Chapter 331 Is as close as brothers? Zhao Hai returned to room time, Laura they have eaten meal, were sitting in the room to chat, looked at Zhao Hai to come back, several people of immediately/on horseback welcomed, careful was sizing up Zhao Hai, looked at the Zhao Hai straight wool at heart, quickly said: What does What happened? look at?” Does Laura smile said : to have a look at you to have the matter, What happened? Robert Marquis has not felt embarrassed you?” Zhao Hai smiles said : to be all right, this liquor drinks, I have become with them the friend, they will feel embarrassed me, was right, you? Has eaten meal?” Laura smiles said : to eat, but how Robert did they say?” Zhao Hai told them the Robert there process with a smile, one hear of Zhao Hai said that Robert is actually the Dark Magician Alliance person, Laura they also feels somewhat surprised, has not thought that Robert such status unexpectedly is also the Dark Magician Alliance person, it seems like that this Dark Magician Alliance strength is not small, no wonder dares to speak the last words with Radiant Church. Zhao Hai nodded, sweeps is doing the Milk Wine business the matter to say to Laura with Illing, Laura nodded good that said : this business makes, I for this matter was also worried the business that we do now mainly has two aspects, on the one hand with Purcell Duchy there business dealings, on the other hand is Prairie there, the emerging business has Milk Wine this, but our Milk Wine factory everyday can leave the liquor more than 1000 jin (0.5 kg) now, such quantity was not small, the light is command(er) according to Bell affirmative is not the line, if we, if only then this marketing channel, Also is not a good deed, cooperates with Illing, we and many a marketing channel, like this we have occupied the initiative.” Zhao Hai smiles said : „, moreover what most important is, I also want through this matter, to draw in relationship with Shelly Family, you had not seen that today Robert mentioned Shelly Family time, is the complexion big changes, obviously Shelly Family strength, if can join relationship with their family, very much has the advantage to our exhibitions.” Laura smiles said : to well is good, but feared that is unlikely to realize, Shelly Family such big Merchant Clan, will not be dead, their all that the matter will be done will look at the benefit to emulate, if not have the benefit, they will not manage you are the friends.” Zhao Hai smiles said : this to be also good, is actually same, if we are only ordinary commoner, Southern King will not cope with us, Dark Magician Alliance will not allow us to participate, is not the benefits, cooperates with Shelly Family in any case, will not be any misdemeanor.” Laura nodded said : we currently to work with them in any case, too urgently do not say that this matter, after I looked, if Black Wasteland there unfolds, outside we can put the cow and Argali raise, what in Space raises some Fire Fish, like this were many with hotel cooperation thing, their attaching great importance to we, like this we will have the qualifications to want them to help us work, do you look?”

Zhao Hai smiles said : also well, first this, but like this looks like, our tomorrow must keep one day, I went with depending on Bell said that the here situation, we were then walking, was right, happen to tomorrow made Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow return to Casa City, Uncle Evan told that Ryan situation, I did not dare to get her, when if he thought that was harming my one time, I may not have at that time daily look at she.” Laura smiled said : also well, but I looked that makes Junichi go, the smooth body weight is light, I looked that sends the hawk to carry on the back Junichi to go, happen to have a look at the hawk whether to carry on the back, if can carry on the back, after that we may be many a air force.” Zhao Hai one hear of Laura said that cannot help but two eyes one bright, forms the air force is his dream, build although of hawk is not just small, but must carry on the back the person, actually very strenuous, but Junichi is different, Junichi body weight very light, believes that the hawk almost can carry on the back, if, to constructed to them for one really has formed the Space standard. The weather early, Zhao Hai did not drink, several people also chatted a while to rest, next morning, Zhao Hai they will dine to the dining room as usual, was eating, Ryan walked from out of the door, looked at Zhao Hai one, coldly snorted, sat on another a table, has ordered a dish of table, oneself have eaten. Zhao Hai has not cared, she did not eat, Zhao Hai their together ate on greeting Laura, this was these days Laura their first time eats meal with Zhao Hai one table before the bystander. At this time out suddenly heard neighing, then before long a person ran from outside, Zhao Hai curious turning head looked, was Fernand, Zhao Hai looked that was he cannot help but stares, in saying him did at this time, he remembers that yesterday Fernand was drinks probably, how was so early. Fernand has swept person one in dining room, first to Ryan gave a salute, then runs up to Zhao Hai this table, smiles said : to Zhao Hai brothers, eating, happen, Elder Brother I have not been eating, together eats, was right, on this early in the morning, does not have liquor that line, come, to Elder Brother to one cup.” look at this drunkard who Zhao Hai does not know whether to laugh or cry, said : I said Fernand Big Brother, has your such? On early in the morning runs over to want the liquor to drink, you did not fear that Uncle Robert saw scolded you.” Two did not chat in here importantly, actually gave to have a scare the people in entire dining room, these people in dining room majority of know that yesterday they almost hit, moreover Fernand also called City Defense Force, the Robert Marquis appears words, what the present are, feared that has not said. How this just crossed one in the evening, their being on intimate terms? This world change was also too quick? All people are puzzled and shocking look at they.

Ryan dumbfounded look at they, her really understand, yesterday Fernand almost with Zhao Hai that she instigated are hit, how Fernand actually pays no attention to her today, instead to running up to Zhao Hai there? Fernand has not actually managed these people's responses, turns the head to smile said : to Zhao Hai to be scolded in any case daily, was scolded is used to it, your this do not walk, drinks one to vary, a bit faster takes.” said : that Zhao Hai not bears considers as finished, today does not walk, do not worry, I walk keeps a liquor to you, when transported the liquor to come according to Bell there to be good, was right, I also prepared with hotel here cooperation, later his here possibly also had the liquor to sell, you also feared that could not drink the liquor.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Fernand cannot help but two eyes bright said : really? fantastic, I also really feared that later does not have the liquor to drink, but I am a poor person, look at you to take that liquor is not every, later I want to drink do not dare to drink too, I may unable to pay the tip.” Zhao Hai white his said : has been short with me is painstakingly poor, I do not ask you to lend money, is really, First Young Master of solemn Marquis palace, runs my this painstakingly anything poverty.” Fernand forced smile said : I said brothers, you are really don’t know our pain, my although is Marquis palace First Young Master, however each month spending money knows how things stand, if flower were too many, my father will tidy up my, when you I am you, wants to spend many flowered many, nobody manages has not asked.” Zhao Hai white his said : you said arrives with ease, my light Bounsy of this day runs, I am easy I, or do we trade?” Has shown the whites of the eyes this feedback to Fernand, he white Zhao Hai said : „you have given on the side of me, but also rushes about, if I have such several attractive misses to accompany, I am also willing to rush about daily.” Zhao Hai was does not have the means with him, must say that Fernand did not have what bad mind, his these problems, nothing but with these Noble Young Master same problems, but he searched for flowery phrases with Noble Young Master in all directions differently, if he liked, generally will find the way to marry to go home, otherwise in his family not so many wives in concubine, even if were he wants to go out to play, will look same these is the woman who came out to dally with, on likely Ryan like this, generally speaking, he compared with these genuine playboy, fell far short. Moreover Fernand is similar to the Zhao Hai age, in adding on Fernand grows up under spoiling of his mother since childhood, the disposition on Earth is also similar to these friends of Zhao Hai, therefore he to can chat with Fernand comes.

Laura look at Fernand appearance, feels funny, this meal Fernand their together eats with Zhao Hai, but Zhao Hai has not taken the liquor to him finally. look at they are having the breakfast that there is merry, Ryan is complexion is pale, her understand, did not live any matter, why Fernand this playboy does not flatter him, instead to running to chat not to end with Zhao Hai. After having eaten meal, Zhao Hai sets out to hurry to toward outside the city, Fernand although don’t know Zhao Hai must do, but with Zhao Hai together to outside the city. Stopped car(riage) to outside the city, found nobody's place, Zhao Hai has hit the sound to howl, Blood Hawk from spatial fell, this only Blood Hawk naturally was Zhao Hai just release came, for was not looked by Fernand, therefore intentionally pretended to hit to howl to call him. Fernand with Zhao Hai, had looked a amazing steed eagle fell, feels very curious, Zhao Hai has not managed him, turned the head to call Junichi. When Junichi stands that eagle, Fernand cannot help but has smiled, stature short and small Junichi, did not have that eagle to be high, stands nearby that eagle, really differs so much as to be beyond comparison. Did Zhao Hai turn the head to look at that only Blood Hawk said : what kind of? Can carry on the back Junichi?” That Blood Hawk has only sized up along the one by one eye, then nodded, Zhao Hai nodded, has given along a one by one letter, then to Junichi said : Junichi, you carries on the back Blood Hawk to go to Casa City, gives Grand Duke Evan this letter, this is my badge, you are also taking, after having read the letter, you told him that I he answered, quick returns quickly.” Junichi although hear of Zhao said that makes him ride the hawk to deliver a letter, but sees the Blood Hawk appearance now, is at heart the wool, but he nodded, careful receives the letter, crawled carrying on the back of Blood Hawk, Blood Hawk has sounded to Zhao Hai one , a wing show, shot up to the sky, before long turned into black spots.