Chapter 345 With a wish to incriminate Zhao Hai nodded said : here is Rosen Empire, but Grand Duke Layen is the Rosen Empire First Lord of the Treasury, this is a special manage money officer, in Empire many Noble must flatter him, now we became enemies with him, these want to flatter his Noble naturally to cope with us, we before or underestimated this Grand Duke Layen influence.” What meaning Xu Wanying said : that is Young Master? Has killed them?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : „unable to kill them, I suspected that the opposite party also will possibly have the subsequent party, you think that if we have killed them, that City Lord can dispatch troops to catch us? Said that my person does kill people at will? here is not Aksu Empire, with the authorities strength, we suffers a loss very much, was good, no matter with that many, these vegetables but actually, then we entered Space, I to have a look, they entered the room to look for us, but can also we be what kind.” Xu Wanying they also know that in Rosen Empire here, they do not have the Rosen Empire official status, will set up the matter to come always the hands tied feet tied, Rosen Empire here will be different from Aksu, Aksu Empire there, came a foreigner, their very calm will treat them, however in Rosen Empire here, they will actually look down upon the foreigner, on the words with Earth said that they will have the racial discrimination. Zhao Hai in these days and contact of Rosen Empire person, already present this point, therefore his very careful, after all his status in Aksu Empire is also a duchy viscount, to Rosen Empire anything not. Xu Wanying they have complied with one, dumped the meal on table, then entered Space with Zhao Hai, Ryan they naturally is also brought in Space, to fear them anything, Zhao Hai letting Cai'er has attracted toxic gas to them, like this they can then unconscious. Several people sit in Space the look at rooms in the situation, after one hour, out of the door has heard the knock, then the partner/shop assistant sound conveys said : guest, we are tidy up the tableware.” In the room naturally is nobody replied that partner/shop assistant also asked several, in the room has still not come back, at this time listened to that partner/shop assistant said : to be good, took down.” Out of the door has broadcast several sounds, then the gate was opened from outside. When these partner/shop assistant open the door, was scared, on the table is putting big pile of trays, these trays by the neat pendulum on the table, in the tray were linked a piece of vegetable leaf unable to see, what however most important is, in the room same cannot see a person. People of that several partner/shop assistant appearance stare, then immediately/on horseback in the room searches high and low, is nobody, a person does not have, this made that several partner/shop assistant one fluster, their immediately/on horseback ran to look for the boss, before long thin, grew the mouse to the boss ran in the room, he is certainly impossible presently anything, his immediately/on horseback made partner/shop assistant go to the following horse male servant to have a look, Zhao Hai their car(riage)s also. Zhao Hai their car(riage)s still, however their people actually vanished, just after these partner/shop assistant the food fed in the room, outside the room look at, simply had not seen anybody to exit, but person actually vanish from sight in room. For this motion, they also specially asked in the city Magician to help, but this Magician does not have presently in the room to have any Magic fluctuation, these people resembled disappear without a trace was the same.

The person in hotel has flustered, immediately situation reporting of here, but they tossed about one in the evening, has not obtained any result, midnight time they presently this in the room really does not have what attractively, this leave. Their don’t know, their all these performance they were actually watched by Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai they look like were looking that monkey play same look at their in the room tosses about, retreating that finally not bears. The image on Laura look at screen, turned the head Elder Brother Hai to say to Zhao Hai said : right, this matter City Lord also really had a participation, otherwise City Defense Force such quickly, it seems like they were not will stare at us.” Zhao Hai nodded said : looks like before us said that they prepared to cope with us with the authorities strength, now we must be careful.” Laura frowns said : they to with the authorities strength cope with us, that may not be easy to do, we after all in Rosen Empire, they must cope with us to be too relaxed now.” Zhao Hai turned the head to look at one toward the building, sighed said : looks like can only bring princess Your Highness to go to Sky Water City now, if now this time delivered to Carson City to go her, that wanted her dead.” Laura nodded, sighed said : this young lady this all the way is also beset by disasters, it seems like she can only with us.” Zhao Hai frowns said : she to not to have anything with us, but after us, handles affairs is not convenient, oh, is really, has made such a trouble.” Laura they also smiled bitterly, don’t know must say that any was good, in chatting several, several people watched the weather not early, was keeping look at of Stone nearby the screen, they went back to rest. Next morning, Zhao Hai they have used the breakfast in Space, looked at screen one, presently their in the room and nobody, Zhao Hai returned to of their immediately from Space the room in hotel. This room these partner/shop assistant have not tidied up, Zhao Hai looked at room one, shows a faint smile said : to awaken Princess Ryan, we wanted.” Meg has complied with one, has patted Ryan their several people, called several people, Ryan their also don’t know anything matter, gently groaned obviously, slowly has opened the eye. Opens eye Ryan presently Zhao Hai they to stand in her side, she cannot help but stares, then stares, look at Zhao Hai said : you in my room? Who makes you come in?”

The Zhao Hai knitting the brows head, turns the head you to explain to Laura said : to her.” Laura has complied with one, explained to Ryan a next present situation, Ryan also recovered at this time, presently already not in the original room. Jill they also woke, but they do not have what response, but static is listening to the Laura words, they also think quick understands one in condition. When they heard Ryan these guards had been killed, several people of cannot help but complexion one white, they have not thought really will encounter this situation. Said to Laura that several talented person complexion pale look at Zhao Hai they, several people have not thought that they feel to sleep, almost did not have including the life. Zhao look at Ryan said : princess Your Highness, you have two roads now \; first, follows us, two, I deliver to the nearest/recent big city hotel you, they will guarantee that your security, I will deliver a letter to Grand Duke, Grand Duke will send for meeting you, you can go home, you follow us, makes me deliver to hotel you, waits for Grand Duke to meet you?” Zhao Hai also just thought of this point, puts hotel Ryan, then he is informing Evan, Evan will think the means to meet Ryan, such this trouble relieved. Ryan one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but has gawked, then almost wants not to want I to go to hotel on said :, then goes home.” Ryan itself does not want to come out, now is the matter show to this situation, she naturally impossible with Zhao Hai, her very clear, this time matter is Zhao Hai annoys, with Zhao Hai only danger. One hear of she said that Zhao Hai also relaxed, he also really feared that Ryan with him, such words he handles affairs is not convenient. However before Evan not sends for meeting her, Zhao Hai must take care of her some time, thinks that here Zhao Hai nodded said : that well, when next big city, has hotel time, you keep there, I will deliver a letter to Grand Duke Evan, after waiting for Grand Duke Evan to reply in writing, I in leave.” Ryan nodded, has not been saying anything, Zhao Hai looked at time said : to be good, let's go.” Said that made Xu Wanying open door, several people from in the room walked out. Several people just a door, happen to partner/shop assistant came up to clean up their rooms from downstairs, looked that several people come out from the room, in hand is taking the broom one fell on the ground, dull look at Zhao Hai they.

Zhao Hai looked at that partner/shop assistant one, shows a faint smile said : partner/shop assistant, the services thank you, this has late rested is very fragrant, Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow, enjoys!” Xu Wanying has complied with one, has put out one gold coin, lost to that partner/shop assistant, that partner/shop assistant was gawking, has not caught, gold coins fell the ground, left the clear sound, one awakened that partner/shop assistant, that partner/shop assistant such as damn same look at Zhao Hai they, the mouth opened a half-day actually sound not to come out, then shouted loudly one, turn around runs toward downstairs, has not sorted including ground gold coins. Zhao Hai they look at that partner/shop assistant appearance, cannot help but laughs, this half step walks toward downstairs, when they arrived at the first floor hall time, the people in shop had been alarmed, outside the shop has also stood many soldiers. Zhao Hai looks at this battle formation, sinks the face said : boss, paying up.” That thin mouse must boss welcome gingerly, to Zhao Hai said : this guest, outside has several armed forces masters to look for you.” Did Zhao Hai look at that boss one eyes, in the eye cold said : „? That please several armed forces masters come.” Actually did not need Zhao Hai saying that Heavy Armor Infantry of helmet walked from outside, this uncle full body armor was whole body armor, head kept off, what could not see clearly his long solid, walked ka ka says a word. Zhao Hai feels in that full body armor to have an eye, the gaze of coldly is he, Zhao Hai cannot help but showing a faint smile said : what matter don’t know this armed forces master to look below has?” That Heavy Armor Infantry said : yesterday you by mercenary attack?” Zhao Hai nodded said : „, the person in this shop can testify, yesterday we by mercenary attack, the guard who we brought died much.” That Heavy Armor Infantry said : recognize is good, with let's go, suspected that now you retaliate to kill these mercenary, has offended the Empire criminal law.”