The third hundred 28 chapters Big power and prestige Fernand has not thought of Illing to dare unexpectedly such not to his face, his complexion pale said : Illing, your lackey, your Eaten Bear's Heart and Leopard's Gallbladder? Dares such to speak to me unexpectedly? Don't you want to live? Today I have opened your this shop.” In the Illing eye flash of cold light, deep voice said : my Shelly Family spreads the hotel on Continent, until now, did not have that person to dare saying that must open our Clan shop, if First Young Master wants to open the shop, my Illing does not stop, but don’t know Sir Marquis must ask Sir Marquis to give us at the appointed time Shelly Family explain/transfer.” Fernand fierce calm, his although is playboys, but has not been in the situation of idiot, his father had already told him, in the domain of their family, several cannot move, this hotel is the same. Just he was only the temporary indignation, has not thought that many, now one hear of Illing said that Fernand actually calm, he knows what Illing said was real, hotel has almost spread over a wide area entire Continent, such big industry, can their Clan influence be small? Such everyone/Great Clan puts, do not say they small Ikisa Family, even if Aksu Empire Imperial Clan wants their family, well thinks over. Thinks of here, Fernand cannot help but presses down the heart the anger, deep voice said : wants to make me not look for trouble also good, you go to call Wales, our matters we solve.” Illing is actually shook the head said : First Young Master to excuse me, custom that we open a shop, the guest has not called us, we cannot optional disturbs the guest to rest.” Anger that Fernand just pressed, could not be bearing finally, he calls out said : to be good your Illing, I look in the Shelly Family face, has not haggled over your impoliteness, you now to being concerned about face, come the person, rushes to me!” These Cavalry just about to clash toward, outside the suddenly hotel appears ten Stone Giant, these Stone Giant have been similar to a wall same keeps off in in front of the door of hotel, then the Zhao Hai sound conveys said : Fernand First Young Master, you want to see me, I come out and that's the end, why such waging a war.” Was saying Zhao Hai already walked out from hotel, he first is to Illing gave a salute, smiles said : to thank the maintenance of Illing mister, Zhao Hai will never forget till death.” Illing shows a faint smile, calm said : „, so long as mister lives in the shop, is our guests, we naturally must assure the safety of guest.”

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, what has not been saying, this sentiment he actually at heart, at this time Zhao Hai turned the head look at complexion to make green Fernand said : First Young Master, don't our matters have to so the situation probably seriously? You have hit my servant, I have also hit your servant, this has averaged, don’t know First Young Master such dragging in lots of people, so-called what to come?” Did Fernand actually sneer said : what? to admit defeat now? Late, you do not ask that this is the domain of which family, you stand on the land of which family, dares such to me, courts death simply!” Zhao Hai look at Fernand, shows a faint smile said : First Young Master to think that I have feared you? The truth you told that I to the Marquis face, do not want to be noisy the matter, if makes the matter too greatly, when the time comes no one is good to end, invites First Young Master think twice.” Fernand sneers said : „the present to think that said these, late, came the person, took to me him!” These Cavalry ka one has set level Knight Spear, prepares to charge. At this time sound suddenly said : stopped, stopped quickly.” Zhao Hai one hear of this sounds, cannot help but show a faint smile, this sound depends on Bell, he came finally, if he late comes, feared that was really must hit. Fernand turned the head to look, looked according to Bell, the Fernand cannot help but knitting the brows head, in this Sartre city, must say that person was he is not willing to annoy, only then this depended on Bell, was entire Ikisa Family leads biggest Merchant according to Bell, moreover was his father's good friend, although he looked down upon this mercenary spirit Merchant, but actually has to give according to Bell two points of Bo Mian. Now according to Bell suddenly appears , this makes Fernand somewhat knit the brows, according to Bell take part to this matter, that matter was not quite easy to do. At this time he also remembered the Ryan words, Ryan has told him, this Zhao Hai according to the Kisa lead(er), must with depending on Bell discusses the cooperation, now looks like, their cooperation should be discusses. According to is very anxious, has not sat including horse carriage that Bell these time comes, is riding Horse comes directly, forehead perspiration that run, Xu Wanying also rides a horse to follow in his. Before Bell running up to shop fast, first nodded to Zhao Hai, then turned the head to look at Fernand, micro cannot be observed knit the brows said : First Young Master, how don’t know my friend to offend you? Asked First Young Master to look in my thin surface, the anger of lull thunder.”

According to Bell worthily is Merchant, this opens the mouth you to apologize, this, puts out a hand not to hit the smiling face person, by his saying, the average people was been so embarrassed is hot. Fernand sees according to Bell, said according to Bell in one hear, does not want to be hot, he knows that this matter has acted according to Bell, he also really has no alternative but show due respect for the feelings, to be in this time, Ryan actually walked out from the shop, in shop entrance there look at Fernand. Fernand saw Ryan appears , cannot help but one happy, in looked Ryan despised looked at his one eyes, then changed to the body of Zhao Hai the vision, an admire of face, cannot help but was impatient, forgot to depending on the Bell face, sneered said : to depend on Bell, you small Merchant, why made me give you face, normally looked that you were filial piety in many shares to our family, my father was on intimate terms with you, I also called you an uncle, how? Did you also really regard yourself a character? Your immediately/on horseback makes way, otherwise do not blame me not to give you face, grasped including your together.” According to Bell one hear of Fernand that the air/Qi results in complexion to be pale, just he obviously noticed that Fernand complexion slow has gathered, how among suddenly changed the tone, according to Bell not with Fernand mister, but turned the head to look, wants to discover is any reason makes the Fernand manner transform. This turned the head he to see Ryan, looked at the appearance of Ryan, in looked at the Ryan facial expression, according to Bell knows that this was Zhao seaport the princess in that Purcell Family, he also on understand what's the matter. According to Bell take deep breaths, turns the head look at Fernand, cannot help but sighed, his understand, a Robert that astute person, did not live son actually stupid like the pig, such obvious selecting pulling out counted him unable to look, this also too idiot. Has not known what to do according to Bell don’t know, if this First Young Master violates to come really muddily, he has not said anything, how to say that he is also Ikisa Family First Young Master. At this time a sound conveyed said : your big power and prestige, must also catch me.” This sound is not loud, moreover is very ordinary, cannot listen to a point change, but hears this sound, Fernand complexion one changed. According to Bell and Illing facial expression is actually one happy, Zhao Hai also turns the head to look in the direction that the sound conveys, there horse carriage is catching up slowly, horse carriage is very big, looks like is also very magnificent, but this type magnificent is different from the magnificence of that violent household, is the one type of low key, has the magnificence of taste. A middle-aged man is standing on the vehicle, his although Noble clothing/taking, is bringing the eyeglasses, but that clothes put in his body, actually appears refined charming, that eyeglasses increased the air/Qi of several scholarly for him. Sees this, Zhao Hai cannot help but to his heart fresh favorable impression, before on Zhao Hai Earth time, is a nerd author, the body naturally also has that type of refined air/Qi, regarding literati, inborn has the feeling of one type of being intimate with, now sees this person of temperament, cannot help but heart fresh favorable impression.

This person naturally is Robert, although Robert in complexion calm, but all people know that he in the vitality, moved forward to meet somebody according to Bell at this time hastily, bowed said : Sir Marquis to come to Robert unexpectedly personally, how this dares to work as, Wales, saw Sir Marquis quickly.” Zhao Hai walked hastily, bows said : Wales to see Sir Marquis to Robert, Sir completely secure.” Robert nodded, look at Zhao Hai, looks indifferently, Zhao Hai probably is playboys of having no merit to speak, but careful looked that presently probably is not right, although Zhao Hai clothes also dressed up to say to be beautifully attired, but also was bringing pink color eyeglasses, he naturally could not get used to seeing dresses up like this, but Robert actually by these superficial appearance confusing, he was the same with Zhao Hai, noted Zhao Hai temperament. On Zhao Hai also refined air/Qi, are because he experience on Earth, on Earth, he is a on novel writer, moreover likes ancient literature, therefore on him naturally has refined air/Qi, when adds in Earth, he is the life in a person of calm society, to Ark Continent here, his nature also on having one type of unusual temperament, Zhao Hai presently, his temperament like this, has not been belongs in Ark Continent here uniquely. Robert is an astute character, naturally noted on Zhao Hai the temperament, was looking at the appearance of Zhao Hai, his immediately understand, Zhao Hai has dressed up specially like this, he cannot help but showed a faint smile, has not divulged, but nodded said : to Zhao Hai young man, was very good, he he, what a pity was the temperament or big.” Zhao Hai one hear of he said that knows he before had understood here lived any matter, his cannot help but face one red, to be honest, this matter he did truly somewhat has impulsed, what therefore embarrassed said : Sir Marquis said that was crude below.” Robert has not cared, he he chuckle, this face image rotation Fernand, now Fernand is complexion was pale, since Robert appears , Fernand knows that the matter must trouble, but he does not dare to run, these year of Robert little have not taught him, to him is the power and influenced acquired over a long period in the course of time, he saw that Robert is soft on the whole body, that also dares to act unreasonably.