Chapter 324 Spring the grass occupies Sitting of Zhao Hai calm in the car(riage), look at Xu Wanying these person of each and every one taking into rooms, examined before long, before Xu Wanying that several Warrior pressed Zhao Hai horse carriage, to Zhao Hai said :Young Master, examines understand, these several fellows were Southern King send the Burranca city, coordinating the there person to look up us is Dark Magician, on that day had not tried in the Brown hotel, they started to trace Junichi, wants to find Junichi, then through a Junichi better understanding one our situations, knows that Junichi frequently in the activity that this attached, on concluding the Junichi family was also nearby this., Through City Lord of Burranca city, finally had found finally the Junichi home, they know Junichi, if followed you, certainly will go home to settle down own family member, therefore they want to defend in here are waiting for Junichi, finally was caught by us. Zhao Hai nodded, turns the head to look at Junichi said : Junichi, do you look? Processes these fellows?” Junichi suppresses these people actually to take his family member to threaten him, he will be certainly impolite, therefore to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, you processes.” less than nodded, turns the head to look at that several person one eyes, turns the head to Junichi said : Junichi, your this whole life was impossible to return to here, I thought that this house do not want, burnt.” Junichi gawked, although some have not abandoned, but nodded, he also knows right that Zhao Hai said that oneself this whole life impossible returned to here to come. Zhao Hai look at him to nod, hand wields, several Wind Blade fly, that several head of Warrior was chopped directly, then Zhao Hai makes Xu Wanying throw into the house of Junichi that several Warrior, then his several big Fireball Spell, are adding on a Inferno technique, turned into piece of Inferno Junichi directly. Zhao Hai has not turned into Undead Creature these Warrior, he does not lack these Undead Creature now, has killed this Warrior, then cremates in here, these people will not doubt his identity. look at own family by fire swallowing slowly, Junichi at heart also very difficult, but he also knows that later here will not come back, finally suppressed the heart to turn the head, drives the ox cart to follow Xu Wanying together. They just leave village, the person in village on present the situation of Junichi, country dweller heavy sentiment, whole family matter, all people will help, do not say that caught fire such big matter, therefore the person took thing to put out a fire, but this fire with the Magic point, was not good to rescue, finally has burnt the none remaining Junichi there, that fire slowly extinguished. These villagers presently this fire cannot rescue, the person who also has not seen Junichi, knew to have an accident, when the fire extinguished, they looked to the house that in Junichi dumped, in the house several were burnt full body armor that distorted unexpectedly, experienced old person also wanted in full body armor present several human bones, person affirmation Junichi in this village has had an accident, dares to be dull in the Junichi family in also nobody, finally Village Chief also ran dozens in groups, reported this situation to the town , after the town sent, upward the report, finally registered Burranca. The in the city person knew finally, Southern King also knew, but at that time, Zhao Hai they already not in Purcell Duchy.

That night Zhao Hai their returned to in the village, immediately has rested, Ryan they looked at Zhao Hai to come back, to has not said anything, next morning, ate in the village has selected thing, this called the small village in cat ear village on leave, although here was very small, but Zhao Hai they thought these people was really very warm. These villagers see their times, although is somewhat anxious, but can look, these servant solid people of want well the entertainment really they, this lets Zhao Hai their very touched, just before leaving time, Zhao Hai has given that Village Chief ten gold coins, is this evening's lodging expense, actually that Village Chief scaring, said that anything does not dare to meet, finally Zhao Hai must to him, he then meet, actually gives Zhao Hai to kneel down to kowtow. Must say that the days of these villagers do not feel better very much, the good Purcell Duchy here tax is not high, they can also be able to eat to the full, are warmly clothed, but there are these ten gold coins, they can a good winter. moving forward slowly, Zhao Hai was calling Ryan they have not paid attention to them, he called in Junichi the car(riage), then had Laura several people to enter Space, sees the Junichi family member. The Junichi family member also got up now, they have not come to such good place, therefore each and every one does not dare to move heedlessly, but is staying in own in the room, naturally has not had the breakfast. Zhao Hai her called, then led them to arrive at Iron Mountain Fort there, let Merine they to the place that they have arranged living, then also said to Junichi the there situation, Junichi then understand, Zhao Hai was the past entire made the entire Aksu Empire noisy Buda Family person, but the place that they were was Black Wasteland Iron Mountain Fort. although is startled, but Junichi also quickly accepted the reality, he now already to Zhao Hai present Blood Oath, this do not think back board Zhao Hai for a lifetime, naturally in having other any idea. Then Zhao Hai arranged the person to lead Junichi to look in all directions, has been familiar with the Iron Mountain Fort situation. Looks at Iron Mountain Fort here unexpectedly so many Beastman along one by one, felt that being startled, is looking at Iron Mountain Fort here red fire such, to winter, here such warm, makes him be startled is not small. Afterward Zhao Hai makes two children who Green they arrange Junichi go to school, divides the house to Junichi, tossed about for day, this returned to on horse carriage. Then the several days time they to are all very calm, in has not met any attack, must say that from Casa City to the Ikisa Family territory very much calm, here does not have the bandits and thieves to move now, only if specifically aims at them, otherwise does not have what danger. Also walked two days, they also finally entered to the Ikisa Family domain, the Ikisa Family domain compared with Purcell Duchy came, to want slightly, their family altogether control a medium grade city, three small town, were only living in Ikisa Family control that medium grade city Sartre city according to Bell.

The Ikisa Family present title is also Marquis, has also missed a point to the duke, do not say Grand Duke, but Ikisa Family was also old Noble, existed to have more than thousand years, these year of although did not have what big show, but the strength was not weak, in adding on their territories was directly connected with Beastman Race, these time were the money of smuggling have gained much, but Beastman, if invaded Human Race, first attacked were also they, therefore their family these year of also show. Zhao Hai they from entry to the Ikisa Family domain, must passing by let the city first, this small city, then can enter to the Sartre city. Zhao Hai they in letting the city have rested for day, next day rushes to the Sartre city, making the city be the satellite town of Sartre city, from letting the city to the Sartre city, only takes about one day, therefore from letting the city comes out, they went to the Sartre city to next evening Zhao Hai. However Zhao Hai has not looked according to Bell directly, but looked for a hotel to live in Sartre first, sent Junichi to exit to inquire information, the preparation in visited according to Bell next day. although said that now is the Ikisa Family domain, however the here local conditions and social customs and living conditions do not have what difference with Casa City there, thinks not to have what well strange, they in the Empire back side, naturally cannot have the too big difference. Next morning, Zhao Hai their early got up, today they must visit to depend on Bell, Ryan they cannot stay in the hotel, no matter what, Ryan is also the Purcell Duchy princess, to the Ikisa Family territory, should visit, the two clans friendship is good. After having had the breakfast, Zhao Hai they take a seat to board, directly to according to the Bell dwelling, according to the Bell dwelling in Sartre city here is very famous, known as spring the grass occupies. Listens to this name is the mansion is not probably big, the person but who knows truly is actually very clear, spring the grass occupies, in Sartre city here is considered as absolutely on is mansion, the entire house occupies a land area about ten mu, is only smaller than City Lord Mansion on a little, in Tat Le Tucheng very famous. Their vehicles stop in front of the door that the spring grass has occupied, big gate that this spring grass occupies looks to arrive is very ordinary, not having any special place, the palace gate to close, in front of the door nobody. Junichi and Xu Wanying stopped car(riage), Junichi from the vehicle, arrived at in front of the door, patted gently has knocked at the door on knocker, in the gate a sound of footsteps transmits, the person who then a wear servant took opened the door, looked along the one by one eye, looked at Junichi behind horse carriage one, immediately/on horseback respectful sound said : this was mister?” This servant very much can judge the quality of goods, his eyes looked, Zhao Hai horse carriage was the Saint light wood does, moreover on horse carriage hung is being the badge of viscount, naturally does not dare to neglect.

Junichi shows a faint smile said : to trouble little elder brother to notify your house/family Master, said the old friend visit on Prairie.” As soon as that servant listened to Junichi saying that gawked slightly, but immediately/on horseback said : please wait a bit, my immediately notified.” Said that turn around runs toward courtyard. Zhao Hai had not worried, sits in the car(riage) static is waiting, some little time, hears in the gate to hear a rapid sound of footsteps, then opening of big gate, according to direct walked out of Bell from the gate, Zhao Hai looked that came out according to Bell, hastily from vehicle. According to Bell saw Giant-horn raging bull that pulls a cart did not doubt the Zhao Hai identity, but saw that the Zhao Hai appearance has gawked. Zhao Hai to depending on Bell shows a faint smile said : according to Brother Bell, to go out conveniently, the brothers I can only trade an appearance, couldn't what? recognize?” Nodded said : „unable to recognize according to Bell hastily, Brother, Elder Brother I was wait for you many days, you came finally, was quick requests personally.” Said that then the hand of Zhao Hai walks toward the palace. According to Bell this palace in also really very much has the characteristics, in the city there has not met in the city before Zhao Hai has seen, enters the palace gate is martial arts training ground that a flagstone spreads, their family enters the palace gate is a stretch of lawn, although now was the winter, the grass in lawn changed yellow, but can imagine obtains, the spring was that green and glossy picture.