Chapter 342 Guesses correctly the status Ryan frowns, mutters said : Black Magic, Wales, Prairie, what do you have this middle to relate certainly?” In the Jill heart moves, look at Ryan said : princess Your Highness, if has anything to relate, that possibly has a relation, Zhao Hai!” Ryan stares, then before is a face startled look at Jill said : that accommodates „you are said that that Zhao Hai on Stony Mountain? Heard that fellow is Dark Magician, moreover most likes turning into Undead Creature the person.” Jill nodded said : is Your Highness, you think that Wales meets Black Magic, has been useless, he comes up from Prairie, heard initially Zhao Hai and Laura they withdraw, buys thing that many Beastman have needed, must go to Prairie to do business evidently . Moreover, they after we live the conflict, Grand Duke them welcome to the palace, then preparing in the title of person to the palace has given him, this explained Grand Duke before him knew that unifies these matters, does Your Highness think very likely Zhao Hai?” Ryan one hear of Jill said that but also a little looks like, her complexion somewhat cannot help but white, essential beforehand Zhao Hai in the Purcell Duchy there reputation too loud, in Purcell Duchy there is only Ryan knows that Zhao Hai has killed more than thousand people, moreover these people also all turned into Undead Creature finally, he can not be afraid. Ryan suddenly thinks that follows that tall woman side Zhao Hai, always gives her the one type of somewhat familiar feeling . Moreover the manner of Zhao Hai to that several woman, is not general Noble Young Master treats the maidservant and concubine manner likely, now after a Jill such saying, Ryan almost can affirm that the maidservant of that tall person, certainly is Laura. Ryan one has stood, muttered said : originally unexpectedly is they, no wonder, no wonder they, when did not fear facing 5000 Cavalry that this Zhao Hai was really too fierce, why can the father make us travel together with him?” Jill look at Ryan, calm said : Your Highness, I think that Grand Duke is knows Zhao Hai wants the Rosen Empire here management, therefore asked him to take care of us all the way, Your Highness did not need to be worried.” Jill like Ryan such young lady, he with Ryan did not look that the angle of matter is different, he may not have to Zhao Hai at heart, because he who anything dreads heard, Zhao Hai not optional has killed who, the people of homicide are these want to kill his person, when Purcell Duchy noisy grain shortage, his make a move helps one another, the person not too possible is an unprincipled person.

Reason that he also knows Ryan such will be afraid , because before Ryan, has planned Zhao Hai, she feared that Zhao Hai retaliates her, Jill was too not actually worried that Zhao Hai looks in the Grand Duke Evan face, the accountant did not compare with the beforehand matter, but later Ryan, if were offending Zhao Hai, that does not say, moody that Dark Magician became famous, but now looks like, later Ryan feared that did not dare to offend Zhao Hai. Ryan stopped footsteps said : „seemed like this, day that the father also was really, let me unexpectedly with this devil, a bit faster arrived at Carson City, I do not want to turn into Undead Creature, was good, you went back, tomorrow we must hurry along.” Jill and just complied with one, turn around walked. Ryan actually lies on the bed has not fallen asleep in the morning, to be honest, she somewhat fears Zhao Hai, although she does not believe the Purcell Duchy there rumor, but Purcell Family also has coped most from the beginning with Zhao Hai, her grandfather was also at that time in power, the very clear Zhao Hai there situation, copes Zhao Hai these person are living does not have, her very clear Zhao Hai copes with the method of enemy. Like such that just Jill thought that Ryan feared that is other, she is feared that Zhao Hai retaliates her, must know that previous enters she little has not looked for the trouble of Zhao Hai. Original Ryan also wants to wait till Carson City well, after to settle down, in well tidies up Zhao Hai, she is not stupid, knows one are first going out, nobody does not take care of good, therefore her in recent time very coordinates Zhao Hai, is very honest, has not looked for any trouble to Zhao Hai, but now is different, now knew the Zhao Hai status, she instead to does not dare to begin. Ryan has not thought must the status exposure of Zhao Hai, in her opinion, this move is possibly useful in Aksu Empire, because she knows, reason that before Zhao Hai they retreated, was because they offended Southern King, but now they already in Rosen Empire, Southern King in Aksu Empire in fierce, could not manage Rosen Empire to come, now she has exposed the Zhao Hai status, simply any doing has not used, will only make Zhao Hai want to tidy up her. Zhao Hai they to do not have what feeling, although to eliminate opposite party five thousand Cavalry today, but regarding them, such field saw right in front of one many, although will bring afterward possibly in the retaliation of Layen Family, but they did not fear Layen Family, said it, that 5000 Cavalry have been missing, the scene has not left behind the corpse, believes that these people did not have the means to cope with them with the authorities influence, such Zhao Hai is not worried. Next morning, after Zhao Hai they have had breakfast, still hurrying along slowly, they to do not have a point worry, moreover now on the road like yesterday nobody, now the pedestrian on road are not many, this arrived is makes Zhao Hai their feel relieved many. Their here very calm, but hundred fight fortress there actually not calm, hundred fight fortress not to turn over to the Grand Duke Layen tube, but Grand Duke Layen is now big in the potential of Rosen Empire, therefore hundred fight the fortress there person also to want taking the opportunity to help Grand Duke Layen busy, tidies up the person in hotel, moreover Grand Duke Layen this person is very natural, regarding person who helping him works, he has not treated unjustly, in hundred fights fortress these garrison troops looks like , helping Grand Duke Layen busy, making Grand Duke Layen owe them a favour, but must obtain many enjoying, such matter that looks, therefore they on finding an excuse. To cope with hotel. However they have not thought that these time annoyed 7th level three unexpectedly is Magician, this regarding them was not the small matter.

However afterward they also listened to the person saying that Magician the person with hotel is very probably ripe, this also made these garrison troops hate Zhao Hai, before was Zhao Hai them such that thought that these garrison troops think that Zhao Hai was hotel invites specially falls their face, in inquired that knows Zhao Hai tomorrow wanted leave hundred to fight fortress, must go to Carson City, they prepared the result in the halfway Zhao Hai. However this evening passed, had not actually seen that these Cavalry come back, when they send for goes to the scene to look, trace that although existing Cavalry runs, but these Cavalry actually vanished. 5000 Cavalry, that is not a decimal, these 5000 Cavalry to there, are not a small strength, even if hundred fights fortress City Lord, less than wartime also nobody authority optional reassignment five thousand Cavalry, now actually suddenly vanished, this is really was too scary. Hundred fought the fortress garrison troops to fluster, if the armies of other places, were transferred 5000 to arrive can also be passable, but where was this? This is hundred fights fortress, was Empire even/including Jiang, Rosen Empire already had regulation, the friendly accent hundred fought ten dying, behead! In hundred fight fortress here, you dare to transfer ten soldier immediately to be cut easily, but actually one has been missing now 5000, what to do can this time matter? Solves? Hundred fought fortress City Lord to imagine oneself pitiful being out. One has been missing 5000 soldiers, this matter is impossible to conceal the truth, even if he wants to conceal the truth, some people will hold this losing sleep matter, first is Shelly Family. This matter Shelly Family will certainly hold, moreover transfer of fire to Grand Duke Layen on, therefore hundred fight fortress City Lord to know one were impossible to go on living, but he wrote a letter to tell Grand Duke Layen the here situation finally, asking Grand Duke Layen early to prepare, simultaneously helped him illuminate the Gu Clan person. Hundred fight fortress the City Lord to is also the hoodlums, after completing these, he gave on Rosen Empire an apologizing table, then committed suicide in City Lord Mansion. But this City Lord family member, now actually in Carson City, because has regulation in Rosen Empire here, hundred fight fortress City Lord, must keep Carson City own family member, is calculates that in the city was received to sell to revolt by Aksu Empire. Shelly Family truly has not let off opportunity, after Fuin must know the matter, immediately writes a letter the matter has informed in Clan, but they late one step, that City Lord the matter anti-, has been adding on Grand Duke Layen in the Rosen Empire power and influence, this matter cannot move Grand Duke Layen.

However Shelly Family to Zhao Hai is actually very grateful, they know that 5000 people of missing has certainly relationship with Zhao Hai, although they do not believe a Zhao Hai person can cope with five thousand Cavalry, but they actually know that 5000 people are cope with Zhao Hai, therefore Shelly Family started to get ready to send for protecting Zhao Hai. But Zhao Hai simply don’t know these matters, they still slowly are actually marching on the road, still stopped the rest to the evening, does not have a point unusuality. However Zhao Hai actually also present an issue, he presently Ryan although leaves with their together, but caravan has actually spread out with their caravan, this distance has several hundred meters fully, this makes Zhao Hai very puzzled, don’t know is Ryan doing. When rests in the evening time, Ryan appears honest share, the successive went to the hotel dining room to eat meal unexpectedly has exempted, made the hotel deliver to her room the meal directly, probably was hiding Zhao Hai to be the same. Zhao Hai has eaten meal returned to the room, puzzled you said Ryan to Laura said : straight in insane? How among suddenly to open probably is hiding us?” Laura coldly snorted said : possibly feared that was implicated by us, some people come attack we, in the final analysis is because we and Shelly Family had relationship to create, she possibly feared that was implicated by us, therefore was hiding us.” Zhao Hai said : meeting? Now Grand Duke Layen feared that is knows he with our one group, he has thought is hiding us, won't have the matter?” Laura sneers said : who knew, perhaps this young lady thinks.”