Chapter 339 Retreating Zhao Hai static standing in the hall in hotel, he has not thought really that hotel such will do unexpectedly, they regarding the guest in own hotel, protection did not have the words to say. Zhao Hai inspired, calm walking of outward, just arrived at in front of the door, Zhao Hai saw, outside minimum has more than thousand Cavalry, stubbornly, the Cavalry personal appearance of lead the entire hotel encircles about two meters, fine steel full body armor, the back at the back of the tower shield, Double-handed Broadsword carries on the arm in the waist, Knight Spear inserts on the saddle, triangle flag on spear head, raises the show against the wind, looks like eye-catching. He cross below Mount very has the characteristics, although is a horse, but this horse is very big, the road has about four meters high, the black, on the head is growing two curving siliques all over the body unexpectedly, an eye is actually the blood red, looks like very scary. Zhao Hai remembers that has seen this Magic Beast in the Magic Beast will, this is one type of 5th level horse shape Magic Beast, there is a very simple name, Demon Horse! Is Darkness Attribute, can as long as six meters high, Divine Power be astonishing high, meets the blood is Magic bites the blood technique, the dark Black Magic weak technique, the slow technique, the confused technique, will be subdued very much difficultly. Zhao Hai also noted, that Cavalry saddle after the special design, saddle each two horse stools, can grab the horse stool to start. Zhao Hai, that Knight saw Zhao Hai, but his present simply has not paid attention to Zhao Hai, regarding him, Zhao Hai is a tool, is used to look for the hotel troublesome tool, today is not Zhao Hai, will change into other person of him also such to do. He tails in the here person does not have grievances, he has grievances with the hotel, he needs to be only a excuse, works as this excuse as for whom, then does not have no relationship with him. Perhaps however his immediately must regret, because he annoys the person who should not annoy, he thinks that the opposite party is chess piece, can bring casual using, optional discarding, when he moved this chess piece present, this is not chess piece, but is a thorn ball, momentarily metropolis jarais. Zhao Hai look at that Knight said : heard that this Sir can look for me? don’t know so-called what?” That Knight look at Zhao Hai said : you are Wales, now we suspected that you is a spy, goes back with us.” This Knight regarding hotel completely understand, he knows expression of gratitude Li Hotel not to make them carry off the person easily, as the matter stands he had the reason to tidy up hotel, but that resident...... Directly by him slightly.

Zhao Hai look at that Knight, shows a faint smile said : „I am Aksu Empire Noble, what evidence has your to prove that I am a spy? If no, I can suspect Rosen Empire to the insult of our Aksu Empire Noble? That is must make the diplomatic dispute.” That Knight completely has not actually cared about the Zhao Hai words, shouted: Little wasted breath, must obey the Rosen Empire custom to Rosen Empire, obedient followed us, otherwise did not have your good fruit to eat.” The person in hotel just about to makes noise, Zhao Hai actually complexion sinks said : this Sir Knight the big power and prestige, what a pity, you annoyed should not the person of annoying.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Cavalry cannot help but looked at Zhao Hai one, he does not have presently Zhao Hai to have any special place. In this time, Zhao Hai is wielding in hand Magic Staff, each and every one Stone Giant has braved from the ground, has 20. That Knight sees this situation, complexion cannot help but changes, he has not thought that Zhao Hai unexpectedly is Magician, moreover level is not low, can, in did not read in the Incantation situation, one summoned these many Stone Giant, this truly was very astonishing. That Knight worked on own Knight Spear, the hand has wiped the tower shield to arrive at in hand, simultaneously shouted: Prepares to meet the enemy, secret collection lineup, slow draws back.” Follows in his behind these Knight, is some trainings has soldier of technique obviously, they fast have made with this Knight same movement, then control own Mount slowly goes toward retreat, they are the preparation draw back a distance, is good Space that pulls open to charge, Heavy Armor Cavalry like them, the time of only then charging, Might is huge, stands battles in same place and person, their fighting strength minimum lose about five layers. Zhao Hai is taking in hand Magic Staff, in a soft voice said : bunch!” The wind tied up the technique to leave together, entangles on the foot of there Knight Mount, making these Knight Mount feel very difficult to receive, their retreat was naturally slower. Knight complexion of that lead was uglier, he was a veteran of having fought many battles, very clear, just Zhao Hai had used Wind element Magic, one pair was Magician, no matter arrived at there is very popular, was not this small Knight can offend. However this has not ended, Zhao Hai takes Magic Staff, deep voice said : is encircling!” Under that in retreat Knight suddenly by a giant pyrosphere encircling in the middle, that pyrosphere was angry probably baseless, the flame put on more than one meter high, bit by bit, very scary. Magic Beast mostly fears the fire, only then some Fire element Magic Beast did not fear that this fire braves, truly is makes these Knight Magic Beast somewhat be hesitate to press forward, but these Knight Mount, after the training, under Master appease, quick have stabilized, but Knight complexion of that lead was uglier, because he presently actually offends one three is Magician.

Zhao Hai coldly look at these Knight, deep voice said : stops, if, do not blame my impolite.” Knight of that lead also knows that what Zhao Hai said is right, if Zhao Hai wants them, not their trapped here, but made these Stone Giant move attack directly. That Knight of lead stopped, to Zhao Hai ritual said : this mister, were formerly many to affront, asking mister to excuse me, this time matter is purely the misunderstanding, the phony intelligence that some people deliver, asking mister to forgive.” That Knight said : that Zhao Hai look at leads good, you said that I do not feel embarrassed you, I do not like being disturbed, you walk.” Said to wave, Stone Giant, wind tied up the technique, the pyrosphere vanishes. Knight of that lead looked at Zhao Hai to receive these thing, cannot help but relaxed, thanked mister to Zhao Hai ritual said :, I and others asked to be excused.” Said to wave, retreated with these Knight. Zhao Hai is not does not want to these Knight lessons, but his very clear, now is inappropriate, they in Rosen Empire, but their status are actually the Aksu Empire people, if they lived the conflict with these Knight, Rosen Empire feared that will be will not let off him. However he also knows that the opposite party these time mainly to hotel, simply does not come to him, naturally will not live the conflict with this Magician. Looked that these Knight retreated, that manager immediately of hotel arrives at Zhao Hai, bows to Zhao Hai said : thanks a lot mister, has alarmed mister, was our mistakes, the mister room charge is apologizing of shop.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : Manager not to use politely, I with your hotel was also a little friendship, with some Illing Manager business dealings of Sartre city, was also considered as on is a little friendship.” Manager one hear of Zhao Hai of this hotel said that cannot help but stares, then he probably one has thought of anything, immediately/on horseback face happy said : originally you are that Wales mister that Zallin said that has been disrespectful below, mister invited quickly.” Said Zhao Hai please come in in hotel. Zhao Hai welcome to the meal of hotel , after looking a high grade passenger compartment has sat down, this Manager immediately/on horseback said : Wales mister, I first introduce oneself, my name was Fuin, was hotel in hundred fights manager of fortress branch store, first several days I received Illing information, said us with a Wales line of cooperation, but nearest/recent our here has come across something, therefore has not paid attention to mister, asking mister to forgive.”

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Fuin Manager should not be polite, I passed by from here, and no big deal, Manager do not care.” Fuin smiles said : no matter what, this was we have also been disrespectful, Illing previous letter time, made us pay attention to mister, moreover told us, so long as were mister stays in hotel, can not charge any fee, he he, I was also the nearest/recent busy matter to busy fainted, don’t know mister arrived unexpectedly, but also wanted thanks a lot these Cavalry, if otherwise made Illing know that I collected the mister money, he will certainly not let off my.” Zhao Hai says with a smile this: Illing mister was too polite, our tomorrow must go to Carson City, does not need extremely in troubling.” Fuin at this time was actually face apology said : Wales mister, this time matter feared that was somewhat troublesome, now a Rosen Empire strong character is looking for our troubles, today mister offended these Cavalry, they possibly retaliated mister, that must cope with our people, in Rosen Empire power and influence very big, feared that will be will not let off mister, may bring many troubles to mister, asking mister to forgive.” What Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : you to say was Grand Duke Layen? feel relieved, we have preparation, will not have the matter, good Durfee Mister An, I first went back to rest, tomorrow must hurry along.” Said that stood to say goodbye, has not been managing some Fuin. Fuin has not thought really that Zhao Hai actually knows the one who asks them to trouble is Grand Duke Layen, this arriving made Fuin raise the feeling that to Zhao Hai one type of has been as deep as a well. Must know Eason, but checked Zhao Hai, they know before Zhao Hai, has not come Rosen Empire, he just arrived hundred fight a fortress here less than day of time, knows that they do live the conflict with Grand Duke Layen the matter? Does he have his situation network to be inadequate in Rosen Empire here? Fuin thought that should tell in Clan to be good this situation, the material that before Illing although checked Zhao Hai, however obtained was really too few, Zhao Hai came severe very mysterious, but can affirm that he has certainly the relation of inseparable with Purcell Family, now looks like, probably not completely was, most at least by the Purcell Family strength, but also did not have ability extend the hand to Rosen Empire.