, can say that this fellow inborn is one, when Assassin material. Moreover his fighting strength is not weak, equivalent to 6th level Warrior, if the assassination, 7th level Warrior cannot escape his assassination. Regarding the Junichi strength, Zhao Hai is very satisfied, was adding on Junichi to get down Blood Oath, Zhao Hai has believed that Junichi does not dare to deceive itself. However Zhao Hai decides to observe along the 1 or 2 day first, then in the decision leads him to Space, if Junichi is not trustworthy, Zhao Hai will be impolite to him, simply turns into Undead Creature to consider as finished him, turned into Undead Creature him in any case, he maintains the present ability. Junichi to very honest, he had also clearly recognized own situation, oneself present is the Zhao Hai slave, Zhao Hai makes him die he unable to live, in this case, he is naturally honest. At noon has had a simple lunch, their lunches compared with Ryan they, be some ordinary dry rations that Ryan their there eats, but Zhao Hai their here has the mutton to eat, has sheep soup to drink. These mutton and sheep soup when Prairie there remaining, at that time to go to battle with, Wales they, but has not killed little sheep, finally wins, Argali that many that they obtain, Wales naturally cannot some boil the good mutton and sheep soup in the tube, therefore Zhao Hai here also remaining many, sufficed them to eat last some time. Now Continent here has snowed, the weather is not warm, can in such weather, eat the steaming hot mutton, drinks tasty sheep soup, that taste also is really very good. In the evening Zhao Hai they, because has missed lodging place, can only rest in a hamlet, this called the small village in cat ear village, only then dozens families, the biggest officer was Village Chief, this Village Chief non- country accepted fate, but the person in this village was Great Surname, Village Chief was this Great Surname Patriarch, in the village was very authoritative.

However this Village Chief in the Noble eye, simply is not considered as that any officer, they have not seen any high official, the biggest officer sees the tax officer who in the city has collected taxes, that tax officer also simply is not Noble, therefore they look at Zhao Hai they such big weaponry, one gave to scare, was hearing that Zhao Hai was a viscount, but Ryan unexpectedly was a princess, kneeling that each and every one frightened on the ground, kowtowed such as mashes up garlic. Best Zhao Hai continually to roar in frightening makes them normal, Village Chief also best the house in the village leapt several they to live to Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai to is not polite, lived directly, but also makes Village Chief ask the woman in village to prepare food to them, Village Chief complied hastily, asking several women who in the village most can prepare food to come out to give Zhao Hai them to prepare food, the dish is Zhao Hai they leaves, these women do by all means. However is this, completes under Meg look at, these women make some simple dishes, Zhao Hai they take is some Magic vegetables, these Magic vegetables these women listen not to hear continually, do not say how to have done, will be good will do because of Meg, this supper to completed quickly. After having had the dinner, Zhao Hai their returned to in own courtyard has rested, Xu Wanying they, Zhao Hai their people are naturally few, small courtyard must by, Ryan their people be many, lived in three big courtyard, exempts staying , a house has rested ten several people. returned to courtyard Zhao Hai does not have immediately/on horseback to sleep, he sits in the living room is drinking sub, is sizing up the ornaments in living room, the room that they live, even if in the village the high grade good house, ornaments still very simple in this living room, did not understand at a glance that the life is not very good. Zhao Hai to is not negligent, these villagers now have looked like is also good, can eat to the full, can put on warmly, this was very good, must know that on Earth, the 21 st century, some Chinese places also only have also been able to exempt reach this level, do not say relatively backward Ark Continent here. This enters Junichi suddenly arrives at Zhao Hai, kneels next step to Zhao Hai: Young Master, small Blood Oath with you, is the sincerity with you, invited Young Master allowed slightly first to go home family member to settle down to be good.” Zhao Hai stares, look at Junichi said : „did you get married? In the family has who?” To come in Zhao Hai, the person like Junichi should little have right of getting married, if their some day value line of anything duty time died, his family member did not have bad luck. Junichi nodded said : is, small has gotten married, in family altogether five people, besides small outside, old mother in hall, wife, two children.” Zhao Hai said : „does the your house/family person live in that?” Junichi quickly said: tomorrow we can pass by the small family, small family in a front not far away small village, small has bought several mu place in that village, in the person to village said what is small does business outside, therefore the person and don’t know in small status village.” Zhao Hai nodded said : line, I look at this, a while we meet your family member, received in my territory secure to cure your family member.” Stares along one by one, but immediately/on horseback said : thanked thanks Young Master, from here to my family, so long as about the two hours distance, my family's that village by the main road, did not lie on a branch road, if we walked along the main road, cannot directly to my family.”

Zhao Hai nodded, watched weather, turns the head to Xu Wanying said : Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow, you are rushing for the car(riage), goes to meet his family member with Junichi.” Xu Wanying has complied with one, drove the Zhao Hai ox cart to meet the person, this let Junichi is a feeling, he has not seen that Noble, with the family member who own car(riage) met his servant. Looked at Xu Wanying and Junichi leave the village, Laura turned the head to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, your such feel relieved they? Did not fear that they did run?” Does Zhao Hai smile said : „they are not under Blood Oath? Can run up to that to go? said it, you think that they can be inescapable, I put on Ghost Staff the vehicle, if they had anything to change, we first can rush to the vehicle, they could not be inescapable.” Was saying, outside has heard knock, then does the Jill sound convey said : Wales mister in? Princess Your Highness wants to ask that mister exited.” They also saw Zhao Hai vehicle leave obviously very much the village, therefore came to ask. Blockhead passed doorkeeper to open, asking Jill to enter the room, Jill looked that Zhao Hai sat in the living room is drinking sub, relaxed, went forward to give Zhao Hai to salute hastily, then said : Wales mister, princess Your Highness looked at your car(riage) leave, but also thinks that mister you also had the matter to exit, therefore made small asks.” Zhao Hai smiles said : to make the princess worry about, we nothing, just made my two servants exit to handle matters, a while comes back.” Jill has complied with one, asked to be excused like Zhao Hai. Looked at Jill to walk, Laura cannot help but smiled said : Elder Brother Hai, it seems like that this Princess Ryan did Your Highness with deciding you, you have to think how good to do?” Zhao Hai sighed said : how to do, lets her continuously, arrived at Rosen Empire there in any case, she with us, can not on leave, that also be unfair to Uncle Evan now.” Laura smiles said : I to think that this princess Your Highness to is careful to you very much, you looked at her these days, before successive these problems changed, this was not easy.” Zhao Hai sighed said : to change to be what kind, I varied with her am a passer-by, ok, let alone he, I have not thought really that Junichi will really have the family member, was right, you said that can also get married to Xu Wanying? His age is not small.” Laura her one hear of Zhao Hai said that has smiled, Meg is said : Young Master, were the matter that you worry about on this day too also many? Gets married you to manage including under the hand/subordinate.” Zhao Hai smiled said : my this two fiancees, cannot the full man not know that the hungry man hunger was not, should to ten thousand allow Zhangluo.” Laura and Meg one hear of Zhao Hai said that could not bear bah his one, actually looked the appearance that Zhao Hai still smiled, her also felt funny, has smiled with Zhao Hai. Several people chatted, time unconscious passed, weather also slowly was black, was naturally impossible to use the Magic lamp like the village, but they have actually used the oil lamp, Zhao Hai they have not actually lubricated the lamp, but entered in Space, opened screen look at Xu Wanying and Junichi.

Xu Wanying to walks with Junichi while chats, they also chatted the Junichi family member, Junichi also asked situation about Zhao Hai, the mouth of Xu Wanying to was very solid, has not spoken irresponsibly anything, but said repeated told Junichi not to give to betray Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai actually in the road that taking a look at them is passing through, their leave cat ear village walked one along the main road, has gotten then down a on branch road, then proceeds, walked was not far, saw front has a small village, in the village light. Saw this small village along one by one, on the face has cannot help but revealed a gentle color, turned the head to Xu Wanying said : allow Big Brother, this was our village, my father before was Dead-soldier, but he was injured keeps here, my this skill learned from him, my mother was Medicine Master in village, but did not have properly has studied the Potion study, she on herbal medicine with mountain will only give a rule by people slight illness, she to is will use very much poisonously, on the mountain these grass poisonous, these grass gathered toxicity to be big, she knows, Skill that I intoxicate with my mother study, afterward my father, because before the old wound, has died of illness, my exiting noisy, because a few years ago has met several duty, in hand was rich, has bought several mu place on the returned to village, also married a wife, had two children, duty that these years I meet was few, moreover does not meet too dangerous duty as far as possible, does not meet to leave home too far duty, the most time, does some farm work in the village, I to am thought that life like this is good.” The Xu Wanying look at Junichi appearance, smiles said : you, if thinks, then with Young Master mistakenly, later you will not know, so long as you with Young Master, absolutely are your this whole life most correct decision.” Perhaps Junichi forced smile said :, I do not want to work as slave for a lifetime by my child to others, but I Blood Oath must with Young Master, my this walk now, in the family did not have the pillar, is not good, can only to Young Master say that to settle down they one, Young Master must actually pick them, don’t know must arrange to go to the place them.” The Xu Wanying look at Junichi appearance, smiles said : feel relieved, the guarantee is in this world the best place, went to there, your equal to was the same to Heaven.” To be honest, Xu Wanying also really liked Iron Mountain Fort there, has not disputed in Iron Mountain Fort there, everyone/Great Clan was work diligently, improved own life, some child people managed, everyday can eat to sate the appetite, did not need to be worried that what at sixes and sevens matter, such day, regarding some ordinary commoner, wasn't the Heaven same day? Junichi sighed, without the speech, his present mood is really very complex, his very clear, in these Nian Clan although has bought, but these were also exempt can get by, in the family has wanted good, must exit to make duty by him, but he now is the Zhao Hai slave, if he walked, in that family the maximum source of income broke, later the day of this family on did not feel better, therefore compelled unable, he can only to Zhao Hai say that must go home the family in to settle down one, has not actually thought that Zhao Hai must unexpectedly. Receives his territory to go to An Zhi his family member, this makes him worry and happy. What worry was received the Zhao Hai territory the family member, their family has become the slave, but did not meet, in the family will possibly starve to death, in a dilemma. During speeches they entered village, this small village is almost big with the cat ear village, after the village, has a mountain, probably is that huge mountain Yu [lineage/vein], no matter high, on the mountain has been covered with the tree. As soon as they enter the village, Inferior level Magic Beast that in the village raises, stray dog called, rural area of this stray dog on Earth with that stray dog that raises is similar, but fighting strength of this dog on stray dog compared with Earth be strong, how to say that this is also Magic Beast. After Junichi has referred to the tree, approaches yard said : under mountain corner/horn there is my family.”