Chapter 343 mercenary Ryan presently this several days Zhao Hai became estranged to her, although her don’t know why, but she is actually very happy, to be honest, she has not wanted to draw in relationship with Zhao Hai, was too scary. But Zhao Hai this several days somewhat is accidental, to previous time, in hundred fight outside fortress to be raided, already past seven days, but these seven days of they in have not met any surprise attack, this stemmed from his anticipation. His naturally don’t know hundred wars want cold there City Lord already, because his matter has committed suicide, hundred fight the fortress there authority to face is reshuffling opportunity, but Rosen Empire all has to strive the person in this position, tight is staring at there, simply does not have the time to manage him. Hundred fight fortress here City Lord him to speak the truth not to have the too big authority, hundred fight fortress here although to have some commoner to live, because there after is military fortress, commoner is not many, moreover this City Lord, only then has the authority of mobilizing soldiers in the wartime, normally not too big authority. However on the other hand, hundred fight fortress here is also a lucrative position, here is Rosen Empire fills continually, everyday has the Merchant process, is only the tax revenue has greatly, must add on these bandits and thieves to be filial piety, scattered in addition may be many, therefore although hundred fight fortress there City Lord to trade every five years one time, but first time trades City Lord time, will draw on these Great Noble one to snatch insanely. However this situation is impossible to maintain too long time, because hundred fight fortress here after is Empire fills continually, defends the significance to be significant, therefore currently had new town Lordship, no matter what. This time hundred fight the City Lord suicide of fortress here, is suddenly the situation, otherwise hundred fight fortress here is impossible to let position of vacancy that long time City Lord. Now the matter passed, but received implication some Grand Duke Layen, naturally hated Zhao Hai, on hundred wars wanted cold City Lord, although was not Grand Duke Layen subordinate under the hand/subordinate, but was also good with his relationship, finally unexpectedly by Zhao Hai persecuting to death, Grand Duke Layen not only the advantage has not obtained, but also lost was not small, but also fell a handle in Shelly Family in hand, how this can be resigned by Grand Duke Layen, he to cope with Zhao Hai in has wanted the means now. Zhao Hai although don’t know Grand Duke Layen has leapt make a move to prepare to cope with him now, but he has not treated it lightly, his very clear, in Rosen Empire here, what fate big Guild that offends one be in power is, although might as well offend Southern King to be so serious in Aksu Empire there, but is also similar. Reason that this several days Zhao Hai such slow hurrying along, to inquire the Grand Duke Layen matter, let alone also really made him inquire, Grand Duke Layen also really very much had the power and influence in Rosen Empire. His although is labeled as Grand Duke, but actually all the year round not in own duchy, but handles matters in Carson City, because he is the Rosen Empire current King trusted subordinate, Empire First Lord of the Treasury, it can be said that high weight, because of this, he has the qualifications to do against with Shelly Family.

After knowing this situation, Zhao Hai has been careful, he knows that has annoyed a such character, later his day will not feel better. Eighth day, they arrived at one small town rest of calling Wright, this several days Zhao Hai as far as possible did not go to these big city to rest, because he knows that looked like the Grand Duke Layen here person, their hands will certainly extend to these big city, if they went to big city to rest, danger, might as well rested in this small town, even if lived any matter, they can also clash, the noise that made will not be big. In such small town is naturally impossible to have hotel, therefore Zhao Hai they looked for a known as hotel to live in small town in the evening. This hotel in this in the city can only be a medium grade hotel, is not biggest, but serves also well, looks like is also very only, therefore Zhao Hai they have chosen here. Such hotel belonged in Laura their eyes is the low-grade hotel, Zhao Hai their although booked the entire hotel best several rooms, but room of that room with hotel did not have the means to compare, most was also clean, inside facility difference was far. However this is unimportant regarding Zhao Hai, they must enter in Space to rest in the evening, simply does not care about the room to be what kind. Although Ryan in feeling this room is too bad, but actually does not dare to say anything, after guessing correctly the Zhao Hai status, Ryan did the strange thoughts not to have on a point, feared that offended Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai they arrived at the hotel time, the weather early, in the room to settle down, Zhao Hai they did not arrive at the dining room in hotel. The dining room in this hotel also very crude, in one layer of hotel, but area is not small, can allow about hundred people to dine fully. Zhao Hai they, as soon as enters the dining room, somewhat quarrelled the mixed dining room is one static, like the medium grade hotel is the mercenary housing of has plenty, they not only live in here, but can also receive duty in such hotel, therefore such hotel business is very good. But these mercenary, mostly are some careless people, the big mouth drinks, the bulk eats the meat in their opinion that is crispest, in adding on the evening nothing, these mercenary principles will be will eat and drink extravagantly in the dining room in hotel, then will sleep. Zhao Hai their this line are Noble long play the role, especially Zhao Hai, this clothes looked that makes the person think these playboys, this with this hotel style completely is different, must know that may not have that playboys to run up to this mercenary to work as the hotel housing of photo.

Therefore Zhao Hai they, as soon as enters the hotel, these mercenary each and every one did not speak, look at Zhao Hai that decided they, especially look at Laura they three people of looks, braved green light. Zhao Hai looked at these mercenary one, looked after Laura they to sit down, then has ordered one pile of vegetables, making the person in hotel prepare, at this time these mercenary drank from the new start, in the dining room one has lived it up. However Zhao Hai actually felt that these mercenary probably are certainly in look at they, made that his infant, in this time, drank probably mercenary has been standing, sway before has arrived at Zhao Hai their table, put out a hand on the veil toward Laura face to touch, touched while said : young beautiful woman, why must keep off the face, showed me, had anything to be good with that handsome boy, might as well follow me.” How Laura possibly makes him touch, the body is the same toward side, but she has not actually thought that mercenary looks like does sway, the movement on hand is not slow, her although has let first, second immediately came. Sits how after nearby Xu Wanying possibly lets that commission goes well, he extracts itself always not to leave the big axe of body, an axe strikes off toward the hand of that mercenary. That mercenary fast let, evade the big axe, actually fell down, said loudly: Has killed people, has killed people, Noble killed people.” His shouted after the commission in dining room, one has stood, each and every one has put out own weapon, they gave to encircle Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai saw that this situation knows, these people are not ordinary mercenary, they come prepared, is comes to him specially. Zhao Hai sits in mercenary that there look at these encircle, coldly said : is some 6th level and 7th level Expert, my how don’t know now in mercenary Expert these many?” Xu Wanying and Junichi present have not suited, these mercenary sit when there they did not have what feeling, now encircles, Xu Wanying they also present matter incorrect place, in the entire dining room has about hundred mercenary, moreover some mercenary unexpectedly all are 6th level and 7th level Expert, below 5th level does not have, is this unusual? Xu Wanying immediately/on horseback stood Zhao Hai side, Laura they have also stood the Zhao Hai side, just mercenary of that tumbling at this time actually had stood, yelled said : to Zhao Hai well, even if you were Noble cannot kill people at will, the rapidness that the grandfather dodged luckily, otherwise this arm on explain/transfer here, the handsome boy, you must give the grandfather explain/transfer.” Zhao Hai looked up that person of said : fee such big strength, the cloth a such big bureau, so long as explain/transfer did end? What explain/transfer do you want?” Said that Zhao Hai turned the head to look along one by one eye said : Junichi, has a look Princess Ryan Your Highness to have eaten not to have.”

One hear of Zhao Hai said that these mercenary complexion cannot help but change, they have not thought really that Zhao Hai works unexpectedly so meticulously, thought including this point. Just as is such that Zhao Hai thinks, this these mercenary points employ two methods to achieve one goal, they tie down Zhao Hai in here they, another gang copes with Ryan they, in their opinion, so long as they have taken Ryan, in hand had the hostage, that has not made Zhao Hai do him to do. Has not actually thought that their here just a motion, Zhao Hai responded, immediately makes Junichi go to Ryan there, these mercenary only hope that now their companion has gone well. However they want to win time to their companion, that mercenary that just led, looked that Junichi must walk, immediately/on horseback said :brothers, cannot make them run, wants them to give explain/transfer, said that took weapon to attack toward Zhao Hai. This mercenary weapon is two short handle broad-ax, carries on attack in dining room not big place is most appropriate weapon, but his here just moved, Junichi there hidden weapon lost, the Xu Wanying personal appearance moves, melts dozens Doppelganger to come, they encircled Zhao Hai in the middle. Regarding them, the Zhao Hai security is most important, Ryan security? Has 10 cents relationship with them? Zhao Hai static sitting in there, look at these mercenary, in the head is actually contacting with Cai'er, how he wants to make Cai'er have a look at the Ryan there situation. information that however obtains makes him be startled, Ryan they were full these mercenary in hand, his these guards had been killed, only then Ryan, Jill, that two maidservants were remained, method very ruthless spicy. Saw that here Zhao Hai complexion cannot help but stares, it seems like that this group of person not simple that get down the stingy, to reach the point resorts to all means that such person is not good to deal with.