Chapter 329 Lived your such fool son Robert looked at Fernand one, what has not said that then turns the head look at these Cavalry, deep voice is said : who today commands troops?” Cavalry leads walked out, bows said : subordinate three Battalion Battalion Commander Niclas to see Sir Marquis on the horseback to Robert.” Cavalry when has any, even if saw that King also with discontinuing to salute, therefore this Cavalry leads although is Robert under the hand/subordinate, has not actually discontinued. Robert looked at Niclas one eyes, nodded said : to go back itself to get 50 army clubs, gets down.” Niclas in immediately/on horseback to Robert ritual said : is.” Then waved, leading these Cavalry to retreat. Niclas also knows why one were punished, he is City Defense Force of Sartre city, although they also turns over to the Ikisa Family tube, but their normally cannot move lightly, wants to transfer them, must have Robert Command Token to be good, but these time because of the Fernand words, they came out, this was really some, therefore Robert will punish them. Looked at Niclas to retreat, Robert then turned the head look at Fernand said : to go home, Wales mister, according to Bell, went my family to sit with me.” Then Robert turns the head look at Illing, shows a faint smile said : Illing Manager, youngster is impolite, toward do not go at heart, on that day sometimes, I in visited to apologize.” Illing smiles said : Sir Marquis to be polite, that dares to make the Sir apologize, the Sir had the time to consider the business of shop to be good.” Robert laughed said : Illing mister to be polite, drew the business to draw to my head came, HaHaHa, good, had the time I certainly to come, today are not many remains.” Illing quickly said: Sir Marquis invited.” Robert nodded to him, told horse carriage, drove a cart. Zhao Hai and hastily follow according to Bell, Zhao Hai boarded, started according to Bell, walks toward the Marquis palace with Robert, Fernand also with sitting on vehicle, follows on the heels walks toward the family. To the Marquis palace, Robert invited Zhao Hai and entered the living room according to Bell, Fernand naturally also followed, enters the living room, these maidservant immediately have sent to sub, then by Robert driving out. Waits for these maidservants to exit, Robert complexion sinks, Bang tea table, look at Fernand said : your this fool, how I will have your such fool son, where hotel that is, I went to there to eat meal must pay money in the same old way, you dare to have the person to sphere there, but must rush, do you want dead?”

Fernand lowers the head does not make noise, Robert look at Fernand said : do not think that our Ikisa Family has such big a piece domain, thought greatly, our Clan territory, was because these Great Noble could not have a liking, therefore to our, you also really will regard itself a character? Hotel, all branch stores add no less than Wan Family, on entire Continent is also ranking among the best Clan, such Clan do you also dare to annoy? Do you want to make entire Ikisa Family compensate to bury with person together?” Fernand still did not speak, but lowered the head, however his actually somewhat thought otherwise at heart, in his opinion Robert said too has exaggerated, he does not believe that opened the hotel to be have that big energy. The Robert look at Fernand appearance, knows that he toward has not gone at heart, Robert cannot help but sighed said : also to have this time matter, you could not look at Ryan intentionally instigate? You actually on silly being swindled, my Robert astute first, lived your such fool son, in your head except for the woman, too can in want to select other? said it, you think that a good woman, I did not oppose, but Ryan is who, your don’t know? He is discredited in Purcell Duchy, Evan has to deliver to Rosen Empire to study him, for such woman, you are also worth dragging in lots of people?” At this time Zhao Hai opened the mouth not quite to be obviously appropriate, according to Bell was the Robert peer, he to did not have anything, quickly said: Sir Marquis, this matter cannot blame First Young Master, was really that Princess Ryan too can put on airs, you looked at his appearance, saw to know that will cancel the man, if I ran into Princess Ryan at the young point such, feared that could not resist.” Did Robert stare his said : you unable to resist? That can Wales resist? I just noticed that Wales is a point favorable impression does not have to that princess, Wales, what's all this about? Why don't you have the favorable impression to that princess probably?” Also no wonder Robert will feel puzzled, he looked, the Zhao Hai viscount title gave to Evan, normally looked like Zhao Hai this situation, he should be careful to Ryan is right, why his appearance to Ryan probably very dislike? Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly, prepared itself already to think that good excuse, said : Princess Ryan person long was very attractive, however was not quite good because of the Purcell Duchy there reputation, I do not dare to marry, my this title although was Grand Duke Evan gives, but I have not wanted, he was my strength that settled on, gave my title, I have not been serious.” Robert he he chuckle said : looks like I have not misread, your simply puts on this to come out to put on an act, how? What hard thing to bring up has to be inadequate?” What Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not to have, puts on this not to be good? Working rampant point also nobody said anything, he he, relaxed comfortable.” Robert laughs, then turns the head look at Fernand said : „, it seems like I must prepare to you, you are best Rosen Empire to study.” Fernand one hear of Robert said that gained ground hastily look at Robert said : father, I later am obedient and that's the end, do not make me go to Rosen Empire to study, was too far, I do not want to go.” Robert looks at his appearance, forced smile that not bears next step: Ok, you go back first, a while comes out to accompany Wales and you have the dinner according to Uncle Bell.” Fernand looked at Zhao Hai and according to Bell one, finally nodded, turn around walked, looked the appearance that the Fernand non- sentiment does not hope, cannot help but shook the head according to Kisa, sighs said : to make his mother become hardened in bad habits to him, such Sir, but also various child nature.”

Actually smiles said : according to Bell yesterday, I do not come you with talk on endlessly each time this matter, was right, gives you to introduce, the alliance young blood, Zhao Hai, this name should you hear?” Zhao Hai and Robert one hear according to Bell said that stares, according to a Bell such saying, was tells Zhao Hai and Robert on equal to, they were the people on one's own side. Zhao Hai and Robert look at opposite party, then turns the head look at to depend on Bell, presently depends on Bell titter, Robert cannot help but forced smile said : originally real, your this fellow, this secret does suffices, my don’t know.” Zhao Hai is also the forced smile again and again, he has not thought, Ikisa Family Patriarch that tastes can be the person in Dark Magician Alliance unexpectedly. However he changes mind thinks that does not hear this Robert right, but 7th level Wind element Magician, how can be the Dark Magician Alliance person. The look at Zhao Hai appearance, smiles said : not to think in the Black Magic alliance according to Bell is Black Magic, many many Dark Magician people, is the person in alliance, like me and Robert is, we cannot get used to seeing Radiant Church extremely in overbearing, is adding on us not to have dislike to Dark Magician Alliance, therefore on join.” Zhao Hai nodded, Robert curious look at Zhao Hai said : „are you also in the alliance? Are you Dark Magician?” Zhao Hai smiles said : „, I was in the past the join alliance, I was Dark Magician, but by the fire, the earth, the wind three is the Magician reputation takes a walk on Continent now, such convenience.” Robert and according to Bell look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai looked at their one eyes, forced smile said : do not look, my actually not Magic, what meeting was Divergent Technique, my Divergent Technique can imitate many Magic effects, presently the person can imitate Earth element, Wind element, Water element, dark department, Light Element, therefore I can play the role of three am Magician.” Has not thought that a Zhao Hai such saying, Robert and according to Bell looked his vision was more surprised, actually this was blame Zhao Hai too does not understand Divergent Technique, Divergent Technique on Continent belongs to mysterious thing absolutely, therefore heard that Zhao Hai met Divergent Technique, they felt very surprised. Xu Wanying meets Divergent Technique, reason that nobody feels odd , because he became famous too early, everyone/Great Clan already knows, will not feel to feel strange, now one hear of Zhao Hai said that he also met Divergent Technique, Robert and feels certainly according to Bell surprised. Zhao Hai looked at their one eyes, has smiled bitterly, was not speaking, he also knows that said wrong, later little say to well. Robert and according to Bell looked that Zhao Hai does not want to say that they had not asked that the alliance is only a very loose organization, everyone has own secret, they are not inquisitive.

Robert shift topic said : was right, Zhao Hai do you look according to Bell do do? This fellow is a profiteer, don't you want to do business with him?” Very obviously, Robert with depending on Bell relationship is very good, they such mutual teasing, such relationship, but also very makes Zhao Hai envy. White Robert said : what? hasn't Zhao Hai been able to ask me to do business according to Bell? Did you forget him are do do?” Robert has gawked, this thinks that in the past made noisy Haven product to come in Purcell Duchy, these thing were Zhao Hai takes, that Zhao Hai with depending on Bell did business does not have what well strange. Did Robert nod, turns the head that your this time to prepare with depending on Bell to Zhao Hai said : does business? Haven product?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : this time is not, this time is Milk Wine, I buy Milk Wine for depending on Bell, entire Aksu Empire his exclusive sale.” Robert said : Milk Wine? What that does thing have to sell? Can some people buy?” Smiled said : I to tell that you according to Bell, a while made you taste, after I thought you, although also other liquor not.” Looked that according to Bell appearance Robert knows that liquor the flavor definitely is good, but he felt curiously, his family to Beastman Prairie here nearest/recent, will certainly do business with Beastman, Milk Wine he little has not drunk, he has not really drunk that well.