Chapter 333 Send-off Zhao Hai one hear of Fernand said that cannot help but at heart one warm, Fernand although is impulsive, attaches importance to face, but after truly has become the friend, he very thinks of the friend, he is saw one do not cope with Ryan, feared Purcell Family, because Ryan receives his title, as the matter stands he walks on Continent is not convenient, therefore specially has given Zhao Hai own badge. Must know that the Noble badge is not casual who can use, generally is this Noble family's directly-related family members can use, all can use the person of this badge, must report Empire, the registration makes the plan. Zhao Hai knows that Fernand is impossible to know he with Evan relationship, he such does is completely good for Zhao Hai, this Noble badge casually does not use, the here surface involves many issues. For example Zhao Hai, if took the Ikisa Family badge to do any misdemeanor, finally these matters will be recorded the head of Ikisa Family, to finally Empire, if the general ledger, these matters will be calculated. This situation puts the title not to be different to Zhao Hai with Evan, Evan has put the title to Zhao Hai, although said that Zhao Hai is looks like Evan to be responsible, but Zhao Hai had own title after all, is independent existence, if Zhao Hai made mistakes, Evan has the right to process, Empire will not investigate that Evan responsibility, with directly uses the Clan badge completely is two matters. Zhao Hai received that badge, careful receiving is good, then makes an effort has patted Fernand shoulder next step: Fernand Big Brother, you must take care, has any important matter, you can write a letter, then gives me to give your only Blood Hawk, he will find me, gives me the letter.” Fernand nodded, effort held Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai also returned to hug, then two talented people let loose, Zhao Hai turned the head to depending on Bell gave a salute, turn around boarded, beckoned with the hand to them, walks. Car(riage) disappearance of look at Zhao Hai slowly on the road, Evan sighed said : this is an eagle, his thinks of entire sky at heart.” Fernand shows a faint smile said : „, this is an eagle, has a such friend is really good, according to Uncle Bell, walks, went to my family, Wales has left behind many liquor to me, we drank two cups.” Laughs said : to consider as finished according to Bell, my this old man may not drink together to go with you, you go back drinking slowly, I must process the account book.” Fernand smiles said : you to be the same with my father, always has the matter that cannot handle, is really senseless, I walked, I go back to drink to select the non- liquor that Wales keeps.” Said that on horse carriage, has howled, toward in the city.

According to the Bell look at Fernand appearance, forced smile said : your live to is natural, how long also don’t know you can also be natural.” Said that also got up horse carriage, turn around walked. Zhao Hai actually sat in the car(riage) at this time, is taking Fernand to his badge, for a very long time is speechless, some little time he sighed, to be honest, he first time met with Fernand is not absolutely happily, but now looks like, this friend to is worth a junction. Laura they also heard Zhao Hai and Fernand words, they have not thought that Fernand unexpectedly such upholding justice, Laura looked at that badge said : „unable to look, Fernand also was really a personality people.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile, receives badge, has put out stretch a map, has put on small table in car(riage), looked at a mark on map, to Laura said : this mark according to Bell that Stronghold, I thought that we must arrange a time to deliver as soon as possible to him Milk Wine.” Laura nodded, several people of look at that stretch a map, but also is good, on that stretch a map picture detailed, is away from Ikisa Family cavalry fortress that tribe away that tribe far, walks in that direction, draws clearly, moreover above also has the name of that tribe, War flag, attaches with them the clarity that the name of person writes, will not find fault absolutely. Zhao Hai looked, now what to do turns the head you to say to Laura said : must? I looked that sent the hawk to bring Ghost Staff in the past, after Prairie on, release horse carriage, raised one's wine cup to deliver to be good, did you look?” Laura nodded said : this to be best, is unremarkable, but cannot all use Undead Creature, I looked that should better or sends, making Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow go what kind of?” Zhao Hai smiled said : also well, makes Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow go, in any case evening's time also wants in their returned to Space to rest . Moreover the distance is not far.” After deciding, Zhao Hai called in Xu Wanying the carriage, told him this matter, Xu Wanying to did not have what meaning, Prairie there although was cold, he also had, moreover these time went not to use how long, handling matters immediately can come back, he naturally agreed. In Ryan in their don’t know situation, a hawk has shot up to the sky, flies in the Prairie direction, their here to Prairie is very near, two hours, the hawk arrived at Prairie. Zhao Hai immediately let out horse carriage, altogether ten horse carriage, on each vehicle are putting the liquor bag, the total of these liquor happen to are 11,000 jin (0.5 kg), then Xu Wanying went to Prairie there through Space, has taken over the carriages and horses, toward depending on Bell that Stronghold walks. Zhao Hai currently present had a Cai'er advantage, had Cai'er, Ghost Staff has almost been able to solve release to come, his equal to had two Ghost Staff, can manifestation, oneself in hand have one.

On this day pass through in arid hurrying along, quick, evening's time they pass the night in small town, these time to have not come across any matter honestly, Ryan, even has not come to disturb Zhao Hai they. Zhao Hai did not say anything, if Ryan such honest with him did not have what opinion, although Zhao Hai to want with Ryan to separate, but thinks that a Evan letter, Zhao Hai somewhat felt sorry, now also can only be this. Ten points calm that the following three days of time they cross, third day time, Xu Wanying had also found according to that tribe that Bell said that had found according to that person who Bell said that has given that person Milk Wine. However this Xu Wanying has not received money, must wait till next month, this is also Zhao Hai with depending on Bell they reaches an agreement, after thing delivers, Xu Wanying also came back, although Xu Wanying vanished several days, but Ryan they have not said anything, now Zhao Hai almost does not speak with Ryan, everyone/Great Clan refrains from speaking to hurry along, to also lives in peace with each other. Walked without rest about half a month, they arrived at Aksu Empire central generation of places, has been careful to here Zhao Hai, everyday is only hurrying along in low spirits, even if passed by in the big city city, they will not stop, only lives in one late to walk. The Zhao Hai book thinks that Ryan can think on this in the city dull two days, have not actually thought she also really can bear, continuously following silently after the Zhao Hai car(riage), this arrives is makes Zhao Hai somewhat restless. Zhao Hai their these time does not want to go to the Aksu Empire capital city, before there is Zhao Hai, has stayed place, the familiar Zhao Hai person are too many, although Ghost Staff can draw the makeup to him now, for careful, he has not gone to there. Also walked about ten days, they arrived at Aksu Empire and place of Rosen Empire border finally, koran mountain range! Koran mountain range, on Continent biggest mountain range, this mountain range is almost over-indulgent entire Continent, is Aksu Empire and Rosen Empire weather borderline, in here like is Black Wasteland and Purcell Duchy, one canyon is connected, this canyon is Rosen Empire and Purcell Duchy only one by one strip connected main road, is called the lifeline. However is different from the Black Wasteland there situation, in koran mountain range here, besides this lifeline, has plenty the alley on the mountain, these alleys has is these Merchant smuggling uses, has the everyday has plenty horse caravan through these alleys, crosses the mountain to enter to Aksu Empire or goes to Rosen Empire. Zhao Hai they to this situation to are some finding, but they have not thought must cross the mountain to take the alley, they prepare to take the main road to enter to Rosen Empire unexpectedly. Like this they can only walk lifeline there, walks the lifeline, must pass through lifeline both sides two fortress \; first, Aksu Empire here cold wind \; second, Rosen Empire there hundred fight fortress.

The Zhao Hai preparation fills here to rest for two days in the cold wind, is starting, including has been marching on these many days roads, they also need to rest well. The scale that the cold wind fills is very big, city 20 ten feets in height, all over the body is becomes by mayflower glorybower made of stones, the north-south six city gates, the widest city gate has more than 20 meters width fully, more than ten meters high, the small town gate 12 meters widths, eight meters high, the city gate is also made by Ironwood package of pig irons, ten points strong/sturdy. In here all the year round has the hundred thousand army to guard, these armies in the Aksu Empire greatly famous Magic Beast Cavalry group, Cavalry that in this Cavalry group uses, all grasps from koran mountain range, in koran mountain range Magic Beast are innumerable, hears also has 9th level Magic Beast, but nobody has seen. Because in koran mountain range has so many Magic Beast, therefore the common large unit was very difficult to cross from mountain range, koran mountain range also has become Aksu Empire and Rosen Empire weather barrier. The cold wind fills here is Heaven of mercenary and adventurer, everyday has the innumerable adventurers or mercenary leaves or arrives at here from here, this is also a confusion, the garrison troops of cold wind borderland, almost will not maintain the public security, they in here guarding, only then two points \; first, to prevent Rosen Empire invades, two collect taxes. Zhao Hai they very low-key entered cold wind, he has no alternative but to be low-key, because the cold wind filled here is turns over to Southern King to rule, they now are in the domains of person enemy. The cold wind fills here also to have hotel, Zhao Hai they rests certainly in hotel, in such place, is the rest security in hotel such hotel, if goes to other hotel, may meet the bandits'inn. Has rested a evening in the hotel, next day Zhao Hai not anxiously hurrying along, but was goes to the cold wind to fill in the here bookstore to buy a Rosen Empire map and miscellany class the book about Rosen Empire.