Chapter 330 Illing Several people chatted in living room, unconscious was the time of dinner, the matters that they chatted were some about Dark Magician Alliance, Zhao Hai was new join, did not understand the matter of alliance very much that now has such opportunity, he naturally must well asked for advice with them. They to have not hidden the truth from him, originally Robert can join Dark Magician Alliance be lucky depends on Bell, their relationship are good, afterward depended on Bell in chat, has tried manner of Robert to Dark Magician, has not thought that Robert to is to Dark Magician not dislike, instead to is to overbearing not being able to get used to seeing of Radiant Church, finally after multiple contact, according to Bell finally the Robert generating in alliance. Zhao Hai is listening to Robert their words, feels is a little dangerous, according to their views, this is quick our party show party member, this was also too mysterious. However the matter puts at present, he has no alternative but to believe that finally Zhao Hai to has believed entirely, they also told him something in the alliance, making understanding of Zhao Hai the alliance many. Dinner time, several people arrived at the dining room, Fernand also came out to have a drink, Fernand also thinks understand now, his although playboy, but was not stupid, morning time was envied the fire to the fainted brains, returned to calms down thinking well, knows one were by Ryan planning. although knows one is planned, however his did not feel better at heart very much, no matter what, this time matter was also he suffered a loss, this let his very uncomfortable, eating meal time, was Robert sends for calling him, he came out. After several people sit down, Robert has put out oneself equipment Fruit Wine, looked according to Bell that blocks his said : to leave hastily, your this liquor is remaining, today drinks the Wales liquor, Wales, with?” Because there is Fernand on the scene, Robert does not want to make Fernand know the Zhao Hai status, therefore manages Zhao Hai to call Wales, this arrived did not say that Robert does not want to make Fernand contact with Zhao Hai, he was actually good for Zhao Hai. The Zhao Hai status must not exposed to the light in Aksu Empire absolutely, this status less people know are better, Fernand although is not stupid, but this fellow quite impulses, impulses any matter to do, if made him say the Zhao Hai status, then to Evan, to depending on Bell, will have the influence to Robert, therefore Robert or the decision did not tell him the Zhao Hai status. Robert also curious look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai smiles said : well, tastes my liquor, was I gives Fernand Big Brother to apologize.” The hand turns, puts out a big leather bag. This Fernand to did not dare underestimated Zhao Hai, must not have Space equipment in entire Ikisa Family, looked at the Zhao Hai appearance, obviously Space equipment, on this Continent, Space equipment, that absolutely was the symbol of status, he also really is a little in doubt now Zhao Hai is any status.

Zhao Hai has not cared about the Fernand expression, puts out the liquor bag, arrived at one cup of Milk Wine to three people of one person, then puts down the liquor bag, holds up wine glass, to Fernand said : Fernand Big Brother, today was the brothers I was too impulsive, many offended, please drink this cup, was apologizing of brothers.” Fernand one hear of Zhao Hai said that is also somewhat embarrassed, held up wine glass said : brothers you to be too polite hastily, today's matter is my is not right, the brothers you invited.” Said that they have bumped wine glass, did. Zhao Hai drank this liquor to not to have anything, but fee happy Fernand first time drank such fierce liquor, this glass of liquor got down, choke him again and again to cough, face one red. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, arrived at one glass of liquor to oneself, turns the head to Robert said : Sir Marquis, today's matter is my is not right, must trouble you to act unexpectedly, really sorry, come, please drink this cup.” Robert look at Fernand appearance, somewhat astonished uncertain, he is very clear son the alcohol capacity, must say that does other Fernand not to be good, but must speak of this to drink with the woman, Fernand absolutely compared with this , when father also wants on strongly many, Fernand was given to fill such by one glass of liquor, did he drink also to be able? According to the Bell look at Robert appearance, smiles said : to be all right, this liquor is very fragrant, but is also very fierce, your careful point was good, do not look like drinks Fruit Wine, has done, sip bit by bit drinking, that absolutely is being in society unusual delicacy.” Robert looked according to Bell one, appearance that a face does not believe that according to Bell white his eyes, carries wine glass to come, appearance that sip gently, a face was then infatuated with. Robert looks at this, added careful, light sip, let alone, this also really drank the flavor to come, Robert could not bear shut up has tasted well, some little time opened mouth said : nice wine, good flavor.” Fernand also depressed smell of alcohol at this time, Zhao Hai arrived at one cup to him, laughs said : what kind, Fernand Big Brother, is this liquor good?” Fernand has not cared, is only look at that pure such as water Milk Wine, again and again nod said : good, is really good , compared with this liquor, these that I drank before, simply is the water, this liquor suffices the vigor.” Said that holds up wine glass to come, has drunk one. Robert also drank to feel, several people the dish on table, your I drinking, the man was easiest to turn in the friend on the liquor table, several people of relationship were before long better, Zhao Hai and Fernand were on intimate terms. This food eats to is very happy, but Fernand actually does not want to exit to study, was scolded a few words by Robert, law this looks at the Fernand appearance, scolded were many, is not serious.

After having eaten meal, Zhao Hai on returned to the hotel, just he went to the time, has not been bringing Laura they, like the situation, Laura they go obviously is not quite appropriate. Entered the hotel, Illing welcomed, Zhao Hai bowed hastily said : Illing Manager, hello.” Illing smiles said : Wales mister to be good, Wales mister, has the matter to consult with you below whether to borrow a speech.” Zhao Hai stares, but he impression to Illing to is good, immediately/on horseback said : good, Manager invited.” Illing puts out a hand to direct said : to invite hastily.” Said Zhao Hai welcome to first floor his in the room. Illing the room to is very lordly, is bringing not a small living room except for inside, the living room in possibly is a bedroom, does not get married to close, Zhao Hai cannot see clearly. After inviting Zhao Hai sits down, Illing personally begins, to Zhao Hai to one cup of hateful, this sat next step: „Does mister this go to the Marquis palace, Robert Marquis has not felt embarrassed mister? If there is any matter, to can also act below is mister deal with one or two, in the Sartre city, has two points of Bo Mian below.” Zhao Hai gawked, shows a faint smile said : to thank Manager, the Robert Marquis person was very good, I have also eaten in his family come back.” On the although mouth expressed gratitude, however Zhao Hai actually darkly lived at heart vigilantly, Illing performance extremely in loving, completely likely was not a manner to guest, this manner was too suspicious. Illing nodded said : to be all right well, these time asked mister to come, mainly wants to ask, mister previous time has drunk the one type of liquor in the Casa City there hotel, heard that liquor fragrance, how don’t know mister that liquor can come? Buys from Beastman there really?” Zhao Hai one hear of he said that bright what's the matter , because Milk Wine is noisy, this arrives does not have what to be good to conceal the truth, he shook the head said : this liquor although to make with the Milk Wine method, but is actually passes through me to improve, will therefore have that good flavor, what meaning is Manager?” Illing smiles said : mister not to use anxiously, our Shelly Family one like is friendly disposition leads to wealth, is, we want from mister in hand massive buys this type of liquor, then puts in the shop to buy, can don’t know?” Zhao Hai stares, then smiles said : to arrive yes, but I just with depending on Bell have reached an agreement, the Milk Wine sale on commission of entire Aksu Empire turned over to him, if I were buying for you, this little could not be justified probably . Moreover the output of this liquor was not high, the truth told you, this liquor the liquor rate was not very high, one jin (0.5 kg) liquor must be many ** was good, therefore this liquor feared cannot really large-scale produce.” Illing nodded, he is also a businessman, naturally knows that the Zhao Hai difficulty, he to Zhao Hai said : mister, you looks, or this, you, sells some liquor to me, this hotel our not opposite sell, only provides to the guest of staying at an inn, besides depending on Bell mister there, how many you can also provide every month? How does the price calculate?”

Zhao Hai thinks that said : Manager such spoke is, this, I every month to Manager 10,000 jin (0.5 kg) Milk Wine, if the later output came up, was increasing, how did you look?” Illing two eyes bright said : 10,000 jin (0.5 kg), although to us is also not many, but also was temporarily sufficient, hopes that you can increase the output as soon as possible, such settled, how does the don’t know mister this Milk Wine money calculate?” Zhao Hai smiles said : two gold coins one jin (0.5 kg), did this also sell to according to the Bell price, Illing Manager looks to be appropriate?” Illing nodded said : price to is not high, good, such settled, does not know when mister can raise one's wine cup sends? How this tip do I want to pay mister?” Zhao Hai smiles said : several days I to let send to you according to Bell, the tip gives you to depend on Bell, he will give me, do you look feasible?” Illing nodded said : well, presses the office that mister said that don’t know can mister need to write the written agreement?” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : not to need, I believe that Shelly Family so big industry, did business stresses certainly the good faith, my here will not have any issue, Manager can wait till the liquor to deliver, after examining shipped out merchandise, is paying money, if the goods had the mistake, you can return goods to me, did you look?” Illing nodded said : well, that such settled, I did not disturb the line to live to rest, mister invited.” Zhao Hai has stood, bows to Illing, turn around returned to own room.