Chapter 347 Test of Shelly Family Zhao Hai their these days has been used to it, if in the evening nobody comes attack, they instead to will think do not suit, therefore hears the hoofbeat, several people have stood, Zhao Hai also opened Space monitor projection. Before long one team of Cavalry appears on monitor, this team of Cavalry population about 500 people, but these 500 people of Cavalry, are actually not Heavy Armor Cavalry, but at the back of bow and arrow, is taking Knight Spear and Double-handed Broadsword, puts on leather armor Light Cavalry. But on this team of Cavalry saddle, how many head is hanging, this arrived is makes Zhao Hai they somewhat unable to understand, looked at that head bloody appearance, should just kill did not have how long, this what's the matter? Before long that team of Cavalry arrived at Zhao Hai their camp place, but this team of Cavalry they have not carried on attack to Zhao Hai, but stopped, then jumped down from immediately/on horseback. Cavalry discontinues, this is a well-meaning action, because all people know that Cavalry their main fighting strength in immediately/on horseback, they discontinued, represents him not to come attack you. Zhao Hai puzzled look at these Cavalry, what meaning don’t know this group of people are, at this time Cavalry proceeded several steps, to Zhao Hai ritual said : front, but Wales mister?” Zhao Hai nodded said : „below, does not know that your excellency is?” That Cavalry immediately/on horseback said : „below is Shelly Family, light cavalry Captain Might, presents the life of Clan, protects the mister security especially, mister these days was frightened, but mister suddenly changed the road to let, making in Clan somewhat respond not urgently, asking mister to excuse me.” Zhao Hai stares, he has not thought, comes can be the Shelly Family person unexpectedly, moreover protects his, his quickly said: Does not dare, originally has the friend of clan, asked the brothers to sit to camp in quickly, Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow, Junichi, prepared mutton sheep soup to these brothers.” Xu Wanying and Junichi complied with one, immediately/on horseback have put out several large pan from the vehicle, prepared they prepares to eat to Might, Might looked that Zhao Hai made them enter camp, they also relaxed, immediately/on horseback greeted his under the hand/subordinate one, making his under the hand/subordinate person construct several tents outside camp first, then received head on saddle, Zhao Hai did not need to ask knows that these head were wants certainly attack he, finally they were given to kill by Might. Zhao Hai asked Might to sit by bonfire, this to Might said : Brother Might, you said that you did present the order of Shelly Family to protect my? Why is this? Probably I have some Milk Wine to trade with Shelly Family, doesn't the friendship arrive is so deep?” Zhao Hai also knows that becomes a soldier with these, you cannot speak these modesties, best to go straight there and come straight back, like this their counter- can liking. Really, Might immediately/on horseback said : mister was too polite, although mister has the transactions of some Milk Wine with our Clan, but in recent time mister actually helped us be busy, mister in hundred fought fortress there to receive for our Clan first, then unceasing, because we were chased down by Grand Duke Layen, all these because of our Clan reason, in Clan felt sorry, therefore wants to send for protecting mister, but our Clan in recent time was been too low-key to suppression some by Grand Duke Layen, therefore found mister today.”

One hear of Might said that Zhao Hai knows, oneself this time makes contact with the line with Shelly Family, Shelly Family has sent for protecting him, this absolutely was a good start. Zhao Hai smiles said : this not to have anything hastily, we are the partners, I exactly presented its meeting at that time, but these people with me, when gave a pretext, I naturally have no alternative but to manage, this with helping your Clan it doesn't matter, this relationship to my reputation.” Might Ha Ha smiled said : mister saying that but we actually have no alternative but to appreciate kindness rendered, no matter what, this matter because of us, therefore Clan sent us to come out, protected the mister security, moreover in Clan also made me give mister belt a few words, this matter will pass quickly.” Zhao Hai stares, look at Might said : what? did you prepare to counter-attack?” Might has not been hiding the truth from Zhao Hai, but deep voice said : nobody can so suppress Shelly Family not to pay the price, but Shelly Family is Merchant Clan, generally not with such Great Noble proceed boldly, what our Clan exquisite is friendly disposition leads to wealth, but this Layen does went too far, our Shelly Family will not endure this tone.” Zhao Hai nodded, Shelly Family takes on Continent one of the maximum several Merchant Clan, although not overbearing like Markey Family, but regarding offending their people, they will be impolite. Might look at Zhao Hai said : to is the person in Clan, ten points admiring mister, these days Grand Duke Layen has been looking for the trouble of mister, but mister has dealt with strength of the unexpectedly, this may be makes us admire really very much.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „, if no such skill, I do not dare to cooperate with Shelly Family, if no such skill, I do not dare this turbid water.” Might felt that Zhao Hai that self-confidence, is good to soar to the heavens the heroic spirit that with the words, cannot help but is happy, laughs said : mister is really a refreshed person, HaHaHa, I like becoming friends with mister such person.” Zhao Hai laughs said : I also to like with your such people becoming friends slightly, simple, direct, deals with these Noble, too fee brain, HaHaHa.” At this time Xu Wanying they also prepared sheep meat soup, these mutton are rations that Iron Mountain Fort there made, so long as put in the hot water to boil a while, can eat, flavor although was inferior that the fresh mutton was so good, however in such winter, was the rare delicacy. Ate thing, Might their returned to own tent has also rested, but he kept 50 Cavalry to stand night watch, the point that their this coming out to protect Zhao Hai, cannot make Zhao Hai under the hand/subordinate stand night watch. Had Might under the hand/subordinate to defend evening, Zhao Hai they naturally can sleep calm and steady, next morning, after having had the breakfast, Zhao Hai under Might their protections, hurried to toward Law River City. Zhao Hai also knows that actually Might they should already know their whereabouts, moreover already can catch up with them, simply does not use these many days, reason that they these many talent appears , possibly are wants to try the Zhao Hai strength, having a look at Zhao Hai to make them send for protecting competently.

The Shelly Family people know that these time sends for protecting Zhao Hai, had with the meaning of Zhao Hai further cooperation, Great Clan like, the person who must look for the cooperation, naturally must look competent some, otherwise really does not match with their status. Underwent the test of these days, the Shelly Family person has also thought that Zhao Hai had with the strength that they cooperated, therefore Might met appears in here. Zhao Hai has not sat in car(riage) today, but stands on the slow stage of car(riage), Might by his horse carriage, Zhao Hai turned head to look at Ryan horse carriage, turned the head to Might said : under Law River City, I prepared in there recuperation several days, has solved Princess Ryan matter, now Princess Ryan is also involved in this matter, all her guards died, she cannot Carson City study, I prepared to send for and Grand Duke Evan relate, please Grand Duke Evan send for meeting her, when Grand Duke Evan there has replied in writing, I on can leave Law River City, Goes to Sky Water City, when the time comes Princess Ryan safety, must trouble you.” Might smiles said : „those words, so long as is the guest in our hotel, his security we will guarantee that do not say this Law River City City Lord also with our Shelly Family intersection sworn friend, Princess Ryan safety will not have the issue.” Zhao Hai nodded said : that to be good, said that this Law River City was your Shelly Family domain? Did we arrive at there not to have the matter?” Might smiles said : although unable to be our domain, but with arriving our home was the same to Law River City, was not having who active us, even if Rosen Empire King must move us, we also had the means whole body to draw back.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, had your words my feel relieved, was right, I want to go to Sky Water City, how to walk nearest/recent from Law River City here?” Might smiles said : to travel by boat nearest/recent, Law River City is near tightly Law River, but Law River can go nonstop to Sky Water City, then goes to sea from Sky Water City, therefore you want to go to Sky Water City, travels by boat nearest/recent to be also most convenient.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, after that has waited till Law River, was travelling by boat, I have thought of Sky Water City, did not need you to protect, was right, how many did you know to Sky Water City?” Might smiles are not many, you who said : knows also know, our Shelly Family headquarters not in Rosen Empire, but this Clan to has the headquarters moves to the meaning of Rosen Empire, Rosen Empire person although is not quite likable, but a little they are right, Rosen Empire at the Continent center, not only 6 groups extend in all directions, waterway also very unimpeded, very suitable does business, therefore Clan wants to move to Rosen Empire to come the headquarters, but Sky Water City there, is a harbor of Clan key attention, there is the natural good harbour, can stop the large-scale freighter, moreover from there can directly to south Ocean Waves Dynasty, toward. North can until Beastman Prairie, it can be said that the Rosen Empire sea communication key position be, but there under the rule of Calci Family, Calci Family is one of the Rosen Empire established Noble, influence enormous, is more formidable than Grand Duke Layen, Sky Water City is the Calci Family purse, nobody can meddle, therefore we are also very young in the there influence, other influences are also same, Radiant Church that even if springs up everywhere on Continent, is also unpopular in there.” Zhao Hai nodded, has not said anything, he cannot certainly tell Might, Calci Family simply is Dark Magician Alliance, such Clan, if can make Radiant Church establish the influence in own domain, that absolutely is crazy. Does Might turn the head look at Zhao Hai said : what? mister to want with Calci Family to do business? Calci Family very low key, on Continent few people have known their Clan has many industries, wants to do business with them, feared that is not easy.” Zhao Hai smiles said : I is also such a saying, you also know that I have the business on Prairie, but Sky Water City there can travel by boat directly Prairie, the tax is not high, therefore I want to go to Sky Water City there to do business, moreover before I heard, Sky Water City did there by Calci Family management good of , I arrive at there, Grand Duke Layen has not dared to move me?” Might nodded said : truly not to dare, in Sky Water City there, must listen to Calci Family, so long as you settle down in Sky Water City, even if Rosen Empire King wants to catch you, must discuss with Calci Family first that is because of this, therefore Sky Water City there Merchant converges, for is asks Calci Family to protect.”

Zhao Hai has not thought of Calci Family really in Sky Water City there unexpectedly such overbearing, but this is better, Zhao Hai likes such overbearing, this nobody dares to move him. caravan is not quick, the person who does not pass by the road looks at their this postures, hides them to walk, Might has also hung the Shelly Family clan flag, if at this time dares to attack this caravan in some people, that comprehensively made war with Shelly Family, believes that on Continent few Clan have such guts, if Shelly Family comprehensive strength, even if Rosen Empire King feared that is also has to temporary admitting defeat. The fellow who only then Grand Duke Layen does not know the immensity of heaven and earth like this will provoke Shelly Family such colossus, although said that the person on Continent mentioned Merchant Clan, first thought was Markey Family, because of Markey Family too overbearing, people impression very deep quarter on Continent. However therefore knows that person understand of inside story, Shelly Family is also existence that cannot provoke absolutely, their Clan opens entire Continent on hotel is being, this itself explained their strength. The hotel industry is the profession that makes money very much, was these many years, Shelly Family was maintaining the hotel industry dragon's head Eldest Child position, was this also not enough to explain their strengths? On Continent had the rumor saying that when Markey Family was sightest, thinks that the extend the hand to hotel industry, lived the conflict of good several times with Shelly Family, but Markey Family has not shaken the Shelly Family status finally, this fully explained the Shelly Family strength. Now Zhao Hai looks like a small spider, bit by bit is weaving own net, when his net wove, he had to promote the Buda Family strength. But obviously Shelly Family is in this net the essential part, has such a powerful collaborator, his this net strong/sturdy, the meeting atmosphere will not blow breaks. Has not stopped, to noon time, has been able to see Law River City from afar, but looking down the mountain to run the tired horse, although they can see the Law River City fuzzy shadow as the saying goes now, to arrive at Law River City, but must have about two hours time. Zhao Hai other people have eaten thing on the vehicle simply, has not stopped, but Might they looked that also often goes out, on their vehicles is also bringing the dry rations, simply has eaten one, has not stopped.