The third hundred 25 chapters Calci Family Quick Zhao Hai depended on Bell to the spring grass institute latter dwelling, here, but place that only then the most intimate friend can come, obviously status in Zhao Hai in depending on Bell heart. After several people arrives at the living room to sit down, according to Bell with a smile to Laura their said : you like this dresses up, I could not recognize, but was also good, this nobody will pay attention to you, HaHaHa, your appearances were not really otherwise easy to annoy troublesome.” Zhao Hai they also know that he is chatting, several people also smiled have not been saying anything. According to Bell look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, the previous Hercules Tauren Clan matter sorry, I have not thought that the Radiant Church person will come up in time returned to Prairie, waits till us to receive information, in wants to inform you already late.” Zhao Hai smiles said : to be all right, actually this time I come also really am the has plenty information must to you, you told in these information the alliance.” Then Zhao Hai the Beastman child brainwashed told the Ultimate Weapon plan and matter of that Radiant Church according to Bell. According to Bell clearly don’t know these information, his complexion heavy said : originally also has such matter, was popular you to tell me, I think that in alliance possibly also don’t know these information, these information were very important to us.” Zhao Hai smiles said : „to add on alliance to be good, now we may be the people in alliance, the information that the common enemies, I know, naturally must tell in the alliance, the light is I knows these information, does not have what to use greatly is not.” Smiled said : according to Bell feel relieved, these information you do not give in vain, alliance there will reward to you, if you want to ask for money, alliance there to you money, if you if not ask for money, can change into contribution points, after , if you want any information time, can obtain the information depending on these contribution points, does not need to spend in addition, moreover contribution points many people, but can also first obtain the information, the advantage are many.” Zhao Hai smiles said : I to listen, you hope probably I do trade contribution points to be the same? All right, changes into contribution points, was right, this matter said that should say that Milk Wine matter, what kind of that you consider now? Milk Wine matter?” Smiles said : „the Milk Wine matter I naturally to be careful according to Bell, feel relieved, I have prepared, so long as you send Milk Wine, my immediately starts to pack, is selling outward, no matter what, must make the purification point, this can buy the price is not.” Zhao Hai smiles said : that this to hand over give you, but a little I said understand to you, this each month delivery point, you best to elect on Prairie, or to Prairie near place, others will not suspect like this me, I have not wanted to make them know that now I was concerned with Milk Wine.” According to Bell one hear of Zhao Hai that knows Zhao Hai in being worried about anything, he has not cared, smiles said :this ease in doing, I Stronghold on Prairie, I had thought you delivered to there to be good Milk Wine directly, a while I gave you stretch a map, in that Stronghold had my person to defend in there all the year round, moreover that tribe had cooperation relationship with me, can absolutely feel relieved. Zhao Hai then nodded said : that to be good, how many do you have a look at the sales volume of this Milk Wine shop to have?” According to Bell thinks said : first before us said was so good, one month first 1000 jin (0.5 kg), when later the market opened, we are buying.”

Zhao Hai nodded said : this to be also good, I worked with you in Aksu Empire here, but I arrived at Rosen Empire there to look for a partner, was right, what relationship did you have in Rosen Empire there? relationship in alliance is also good, otherwise I went, is two eyes discredits.” Smiles said : according to Bell is the Aksu Empire market I cannot only eat up, has this market to suffice, this can bring the big income to the alliance, have you calculated?” Zhao Hai smiled bitterly, don’t know must say that any was good, was more like fanatic believer according to Bell, his anything gave up for the alliance, with according to Bell compared with, he to alliance for offering to be possible really to be too few. Looked at Zhao Hai said : to consider as finished according to Bell, the matter that this did accounts told you also spoke in vain, was right, did you just say Rosen Empire? Do you want that city? Carson City? If goes to Carson City, I did not have no relationship, there is Rosen Empire, the mixing of good and bad people, is not good to mix because of there, Rosen Empire port city Sky Water City City Lord, to is the person in alliance, if you if goes to Sky Water City, to can contact with him, has him to cover, all are not a problem.” Zhao Hai has gawked, he has not thought that the alliance also really has relationship in Rosen Empire there, moreover is such hard relationship, Lord of a city, his quickly said: Said carefully.” Nodded said : according to Bell Sky Water City is the Rosen Empire important port city, there turns over to the established Noble Calci Family rule of Rosen Empire, Calci Family becoming famous of very in Rosen Empire, in their Clan the has plenty person's assignment in Rosen Empire the army and Imperial Court, is very influential regarding Rosen Empire, but almost all people do not remember that reason that Calci Family will have today's result, because of the military exploit of their family, but in their family member most from the beginning join armed forces, is Dark Magician and Dead-soldier, can say that their family builds up by Black Magic, now in his also Clan still has plenty Dark Magician, in their Clan possible is because bloodline inheritance. The reason, little other appears Magic innate skill, are in the majority by Black Magic innate skill, therefore their also join Dark Magician Alliance, now besides my here, their family there is also one of the Dark Magician Alliance main sources of revenue . Moreover the person in their Clan in Dark Magician Alliance, has selected several elder seats, it can be said that the backbone of Dark Magician Alliance, the establishment of Dark Magician Alliance, has bit by bit the complicated relation with their family.” Zhao Hai stares, he has not thought, on Continent will really have such Clan, good, is really good, this regarding Zhao Hai, is really very good, had the help of Calci Family, believes that will not encounter the Purcell Duchy here situation in Rosen Empire there. Zhao Hai nodded said : well, I go to Sky Water City, I go to Rosen Empire mainly to do business in any case, goes to there to be the same, Sky Water City there is the port city, the trade reaches certainly, goes to there to be better.” Smiles said : according to Bell well, a while I wrote to you, told Calci Family the situation of person, was greeting with that through the alliance continually, like this you went to Sky Water City there not to have the matter.” Zhao Hai smiles said : that to trouble you.” Smiles said : according to Bell with my polite anything, these information that you send, Milk Wine, is very big regarding the help of alliance, I will respond with alliance.” Zhao Hai smiles said : that thank you, a while you that Stronghold the map on Prairie give me you, I delivered over the two days Milk Wine to you on the arrangement person, do not forget to inform the Prairie there receive, I directly did not pass, I must go to Rosen Empire.” Smiles said : you is very busy according to Bell, ok, my a while manages, was right, I give you tip, avoid does not have means give you.” Zhao Hai smiles said : not to use, according to doing business method, when Milk Wine has delivered, you gave the person who delivered goods to be good money, does not use now to me.”

Nodded according to Bell, looked the day by said : weather not early, today eats meal in my here, I entertain you well, but this liquor may result in you to leave.” Zhao Hai laughs said : not to have the issue, this liquor I leave, your feel relieved.” Prepares the lunch according to the Bell immediately/on horseback instruction person, naturally must prepare good, spring the grass to occupy the here servant to be many, moreover are also many according to the Bell family member, when he wife has six, child also several, in adding on some servants and so on, among the entire spring grass curies many have several hundred people greatly. According to Bell courtyard, many guards, big Merchant like him, have not invited the guard are incorrect, the person who keeps thinking about his property are many went, the guard works to have no alternative but to become. Noon time Zhao Hai they in the food that depending on the Bell family has, according to Bell also own fellow introduced that knew to Zhao Hai, has three son according to Bell, four daughters, seven children, his these children are young, biggest one is only 14 years old, was unable to assume sole responsibility for an important task. Can look from this point, according to Bell already complete regarded Zhao Hai is the person on one's own side, otherwise own family member will not introduce that knew to him. The flower opens two, various Table, Zhao Hai in depending on Bell here anything has not said that all are very smooth, after all they are in the same organization, moreover there is cooperation relationship, this relationship naturally is good, but Ryan sees Ikisa Family Patriarch is actually not very smooth. In the morning Zhao Hai they walk, Ryan also came out from the hotel, sits own horse carriage, brought to accompany to go to the Marquis palace, is not far, although that the two clans territory left said not the too deep friendship, but actually was also has plenty relationship, therefore to the Sartre city, Ryan also has no alternative but to visit. Moreover this Evan to facilitate Ryan goes on a journey, before they leave, gave her to prepare very my gift, these gift putting away according to groups, saw that what person gave what gift, these Evan also explain/transfer to Jill, therefore these matters to did not need Ryan to worry. Ryan sits horse carriage to arrive at the viscount palace slowly, the viscount palace has been occupying the there style more than the spring grass, three meters high courtyard wall, four meters high big gate, big gate outside is standing four guards, about respectively two, are hanging the Ikisa Family badge on big gate, a handsome horse of to run quickly. Ryan horse carriage just stopped to City Lord Mansion in front of the door, immediately has a servant to welcome, is bowing said : to welcome Princess Ryan to the Ryan car(riage) Your Highness.” Said that directed horse carriage to drive the viscount palace directly. horse carriage just entered the palace, walks young man from the palace, this young man looks like also over 20 years old, a pair of sexy look, is discharging probably frequently, entire simultaneously that a present Noble robe, the head will comb, on the eye is also putting up eyeglasses, complexion is somewhat pale, this person of Ikisa Family first in-line successor, Fernand according to Kisa. This Fernand Young Master, in Sartre in the city is very famous, is not because he has the big ability, because of his stamen. This Fernand Young Master, although is only 22 years old now, but presently at home even/including the wife, crosses 20 people in concubine, moreover heard that he also has the minimum seven sweethearts, in Sartre city here, his love matters can write a book.

Today one hear of Fernand one hear of servants said that young lady Ryan visit of Purcell Family, serious of immediately excited, rushes to greet, he heard, the young lady of this Purcell Family, is distinguished persons, has not talking clearly love affair relationship with Casa City in the city many expensive Young Master, moreover this young lady also very likes the distinguished persons, Fernand confessed that is distinguished persons, how possibly to let off this own perfumed hair-oil opportunity. Ryan just from horse carriage, Fernand Young Master arrived by horse carriage at this time, looks at Ryan that flower same appearance, Fernand cannot help but at heart itchy, immediately/on horseback greets said : Fernand to greet late, beautiful Princess Ryan Your Highness excuses me.” Ryan glances the circulation, look at Fernand said : Fernand Young Master was too polite, Ryan that dares to blame Young Master.” Fernand looks at the Ryan appearance, at heart is itchy is not good, but he does not have extremely in being disrespectful, but smiles said : in princess to request personally to Ryan, I have sent for informing the father, believes that the father will come back quickly.” Ryan smiles said : there to dare to work viscount Sir, please.” Said that has lifted hand gently, Fernand that meeting not understand what's the matter, immediately/on horseback extends a hand gently is holding the hand of Ryan, walks toward the palace. Jill they follow on the heels hastily, their in hand are also taking the gift, but they also know this young lady's personality, therefore nobody makes noise, following on the heels silently. They arrived at the viscount palace living room quickly, the ornaments of this living room very magnificent, in the living room is standing six maidservants, saw that Fernand they have come, has been busy, with the hot towel to other people the hand, sent to hot sub to them only, in the fireplace also point in room. Fernand has let loose the hand of Ryan longingly, asking Ryan to sit down, this said : Princess don’t know the Your Highness suddenly visit, really has been disrespectful, this princess palace passed by this place, what matter can arrive at here to handle?” Ryan showed a faint smile said : to pass by, I must go to Rosen Empire to study, but my father feel relieved I, not making me in a viscount with duchy travel together, that viscount must come here with depending on Bell discusses some vitalities, I also happen to visited Uncle Robert, delivered my father while convenient to the small gift that the uncle prepared.” Fernand said : „, princess Your Highness must go to Rosen Empire to study unexpectedly, this goes to the long journey, on the road is very laborious, moreover now is in the winter, how Grand Duke will your excellency elect to make the princess go at this time Rosen Empire?” Ryan smiles said : this time to leave, has waited till Rosen Empire the time, happen to catches up with the there school to begin school, must late unable to catch up.”