Chapter 344 Counts the intermediate total However Zhao Hai has not gone to rescue Ryan now, he does not want too early exposed his strength, to look at the appearances of these people, must threaten him with Ryan, a short time Ryan will not have the matter. These mercenary attack very fierce are fierce, moreover can look, their together moves frequently, coordination good of , what most important is, from these mercenary methods, they probably is true mercenary, is not regular soldier. Regular soldier and mercenary are two matters, soldier generally in the battlefield, the positive fresh war, therefore their forms of combat very special, with in hand weapon, most quickly kills the enemy is a point. However mercenary is different, the enemy who on the mercenary battlefield, they will not face generally also possibly is not a person, therefore he will also deal with the enemy with all methods, even if cannot kill them, will make them be wounded. Zhao Hai look at these mercenary in the here entanglement, cannot help but somewhat were continuous anxious, he does not want to be too long with these mercenary entanglements, therefore he and Meg also immediately/on horseback started attack with Magic. What this Zhao Hai uses is Wind element Magic, Wind element Magic is quick, moreover reveals Might in this small Space, Meg also is Wind element Magician, naturally with Wind element Magic attack, Junichi at this time did not have the means to go to Ryan there, naturally also fights in together. At this time Zhao Hai knew fierce of Junichi, just like Xu Wanying said that Junichi also really could handle Eight-arms Demon this name, hidden weapon one after another lost outward, don’t know on him altogether brought many hidden weapon, lost in brief endlessly, moreover on his hidden weapon was bringing the toxin, making these mercenary be tired out by dealing with. Had the Magic help of Zhao Hai and Meg, these mercenary injured slowly were many, that person of lead looks at this situation, immediately/on horseback calls said : to remove.” Said that led these mercenary to run. The time of only blinking, mercenary in dining room draws back one not to remain, the ground besides hidden weapon that the destroyed furniture and Junichi lose, was not having other thing. At this time hid in partner/shop assistant also gingerly walked, the situation in look at dining room, put on a long face, Junichi just about to has a look at the Ryan situation, Zhao Hai actually to block his said : not to need to look, was seized, these guards died, partner/shop assistant, came, here well tidied up, feel relieved, I will lose money to you, was right, remembers that asked people to bury these guards, my other paid money to you.” That partner/shop assistant one hear of Zhao Hai said that complexion was good, immediately/on horseback has complied with one, must start to tidy up, but Junichi has actually blocked him, he must receive first his these hidden weapon, otherwise can injure to arrive at partner/shop assistant in shop. Zhao Hai they first time see Junichi toward recycling hidden weapon, very curious, saw Junichi to put out several Stone, put back and forth walked several on the ground then, these hidden weapon were received by him. Zhao Hai looked on understand, Junichi in hand took certainly thing like magnet, can therefore such quick received these hidden weapon. Moreover Zhao Hai also notes, in the hand of Junichi is bringing a leather glove, that leather glove tight placard on his skin, looks like probably is very pliable but hard to break appearance.

Then he is removed the bottom clear(ly), no wonder Junichi hidden weapon brought poisonously, he actually did not fear that was injured, originally because of this glove. However Zhao Hai had not asked that looked at Junichi to tidy up, several people set out to go to the room, simultaneously told that partner/shop assistant, delivers to in the room to come the dish that they ordered, simultaneously has paid a that partner/shop assistant silver coins tip, was glad that partner/shop assistant. Zhao Hai looked at these killed guard first, their wounds are very simple, probably does not have rebel, was been fatal a blade, moreover they were killed is eating meal. Xu Wanying and situation in Junichi look at scene, some little time Junichi said : Young Master, they probably first were also poisoned, was killed.” What Xu Wanying also nodded said : to kill them to use is only the ordinary dagger, is not special thing.” Zhao Hai nodded, turns the head to have not to have poisonous to the meal that in Junichi said : has a look at them to eat.” Junichi has complied with one, looks meal that these had not removed, some little time shook the head said : Young Master, in the meal does not have poisonous, should the toxin under other place, in them the toxin not be the brilliant toxin, is only one type of can the short time unconscious toxin, because possibly the unconscious time is too short, therefore these mercenary will kill them.” Zhao Hai nodded, asked the Cai'er situation, but Cai'er said that these mercenary left her supervisor area, this arrives somewhat stems from the anticipation of Zhao Hai. Several people of returned to your room, Laura calm face said : Elder Brother Hai, you said that this time matter is Grand Duke Layen does?” Zhao Hai nodded said : definitely is, we do not have the enmity in Rosen Empire with others, certainly is Grand Duke Layen, but I have not thought really that he will have such method.” Xu Wanying deep voice said : Young Master, this is not strange, these Grand Duke each in hand can control some Mercenary Group, doing duty of these Mercenary Group although normally like ordinary mercenary, so long as these people issue an order, their immediately will go to value line of orders, these people possibly are Grand Duke Layen under the hand/subordinate Mercenary Group.” Zhao Hai nodded, said : that at this time Meg worried Young Master, were we look for Princess Ryan, Princess Ryan fall these person of in hand, what to do if had an accident?” Zhao Hai nodded, release the hawk, has given the hawk Ghost Staff, making the hawk go to this all around to look for Ryan, the small town that they are is not really big, most can only be occupied by about the fifty thousand person, the hawk transferred one presently, these mercenary were has gone out of town probably. The hawk flies toward outside the city, Zhao Hai makes the hawk fly in the Carson City direction, he believes that these mercenary they will certainly bring to go to Carson City Ryan, moreover their several people are also wounded, certainly does not walk away.

Really does not leave Zhao Hai to expect, these mercenary look like early is prepared, they have prepared ten large carts, now is catching up in the Carson City direction, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback led Laura they to enter Space, then has taken back Ghost Staff, has delivered to hotel here, then their appears in these mercenary front, was waiting for these mercenary in there. These mercenary also know that this time drop is too hard, is not good to cope, therefore they want a bit faster to proceed, asks some helpers to cope with Zhao Hai they. Is hurrying along, the suddenly front road was blocked, blocks their is two Stone Giant, station of these two height over seven meters big guy on toward road, but also really to person very big constriction. These mercenary saw that these two Stone Giant know Zhao Hai they came, in the information that they obtain said that Zhao Hai is Magician of three departments, therefore their immediately stopped, several mercenary they have put up Ryan. Takes the lead to touch these mercenary look at of Laura face to stand in Stone Giant behind not far away Zhao Hai said : Wales, you are obedient being without a fight, otherwise do not blame me to their impolite, this is the Purcell Duchy princess? Are you also the Purcell Duchy people? If the princess had an accident, you aren't easy to do?” Zhao Hai look at that did mercenary, show a faint smile said : looks like your checked I? Do you have, I do not have what family member in Purcell Duchy simply, my these time comes Rosen Empire is the preparation settles down in here, did not prepare to return to Purcell Duchy, you have killed this princess, what matter I will not have, Purcell Duchy was only a small duchy, his impossible extend the hand to Rosen Empire to come, did you threaten me with this princess? HaHaHa, was too laughable.” That person of lead stares, then complexion changes, he has not thought that really Zhao Hai unexpectedly such ruthless, does not attend to the Ryan life completely, that is true or false that leads don’t know Zhao Hai saying that was cheating them to say, therefore his immediately/on horseback said : little deceived me, obedient being without a fight, otherwise, I now have killed them.” Zhao Hai calm said : you killed, I was not blocking you, these days I had gone bad by this princess bothersomely, you have killed her, I was happen to relaxed, but I must deliver to Carson City to the Purcell Grand Duke commitment her, if you have killed her, has gone bad me to the commitment of Purcell Grand Duke, I will not forgive the person who went bad me to pledge, therefore you must die, I not only made you die, I must look for Dark Magician, turned into Advanced level Undead Creature you, asked that your families in there, I must your family compensate to bury!” Is hearing Zhao Hai this callous sound, shivering with fright of these mercenary cannot bear, they did not suspect that Zhao Hai words, some people are so, they never receive any threat, you dare to threaten him, he will put together a fight in which both sides perish with you, such person is their these mercenary most is not willing to meet, because such person plays ruthless mercenary more ruthless than their these. These mercenary you have a look at me, I have a look at you, how actually don’t know must handle, hits, cannot hit Zhao Hai, threatens this move not to be easy-to-use with the hostage, what to do time in their don’t know must, Zhao Hai intention suddenly moves, four vines held under duress Ryan under their mercenary body to drill from that four like Poison Snake equally, one put on that four mercenary on the ground, Ryan they falls down. At this time these mercenary responded, but the ground of Ryan their body place downward fell, one they gave to bind Ryan, making these mercenary come up empty-handed, then Stone Golem immediately moved attack, simultaneously Magic raindrop same falling of Zhao Hai to the heads of these mercenary, these mercenary simply did not have rebel opportunity, immediately to be rumbled to kill, but at this time Zhao Hai front, a ground fluctuation, Ryan their four people of appears in ground. Just Zhao Hai intentionally said that to let these mercenary absent-minded, they one absent-minded, Zhao Hai immediately moved attack, first was Cai'er has killed these mercenary with the vine, then immediately/on horseback they transported Ryan from underground with Earth element Magic to his, such Ryan they will not be injured. Regarding more than 100 mercenary, Zhao Hai turns into Undead Creature to be disinclined to begin them continually, matter extremely Yu Henla who these mercenary are, looks like in Zhao Hai, turned into Undead Creature them is cheap they, rumbled to kill become dregs them directly. After having killed these mercenary, Zhao Hai they have not managed the large cart that these mercenary rush, direct flashes body returned to the hotel, arrived at their in the room Ryan their An Zhi.

Ryan they are the same with these guards, was intoxicated, in unconscious, but these people possibly are look at their several is a little status people, therefore has not killed them, but kept them. Zhao Hai they just did the returned to room, hear knock, Xu Wanying immediately/on horseback has worked on own big axe said : who?” Out of the door transmits partner/shop assistant sound speaking sounds: Guest, we come to deliver the meal to you, the meal that you order has completed.” Xu Wanying looked at Zhao Hai one, Zhao Hai nodded, Xu Wanying then opened the door, partner/shop assistant in shop bowed to Xu Wanying, then walked, in him behind with one group of people, these people had two to lift a table, several were taking the chair, several pushed several dining cars, on the vehicle is then bringing the tray of cover. These people entered room immediately to be busy, looked at their appearances, knows that has trained, set out the pendulum table of table, put the putting chair of chair, finally suspended on the tableware of dinner place the table, this has drawn back, Zhao Hai made Xu Wanying pay them the tip, several people then sat. Zhao Hai looked at several people of one, smiles said : to eat meal, wants to eat meal really not to be easy, makes to be so meddlesome.” Laura they have smiled, to be honest, such attack already in their expected, but they have not thought that this time enemy starts to be so ruthless, one killed these guards. Because of this, therefore several people of somewhat are sad, Zhao Hai also saw this point, therefore he said that these this smiles, mood also open many. Zhao Hai just forked a dish to put the mouth, Space prompt sound immediately/on horseback transmits said : „the poisonous material to enter Host within the body, the toxin content is light, may to person short unconscious, Host because of long time edible Spatial Water, toxin have the immunity ability, does not need to drink Spatial Water Detoxification.” Zhao Hai stares, then complexion changes, gains ground said : to stop, everyone/Great Clan do not eat, these thing poisonous, it seems like that this shop also has the issue.” Laura they have gawked, they have not thought really that this shop also has the issue, how many people will be busy at putting down the knife and fork, Laura puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : this shop will have the issue? Even if Grand Duke Layen knows that we want the in this city rest, impossible in saying us rests in that shop? What's all this about?” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : „seems like we had underestimated the Grand Duke Layen strength, he he, has not thought, these mercenary to attract our attention unexpectedly.” Xu Wanying nodded said : „seems like this, these mercenary attract our attention, making us think that the person in shop does not have the issue, like this they can begin to us, before Princess Ryan they possibly drank the water in shop to be poisoned, we although had inspected the meal at that time, inspected has been possible sub and liquor, did not have the present issue, may have is the person in shop gives to trade may ahead of time sub and liquor.”