Chapter 338 Spies Ryan also rests in hotel with Zhao Hai together, these days Ryan honest is a little excessive, this arrives is makes Zhao Hai feel somewhat restlessly, don’t know she is hitting any wicked scheme. Several people entered the room in hotel, after sitting down, Zhao Hai turns the head to Xu Wanying and Junichi said : Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow, Junichi, you two exit to inquire, has a look at this hotel what's the matter, their here business probably is very why slow.” They complied with one, turn around walked. Laura look at Zhao Hai did said : inquire this doing? Even if had problems, that is also the Shelly Family matter, what relationship has with us?” Zhao Hai smiles said : mainly to understand, is who is capturing the business with Shelly Family, if the Rosen Empire here person, we must pay attention to this person, dares to capture the business with Shelly Family, that certainly is a character, later we have met, must add carefully is good.” Laura thinks that nodded said : also right, dares with the person of Shelly Family proceed boldly, is not the simple character, do not look at these big Merchant Clan, each and every one said that competes with others, use is the commercial actions, actually that has only uses the commercial action to compete with the person truly, has the resources not to use, that too did not waste.” Zhao Hai nodded said : „, therefore I must pay attention to am capturing the business with hotel, no matter what, to Rosen Empire here, was unable in living the Purcell Duchy there matter, otherwise on this Continent really not location of our taking shelter.” Laura nodded said : „, if living the Purcell Duchy there matter in Rosen Empire here, feared that was we can only hide Beastman Prairie to come up.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to speak the truth, I also really like associating with these Beastman, most at least they do not have Human Race these many minds.” Laura smiles said : I also to like with these Beastman associating, is simpler, does not need to think it over, right Elder Brother Hai, you said that these days Ryan is so honest, wants to do? Was she so really honest?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : „the thoughts of this woman, no one guesses certainly, ok, did not go to manage him, so long as we escorted Carson City him, later she in what kind, did not close our matters.” In this time, is out of the door hearing the knock, Blockhead immediately/on horseback said : that?” Out of the door transmits Jill sound speaking sounds: Jill seeks an interview Wales mister.” Blockhead turned the head to look at Zhao Hai one to have, Zhao Hai nodded, Blockhead opened the door, asking Jill to come, Jill looked that Laura their several compensated Zhao Hai to sit on the sand stares, logically said Laura their status, did not have the qualifications to sit with Zhao Hai, but does not think now these times, Blockhead to Zhao Hai ritual said : mister, princess Your Highness wants to ask mister, whether will then travel together with us?” Zhao Hai has gawked, but he nodded said : meeting, we will arrive at Carson City first, then in Sky Water City, what matter has?”

Jill bows said : not to Zhao Hai, Jill thanks mister in here, princess Your Highness is innocent, the beforehand matter annoyed mister to be angry, asking mister to forgive.” Zhao Hai shook the head said : to consider as finished, this time matter I look in the Grand Duke Evan face, does not haggle over with her, but I hope, in not living such matter, speaks the truth with you, after previous time had that matter, I went to believe to Grand Duke, the meaning of Grand Duke by me tube Ryan, but no matter what, Ryan is the Grand Duke daughter, I am not good to do too excessively, but I hope that Princess Ryan in not challenging my bottom line, otherwise I will be not polite, to this. The title, I have not cared, I feel grateful to Grand Duke, but this will not represent my everything to compromise for the general interest.” Zhao Hai knows that this Jill comes, is the Ryan symptom he searches their rumors, he also simply openly expressed the matter, if next time Ryan in doing goes too far, he will be impolite. Jill one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but sighed at heart, he also knows certainly that the Zhao Hai temperament, Zhao Hai simply did not care about the Ryan status, previous Zhao Hai not no matter directly they, possibly because of Grand Duke relationship, if the princess were annoying him, that did not say certainly. Zhao Hai look at Jill awkward appearance, sighed said : to consider as finished, you got down, looked at the Ryan appearance, she will not listen your, I did not feel embarrassed you, I delivered to Carson City him in any case, even if had explain/transfer to Grand Duke, you later good from were the knowledge, Carson City compared with Casa City, although did not have the absence of one word, however inside person was actually the phase difference hundred thousand eight thousand li(500 km), did not do well, your poor lives on explain/transfer here, do not think had many intelligent, in this world nobody was a fool, you.” Jill complied with one, bow the body has been drawing back, look at Jill doorkeeper has closed, Zhao Hai cannot help but sighed said : „a Jill such lord , was really enough bad luck.” Laura forced smile said : actually Princess Ryan this situation, in Noble is very common, the person like Fernand, is good, I heard that currently also has the Noble territory intrinsic execution droit du seigneur.” Zhao Hai has gawked, transfers also has this matter to look at Laura said :?” Laura nodded, Zhao Hai smiles said : „, after our territories, executes the droit du seigneur?” Laura also knows that Zhao Hai is cracking a joke, her ill-humored white Zhao Hai said : line, so long as you can be busy.” Zhao Hai smiles said : to consider as finished, I also want to live for two years, but these Noble on Continent, are really a little too does not make sense now, in our territories, later cannot have this matter.” Laura smiles said : there is our domain, what must complete there, is calculation that we said.” In this time, the knock in one time is transmitting, but these time has knocked two, Xu Wanying and Junichi walked, they bow to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, inquired clearly, Shelly Family in the Rosen Empire business continuously so, in Rosen Empire here, the people happily were more difficult to go to the Layen hotel, the Layen hotel was Rosen Empire lion heart Grand Duke Grand Duke Layen opens, Grand Duke Layen was one of the Rosen Empire most puissant Grand Duke, therefore they did not fear Shelly Family.” Zhao Hai nodded, originally is the battle of native influence and alien influence, heard that the headquarters in hotel in Rosen Empire, Grand Duke Layen do not fight with him as the matter stands, were in the upper hand does not have what strangely, after all Shelly Family in fierce, he is also the lyeopodium complanatium, may not fight the local bully, said it, Grand Duke Layen has not been the snake, he was also considered as on is a local bully. Laura turned the head to be good to Xu Wanying said :, you also rested, tomorrow we must hurry along, was right, one will tell the hotel, prepared a point to eat to us.”

Junichi at this time actually said : Young Master, Madame, a situation, I listened to them saying that Layen hotel there was good to make sense, if who were admitted to hotel, wanted who was attractive, do we want to pay attention to a point?” Zhao Hai and Laura stare, Laura look at Junichi said : really? This is information accurate?” Junichi nodded said : „to prepare, heard beforehand has Rosen Empire has been admitted to hotel, afterward had had an accident , because of this, therefore now the business of hotel so will be dreary.” Zhao Hai calm face said : looked like we just arrived at Rosen Empire to annoy the character who was unable to annoy, but this Grand Duke Layen did went too far? Can Shelly Family not manage on such look at?” Laura shook the head said : definitely unable, influence of Shelly Family on Continent be much bigger than Grand Duke Layen, they are impossible look at not to manage, but looks like on the present, the meaning that Shelly Family has not counter-attacked probably, it seems like these days the day will not feel better.” Zhao Hai look at Laura said : this Grand Duke Layen does is so excessive, I think that the counter-attack of Shelly Family will be very certainly strong, if they cannot give to overthrow Grand Duke Layen, that pours will be Shelly Family, we, but Grand Duke Layen will bring the tool of vertical prestige, but how I to have a look at him to move us.” Laura shows a faint smile, turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, you said that the person in hotel can cause our Milk Wine, is regarding the tool of counter-attack?” Zhao Hai has gawked, he has not thought of this point, but one hear of Laura said that but also has this possibility, but he smiles said : to consider as finished, manages him, we sell the liquor by all means that other we may unable to manage.” Laura waved said : to be good, you get down, this matter did not need you to manage.” Xu Wanying and Junichi complied with one, turn around walked. Zhao Hai turns the head to Blockhead said : Blockhead, said to Jill this matter, making them early prepare, the following road feared that will not be peaceful.” Blockhead nodded, turn around walked, Zhao Hai turned the head look at Laura said : you saying that Grand Duke Layen will cope with us? My person stays at an inn, moreover just came from Aksu Empire, should he not go too far?” Laura shook the head said : that not to be uncertain, Grand Duke Layen possibly ordered to give to be admitted to the person lesson of hotel, but how his under the hand/subordinate person did, that does not say, perhaps his under the hand/subordinate person thinks that seize the opportunity wealth also perhaps, in that case, we were dangerous, these people will certainly start to us, if were Rosen Empire local Noble, they will perhaps not go too far, after all among these Noble somewhat complicated relation, but we were actually from Aksu Empire, did not have in here rootless depending on, they must cope with us, what simply did not need to be worried about, if. They come darkly, we to did not fear that at the worst we fight them and that's the end, does not need to fear them, feared that other people are cope with us using the Rosen Empire palace strength, gives us to settle a charge, such one, we wanted to withdraw not so to be easy.” Zhao Hai nodded, knit the brows said : we now is Aksu Empire Noble, do they dare to give us at will the peaceful charge?” Laura forced smile said : dares, Rosen Empire always confessed is a cut above others, they wanted to settle a charge to the person to be also normal at will.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „, if they dare to be so dry, we made, do not forget, I now am beside a viscount, was Magician of three department, if they dare to be so dry, we were noisy, I to was have a look at him to dare us to be what kind.”

Laura thinks that nodded said : also right, any country of Magician on regarding Continent, existence that easily will not offend, if they dare to cope with us, we to can make one really noisily.” At this time Blockhead also came back, Zhao Hai look at his said : what kind of? Said?” Blockhead nodded said : to tell Jill, they should the office be prepared, but he was worried evidently.” Zhao Hai nodded said : to tell them to be good, you also rest, tomorrow our leave hundred fight fortress, I to have a look, what method Grand Duke Layen with will cope with me.” However what is a pity, Grand Duke Layen to Zhao Hai such opportunity, useless Zhao Hai has not waited till the next day, some people walked. Zhao Hai their in the room has rested a while, in the dining room in hotel is dining, heard outside the hotel to transmit one to quarrel the mixed sound, Zhao Hai cannot help but stares, turns the head to look along the one by one eye, Junichi immediately/on horseback turn around exited, before long was suitable for the one by one face strangely walked, bowed to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, outside came many Cavalry, was grasps your, they said that you were the spy who Aksu Empire sent, now the person by hotel was blocked.” Zhao Hai stares, then turned the head to look at Laura one, showed a faint smile said : not to think that this came, we should have a look, no matter what, others were also grasp our.” Said that has stood, Laura they were also busy at standing with him. Sits Ryan on another a table, one hear of Junichi words, are looking at the Zhao Hai appearance, knows that is Jill to that matter that she said that Ryan also has cannot help but stood, how she also wants to have a look at Zhao Hai to handle this matter. The quick people went to the hall in hotel, just arrived at the hall in hotel, transmits rampant sound speaking sounds on hearing outside: „The person in hotel you are listening, do you want to harbor the spy to be inadequate?” Calm sound speaking sounds: No matter he is who, he after entering hotel, is our guests, before not having the leave hotel, anybody cannot enter the hotel to disturb the guest, otherwise is publicly declares war to Shelly Family.” Does that rampant sound laugh said : to look like Shelly Family to declare war is also what kind of? Your Shelly Family does even more larger result in law of the land to be inadequate? Knowing the limitation makes way on the little darling, otherwise, do not blame my impolite.” That calm sound speaking sounds: Hotel is certainly law-abiding, but this guest, when is admitted to the hotel, we have not received any about him are spy's notices, therefore he is our hotel legitimate guest, we cannot make you disturb the rest of guest.”