Chapter 335 Attractive method Zhao Hai looks at this situation, cannot help but relaxed said : these people are early morning has ambushed on the mountain evidently, waits to have fat Yang Hao to start, but do we look like look like the fat sheep really?” Xu Wanying and some Blockhead also Stone one hear of Zhao Hai said that the chuckle, Xu Wanying smiles said : we not like, but Ryan looks like.” Why is this to lets Zhao Hai said : „? If, should be really we seems like right? We only then such several people, have two car(riage)s, but Ryan there no matter what, about hundred guards?” Xu Wanying shows a faint smile said : all Merchant of lifeline to know that does not have the absolute self-confidence, they will not lead the guard, we have two car(riage)s, looks like did not have the guard, such person in these mercenary eyes, is not the idiot is inside has Expert to assume personal command, these mercenary may weak starting, our here, if has Expert to assume personal command, they could only be court death, therefore they will not begin to us, but the Ryan there polarity, her belt about hundred guards, population like this regarding her several car(riage)s, were many. Moreover his guards are any skills, these mercenary can look, compares not to know we who strong and weak, they are better fat sheep.” Zhao Hai smiles said : not to think that this had such a saying, but they said that was also right, first did not say other, was only you, are more than their people, they came attack we also to court death.” Xu Wanying shows a faint smile, to be honest, he to own ability, feels very satisfied, on Continent, mentioned that Person Becomes a Thousand Xu Wanying, that is also makes a sound the dāng dāng character. In this time, the curtain screen is moving slightly, Junichi form appears in the tent, he to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, informed Jill in a low voice, they have prepared, but was not quite evidently optimistic.” Zhao Hai thinks that said : we exit, good that this weaponry can do not hit, will otherwise alarm too many people.” Junichi has complied with one, intended to do something the curtain, Blockhead and Stone walked first, then Zhao Hai, Xu Wanying followed finally. A several people of tent, Zhao Hai in hand Magic Staff wields lightly, diameter one meter big Fireball on appears in the head of Magic Staff, Zhao Hai command(er) Fireball is then rising the midair, these issues a license their this small camp well-illuminated.

These mercenary have not thought obviously Zhao Hai meets suddenly to come this, in they feel helpless, Zhao Hai calm said : fellow friends, have hidden, comes out a speech of Steward.” These mercenary tumults, then full beard mercenary walks from the crowd, he looked at Zhao Hai one, looked at that Fireball, obviously he is that experienced mercenary, the eyesight is very extraordinary, therefore he looked that Fireball that Zhao Hai release comes knows, Zhao Hai has the 7th level Magician strength, 7th level Fire element Magician, absolutely is their these small mercenary nightmares. That full beard walks up, bows to Zhao Hai said : small don’t know mister here, asking mister to forgive, our immediately/on horseback retreated, does not dare to disturb mister to rest.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : well, you are very good, you, come out not to be easy in the evening, Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow, puts out 1000 gold coins, asking these brothers to drink.” Meaning of Xu Wanying although do not understand Zhao Hai, but he was turn around entered the tent, in the tent has put away one to think of the gold coins bag unexpectedly, in the bag happen to was thousand gold coins, Xu Wanying has put out the bag, has arrived around that full beard, has put the ground gold coins. That full beard look at Xu Wanying, finally has not actually borne said : not know that mister is Person Becomes a Thousand Xu Wanying?” Xu Wanying looked at that person of one, the knitting the brows head, he remembers that he did not know probably this person, cannot help but deep voice said : „you do know me?” As soon as that person listened to Xu Wanying recognize, on the face cannot help but revealed startled facial expression said : originally is really Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow mister, asking Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow mister to forgive, our these time did not disturb really intentionally.” Xu Wanying shows a faint smile said : to consider as finished, these are mister enjoy your, takes away to drink, mister is happy today, your performance also make mister satisfy, otherwise, your nobody can live.” Said turn around returned to the Zhao Hai side. That full beard actually should don’t know take that money, some standing of feeling helpless in there, Zhao Hai looked at that full beard one, deep voice said : these money have kindly given you, but you cannot take in vain, I not want to be disturbed tonight, troubled you to stand night watch to me, can you want?”

That full beard has gawked, then said : of immediately/on horseback face happy expression wants, to want, we want, to invite the mister feel relieved rest, we ensure a mosquito will not fly into the mister tent.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : well, that asked you.” Said that turn around entered own tent, was not having the sound. But Zhao Hai the action, making other people in lifeline feel that admiring, this was also too good, first deters these bandits and thieves with the strong strength, then tastes money, but also has scruples the faces of these bandits and thieves, asked these bandits and thieves to come to him to stand night watch specially, such procedure was really good. All walks the lifeline Merchant to know that in lifeline canyon here, you should better not to offend these bandits and thieves, even if your strength, should better do not offend them, these bandits and thieves are fighting strength are not strong, however their crooked ways methods are many. They can in the night harass you, even if in strict, they who you defend can also cause the losses to you, they can find the way to direct Magic Beast to get down from the mountain carry on attack to you, but they do not use a person, can make you lose many thing, can say that these bandits and thieves look like some stinking insects, in your randomly flies, but you take them not to have the means that only if you can kill them at one fell swoop, otherwise they forever will be staring at you, was been uncomfortable by your whole body. Moreover is able to discriminate a reason, makes these Merchant not want to offend these in the lifeline canyon lurking bandits and thieves, these bandits and thieves fill with the cold wind with hundred fight the fortress there garrison troops to have the relation, going too far that too if you make, was filled by the cold wind with hundred fights the fortress there garrison troops to know, they will find the way to feel embarrassed you, when the time comes your loss even bigger, therefore general Merchant to here is belt enough person, making these bandits and thieves not dare to cope with them. These walk lifeline here Merchant frequently, knew with these bandits and thieves, they can regular offers some money of being filial piety, such these bandits and thieves will not cope with them. These time in the caravan of lifeline here camping, there is a caravan that frequently walks this line very much, their eyes can look, Zhao Hai they are the new people, before had not passed through this line, is looking at Zhao Hai their strength, these people know that these bandits and thieves will certainly move tonight, therefore the has plenty people in look at Zhao Hai their here, looked how they must deal with. All people have not thought that Zhao Hai has played such attractive one unexpectedly, thousand gold coins, resolved the crisis not saying that this equal to has also drawn in relationship with these bandits and thieves, if later he were taking this route, these bandits and thieves will surely give him three points of Bo Mian. Because of Zhao Hai the action, to won many attention for him at once, these people want to brave from there in this person, this worked has the standard. That night lifeline here in has not lived any matter, next day Zhao Hai gets up in the morning, presently these bandits and thieves also are really defending the evening to him, moreover each and every one also appears very energetic.

Especially that full beard, looks at Zhao Hai to come out, that full beard immediately welcomed, bows to Zhao Hai said : mister, you got up, our brothers should also walk, asking mister to take care, I can guarantee, so long as later saw that hung the mister Clan horse caravan to pass through, will not disturb mister in some people.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : well, you were also laborious, was right, I am delivering you to select thing, Blockhead, comes with two bag rations.” Blockhead has complied with one, arrived at commodity car(riage) there, putting on airs has put out two big bag rations, several hundred jin (0.5 kg), sufficed these mercenary to eat several fully. Blockhead has put nearby rations that full beard, Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : this rations is I uses the Beastman Race method to make, if you eat, so long as takes a piece, puts in the pot to add to sail upstream boils, can eat, does not want underestimated these two bag rations, this was uses four Argali meat to make, these two bags, enough your brothers ate three to four, gave to you, worked as a small gift.” That full beard mercenary one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but has gawked, then face grateful said : thanked mister.” Their these mercenary although fill to the cold wind with hundred fights not to be far, because must control the road, but must ambush, therefore general time is life outdoor, can only use big flatbread as the food, now one hear of Zhao Hai said that this rations advantage, their cannot help but very happy, regarding them, this is rare good thing. Zhao Hai has not cared, shows a faint smile said : to be good, you also walk, we should also start off.” That full beard called two brothers, carried off that two bags of rations, this bowed to Zhao Hai, getting the person to retreat. At this time Laura they also walked out from the tent, Laura look at Zhao Hai smiled said : to snatch the highway robber become this appearance, I am the first time see, he he, interesting.” Zhao Hai has not actually cared, but shows a faint smile said : they not to be easy, ok, eats to select thing, prepares to start off.” At this time Jill also walked, bowed said : yesterday to thank mister to Zhao Hai in the evening, princess Your Highness made me represent her to thank mister.” Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand said : to consider as finished, the small matter, does not have anything at the worst, you also prepare, our immediately must hurry along.” Jill has complied with one, turn around returned to their camp, prepares to tidy up thing to hurry along, their immediately must enter the Rosen Empire domain.