Chapter 323 Trap Direction that Xu Wanying following referring to of Junichi looked at the past, that was a typical peasant family yard, the courtyard wall builds with Stone, the yard was not very big, because was the winter, could not see in courtyard face length anything thing. Four clay house, in their such places, the common families construct housing with the sun-dried brick, little has constructs housing with Stone directly, the sun-dried brick house is warm, but the Stone house somewhat was cool, therefore the here house generally is the sun-dried brick. Now the day was black, however distant shows the point light from small room, look at makes people feel that warm, unknowingly, Xu Wanying somewhat was unexpectedly crazy. In this time, the ear of suddenly Junichi is moving, he was hears his family there to hear during the sounds of difference probably, probably was the sound of full body armor friction, this made Junichi stare slightly, just about to sets out, a suddenly sound conveyed said : not to move heedlessly, in your house/family the person had been kidnapped, you go probably to bring the danger to them now.” Is the Zhao Hai sound, Junichi cannot help but stares, he remembers obviously Zhao Hai does not have come, Xu Wanying actually became accustomed, his complexion Righteous Path: Young Master, how did you come?” Zhao Hai nodded said : I not to come, but presently in the Junichi family has the person, therefore I came, was good, stops the car(riage), in Junichi family present ten people, their family centralized in in the room, person look at, the remaining nine people ambush outside, is prepares to cope with Junichi evidently, strange, they came already to arrive probably, they know that Junichi can come back today?” Zhao Hai sees certainly the situation of Junichi through monitor there, his understand, why the opposite party ahead of time will not ambush in there, normally Junichi should not be good to look is right. Does Zhao Hai turn the head to Junichi said : Junichi, the your house/family position to have who to know? Will they touch to your house/family in? Looks at that several people of appearance, is knows obviously your status, will otherwise not send these many people to cope with you, moreover these people are taking the shield, puts on full body armor, guards against your hidden weapon obviously.” Junichi has gawked, then shook the head said : my family should nobody to know is right, I generally am the go it alone, moreover here although is not very remote, but general nobody will come, how will some people note my family?” Zhao Hai nodded said : line, no matter that many, saves first your family member, is dealing with these fellows.” Said that Zhao Hai moves, projection appears before them, inside Junichi family's situation. Junichi mother, wife, two children, centralized in them in most east side house, wear full body armor, is taking the tower shield, takes the Great Sword person to stand in the house, coldly look at Junichi family member.

Junichi cannot help but two eyes one red, Zhao Hai actually deep voice said : Cai'er, solves that fellow, do not make noise.” Cai'er has complied with one, then on the gaze of Junichi, vine silent from that wear full body armor Warrior behind appears , then that vine turned into an extremely thin small point, aims at that person of cerebellum, fierce punctured, that person of body trembles, did not have the sound, but that vine does not have immediately/on horseback to take back, in adding on vine continuously in that Warrior, therefore Junichi family member not presently exceptionally. Zhao Hai nodded said : to be good.” The hand moves, three people of appears in the front of Junichi family member, the Junichi family member saw that Junichi just about to shouted, Junichi immediately/on horseback said : do not make noise, comes with me.” This was Zhao Hai makes him say. The Junichi family member sees Junichi, had the pillar at heart, immediately/on horseback nodded, tight shutting up, then several people vanished in in the room, Zhao Hai are also also brought in Space that by Warrior that Cai'er massacred. Enters Space, Junichi their family members stares, Zhao Hai look at several people of appearances, showed a faint smile said : well Junichi, here was we biggest secret, after knowing here, you betrayed my authority not to have.” Junichi quickly said: Young Master feel relieved, naturally I followed you, has not thought must betray, this time must thank thanks Young Master to save my family member.” Said that introduced family's people to Zhao Hai. The Junichi mother called Su Ju, wife to call Nalan, two child called Shungan, called Shunliu. One hear of this names, Zhao Hai has almost not smiled the sound to come, Shungan, Shunliu, this is really aggressive, Zhao Hai on the difference had not asked that he has attended Sino-Japanese War, knows Wang Baoqiang. Zhao Hai nodded, please sit down several people to Space Villa, Zhao Hai turned on the screen, several people in look at courtyard, that several people are full body armor, in ambush of courtyard, already faint has become a surrounding institute, obviously they want to become seize at one fell swoop. Zhao Hai look at several people of appearances, deep voice said : looks at these people of appearance, likely is not ordinary mercenary, their full body armor very refined, it seems like should be that Great Clan guard is right, Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow, do you look?” The Xu Wanying look at screen some little time said : „, although on them does not have the badge, weapon and full body armor that style since they use can look, these thing are standardized, ordinary mercenary simply cannot use. Zhao Hai nodded said : „seems like that big influence stares at Junichi, a while makes these fellows, I to have a look am who must cope with Junichi.” Junichi feels looked at Zhao Hai one, Zhao Hai also knows that now outside the weather early, did not turn the head to Xu Wanying said : allow Wan, you arranged two rooms to rest to the Junichi family member, a while we caught that several fellows, but must go back to look for Laura they.” Xu Wanying has complied with one, went to with Junichi his family member to settle down, feared that they have not had the supper, Zhao Hai put out to them have eaten, but also told them to go to bathroom in there, used, then several people then relieved to living room.

Looked at that several Warrior one, Zhao Hai turned the head to Xu Wanying and Junichi said : Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow, Junichi, following looked your, remembered their positions.” They complied with, Zhao Hai had let out them. As soon as they arrive at outside, Xu Wanying immediately/on horseback release hundred people of Doppelganger, but Junichi also prepared own hidden weapon, then put on airs walked toward the family. But Xu Wanying ambushes outside the courtyard wall of their family, so long as moves the surface to begin, his immediately clashes from outside, comes a counter-encirclement. Really, Junichi just entered courtyard, these person of immediately flushed from their ambush places, encircled Junichi in the middle, their in hand was lifting the big shield, including two in hand actually were also taking crossbow arrow. It seems like their this preparation completeness of , know that the Junichi movement is flexible, therefore came crossbow arrow to prepare, crossbow arrow this thing, specifically was used to cope like Junichi the movement is flexible. Sees this situation along one by one, pretends one startled, then said : of complexion big change „is everybody the there friend? Haven't I offended everybody probably?” In which Warrior said : little wasted breath, your family member fell our in hand, obedient being without a fight, my family Master had the words to ask you.” In this time, outside the institute a sound of footsteps, this was causing that these people stare, Junichi actually moved in this time personal appearance, two hidden weapon took the crossbow arrow person to sprinkle toward that two, in these people, only then the threat of that two person was biggest, most from the beginning therefore Junichi must solve was that two people. These people are also the soldiers of having fought many battles, but stares, then immediately recovers, that two took the crossbow arrow person, immediately has been lifting the in hand tower shield, but they could not see to shoot crossbow arrow as the matter stands, in this flash, Xu Wanying flushed. These Warrior strengths are not very strong, only then about 6th level level, but they put on full body armor, general hidden weapon shoots to be airtight they full body armor, is adding on their also control the Junichi family member, therefore they dare to cope with Junichi. However currently had the help of Xu Wanying, the Xu Wanying strength itself compared with them, is adding on to hit few, that several Warrior will be before long captured, these time seizes, has not killed. Then they brought nearby that several Warrior Zhao Hai horse carriage, simultaneously entered the room lifting by the Warrior corpse of Cai'er execution that in that wound that but Cai'er created, punctured with Junichi Rapier, like this others look at the wound, only thinks that is damage that Junichi Rapier caused.

Zhao Hai sits in several Warrior that on the vehicle look at was pressed, shows a faint smile said : several, said that why deals with my servant, aims in view of my servant my?” That several Warrior see Zhao Hai, actually all does not make noise, each and every one mouth close hard, an appearance of revolutionary martyr. How many person of appearances Zhao Hai looks, cannot help but showed a faint smile said : not to say? Ok, you put on full body armor now, if I use the fire to roast your full body armor, you said that what effect will have?” A Zhao Hai such saying, several people of complexion were one white, they have not thought that really Zhao Hai so will be ruthless, now they put on, but made of metal plate armor, If such were roasted with the fire by Zhao Hai, that was inadequate the barbecue. Zhao Hai was saying while has put out Ghost Staff, Magic Staff head appears Fireball, toward Warrior on by going. That Warrior number must lose color, hastily said loudly: I said that I said that do not roast me.” Zhao Hai looked at several other Warrior one, that several Warrior look at this, knows one cannot escape, immediately/on horseback nod said : I said that I also said.” Zhao Hai turns the head to Xu Wanying said : Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow, leads them to the room , everyone separates to ask, if between two people said is not right, you are examining other people, found that to lie, looked how I tidy up him.” Xu Wanying first time sees interrogates like this, one hear of Zhao Hai said that knows such these people did not have the means to flee, therefore immediately/on horseback has complied with one, worked on four Warrior to enter the room, these these Warrior do not dare to speak irresponsibly, bitter color of each and every one one face.