Chapter 332 Gives to you At this time Fernand shocking look at Zhao Hai said : „did this walk? Is this that you raise what Magic Beast? How can carry on the back movingly?” Zhao Hai smiles Phantasmal Beast that said : I raise, he he, do not look that he carried on the back Junichi to fly away, if you came up, he carried on the back motionless, the Junichi body weight was light, therefore he can carry on the back, too heavy was not good.” Fernand white Zhao Hai said : I said the brothers, you know don’t know your this hawk is a treasure, your full Continent inquired, except for 9th level Expert, had that person to be able flying in the sky, must know that the flight Magic Beast was most difficult to subdue, except for 9th level Expert, average person simply was impossible to subdue them, these that even if can subdue, was some builds is small, simply cannot carry on the back the person, although said the human body that your this Blood Hawk carried on the back was heavy, but regarding these Great Noble, looked for some body weight light Warrior is also not relaxed? If this Blood Hawk can reproduce massively, they can form their air force, if makes the person know that, I said the brothers, do not blame Elder Brother I not to remind you, this matter you cannot tell others that was right, you said that this hawk is Phantasmal Beast? Didn't you speak incorrectly? Has such big Phantasmal Beast?” Zhao Hai one hear of Fernand such saying, to somewhat felt that the Fernand mind has not gone bad, he really has also regarded the friend Zhao Hai, so long as otherwise he said this matter that Zhao Hai must trade a status. However one hear of his following words, Zhao Hai cannot help but flipped supercilious look said : I to deceive your this doing, this is really Phantasmal Beast, do I deliver you what kind of?” Fernand one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but two eyes bright said : really? fantastic, in that? Called quickly, was right, your this Phantasmal Beast was so big, definitely many, ok, your Elder Brother my this small physique that ate may unable to support them to attract.” Fernand said that also reasonable, must know that Phantasmal Beast on Continent is attracts Master energy to live, by the build of hawk, if attracts person the quantity of energy, at the Fernand that half melody Magician level, feared that really attracting the adult did. Zhao Hai smiled his said : you to feed their meat to be good, do not tell me, your even/including Rou could not feed, I may probably despise you.” Fernand puzzled said : you said that your this Phantasmal Beast does eat the meat? Not? Is your this really Phantasmal Beast?” Zhao Hai white his said : „did you want? Has remembered, either you feed his meat, either waits for him to go to look for the food to eat.”

said : that Fernand two eyes shines wants, when was wanting, how this good deed can not want, does fantastic, when give me?” Zhao Hai hit the sound to howl, Blood Hawk come down from the sky, with just that only same amazing steed, Zhao Hai turned the head to deliver give you to Fernand said :.” Said that nodded to that Blood Hawk, that Blood Hawk has arrived around Fernand, with the sharp hook same mouth, has rubbed on Fernand lightly two, expressed affectionate. The Fernand family did not fear, the big mouth of that Blood Hawk, dodged cold light, look at quickly catches up with Shanghai Steel Works to hook, but looks at that Blood Hawk appearance now, really did not have what danger, has felt relaxed, instead to excited tracing Blood Hawk, Blood Hawk had not responded. However then Fernand enmity look at Blood Hawk said : this thing can I bring to go back? Can't place on horse carriage? That was also too scary.” Zhao Hai he he chuckle said : does not put on horse carriage also good, you directly make him fly with you, to your house/family, you have been giving him to settle arrange a place to live on the line.” Fernand happy has complied with one, has referred to that Blood Hawk, said loudly: Flies!” That Blood Hawk is very also obedient, immediately shook the wing to fly. Fernand laughs said : well, fantastic, this hawk is really also obedient, I said Wales, how your in hand is good thing.” Does Zhao Hai show a faint smile said : good thing many not to be good? Gives you you to receive, walks, goes back, I must go according to Bell there, with him discussed that Milk Wine matter, I only prepared to sell to his a family/clan, but Illing there is also required, can only sell to them to select.” Fernand smiles said : I to look, or you did this Milk Wine business to result in our family, did you look what kind of? I told my father.” Zhao Hai white his said : has resulted, do not talk nonsense, I do the Milk Wine business with you, all has not made you drink, walks.” Said that on horse carriage entered the Sartre city, directly soars spring the grass to occupy. Fernand has not cared about the yesterday matter, but also runs around with Zhao Hai, regarding this insensitive vigor, Zhao Hai also deeply feels to admire.

Went with depending on Bell said that the Milk Wine matter, to had not opposed according to Bell, Family in hotel to person sale of staying at an inn, to his business not too tremendous influence, moreover he also knows that his present sales volume definitely cannot come up, Zhao Hai was asking the buyer to be also normal. Moreover according to Bell understand, does not have the means to compare with Family simply by his strength, if Zhao Hai does not look in the share of same alliance, may not cooperate with him, Family on Continent is the big business who became famous, let alone is more than one month 1000 jin (0.5 kg) liquor, even if also in the same old way digested in many 10,000 jin (0.5 kg). Now Zhao Hai one month to a Shelly Family 10,000 jin (0.5 kg) liquor, this sounds probably much, such that just like Robert said that Shelly Family light the branch store on Continent has more than 10,000, such one point later, their branch store divides is less than one jin (0.5 kg) liquor, a shop is less than one jin (0.5 kg), that suffices to do. Because of this, therefore has not been angry according to Bell, immediately complied with Zhao Hai to help to transport the request of liquor, had own small scheme according to Bell, he helped Zhao Hai transport the liquor, this in the course of contacts can perhaps pull closer to select relationship with Illing, so long as Illing gave him a small-scale business to do , he compared with on Prairie on also strong. Zhao Hai looked that complied according to Bell, happy, immediately takes care very much must eat in his there, did not certainly oppose according to Bell that Fernand naturally is also remains to dine, does not have the business according to Bell, chatted with Fernand. According to Bell is also the worldly person same character , the Fernand temperament naturally is also found that he entire is a child temperament, that vigor comes up, no matter everyone, can govern him except for Robert, remaining no one is easy-to-use. Zhao Hai also knows Fernand this temperament, therefore two talented person meeting are good, according to Bell with many that Fernand contacts, naturally also knows this temperament, therefore because of the yesterday matter with the Fernand vitality, Fernand has not cared this matter completely, but also often with depending on Bell cracks a joke, made that Zhao Hai is startled. Regarding, this that Fernand such disposition Zhao Hai also not bears possibly is the Fernand adorable place, after having had the lunch, Zhao Hai delivered to go home Fernand, Fernand drank. After Robert, Zhao Hai gave Fernand to leave behind many Milk Wine, on returned to hotel, has rested well, about 2 : 00 pm, Junichi came back, this fellow looked like spirit, saw Zhao Hai, gave Zhao Hai to seal up. In that letter is bringing wax seal, Evan writes, Zhao Hai opened the letter to look, in the letter to has not said anything, but told Zhao Hai, did not need to manage Ryan, oneself walked, could look, Evan was also very disappointed to this daughter. Zhao Hai also not bears, he now with Ryan itself not to plate, if Ryan is looking for trouble for him, he is really not easy to do, copes with others Zhao Hai to shout that hits to shout " kill " is unimportant, but faces Ryan Zhao Hai actually don’t know not to know what to do, how Ryan in said that is also the Evan daughter, Evan also has the graciousness to them, to his daughter shouted that hits to shout " kill ", really somewhat cannot be justified.

Zhao Hai has not incurred now, to this young lady, he also can only unable to stir up, I can hide, but Zhao Hai looks at the Ryan appearance, probably also really depended on him, he has not walked in Sartre city here, Ryan did not walk, was waiting in here, made that Zhao Hai not bore very much. In the evening has rested well, next morning, ate breakfast Zhao Hai they to leave, such that just like Zhao Hai expected, Ryan they were also with Zhao Hai that did not fall, made that Zhao Hai not bore very much. think of it, they just did not come out from Sartre in the city, sees the roadside to stop two car(riage)s, one according to Bell, another is Fernand. Sees Zhao Hai horse carriage, welcomed according to Bell and Fernand immediately, Zhao Hai also hastily walked out from the car(riage), smiles said : this to go according to Bell look at Zhao Hai not to be near, you add carefully, the letter that I write receives, to Sky Water City, has given Sky Water City City Lord the letter on the line.” Zhao Hai nodded, has not said anything according to Bell, here person many mixed, talkative did not facilitate to say very much, in any case this halving belt ended according to Bell also explain/transfer. Fernand look at Zhao Hai, the eye somewhat is unexpectedly red, these friends who this also no wonder he, before he made, or because of his status, either cannot play together to go with him, Zhao Hai does not care about his status, although does not play together to go with him, however in hand good thing to be many, is the liquor is the hawk, with Fernand is also to the temperament, looks for such a friend also is really not easy. Fernand has patted Zhao Hai shoulder said : Wales, Elder Brother I not like you, full world going wanderer, your Elder Brother my this whole life biggest skill also on this mu three points of ground said that king dominate, later arrived at that if there is any good thing, was paying attention to Elder Brother, was right, next time will come time must remember that many kept a liquor to Elder Brother.” The Zhao Hai air/Qi a palm of the hand claps said : his hand one side, you are actually think that I or do think the liquor? Has not seen your this, has resulted, has the time I certainly to come.” Fernand does not care, smiles, puts out same thing from the vehicle, is a badge, handed over in the hand of Zhao Hai said : this badge is our Ikisa Family clan emblem, you took him, represented you are being the Ikisa Family person, yesterday I have made the father register Empire to go my name, although did not have what title, but there is this badge, sometimes also a little used, if Purcell Family received your badge, you used this.”