Chapter 346 Layen concealed worry The Zhao Hai brow wrinkles said : this armed forces master, I think that I am a victim? Our guards were killed 90, but these mercenary actually ran away, how do I want to retaliate the murder in other words?” That Heavy Armor Infantry coldly snorted said : little wasted breath, some people presently these mercenary died, I suspected that now was you have killed them, with let's go.” The appearance of Zhao Hai look at that soldier, coldly said : called you a armed forces master, your other don’t know good and evil, I probably was Noble, moreover was Continent recognize Noble, why you asked me to question, tell you, hurried to give me to get the hell out, otherwise, killed you is also Bai Sha.” That soldier aura of one cold, then coldly look at Zhao Hai said : said that you do not want to cooperate, that do not blame my non- guest......” he not to wait saying that Zhao Hai Fireball lost, look at that person of said : said that many to waste breath, if I already began, Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow, has killed them.” Xu Wanying has complied with one, transforms Doppelganger to come, outside these Heavy Armor Infantry toward shop clashes transports, These Heavy Armor Infantry have not thought that Zhao Hai actually said begins to begin, they have not prepared, these Heavy Armor Infantry actually and not suitable in the city seizes, their full body armor were too thick, motion very inconvenient, the person who if they must catch ran, they cannot overtake absolutely. If Heavy Armor Infantry uses in the war, it can be said that follow-up city wall, their parallel advancements, even if has met the strength of rewiring Cavalry also war. However their normally mobility, made the person not dare to think highly. That with Heavy Armor Infantry that Zhao Hai spoke, directly by Zhao Hai Fireball killing, Xu Wanying transformed 1000 Doppelganger instantaneously, moreover these Doppelganger were appears in these Heavy Armor Infantry sides, these Heavy Armor Infantry think, but not bore, their full body armor were too sincere, this made them think that turn around was not easy, these Heavy Armor Infantry very relaxed made Xu Wanying killing. Possibly is because that City Lord knows relationship that here must go to war, therefore several streets near this have executed the martial law, therefore nobody sees the fight of here, Zhao Hai when makes Xu Wanying cope with these Heavy Armor Infantry, made Junichi cope with these partner/shop assistant in shop. yesterday they to cope with Zhao Hai, therefore in the shop simply nobody lives, these stay at an inn is also mercenary disguises as, after motion failure, after these commissions, rented retreated, now the person who therefore in the shop anything has not had nothing Gu, shop boss sent off. Junichi has solved quickly shop boss they, but these Heavy Armor Infantry had actually been solved by Xu Wanying, Zhao Hai looked similarly, immediately/on horseback waved, turned into Undead Creature all deceased people, then made Junichi they prepare horse carriage, fast went out of town.

This entire process, Ryan watched, she feared really very much that these Heavy Armor Infantry have about 1000 people, in adding on the person in shop, that was the entire more than 1000 people, Zhao Hai actually said that killed has killed, this gave her shock is really too big. This small town is very small, Zhao Hai they arrived at outside the city quickly, this all car(riage)s came out with Zhao Hai, these horse carriage that Ryan brings, although can only car(riage) following behind the Zhao Hai car(riage), Ryan still sits in own car(riage), Jill is rushing for the car(riage). Zhao Hai has not managed him, but turns the head to Xu Wanying said : Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow, now Ryan does not go to Carson City, we did not use, changed course, went to Sky Water City directly.” Xu Wanying has complied with one, make a detour, Carson City is the Layen domain, Zhao Hai they, if the present goes to the Kann city, that delivers the extreme danger without doubt, Zhao Hai will not be dry. He thinks Layen will have scruples the Ryan status, will not cope with Ryan, no matter what Ryan is also a princess in duchy, but he has not thought that Layen simply has not managed that many, began to Ryan directly, in this case, Zhao Hai, if also makes Ryan go to Carson City, that was really makes Ryan bring death. Zhao Hai also knows, so long as they in Rosen Empire, even if wants to hide the whereabouts not to be impossible, therefore he has not hidden the whereabouts, but he in has not actually entered to Rosen Empire in the city rests, but has kept the outside the city rest. In the following several days time, Zhao Hai they have rested in outdoor, in fact, on Continent, the person who rests outside are many like them in the evening, therefore regarding these average people, Zhao Hai their this line of not anything specially. But only Zhao Hai they know that special place, these days almost everyday some people will come to carry on attack to them in the evening, sometimes is mercenary, sometimes is nearby some in the city garrison troops, does not have to stop in any case. Zhao Hai was also used to this, their everyday daytime time, almost sat in the car(riage) sleeps, evening's time fought with these people, walked in any case hits, Ryan scaring. This walks kills, Zhao Hai has used seven days, suddenly had not found in the city to have the city of hotel, moreover these seven days of times, Zhao Hai has killed about 5000 people unexpectedly. look at Zhao Hai turns into Undead Creature a batch group of people, Ryan feels at heart the wool, simultaneously Zhao Hai in her at heart also solid the name of devil.

Zhao Hai also not bears very much, he does not enter a city to let Layen has not coped with his reason with the authorities influence, he does not want with the influence positive conflict of Rosen Empire authorities, such words he certainly unable to obtain well. Now Zhao Hai although continuously by Grand Duke Layen attack, these also has plenty City Lord participation in, but Rosen Empire not true passes edits the command, this regarding Zhao Hai is very important. So long as on him does not have this to pass edits the command, not only he entire Rosen Empire enemy, even if the Grand Duke Layen strength is too strong, the influence in a big way, he also has the enemy, his such frantic tackled Zhao Hai, nothing but wants the vertical prestige, wish to let these person of understand, annoys his person not to have the good fruit to eat. However Grand Duke Layen has a dream has not thought that Zhao Hai unexpectedly is a piece Bone that is difficult to gnaw, he has sent out that many people, but also so many City Lord helps him, finally he cannot annihilate Zhao Hai, now Zhao Hai looks like a thorn, so long as he is living for day, Grand Duke Layen felt that this punctures has gripped on own body, but his surrounding person, with look look at that one type of ridiculed he, blaming him not to tidy up a person. Grand Duke Layen these years have been in good graces, this makes Layen very extremely arrogant, in the item uninhabited, offended many people, these people are waiting to look at his joke. But Layen also slightly another issue, is the Rosen Empire King issue, good, he with King is a good friend, when Rosen Empire current King also has not become King they are the good friends, moreover Rosen Empire present King, reason that can mount the throne , has big relationship with Layen, is not he fully supports, Rosen Empire present King possibly not that smooth mounting throne. Because of this, after King ascends the throne, to Layen favor and trust, and mentioned First Lord of the Treasury lucrative position him. Because of such favor and trust, therefore Layen now is getting more and more extremely arrogant, more and more overbearing. However he has actually forgotten a point, he after is only an official, King is sole Master of this country, King for own throne, is any matter does, even if Layen once were he best friend, the best assistant, can say to him has the graciousness, when Layen started to threaten his throne, he will be impolite. This Grand Duke Layen when copes with Zhao Hai, was only release information, so many City Lord helped him, obviously his influence big, however his influence was bigger, regarding the rule of King was disadvantageous, but this point, Layen actually does not have presently, now he is only also thinking must cope with Zhao Hai that thought. But Grand Duke Layen these enemies will actually not let off this point, some often people responded with King the matter of Grand Duke Layen here year doing that also looks like King to report the matter that Layen handles these days, although these thing had been buckled by King finally, does not have to Layen point reproving, but these people actually know that King started to pay attention to Layen. Zhao Hai naturally don’t know these, he still is everyday deals with Layen attack to feel now worried, these days Layen attack getting fiercer and fiercer is fierce, the method are also getting more and more, this makes Zhao Hai deal with also very strenuously, he cannot release several hundred thousand Undead Creature make war with Rosen Empire, such words will stir up entire Rosen Empire to chase down him.

That night Zhao Hai they rested in outdoor, prepared attack that dealt with Grand Duke Layen to send at any time, Zhao Hai they sits outside the tent, was eating the mutton, was drinking sheep soup, the present winter, such meals is best, was warm and anti- hungry. Zhao Hai turns the head to Junichi said : Junichi, goes to invite Princess Ryan, said that I had the matter to tell him.” Junichi has complied with one, walks toward the Ryan tent. these days Ryan honest excess, daily to evening's rest time, is leading two maidservants and Jill hides in the tent, to dawn time will come out, made that Zhao Hai simply cannot see her surface. However Zhao Hai has not cared, Ryan displays like this is better, he has been free from worry, he has not liked having to do with Ryan. Before long the Ryan four people follow in Junichi went out of nearby Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai in front of them ignites the bonfire, because is in the winter , outside, actually cannot feel warmly. Zhao Hai looked at Ryan one, calm said : princess Your Highness, tomorrow we have been able to pass by Law River City, Law River City was Rosen Empire big city, in the city should have hotel, we prepared rest several days in the hotel in Law River City, said while convenient to Grand Duke Evan your situation that then waited for the reply of Grand Duke, what opinion did the princess have?” Ryan shook the head said : not to have, mister takes responsibility and that's the end, if nothing, Ryan went back.” Zhao Hai nodded, Ryan leads Jill they to turn the head toward own tent to walk, in this time, a hoofbeat is transmitting, Zhao Hai their raise the spirits.