Chapter 340 Planning Actually Zhao Hai mentions the Grand Duke Layen matter with Fuin intentionally, he must make Fuin know that do not think my anything also don’t know, makes Fuin unable to find out his details, this is actually only a simple trickery. Person sometimes cannot speak, but the sometimes multi- speeches can actually unable to find out your details, like Zhao Hai, this time he mentioned the Grand Duke Layen matter with Fuin, Fuin naturally cannot find out the Zhao Hai bottom, such later Zhao Hai is carrying on anything to cooperate with them, will not be in the equal the status, will not be looked down upon by them. returned to the room, Laura has frowned to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, today these Cavalry walked, but I feared that they possibly will not let off us, we must early prepare to well.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : they naturally not to let off us, even if these Cavalry does not dare to move us, that Grand Duke Layen will not let off our, do not forget, where just outside Durfee shop said that has the matter of cooperation with us, at that time periphery, but many people, they definitely knew, Grand Duke Layen will not let off my, happen to sets up the prestige with me, so long as they do not need the authorities the influence to cope with me, I did not fear.” Laura frowns said : you saying that Fuin can make us say intentionally, this received Shelly Family one group us, even if Layen does not want to cope with us, has to cope with us, we have to full by looking like Shelly Family.” Zhao Hai smiles said : actually this not to have anything not to be good, we do not have with a that Grand Duke Layen friendship . Moreover the method that he works extremely in overbearing, I have not wanted to work with him, Shelly Family although a little plans our meanings, the method that but on the other hand, they work is more temperate, we work with them do not suffer a loss, I also specially make outside these people know that I have the cooperation with their family, as the matter stands, if Layen copes with us, that Shelly Family on will feel restless, like this we with their relationship on nearer one layer.” Laura one hear of Zhao Hai are such plan, relaxed, but she was worry some said : we just came Rosen Empire here now, offended Layen this to be not quite good? If this Shelly Family in lost with the Layen battle, what to do that can?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to think, now we in gambling, if Shelly Family has won, we can launch with them further cooperated, if Shelly Family has defeated, that it doesn't matter, do not forget, our these time goes to Sky Water City, but can also have the contact with Calci Family, Calci Family with us is in an alliance, moreover we with depending on Bell cooperate, will be equal them not to put us not to manage, will have Calci Family in the middle deal with, I want Grand Duke Layen not to do too excessively.” Laura looked Zhao Hai thinks is so clear, what was also not saying, nodded said : that Ryan? If Grand Duke Layen could not cope with us, can feel embarrassed Ryan?”

Zhao Hai nodded said : to have this possibility, but no matter what, Ryan is the Purcell Duchy princess, moreover this time is to go to the school studies, heard that the Rosen Empire school is very high in the status of their their country, should Ryan not have the matter?” Laura nodded, has not been saying anything, she was also such saying, actually he impression to Ryan was not very good, but looked in the Evan face, they cannot, no matter Ryan. although Zhao Hai said that said : that Laura somewhat is worried about in the school what to do, if these people do feel embarrassed Ryan? How she in said that is also a girl, this is unfamiliar with the people and place, must have the words of any matter, feared that was she wants to find the people who discussed unable to find, if she had an accident, we not good with Grand Duke Evan explain/transfer were not.” Zhao Hai sighed said : that we not to have the means to help her, actually Grand Duke Evan these time put her to come out, wants to make her independent facing this world, making her know that what this world was, if our anything matter helped her be done, that has disappointed the Grand Duke wish.” Laura has gawked, she has not thought of this point, nod of but she agrees with, Grand Duke Evan these time puts Ryan to come out, but also has to make her exercise the meaning really well, if they helped Ryan solve any matter, that Ryan followed not to have what to distinguish in Casa City. Ten points calm that this evening's Zhao Hai they cross, these Cavalry in have not come to look for their troubles, but same keeps hundred to fight the fortress here rest with them now Merchant, actually knew the Zhao Hai given name, they when lifeline canyon there, know that Zhao Hai was 7th level Fire element Magician, has not actually thought that simply was not the Zhao Hai complete strength. These Merchant were really getting better and better was now wonderful to Zhao Hai, the strong strength, the attractive incomparable management ability, all these made Zhao Hai turn into the nighttime firefly, but was arrives at there eye-catchingly that. The before big influence starts to pay attention this them, simply had not heard the person, these big influences understood Zhao Hai, only then a point, has a look unable him to haul in own influence, even if cannot haul in own influence him, must know about him well, after if like this, has become the enemy, is good to have the means to deal. Outside Zhao Hai and don’t know these big influences started to pay attention to him, he to thought one do not have what good attention, next morning, Zhao Hai they have had the breakfast, under Fuin's welcome, their leave hundred has fought fortress, toward Carson City direction advancing. This all the way Ryan the low key like past, now Zhao Hai to suspecting her must do, so long as in any case in having about one month, delivers to Carson City Ryan, they retired after meritorious service.

The Rosen Empire domain is very big, similarly, their population are also many, therefore this all the way, they do not need to be worried the place that has not rested, Xu Wanying had stayed in Rosen Empire, therefore Zhao Hai makes him guide, this do not worry to catch up, moving forward slowly, this can a better understanding Rosen Empire situation. However Zhao Hai they, when leave hundred fight fortress on very careful, in hundred fights fortress there, they fell these Knight faces, these Knight should not let off them, but these Knight behind Grand Duke Layen, will not let off them. Zhao Hai although has not seen this Grand Duke Layen, actually knows that this Grand Duke Layen that overbearing conduct method, is the overbearing person, more cannot tolerate others to be disobedient he meaning, do not say like Zhao Hai them ** bare slapping the face. Moreover warm that afterward Zhao Hai also shows with Fuin, they already knew to be the same probably, after this will let Grand Duke Layen, Zhao Hai is the Shelly Family friend , helping over Shelly Family specially, in this case, Grand Duke Layen will cope with him. After leaving hundred have fought fortress, Zhao Hai they felt that the atmosphere has not suited, from hundred fights fortress to Carson City this path should be very busy to be right, but their this line, actually simply has not seen a person, caught up with Black Wasteland there to be so bleak simply quickly. Zhao Hai knows that these people must come to meeting them, he is only has not thought these people meet this unexpectedly by does not pay attention to him, they do not make other people follow from this road, clarified must cope with him, so long as were not the idiot, looked at the situation on road, could understand this truth, these people dare to do, then on equal to must to them bright. Zhao Hai looked at this situation, immediately her has fed in Space Laura, simultaneously made Blockhead they add carefully, at any time standing by, he also told Ryan them this situation, Ryan they also intense serious, their strengths came to fall far short compared with Zhao Hai. leave hundred fought the fortress two hours, they actually along with arriving at any attack, not only has not met any attack, has not met including a person, this gave Zhao Hai them to create very tremendous pressure, they ten anxiety, had feared now enemy suddenly killed. They to may now Lanshan blue no matter also far, the here terrain is the hilly ground to treat, the both sides of road sit some hill frequently, these hill although are not very high, but trees on mountain long is very luxuriant, there momentarily can the ambush person. Ryan these guards are most tense, Zhao Hai they, Zhao Hai sit in the carriage fortunately, look at monitor projection, if this nearby has the ambush, should unable to escape his eye.

Two hours, on monitor did not have a appears person's shadow, this arrives is makes Zhao Hai feel somewhat puzzled, he has not thought that these people have such good patience, two hours passed by, they have not begun. In the Zhao Hai feeling time, suddenly monitor projection appears a piece green, this green point is dense and numerous, has several thousand people fully, on road both sides hill. Zhao Hai has gawked, then pulls closer monitor, presently this time copes his, is Magic Beast Cavalry, they wear the iron armor of whole body, the back at the back of the tower shield, carries on the arm hand Great Sword, in hand is also taking Knight Spear, is based on the gentle slope on both sides hill, falls generation of charges distance, waited at ease for an exhausted enemy is waiting for them. On the hillside that these Knight are at has not set up, they stand in there, full body armor counter- light, Zhao Hai he can also see them very much with ease, their simply does not want to hide probably, wants to kill Zhao Hai in striking of open and aboveboard they. Saw this situation, Zhao Hai immediately has given the hawk ghost Staff, making the hawk bring Staff to fly in sky, he must investigate, having a look at around this also to have other ambush, if did not have other ambush, he can begin. The hawk transferred large circle in this surroundings, does not have presently other ambush, only then these Cavalry, after it seems like these ride, very has the self-confidence, thinks that they were eat to decide Zhao Hai, therefore in has not set other ambushes, this arrived has helped Zhao Hai large Gang, he just wants trying well, his these Bull Cavalry Undead Creature, on Elite Magic Beast Cavalry with these Continent, that fiercer some.