Chapter 326 Robert Fernand quickly said: Right, has a look, I to this matter forgetting, to hear that Rosen Empire there school, the request of admittance is very strict, but by princess's natural talent, the admittance is not certainly a problem.” Ryan keeps off mouth chuckle said : to consider as finished with the hand, my this calculates that has any natural talent, you had not looked that these time with that viscount who I travel together, over 20 years old, are actually the wind, the earth, Magician of fire three departments, moreover Magic of first department uses is very good, absolute talent character.” Said that also two eyes braves the star the expression. Fernand looks at Ryan such expression, at heart cannot help but is uncomfortable, must know that he regards his prey Ryan now, but Ryan in his front, praises another man now, his that can bear, complexion somewhat cannot help but ugly. In this time, Mendez is hearing a sound of footsteps, then a voice of man conveys, he has not passed through the gate, laughs said : HaHaHa, small Ryan, you are for sometime have not come uncle here to come.” Was saying while stride entered the room. Passes through the gate this looks like over 40 years old, the body is not high, looks like quite thin and weak, wears a Noble clothing/taking, is bringing transparent eyeglasses on the additional upper eyelid, appears refined charming, this person of Ikisa Family Patriarch Robert. Robert although is only 45 years old today, but is actually 7th level Wind element Magician, moreover he starts to take over Ikisa Family from the 25 year, sat in the position of Patriarch for 20 years, in the twenty years, Ikisa Family although not too big show, but neighbors Prairie, their relying on smuggling and collects the smuggling tax, has made a lot of money. Ikisa Family is different from Purcell Family, Purcell Family has an elder to restrict Patriarch, Ikisa Family does not have Elder Assembly, although has several elders, but these elder Patriarch under the hand/subordinate, cannot only control Patriarch, therefore Robert in Ikisa Family, that has the absolute authority. Robert this person with Fernand is two temper, the Robert life, only then a wife concubine, this concubine or his wife's dowry maidservant, therefore the appearance of Robert to Fernand cannot get used to seeing very much, but his wife is actually used, he does not have the means. Saw Robert to come, Ryan and Fernand stood to salute to Robert hastily, Robert nodded, turns the head look at Ryan said : „, small Ryan grew into the girl, previous time I saw your time, you were only seven years old, was this these many years on the past, your father good in a flash?” Ryan smiles said : father to be good, these time makes me come to see the uncle specially, gave back to the uncle to bring a gift, Jill.”

On Gillma took a box to walk, in that box was putting very good Magic Staff, Robert was Magician, delivered him well Magic Staff. Robert receives with a smile, this turns the head to Ryan said : Ryan that what matter does your this time have?” Ryan quickly said: All right, I passed by, this time I must go to Rosen Empire to study, but father feel relieved I do not start off, makes me in viscount together with duchy start off, but that viscount must come your here to look according to Bell discusses a business, therefore I, while convenient have come to see you.” Does Robert smile said : „? Does your father give up you to run unexpectedly studies? Um, it seems like I must with your father study study, making thing that this does not make every effort to succeed also exit rushing well.” Fernand to is a bitter color of face, he is the same with the idea of Ryan, in their Clan territory, he is a character, went to Rosen Empire such big Empire, his such status is nothing, this self-knowledge he had. Ryan smiles said : father also saying that said wants to make me exit to grow in experience, he he.” Robert smiles said : well, growing in experience is right, um, my this old man did not chat with you, lets the fil is accompanying well your in the palace play, at noon remembers that must eat meal in here.” Said that stood, Fernand saw the father to walk, this relaxed, normally Robert was very severe to him, all right taught his a few words, made that now Fernand sees the father, felt at heart hurriedly. Ryan look at Fernand appearance, at heart cannot help but despising, if before, she saw playboy like Fernand, mood he, since has seen Zhao Hai, she was not having that mood. Ryan can also certainly look in the Fernand eye ** the fire, she just intentionally quart Zhao Hai in front of Fernand, was wanted to tease funny Fernand, must look to Zhao Hai slightly troublesome. Ryan eats several times to owe in Zhao Hai in hand, moreover Zhao Hai had not given her good complexion, this lets Ryan at heart is not very indignant, the facial expression that therefore sees fee happy Feder, Ryan knows that this is lawless playboy, so long as she has displayed to the Zhao Hai favorable impression, this playboy will certainly look for the trouble of Zhao Hai, showed that own male human spirit compels, how Ryan to wants to have a look at the Zhao Hai person to solve this matter.

Then Fernand visits the Marquis palace on invitation Ryan, must go to Sartre in the city look well, but this, Ryan little has not given all the way Fernand to add to stop up, most important him told that Zhao Hai all sorts of advantage, makes Fernand annoyedly. Such that just like Ryan said that playboy like Fernand, regarding the woman who he settles on, speaks the behavior of another man in the quart in front of him going all out, is unable to tolerate, do not say that this is in his domain, therefore Fernand complexion is getting harder and harder looks. Quick arrives at has the Chinese meal time, Ryan with Fernand returned to of a lot of air/Qi the Marquis palace, Fernand has led Ryan to go to the living room, they just sat down before long, has the maidservant to come to ask them to go to the dining room, when they arrived at the dining room time, presently Robert was waiting for them in there. This meal eats to was very relaxed, Robert has worked as 20 years of Patriarch, what person has seen, naturally knows that the atmosphere on how letting dinner table cannot light pale, was adding on the meal that the Robert family member made, the flavor was good, happy that very therefore Ryan also ate. After having had the Chinese meal, Robert is busy at own matter, Ryan wants to go to in the city to have a look with Fernand in all directions, but Fernand said that wants to see with that viscount who he travels together. Ryan one hear of Fernand said that knows he could not bear, laughs in one's heart at heart at the same time, brings the hotel that Fernand they stayed. Hotel that Zhao Hai they stay in now, is naturally impossible to be too bad, now no matter what, he acts is a playboy, if lives is too bad, that really does not gather the status, place that therefore they live in very luxurious. They arrived at the hotel time, stays behind except for Ryan comes to see thing some guards, only then Blockhead, Blockhead rushes delivery of goods the car(riage) to Zhao Hai now, the status is insufficient, therefore has not gone with Zhao Hai according to Bell there, Ryan led Fernand to her room, immediately to send for finding Blockhead. What matter Blockhead although don’t know lived, but he went, passing through the gate Blockhead to Ryan does salute said : slightly sees princess Your Highness, what matter don’t know Your Highness looks slightly has?” Ryan has not waited for the speech, Fernand stood to give a Blockhead mouth, Blockhead was hit, who did he cover face puzzled look at Fernand said : „you are being? Why hits me?” The Fernand look at Blockhead appearance, proud vast said : hits is thing that your this does not keep eyes open, sees the princess Your Highness not good kneeling ritual, saw that Marquis first successor don’t know salutes, shouldn't I hit you? What lord has to have what lackey, looked that your appearance knows your lord also very arrives at that to go.”

Ryan has not thought that Fernand meets begins, such way regarding Noble, was really most Inferior level way, Ryan at heart cannot help but looking down upon Fernand. However to look for the trouble of Zhao Hai, Ryan has borne, is only coldly look at Blockhead, Blockhead is impatient now, wishes one could to draw a sword Fernand to kill directly, for does not give Zhao Hai to look for trouble, he endured. He endures, actually not necessarily Zhao Hai must endure, wants Blockhead to want gives Ryan and Fernand salutes, a suddenly sound conveys said : „the Marquis successor, the big power and prestige, what title don’t know are you now?” At the same time said Zhao Hai form already appears in Ryan in front of the door, Ryan saw Zhao Hai appears , not startled counter- happy, she must see was this effect, how he to wants to have a look at Zhao Hai to solve this matter. Fernand also gains ground look at Zhao Hai, he sees although long very ordinary, but appearance actually uncommon very person appears in in front of the door, in listened to the Zhao Hai words, he knows that was advocating appears , fee happy Fernand cannot help but coldly said : „couldn't the Marquis successor control you?” Zhao Hai look at Fernand, although his don’t know lived any matter, but Blockhead hit he is knows that this makes him be burning with anger, must know that Blockhead is when Buda Family has not had an accident with his, has been as close as brothers with him, now has actually been hit, his can swallow under this tone. One hear of Fernand said that he cannot help but smiles said : Marquis is the title is very high, I am the title of don’t know your this successor have me to be high, why don’t know do you teach my servant?” Fernand complexion cannot help but changed, although his father is Marquis, however his title is not high, is only a viscount, with Zhao Hai is the same level title, actually runs to teach the Zhao Hai servant with his title, truly is somewhat excessive, has calls to beat a dog along the words must look at Master, he such flagrant teaching Blockhead, hits the face of Zhao Hai obviously, this in Noble is taboo. although said in Noble this is taboo, but by Fernand, is actually not anything, in Sartre city here, his looks like was domineeringly has been used, that will care about a young viscount.