Chapter 341 War! Wiping out The person on Continent has said that Beastman Cavalry is on Continent strongest Cavalry, although now the Zhao Hai in hand Undead Creature dead soldier, want compared with true Beastman Cavalry on strongly many, but Zhao Hai wants to have a look at them strongly to any degree. At this time Xu Wanying they also saw these Cavalry, therefore horse carriage stopped, Ryan they also stopped, but these guard each and every one one face desperate look at these Cavalry. These guards were also veterans of having fought many battles, their eyes looked, these stopped Cavalry on hillside, the population approximately about 5000, coped with them with 5000 Cavalry, but also really gave them the face, but this was also representing, they did not have any escaping opportunity. It looks like in these guards, Zhao Hai in fierce, he is also only 7th level Magician, 7th level Magician, facing the charges of five thousand Heavy Armor Cavalry, only then as arrogant as the fellow of idiot, believes one can defeat these Cavalry. walked out of Zhao Hai from horse carriage, turned the head to look at Ryan their eyes, he somewhat hesitated, has Ryan they in here, his release these Undead Creature time, Ryan they will certainly see, but let the words that Ryan they saw, his secret was not secret. Thinks that Zhao Hai turns the head to Xu Wanying said : Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow, you inform Ryan they, making them protect the Ryan car(riage), no matter a while lives any matter, does not need to manage, so long as protected good Ryan horse carriage on the line.” Xu Wanying one hear of Zhao Hai said that must do on understand Zhao Hai, his excited has complied with one, turned the head to run Ryan there to inform, Ryan they did not have the idea now, the key was this time enemy is really too strong, therefore their immediately did according to the Zhao Hai words. Junichi was join just, his also don’t know Zhao Hai has many Undead Creature, therefore the meaning of his do not understand Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai looked that Ryan their there prepared, a immediately Dark mist technique lost, they covered Ryan, making them unable to see outside situation. Junichi puzzled look at Zhao Hai, why don’t know he must such do, but he looked that Xu Wanying and Blockhead have Stone one face excited appearance, many did not ask anything, was only curious look at Zhao Hai, how don’t know he then must do. Zhao Hai looks at Xu Wanying their excited appearance, cannot help but showed a faint smile said : I to say Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow, your did excited do, did not make you begin.” Xu Wanying smiles said : to be able such short distance watches the Cavalry war, thinks to let person excited, Young Master, hurry up, solves them earlier, we good to walk earlier.” Zhao Hai laughs, turns the head look at these to come attack their Cavalry, said loudly: Everybody, you in what? How to have begun? Waits to ask you to have the lunch?”

Xu Wanying and Blockhead they laugh, these Cavalry were actually mad infuriated, reason that they just did not have attack, was because Zhao Hai they have not arrived at their best attack distances, in their opinion, Zhao Hai could not in any case be inescapable, waited a while to be what kind, so long as Zhao Hai they as soon as entered their best attack distances, their charge can they grind Zhao Hai completely, then can go back. Now one hear of Zhao Hai said that they could not be bearing, in lead the shouting out sounds of several people, these Knight has set level Knight Spear, prepares to charge. Zhao Hai actually shows a faint smile, meets to begin to wield, 5000 Bull clan Undead Cavalry appears in his front, entire simultaneously square-shaped formation, perfectly in order, does not have a point voice, stands is dispersing intermittent Death Qi in there. Junichi dull look at these Bull clan Undead Cavalry, don’t know must say any good, but these Cavalry on hillside, dull look at these Undead Cavalry, their heads somewhat could not have made a turn. Zhao Hai smiles said : you not to charge, that made me charge.” The hand wields, that five thousand Bull clan Undead Cavalry, have been divided into two Cube Formation, on these Cavalry toward both sides of the mountain slope flushes away. Zhao Hai when these Bull clan Undead Cavalry charges, but also has used the lineup management function, two Cube Formation run not to be unexpectedly chaotic, looks is two square log same advancing, does not have Cavalry quickly, does not have one slow one step. Junichi dull look at all these, these Undead Creature Cavalry have made him very surprised, but he is startled regarding Zhao Hai the control ability. Junichi in the outside wanderer many years, has been contacting with these mercenary, on Continent some big Mercenary Group have Cavalry, moreover their Cavalry fighting strength not compared with the Cavalry difference of regular tribe, therefore he regarding Cavalry also completely understand, knows that Cavalry trains very difficult, qualified Cavalry, minimum must be able to train after about two years, moreover in Elite Cavalry, they, when charges, is very difficult maintains lives in the lineup, the person is can maintain, but Magic Beast cannot. But Zhao Hai these Undead Creature Cavalry, they, when charges, the lineup is not chaotic, this is not these Undead Creature achieves absolutely, certainly is the Zhao Hai control result, can these many Undead Creature control to this degree, the strength of Junichi to Zhao Hai have a new understanding. These Cavalry on hillside after passing through some time startled, these that also present the looks like they flushed are Undead Creature, but they have not thought that these unexpectedly all are Zombie Undead Creature. Their very clear, Zombie Undead Creature, is more difficult than to deal with skeleton Undead Creature, naturally, Magician must manufacture also difficulty. They now understand, Zhao Hai simply is not Magician of three departments, he is Magician of four department, and has possibility specialize Black Magic very much. However now does not allow them to think, they very much have to themselves self-confidently, they believe that they can defeat these Undead Creature, therefore they have stabilized quickly, under the leadership of several Captain, has launched the charge like these Bull clan Undead Creature.

Junichi also some look at these Undead Creature of worry, want to come in him, Zhao Hai person control these Undead Creature very difficult, these Undead Creature level were impossible high to be too right, such words these 5000 Undead Creature are impossible to block the charges of five thousand Heavy Armor Cavalry. Heavy Armor Cavalry is in itself on Continent quite the branch of the services that is difficult to deal with, their construction costs very high, therefore the general influence cannot raise, these Heavy Armor Cavalry, taking advantage of the gradient of hillside, charge, compared with charges on the flat land also wants the sharp three points, fighting strength was increases for about five points, they believe that these time charged they to defeat any enemy, can grind any enemy. When four teams of Cavalry true exchange hands, these Heavy Armor Cavalry presently have made a mistake, these Undead Creature each and every one very fierce, they produce to brandish in hand Mace unexpectedly, each reality is not lower than 7th level Warrior, is adding on them not to fear to hurt, does not fear death, such enemy is more difficult to deal with. A charge, among these Heavy Armor Cavalry however lost more than 3000 people, more than half loss, this regarding Heavy Armor Cavalry that lining up charges, almost cannot imagine. But those who make them unable to bear, these Undead Creature Cavalry, within however have not lost, does not have, has plenty Knight Knight Spear inserted the bodies of these Undead Creature, but regarding these Undead Creature, a simply point function, they still cannot brandish in hand weapon. Most makes these Cavalry feel what cannot bear, their look at had several heads of Cavalry to be crushed, but they can also restore, these Undead Creature before them has seen these Undead Creature don’t know were more difficult than to deal with many times, has become true Undead Creature. This made these Cavalry almost collapse, but they were also the veterans of having fought many battles, had not been struck down easily, after a charge, they with Undead Cavalry of these Bull clans, have exchanged the position, they to the Zhao Hai caravan car(riage), that several Cavalry Captain immediately/on horseback give a loud shout now, they have not stopped, but looked like the Zhao Hai charge directly, their very clear, so long as eliminated Zhao Hai, these Undead Creature automatic disappearances. However when they just charged, their front appears a batch Undead Creature, this is a batch Undead Creature Cavalry, is the Bull clan, the quantity is 5000, these Cavalry these collapsed, they have not thought that can be this, Undead Creature Cavalry they could not deal with, now comes one team, does this also make the person live. But at this moment, their behind that team of Undead Creature Cavalry, has turned around, like this they one fell into both sides converging attack. Junichi dull standing in the Zhao Hai side, he was really don’t know must say that what was good, some little time, he recover, turned the head look at Zhao Hai said : Young Master, presently some in hand how many Undead Creature? These many can Undead Creature control result in?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : feel relieved, control results, quantity? I have not calculated, before also had the integer, now? The statistics do not come, probably about seven hundred thousand.” Junichi dull look at Zhao Hai, stuttering said : Young Master, you, you say seven hundred thousand?” Zhao Hai has not spoken, but shows a faint smile, Xu Wanying has patted Junichi shoulder said : Junichi, later you grew with the Young Master time knew, Young Master secret were many.” Blockhead and Stone also laugh, they had already been used to the Space magical thing, only then the Junichi new talented person will feel like this surprised. But at this time these Heavy Armor Cavalry were all eliminated, had not run, their Mount to were remaining many, this was the order of Zhao Hai, these Heavy Armor Cavalry Mount, several types Magic Beast that was in Zhao Hai Space does not have, now happen to can join in.

These Magic Beast are horse shape Magic Beast, lowest level in 4th level about, only then about 4th level horse shape Magic Beast, most suits makes Heavy Armor Cavalry Mount, Heavy Armor Cavalry full body armor is very heavy, like the flame horse and so on, is very difficult to carry on the back, even if carries on the back, is impossible to carry on too the charge of long distance, carries on too long distance charge Heavy Armor Cavalry without the means that has done to the battlefield in was smaller. Magic Beast that therefore Heavy Armor Cavalry selects, is 4th level to 5th level horse shape Magic Beast, because horse shape Magic Beast is very mostly docile, moreover most suits takes Mount . Moreover the carrying a heavy load ability in level Magic Beast in is also high, although can't compare with bull shape Magic Beast, but their temperament was actually much better compared with bull shape Magic Beast, generally therefore on Continent all countries, their Heavy Armor Cavalry, selected was horse shape Magic Beast. Zhao Hai takes in these horse shape Magic Beast Space, Ranch level one promoted 9th level unexpectedly excitedly, Zhao Hai that he really thinks now immediately looked for some strange Magic Beast, making the Space quick point rise Level 10, what change having a look at Ranch there to have. Then Zhao Hai turned into Undead Creature that 5000 Heavy Armor Cavalry, received in Space, then lets these 5000 Heavy Armor Cavalry Undead Creature has swept the battlefield, he then untied has gathered round Ryan their Dark mist technique. Staying that Ryan they feel alarmed and anxious in Dark mist, they to do not dare to exit, now they fear to offend Zhao Hai, moreover they also know that the destiny tight relation of own destiny with Zhao Hai in together, Zhao Hai lived them to live, Zhao Hai dies, they in Rosen Empire feared that cannot live, therefore they can only wait now. In the Dark mist technique they are the feeling experience one day like a year, probably becomes every minute incomparable long . Moreover the Dark mist technique of Zhao Hai is not the ordinary Dark mist technique, but is the Dark mist technique of Advanced level, not only can unable to see outside, but also makes the person unable to hear outside sound, therefore they turned into the blind person deaf person now, this makes them be worried. Completely lost patience in Ryan, soon by the insane time that this pressure suffers, the Dark mist technique vanished, they saw outside situation finally, however outside situation completely has actually stemmed from their anticipation, outside besides Zhao Hai them, anything did not have, the ground cannot see the bloodstain. Zhao Hai has not looked like them to explain anything, but makes Xu Wanying inform them, can walk, then took the lead walked first, Ryan their although fog, the question of full belly, but actually also can only follow on the heels to proceed. Evening's time in they rest in small town, Zhao Hai they had the dinner to rest on return to Space, but Ryan actually could not fall asleep, she and just Tat called in the room Jill, now she is uninhabited available, can only and just Tat discussed with Jill. Ryan look at their said : how today's matter do you see?” Just and Jill looked at one mutually, Jill first open the mouth and said: Your Highness, I presently we after the Dark mist technique surrounds, outside looks unfamiliar a war, although there is cleaned, has very heavy smell of blood, but what is strange, there actually has not used the Magic trace, this is very strange.” Just also nodded said : „, very strange, moreover surrounded our that Magic, probably was the Dark mist technique in Black Magic, was the Dark mist technique of Advanced level, Wales is Fire element, Wind element, Earth element three is Magician, how can he Black Magic?”