Chapter 327 Conflict Level Up Fernand coldly look at Zhao Hai said : „below is also a viscount, what's wrong, couldn't a viscount have taught a servant?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „a viscount naturally to teach a servant, but that teaches own servant, teaches my servant, you a little are unqualified, he has hit my servant, I must hit your servant, this does not calculate excessive?” Said that his hand moves, Wind Blade cuts together toward a Fernand behind servant on. Fernand has not thought that Zhao Hai actually said begins to begin, his behind that servant's response is not slow, looks at Zhao Hai to begin, immediately/on horseback transported Battle Qi, proliferated the whole body. However spends that servant of happy Fernand is just 5th level Warrior, his Battle Qi defense capability is really limited, but Wind Blade that Zhao Hai exits, is Magic that equivalent to 7th level Magician exits is the same, therefore response although of that servant is quick, transported Battle Qi, has not actually blocked Zhao Hai Wind Blade attack, a pitiful yell, the arm of that servant fell the ground. Fernand looks the pitiful condition of own servant, complexion pale said : good bold fanatic, in the Ikisa Family domain, you also dares such acting unruly, I to think that you do not want to live.” Zhao Hai is actually coldly smiles said : I to live, is not calculation that you said that Blockhead, we walk.” Blockhead has complied with one, follows in Zhao Hai, leave Ryan room. The Ryan present to was a little frightened, she has not thought that Zhao Hai actually said begins to begin, moreover wanted the arm of Fernand servant directly, this was too bloody. Moreover as the matter stands, Zhao Hai with Fernand hatred was big, this matter was not good to end. Ryan has not really thought Fernand meets this by crudeness, Zhao Hai such strong, simply point making concessions, has not come up on below such cruel methods. Fernand present complexion is pale, he has not thought Zhao Hai unexpectedly such not to his face, this makes his very difficult endure, from infancy to maturity, in the Ikisa Family domain, but also nobody dares like this does not give his face. However not bears very much, his these time comes out not to lead too many guards, even if wanted to look for the trouble of Zhao Hai unable to look, what this face lost was enough big. Fernand can only coldly snorted, lift the foot outward to walk. His that servant to also firm, is suppressing the ache of arm, has sealed up the blood vessel on arm with Battle Qi, making the blood not flow outward, walked with Fernand outward.

Ryan has not thought that the matter will make to this situation, look at ground that strip bloody arm, Ryan cannot help but felt a fear, her suddenly thinks, in Purcell Duchy there, she has threatened Zhao Hai, finally almost by Zhao Hai under the hand/subordinate killing, Zhao Hai knows at that time his status, has not feared in Purcell Duchy there Zhao Hai, difficult Ikisa Family here he to fear? Thinks of here, Ryan cannot help but regret, this matter left her control range now, did not do well is Zhao Hai and Ikisa Family comprehensively makes war. although said that Ryan wants to give a Zhao Hai lesson, but she has not thought wants Zhao Hai dead, therefore looked that now the conflict of Zhao Hai and Fernand one rose after unexpectedly, this was not Ryan wants to see absolutely. In the Ryan secret regret time, suddenly Junichi appears outside the Ryan door, to Ryan said : princess Your Highness, viscount Sir asked you to pass, something consulted.” Ryan stares, immediately/on horseback nodded said : well, my immediately in the past.” Said that has stood, with Junichi to the Zhao Hai room. Zhao Hai is sitting in the living room is waiting for Ryan, saw Ryan to come, slight bow said : of princess palace, please sit down.” Ryan look at Zhao Hai, open the mouth and said: mister, this time matter you do was extremely crude, but here the Ikisa Family domain, you conflict with Fernand in here, was really the non- wisdom, although said that Fernand was not in good graces in Ikisa Family, but this you clarified have hit the face of Ikisa Family, they will not let off your.” Zhao Hai calm look at Ryan said : princess Your Highness, I want to know why Fernand did meet has hit Blockhead? Is only because Blockhead hasn't saluted?” Ryan looked at somewhat by Zhao Hai is at heart hurried, she knows certainly because of what, but she actually cannot say that what meaning her dangling eye said : mister this saying is? mister suspected that I am inadequate? That asked mister to come your servant, we confronted, having a look at me to lie.” Zhao Hai look at Ryan, calm said : princess Your Highness said does not have, that naturally did not have, but princess Your Highness also saw, I have now made the big trouble, princess Your Highness is unsafe with me, later asked princess Your Highness to take various groups with me respectively, will turn head I with the Grand Duke main this matter, Junichi, saw a visitor out.” Said that Zhao Hai has closed the eye, was not managing Ryan. Ryan has gawked, her never expected, Zhao Hai will cope with him with this means unexpectedly, her quickly said: You cannot like this, be my father make you look after my, you dare, no matter I? Believes my father to take back your title?”

Zhao Hai has opened the eye, looked at Ryan said : I not to matter, takes back takes back, to be honest, title I of this viscount did not strive, was your father gives to me on own initiative, he wants to take back to take back.” Said that is not managing Ryan. Ryan must say anything, Junichi actually walks, puts out a hand to Ryan said : princess Your Highness, please.” Ryan stared maliciously along the one by one eye, snort|hum, turn around walked. Looked at Ryan to exit, Laura could not bear said : Elder Brother Hai, you wanted to drive away her, wasn't managing her?” Zhao Hai opens the eye, looked at Laura said : to manage her? How to manage? Keeps her in the side, when don’t know will annoy a matter to come to me, I do not need to do daily other, is only thinking her, this entire is a courting disaster essence.” Laura is also helpless, Ryan also really like Zhao Hai said that was a courting disaster essence, today that Fernand obvious is finds fault, he impossible with no reason at all found fault, the cause of that matter certainly because of Ryan, this, so long as were not the fools thinks. To be honest, Laura does not want to let Ryan with them, however the Evan face also has no alternative but, now this to be also good, later did not need to be worried about the Ryan matter. said : of Meg actually worry „can Young Master, really be able to speak with Ikisa Family according to Bell? If he could not speak, what to do we can? Makes war with Ikisa Family really?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : I to want according to Bell to be able to speak, he in Sartre city these many years, was so big, if did not have the Ikisa Family back that the business did to support, definitely cannot achieve, if he could not solve, that made war with Ikisa Family, we did not fear him in any case, said it, we walked, can they be able to block?” Laura smiles said : I to think that this perhaps is opportunity, perhaps we must to use this matter, relates with Ikisa Family on, this after us handles affairs, has the advantage very much.” Zhao Hai smiles said : that to have such good matter, first had a look saying that how had a look to say according to Bell there.” Was saying, outside heard a horse's hoof sound, Zhao Hai has wielded, monitor projection appears in his front, Zhao Hai looked toward monitor on that one team of Cavalry were catching up toward their here, their hotels surrounding. Zhao Hai forced smile said : also is really a playboy, this adjusted the army, it seems like I compared with genuine playboy, but also fell far short.” Laura they have smiled, does not have an appearance of worry.

However at this time the response of hotel was stemmed from the anticipation of Zhao Hai, the hotel or that hotel Zhao Hai they stay in now, all medium above cities on Continent, had the chain store in hotel . Moreover the here grade of service was best, therefore Zhao Hai they went to the Sartre city, has been admitted to hotel, most minimum Zhao Hai knows that this hotel with depending on Bell and Ikisa Family did not have no relationship. Like the general hotel, meets this Cavalry to encircle the matter of shop, immediately is frightened, hurries to drive out the guest, but the response of hotel here stems from the anticipation of Zhao Hai, they have not come up to catch up with the person, but is opening the door, probably had not seen that outside these Cavalry are the same, these in hotel wait on should, does not have what different kind response, only then a Steward person has arrived at shop in front of the door look at these Cavalry. In these Cavalry side, is stopping horse carriage, on the vehicle is meeting Fernand, the long thinness of that Steward, an astuteness of face, Zhao Hai has seen, this normally does not smile does not speak, but now is actually calm of face, is bowing to Fernand horse carriage said : originally is First Young Master, don’t know First Young Master comes to do?” Fernand look at that Steward, shouted angrily said : Illing, you little wasted breath, place that here you have not spoken, I am look for that Wales to be troublesome today, the person the best shunt, otherwise not to blame my impolite.” Illing calm look at Fernand, Fernand has the one type of misconception, oneself probably by a snake staring, this feeling have let his very uncomfortable. Illing look at Fernand, calm said : First Young Master, you also know that we are open a shop to do business, has not caught up with the truth of guest, my don’t know First Young Master has any grievances with Wales mister, so long as Wales mister stays for day in the shop, his one day is the guest in our shop, such as wants us unable to guarantee that the safety of guest, that also opens any hotel, First Young Master please return, if First Young Master wants to look for the trouble of Wales mister, when mister leave, First Young Master looks freely, at that time did not have relationship with our hotel, but now actually not line.” What these words said is throws has the sound, Zhao Hai cannot bear applaud, he has not thought, this hotel unexpectedly such plants, in the Ikisa Family domain, dares unexpectedly with Fernand public locking horns.