Chapter 334 Lifeline canyon Not only Rosen Empire Zhao Hai has not gone, Laura they have not exited, must therefore go to there, must carry on some understanding to there. However Xu Wanying to went to Rosen Empire, he in the there wanderer after a period of time, afterward arrived at Aksu Empire, has certain understanding to Rosen Empire. Zhao Hai makes Xu Wanying brief the Rosen Empire there situation to him, the Rosen Empire most Continent first powerful nation, in hundred fights fortress there year to year soldier guarding of ten fifty thousand, after Magic Beast rides fifty thousand, hundred thousand Infantry, Rosen Empire rewiring Infantry, that absolutely is on Continent a First Grade strong soldier, even if the frontage defends Cavalry not to drop the wind hardly. Rosen Empire Magic is in vogue, in their armies year to year has Magician guarding, moreover Dark Magician service of has plenty, possibly for this reason, therefore in Rosen Empire there, Dark Magician not like other national there was suppressed. Rosen Empire worthily was also called the Continent first powerful nation, his thing seaside, their navies are also very famous on Continent, north to Aksu Empire, south to Lyon Empire, national territory area is Aksu Empire seven times, can imagine that is how enormous Empire. The Rosen Empire terrestrial environment is also advantageous, south has Accra Mountain, there is also the Magic Beast domain, only then a road can lead to Lyon Empire, north has koran mountain range, only then a road can lead to Aksu Empire, such geographical environment makes them very difficult to receive attack of other countries. Also because of this, therefore the people in Rosen Empire have fostered the one type of arrogant disposition, they think that they are on Continent the national in most formidable country, inborn the nationals compared with other countries want on high First Grade, therefore they manage the Aksu Empire person to be called the barbarian, manages the Lyon Empire person to call the southern barbarian. From this name, what mentality the people in their coordinated this two countries are, can say these people inborn have one type of arrogantly at heart, they look down upon the people in other countries. Therefore person who like Zhao Hai, obtains the title in Aksu Empire, in Rosen Empire there, was not thought highly, even commoner will not salute like him. After knowing these situations, Zhao Hai also felt that not bears very much, he thinks that he had the status self-defense of Noble, that should be arrives at there to be popular, now looks like also is really not that a matter.

Filled the recuperation in the cold wind two days, Zhao Hai they toward hundred has then fought fortress to walk through the lifeline. This they to have not encountered any problem all the way, must say that on Continent that line busiest words, the lifeline can stand in line absolutely top ten, the city gate that the although cold wind fills is very wide, but the person of day going out of town must line up very much, because the person were too many. Zhao Hai they were also well-mannered lining up leave cold wind, went to hundred to fight fortress, filled from the cold wind to hundred fights fortress there, more than 300 li (0.5km) roads, can look at koran mountain range to wrestle enormous how from this point, was only the mountain range width has several hundred li (0.5km). This Zhao Hai saw many caravans all the way, on these caravan vehicles is having the mark of Noble, some are on Continent the mark of very famous Great Noble, these caravan also scenery, each caravan fully had several hundred over a thousand car(riage)s, the guard has achieved over a thousand people, after on shouted supported, was very lively. Zhao Hai their this small caravan, in these big caravans, look like a water drop same commonplace in ocean, simply nobody pays attention to them, Zhao Hai is also glad so. Is don’t know because this situation frightened Ryan, she now to honest, every three can with deeply occupy comes out to describe shallowly that was all right is not dull in the room stays in the car(riage), simply did not come out, to was makes Zhao Hai feel with ease. However this all the way, to also has many people to pay attention to the Zhao Hai car(riage), the preparation said that notes pulling a cart Giant-horn raging bull, after all this Magic Beast on Continent is very rare, unavoidably some people will look at two eyes. However the time grew, nobody paid attention, because of them presently, Giant-horn raging bull besides the corner/horn compared with big, other eye raging bull does not have what difference, therefore they think that a variety that Giant-horn raging bull is the person raises raging bull that has, no big deal. More than 300 li (0.5km) road, raging bull takes more than one day to arrive, therefore evening's time, they have to camp out in the lifeline canyon, but is very obvious, these Merchant already had also prepared, had already prepared, is bringing the tent, in the evening, has built up temporary camp. Zhao Hai they also looked for one to compare place to construct temporary camp, after camp constructed, Xu Wanying found Zhao Hai said : Young Master, tonight we are more careful, in lifeline here, almost everyday will have some small caravan bewildered disappearances, in here, no matter Rosen Empire or Aksu Empire, will not send for managing, therefore here was also the high ground that robbed breaks, moreover here under may Lanshan, possibly have Magic Beast to come attack in the evening.” Zhao Hai has gawked, nodded said : well, I will pay attention, was right, you reminded Ryan their, making them also careful, no matter what, Grand Duke Evan has helped us, we of this attendance should look.” Xu Wanying complied with one, turn around walked. The Laura look at Xu Wanying back, sighed said : „to say that Ryan was also very pitiful, a single girl, a person rushed to a completely strange place to study, moreover from a noble princess, turned into an average person, will also possibly be looked down upon, this taste really did not feel better.”

Zhao Hai also sighed, but anything had not said that actually Ryan can have today, was she brings upon oneself, she was too intelligent, but she own intelligent the place that used should not use, therefore to reaches today this situation. She thinks that her father is incompetent, cannot bring the good life to her, therefore she to her father sarcastic comments, never gives complexion, she thinks that will marry Adam not to have any good life, therefore her firm must break an engagement, she will think own very intelligent, all men should submit to her, therefore she will play with the man like an arrogant empress, finally will make discredited oneself, finally Grand Duke Evan has to make her come out to study, can say that all these will be she bring upon oneself. The people said that the person of feeling sorry for must have the hateful place, these words obtained full manifestation on the body of Ryan, she now is very pitiful, matter that but her initially handles, really very much the hiring hates. Because camps out in outdoor . Moreover the surrounding person has very strong vigilance to them, therefore they have not contacted with others, in fact, now lifeline here the situations of other caravans are also similar to them, besides some caravans of knowing the whole story, the common caravan intensely is alerting, fears by others attack. Like Xu Wanying said that everyday has many in caravan don’t know that lifeline canyon here vanishes, almost everyday has, therefore harbors very strong vigilance in the here people. After Zhao Hai and Laura they entered tent, immediately returned to Space, what tonight keeps in this to be on night duty is Blockhead, what drives a cart outside is Stone, this is also the request of Zhao Hai, Blockhead and Stone their one day trades, today Blockhead exits to drive a cart, Stone keeps in Space, tomorrow Stone drives a cart, Blockhead keeps in Space. Like this they can come to outside, some people stand night watch, therefore Zhao Hai their feel relieved, Xu Wanying also told Junichi and Stone the here situation, three people are taking the weapon rest, the clothes have not escaped, prepares the fight at any time. Midnight time, Blockhead has some shadows to move toward their camp around, but target looks like probably is not they, but is Ryan they. Zhao Hai their camp with Ryan their camp by, but among is a little also away from, this makes other people in lifeline feel somewhat strangely, don’t know they are together is also together. Blockhead sees this situation, cannot help but stares, should his don’t know this situation awaken Zhao Hai, finally he decides to awaken Zhao Hai, he feared that outside these people will come attack they. Thought of here, Blockhead has stood, has arrived at outside the Zhao Hai room, knocked on a door, said : Young Master, Young Master, had the situation in a soft voice.”

Zhao Hai thinks itself light, Blockhead knocked on a door he to awake, his body wore the clothes, opened gate said : what's the matter?” Blockhead was leading Zhao Hai to living room, referred to the screen, Zhao Hai looked at one, nodded, turns the head our two to exit to Blockhead said :, awakens Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow and Junichi also has Stone, standing by, no matter what, Ryan with us in together, we cannot make her have an accident now, not in the words did not have the means with Uncle Evan explain/transfer.” Said that they left Space, they have not awakened Laura they, Laura they cannot help in any case, they exit in vain to be also worried. In order to deal with today such situation, Xu Wanying and Junichi and Stone three people have not gone to Space to rest, but rests in the tent outside Space. Zhao Hai they on appears in the Xu Wanying three people of tents, they just appears , Xu Wanying they woke directly, three people look are Zhao Hai, has grasped, has taken up own weapon, Xu Wanying is whispered: „Does Young Master, have the situation?” Zhao Hai nodded said : some people to encircle, but Sun mark possibly is Ryan her, Junichi, you inform Ryan their, making them have a preparation.” Junichi complied with one, personal appearance moved, vanishes in the tent, Zhao Hai they had not noticed how he exited, the tent curtain has not moved. Zhao Hai adjusts monitor projection, the team that several people of earnest look at, come probably is not that caravan, but from the mountain, they also encircles from the koran mountain range direction, the population has probably about 700. Can look from the appearance of these people, they possibly are mercenary, these people put on leather armor, weapon is not standardized, moreover looked that has used a lot of time, some weapon appears damaged they have not even replaced.