Chapter 336 Running free Trading Company Zhao Hai their here thing must receive quickly, immediately can leave, in this time, camp of suddenly from them is actually walking a person. This person of magnificent clothes, but is actually not the Noble robe, but is very ordinary warrior cloth, but Zhao Hai looks at this person of warrior cloth, knows that this is the lord who keeps up appearances purely, whom has not seen to use such good cotton material to make warrior cloth, it is estimated that these hits, general mercenary one year of income on hitting not. The person that Zhao Hai puzzled look at walks slowly, this person of do no carry weapon, a smiling face of face, looks like does not have what the appearance of threat probably. That person also knows the custom obviously, they 56 meters far place stopped to Zhao Hai, then bowed said : mister to invite to Zhao Hai, below was running free Merchant Union Steward, today looks for mister not to have other meaning, but wants to accompany to travel together with mister, don’t know mister what do you think?” Zhao Hai gawked, looked at that person of one, that person of although clothes put on a little left the kind, however the scale of caravan to was not small, Zhao Hai looked, in addition feared that had more than 200 car(riage)s. That person looks at the Zhao Hai appearance, quickly said: mister do not misunderstand, we have not offended here these bandits and thieves, our running free Trading Company, does business between Rosen Empire and Aksu Empire, about hundred years of history, have walked this lifeline, in friends with very familiar, these time wants to travel together with mister, not his intent.” Zhao Hai look at this Merchant, shows a faint smile said : just right, our is first time goes to Rosen Empire, the don’t know custom, travels together with mister, happen to consults, below Wales, don’t know mister name?” That person of quickly said: „Below is running free Trading Company Steward, Feng Boqi, mister, if tidied up, our immediately can leave.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : well, together leaves, wind mister invited.” Feng Boqi shows a faint smile, turn around returned to own caravan. The meanings of some Zhao Hai do not understand Feng Boqi, why the color of his suddenly thinks that travelled together with, after sitting to the car(riage), Zhao Hai puzzled to Laura said : Laura, you have heard running free Trading Company?”

Laura nodded said : naturally to hear, running free Trading Company is Rosen Empire medium Trading Company, the scale is not very big, their frequent in Rosen Empire and Aksu Empire doing business back and forth, because Purcell Duchy was quite far at that time, therefore they have not gone.” Did Zhao Hai nod said : that their reputation to be what kind of? Now we are two eyes discredit regarding Rosen Empire there, any also don’t know, the person who if knows directs to be also good.” Laura nodded said : reputation to be very good, a running free Trading Company looks like becomes famous by the honest code of honor, in Rosen Empire and Aksu Empire although is not considered as that top big Trading Company, in the commercial circle actually is also very famous.” Zhao Hai nodded said : that to be good, but you said why they can look for me? We do not have what contact with them, moreover we have two car(riage)s, a car(riage) sits the person, is not does business obviously.” Laura shows a faint smile said : our although does not seem like does business, but the ability of your tomorrow performance they actually regarding as important, do not forget, the strength that you not only show is 7th level Magician, but also that attractively has processed these bandits and thieves, is makes these bandits and thieves to you who here is willing stand night watch, regarding your such person, how they possibly not to find the way to win over.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : I not to want with these mercenary to become enemies, you think, after these commissions, can in this place activity, moreover they after camp of many person surrounds us, don't camp of these people have the guard to be on night duty? Is impossible? These people have the guard to be on night duty, they actually pretend not to see that this indicated these bandits and thieves are very ripe with them, therefore I do not want to live the conflict with these bandits and thieves.” Actually Zhao Hai when sees these bandits and thieves, suddenly has thought on Earth in bodyguard office that in the novel sees, the personal bodyguards in these bodyguard offices, when presses the dart, wants Han Biao, sets up the dart flag, must tell others, we are that bodyguard office. Such that just like in the book writes, you must open the bodyguard office, depends on is not your martial arts has multi- outstanding, what most important has a look at your person surface to be broad, the friend on [say / way] does not give to you face. These bandits and thieves they dare to take by force in here, even if were they snatches thing, will go to the cold wind to fill with hundred fights fortress to go to selling stolen goods, must say that they did not have no relationship that with the garrison troops of that two place are impossible, Zhao Hai does not want not to arrive at hundred to fight fortress, first has annoyed their garrison troops, therefore he will give these bandits and thieves thousand gold coins. Naturally, these have not been able to Laura they saying that Laura grieved that 1000 gold coins, 1000 gold coins regarding the average person, truly will not be many, but regarding them, are not many, can spend thousand gold coins, making these bandits and thieves stand night watch for other people, value. Their caravan just left, transmits Feng Boqi sound speaking sounds on hearing by: Wales mister, may be willing on my vehicle to sit, I have prepared small side dish, Fruit Wine, how do we drink one cup?”

Zhao Hai showed a faint smile, turns the head to come to Laura said :, I had a look.” Said that smiles said : I to have this intent loudly.” Said that a driving gate, has arrived at outside on the car(riage) slow stage. To outside car(riage) slow stage on, Zhao Hai one looked toward side, presently side is walking one with horse carriage of his car(riage) similar style, what this horse carriage meets a train is the flame horse, Feng Boqi is standing on the slow stage of car(riage) look at Zhao Hai. Two horse carriage leave unusual is near, so long as a stride can arrive on the vehicle of opposite party, Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, took a step the Feng Boqi car(riage). Feng Boqi Zhao Hai to his horse carriage, in his horse carriage with Zhao Hai horse carriage be welcome similar, is the same designs, it seems like in this type of car(riage) the design is on present Continent the popular style. In that small cabinet horse carriage, is suspending four small side dish, two cups, in cup to filling red wine. Zhao Hai looked at one, these four small side dish, unexpectedly are on Continent very popular Magic vegetables, moreover does also is very good, the although quantity is not big, but very refined. Must know in the winter, can eat the Magic vegetables regarding the average person is very difficult, on Continent has plenty commoner, their this winter can only get food down with the brined vegetable, some others do not even have including the brined vegetable. However Zhao Hai has not expressed anything, Laura had said running free Trading Company is a medium business shape, medium Trading Company on Continent is very extraordinary, before Laura in Purcell Duchy there Magic Lily Store, if puts on Continent, can only be small shape Trading Company, simply cannot be regarded anything. After Feng Boqi invited Zhao Hai sat down, holds up wine glass to Zhao Hai to smile said : to be able in this journey to meet, was the one type of fate, mister invited.” Zhao Hai also carries wine glass to come, has bumped the cup with Feng Boqi, smiles said : to invite.” They sipped liquor lightly, then puts in the cup the cabinet, does Zhao Hai smile said : why wind mister to want suddenly to travel together with me today?” Feng Boqi stares, he has not thought that Zhao Hai is so direct, but he smiles said : is was too mainly attractive, is open about the facts mister that mister yesterday evening's matter manages, the people who this lifeline canyon here bandits and thieves, our these often walk this line knew that mister is first walking, will therefore certainly be taken by force by them, but can like mister, melt such good, I first time saw that cannot help but got up with the heart of mister becoming friends with.” Zhao Hai smiles said : mister really to be honest, actually regarding me, must extinguish these bandits and thieves, but is the matter of waving, but I feared that these bandits and thieves and cold winds fill with hundred fight the fortress there garrison troops to have the relation, therefore has not moved them.”

Feng Boqi nodded right that said : mister said that these bandits and thieves can say that is the cold wind fills with hundred fights the fortress there garrison troops to raise, they have certainly the relation, do not look that these bandits and thieves come out to take by force, actually finally falls to their in hand money not many, their majority of money want on to give the cold wind to fill fight the fortress garrison troops with hundred, regarding this matter, we are is also well aware.” Why Zhao Hai puzzled look at Feng Boqi said : „do they such do? Sets up the card to collect taxes in fortress there directly is not also same?” Does Feng Boqi show a faint smile said : you not to have presently? Walks lifeline here mostly is some Merchant Union, but these Merchant Union also mostly have relationship with some Great Noble, does not want underestimated these Great Noble energy, these Great Noble are capable of letting the fortress there garrison troops, sets up the card to collect taxes without the means that therefore these garrison troops have thought of this kind of means that although everyone/Great Clan understand what's the matter, but takes them not to have the means.” Zhao Hai nodded, he to is thinks what Feng Boqi said is right, on Continent, does not want underestimated these Great Noble energy, all underestimated these Great Noble energy people, died, that Great Noble is really capable of that not making the fortress there garrison troops set up the card to collect taxes. But was very convenient with bandits and thieves method, must snatch your is the bandits and thieves, but these bandits and thieves in lifeline here, Rosen Empire and Aksu Empire do not facilitate the tube, even if these Great Noble thought that these bandits and thieves are excessive, they in trading a batch and that's the end, regarding these garrison troops, this simply are not anything. Feng Boqi look at does Zhao Hai, show a faint smile said : don’t know this mister to go to Rosen Empire to do? Looks at the badge on your vehicle, should you be the Aksu Empire Purcell Duchy person? Are your following these car(riage)s, probably the Purcell Family direct line people?” Zhao Hai knows said : slightly is, I am a Purcell Duchy viscount, this time is to go to Sky Water City handles matters, what in my behind city sits is the Purcell Duchy princess, this time is to go to Carson City studies.” Feng Boqi nodded said : Sky Water City that truly is a good place, the port city, the trade to reach . Moreover the there tax revenue is very low, goes to there to do business to is good to choose, he he, you have a look at me, but also don’t know are you go to there to do business, said these to you.”