Chapter 337 Hundred fights fortress Zhao Hai knows that Feng Boqi is testing him, he has not cared, he truly is goes to Sky Water City there to do business, this does not have what to be good to conceal, he smiles said : „, just like mister said that I go to there to do business, but I first time go to there, but has a look first.” Feng Boqi smiles said : Sky Water City to be truly good, don’t know can mister go to there to do business?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : I to have some business on Prairie, does not want to do in Purcell Duchy there, wants to go to Sky Water City there to have a look, I heard that has the Prairie ship from Sky Water City.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Feng Boqi had not suspected, what Rosen Empire the person who goes to Beastman Prairie to do business are many, does not have quite strangely what, moreover goes to Beastman Prairie there to do business from Rosen Empire, was permitted, tax revenue also not very high, like Aksu Empire, cannot with the smuggling, but also so many people must arrange, therefore, Beastman Prairie does business from Rosen Empire here, be lower than the expense that Prairie there does business from Aksu Empire. This also has the reason is, between south Rosen Empire and Beastman Prairie are away from Aksu Empire, Beastman want to invade, first by attack is also Aksu Empire, regarding Rosen Empire, does not have what deep sorrow, they naturally cannot limit Beastman Prairie there to do business. But Aksu Empire actually must control well, because did not do well the business to turn into supporting the enemy. Therefore runs up to Rosen Empire to come every year of has plenty Aksu Empire Merchant, is entering Beastman Prairie from Rosen Empire, finally these Merchant mostly settled down in Rosen Empire, has become the Rosen Empire person. However Feng Boqi is actually interested to the business that Zhao Hai said that his look at Zhao Hai said : „did mister have the business on Prairie? Said that mister was very ripe with these Beastman? Is the business on don’t know Prairie good to do?” Zhao Hai smiles said : to be good to do, the business on Prairie is very good to do, Beastman lacks the grain, lacks the commodity, anything lacks, so long as you bring thing to go to Prairie, can trade the cattle, but the cattle on Prairie, will have fallen ill to Continent on generally, is not very good to support, therefore these cattle transport, generally can immediately/on horseback massacre, the Prairie there wool product is also very good, on Continent is also in high demand thing.” Feng Boqi two eyes one bright, look at Zhao Hai does said : do business on Prairie does not have what risk?” Zhao Hai smiles said : risk naturally to have, moreover is very big, these Beastman momentarily will probably turn into the robber, but they snatch the grain generally, and will not kill people, in, most Beastman has been willing to do business with us, but does not have people legend making money of that.”

Feng Boqi nodded, he to is believes that Zhao Hai this saying, does business with Beastman, although making money, but the risk certainly is not small, he had seen many with Merchant that Beastman does business, best not to have fallen to any good. Zhao Hai looked like Feng Boqi to ask the matter about Rosen Empire, Feng Boqi to has not been hiding the truth from Zhao Hai, said situation about Rosen Empire to his detailed very much. These that however Feng Boqi said that Xu Wanying has also said that therefore regarding Zhao Hai, the harvest is not very big, they chatted while proceed to hurry along, this arrived all the way also lives in peace with each other. Before long their car(riage)s slow, Feng Boqi does not have to smile, definitely to hundred has fought fortress to Zhao Hai said : with a smile, everyone/Great Clan is lining up into the city, I did not keep mister, entered the city time must pay taxes, but must register, mister went back to arrange.” Zhao Hai stands up, showed a faint smile said : that to say goodbye to Feng Boqi, after mister, if had the time to go to Sky Water City, must look for me, but I possibly good went to Carson City.” Feng Boqi smiles said : hundred to fight fortress, three roads, middle that main road goes to running of Carson City, toward left that the road to Sky Water City, toward right that the road to Bulyea city, my destination is Bulyea city, after mister, if goes to Bulyea city, must look for me, to Bulyea city, you, so long as looks for running free Trading Company, inquired that Feng Boqi can find me.” Zhao Hai smiles said : well, later has opportunity certainly to go, says goodbye.” Said that opened the vehicle door, returned to on own vehicle, but he did not have immediately/on horseback to enter the carriage, moreover stood sizes up hundred to fight fortress on the slow stage of car(riage). These hundred fight fortress looks like fills cold wind is lordlier , a 25 zhang (3.33 m) altitude, is similar to giant beast same occupies in the lifeline canyon exit, following these horse carriage, nearby this huge fortress, are similar to ants is the same, proceeds to crawl. Zhao Hai has not thought really that in can see such high city wall in Ark Continent here unexpectedly, he really does not think understand, such high city wall, how the Ark Continent here person constructs. However thinks that mysterious Magic, he has also felt relaxed, in this world, has including Magic and Divergent Technique this mysterious thing, but also there is anything is impossible. The look at front car(riage) feared that is also several thousand, when also don’t know must wait till can be one's turn them, he has not worried, returned to in horse carriage, Laura her is chatting in car(riage).

Saw Zhao Hai to come back, Laura immediately/on horseback said : how Elder Brother Hai? What that did Feng Boqi say to you?” Zhao Hai smiled said : not to say anything, but chatted a while, but also really made you say right, you also really settled on my yesterday to process the methods of these bandits and thieves in the evening, but heard that I must do business with Beastman, he was not quite probably warm, strange.” Laura smiles said : on Continent is not all Merchant likes doing business with Beastman, running free Trading Company is one, heard that they from establishing to the present, have not done a business with Beastman, probably running free Trading Company first-generation shop owner, has a grudge with Beastman.” Zhao Hai knit the brows said : „, but today's Feng Boqi actually looked like me to ask about the matter that going to Prairie there did business, can be they also wants to meddle the Prairie there business?” Laura thinks that said : has this possibility, no matter what, in average person opinion, goes to Prairie there to do business, absolutely is the prize investment, these many years passed by, they want to do business with Beastman are also normal.” Zhao Hai nodded, in saying this matter, regarding Zhao Hai, Feng Boqi is only a traveler in his life, can he later also meet Feng Boqi not saying that he gains ground to Laura said : I wants to deliver to Carson City Ryan first, then we are going to Sky Water City, do you look?” Laura to had not opposed, but nodded said : this to be also good, no matter what, she is also Uncle Evan daughter, we should consider, delivers to Carson City there her, to settle down gets down, we were also show extreme tolerance.” After Zhao Hai nodded said : to let Ryan to settle down is good, we give Uncle Evan to deliver a letter, even if completes duty to, in school what kind, that is not, no matter we who we can manage cannot control, if Ryan offended who in the school, feared that cannot control including Uncle Evan.” Laura sighed, has not said anything, instead to was Meg said : Young Master, I thought that we should go to Sky Water City directly, making her follow to arrive at here to be good, depended on the matter that she handled, we already this alone walked, simply should not manage her.” Zhao Hai has not said anything, he knows that Meg hate Ryan compared with Laura, because Ryan must refuse first, then such planning Zhao Hai, these become Meg will hate the reason of Ryan. Zhao Hai shook the head said : to consider as finished, helping the person help.” Was saying, outside transmits sound speaking sounds: Following horse carriage is listening, you want driving paying taxes, if not the Rosen Empire person, must arrive at here to register.”

Zhao Hai has not actually moved, these matters gave Xu Wanying and Junichi are done have been OK, simply did not need them to worry, these garrison troops will not feel embarrassed them, no matter what, they had Noble of title, their these small soldier do not dare to go too far. Xu Wanying has paid two gold coins taxes, has carried on the simple registration, had been allowed to pass by the garrison troops, looks like in Zhao Hai, these two gold coins taxes may really be not cheap, must know that they altogether two car(riage)s, a car(riage) collects a gold coins tax unexpectedly, this tax rate was too probably high. Actually his don’t know, this is because they are Aksu Empire the reasons of person, if the Rosen Empire person, so long as a car(riage) handed over silver coins to be OK, Noble even can be exempted from tax, but the Aksu Empire person was not good, they must pay the high taxes. Therefore generally the Aksu Empire person who comes Rosen Empire to do business, in the Rosen Empire here status, even rather spends to buy a Noble status in Rosen Empire here, this is also the Rosen Empire one type of method. Quick Zhao Hai they entered hundred to fight fortress, entered hundred to fight fortress here, Zhao Hai opened the glass, was looking toward outside. Fills there to be different from the cold wind, the cold cold there street looks like very ruined, can see everywhere puts on full body armor mercenary. But hundred fight fortress here, street very neat, both sides everywhere have shops of street, the pedestrian like the shuttle, very lively, fills there with the cold wind unexpectedly completely is two appearances. Zhao Hai had not planned that immediately leave hundred fight fortress, he wants in the here recuperation one in the evening, tomorrow to walk, understands the Rosen Empire local conditions and social customs in here while convenient. Fills such place in the cold wind, has hotel, hundred fought fortress here not more impossible not to have, Zhao Hai they will not choose other hotels to go, went to hotel directly. However arrives at hotel here, Zhao Hai felt that the difference of here, fills there in the cold wind, business very good of hotel, some Merchant mostly seek lodging for the night in hotel, however in hundred fights fortress here the hotel, looks like business not fantastic, cannot see several people, to the feeling of person, the business resembles very miserable to be pale. However waiting on hotel should so be still warm, even fills there to be warmer than in the cold wind, immediately they arranged the room to Zhao Hai, went including some Magic Beast also immediately person of bring down, this made Zhao Hai very puzzled.